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Summary: Uzumaki Naruto, 15 yrs old, FEMALE! What would an Uzumaki Naruto do if he accidentally changes his gender? What chaos would it bring to Konoha village? And if Sasuke were to know what would his reaction be?

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Chapter 1: New Gender

A pale boy with light brown hair sat on a particularly rock buried deep in the ground, sharpening his favorite sword in silence. Slowly, he lifted his face up; his light yellow eyes looked to the direction of the little red blur that was currently moving toward him in the speed of light. 'When did he get that fast?!' he wondered in surprise. Soon, a gentle smile decorated his face as he waited for the red blur to come.

"Kazuma, Kazuma! I-I did it! I can't believe that I actually made it!" the petite boy with reddish pink hair blurted out as soon as he reached his friend. All of that running made his lungs burn. He struggled to let air in his nostrils while trying to steady his hurting knees and legs but in his excitement he already forgot all about his current body pains as proudly told his bestfriend the news. "I really, really… It's like a dream!" He was so overwhelmed by the fact that his experiment was a success, he was already starting to produce sparkling stars around him. After taking a few calming breaths, he stood up straight and smiled brightly at his brunette friend. He sat down next to his friend on the rock still wearing his big grin.

"Good job." the taller male said and patted affectionately the reddish long locks while a small smile adorned his handsome face. The petite boy's grin widened impossibly when he heard these words from the brunette. He liked it when somebody tells him that and pats his head, especially when it his other teammate, because he always reminds him how his father used to do it too when he was still healthy. The smaller male started to talk about his plan on how to…

"… So that's the plan. What do you think?" The chocolate brown eyes expectantly looked at pale yellow ones waiting for a comment or a better suggestion.

"Um, I think its fine, but do you think that will work?" the taller boy reluctantly asked.

"Of course! I tested it and I--!" the pretty boy assured but his friend cut him off.

"That's not what I meant. What I was saying is that do you think Fujita-san will like you if you did it?" he asked again. He looked at the other boy seriously, patiently waiting for him to speak again.

His big grin was suddenly wiped away, voice was slightly shaking, both shoulders were slumped down, and brown eyes sadly looked down on the floor. "I-I-I don't know, I know I'm going to lie to him…but I want to try… but if he didn't like me then I have no choice but to give up. Still I've got to at least try before it's too late…right? I don't want to look at the past and regret it or anything else…" he finished determinedly.

"Un, yeah." the pale boy replied absently. 'I shouldn't have said that, I'm an awful friend.' He miserably thought as he looked over his friend, who looked liked he was thinking very hard, but he couldn't help it. He stayed quiet for a long time unsure of what to say or do.

"I think I've formed a Plan B! Ninjas should be always prepared after all." The red head cheered already forming a Plan C, just in case. The other teen smiled at his antics.

Masako Kiyoshi, male, 15 years old, a Chuunin of Konoha village, with reddish pink long hair, big chocolate brown eyes, beautiful face and petite slender body. He's very smart, cheerful, kind, brash, straight forward, childish and clumsy. His dream is to be a great doctor someday, just like his parents. Because of his untamed cheerfulness he compliments his silent friend.

Musashi Kazuma, also male, 15 years old, a Chuunin of Konoha village, with short brunette hair, sharp pale yellow eyes, handsome face and a killer smile that would surely make all the village girls melt. He's smart, gentle, calm, generous, kind but shy and quite a ladies' man. He aims to be a great ANBU member like his deceased parents.


"Ha, I'm tired," the blond teen said tiredly as walked casually down the street.

"Hn, that's because you waste too much of your energy, dobe," Sasuke replied automatically to the bundle of bright gold hair next to him. 'I know what's coming next.' he thought as he amusedly smirked.

"What?! Don't call me that! Teme!" Everybody within 10 meters radius winced at the volume of his loud protest against the raven haired Uchiha. However, Sasuke didn't. He was not affected, he's already used to this and so he knows how to easily ignore the blond.

'Too predictable.' he flatly said in his mind, although he knew that at times, Naruto could be predictable, there are also times when he could make a fortuneteller fall off his/her seat. He continued to drown out rest of the blond's rambling, walking forward like nothing was beside him but an idea came to him. 'I wonder…' He hid his smirk then glanced at Naruto who was still shouting. Naruto could be really interesting…

"Hey! How dare you ignore me?!" Naruto shouted more loudly, this time making more by-passers' eardrums pop. But Sasuke didn't even budge, appearing not to hear the voice. Seeing that his protests were being completely ignored, Naruto pouted, sticking out his pretty pink lips, unintentionally making his face very adorable.


"Hmph." Naruto drank his orange juice that he just bought from the store they passed by. It was still a bit cold so he expected it to cool his head down even though it was impossible, however, it did magically calm him down a little. He was going to say something again to the bastard when something reddish bumped him.

"Ouch!" the short girl said. She was about to land on the floor when a brunette behind her, most probably younger than them too, caught her before she fell. The petite girl with reddish hair and dark brown eyes thanked the boy and picked up the two juice bottles that had fallen on the floor when they crashed to each other. She was about to hand one to Naruto when something caught her eye. She quickly thrust the half-empty bottle to the blond.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled apologetically and bowed down. She looked at them and smiled shyly before she pulled the hand of her companion and quickly ran past them. Soon the red head and the brunette were out of sight, leaving Naruto and Sasuke to confusedly look at each other.


Chocolate brown eyes scan frantically at the crowd for the same dark blue bundle of hair that distracted him, but they failed miserably. The boy's eyes shined with disappointment, but they disappeared into thin air when he heard a gentle tenor voice's comforting words.

"It's alright, Kiyoshi." he heard the voice said. And all of a sudden, all his sadness was thrown out of the window, and smiled at the taller male, he assured him that he was okay and they have lots of other chances. They walked again to the direction of their original destination while chatting happily.


Naruto soon reached his apartment. He headed straight to his bedroom carelessly, throwing the empty bottle of orange juice along with other pieces of junk scattered in his room. He quickly lay down on his bed, he was so tired that as soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell asleep. He didn't bother to take a shower or change his clothes, he wasn't going to die if he delayed doing that until the next morning, anyway.

'I still have to meet Sakura-chan tomorrow for the…' That was the last thought that ran through his hazy head before he fell into a deep sleep.


"Argh!! That Naruto!! I'm gonna freaking kill him if he doesn't arrive here within the next minute!!!" the annoyed Sakura screamed to her frustration. "He is so damn rude, making a girl wait for him! I knew Kakashi-sensei is such fucking a bad influence on us!" As she finished her sentence along with the cursing, she faintly heard her name being called from afar.

"Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled, waving his right arm frantically while running towards the pissed-off girl. He stopped just in front of the shorthaired girl and panted a bit. "I-I'm sorry, I woke up late." he apologized because he definitely still wants to live.

"That's your reason?! You were 30 minutes late you know." She smacked his head down on the asphalted floor and started to walk down the street huffing angrily. "I bet they all started without us!" her annoyed yet calmer voice said. 'That Ino-pig would laugh at me again. Grr...'

"Owww!!! Sakura-chan, that hurts! Besides, I'm sure they'll wait for us, if the main character is still absent they can't start anything." Naruto proudly said as he grinned while pointing to himself.

"Idiot! Who told you you're the main character here?!" Sakura banged his head on a near by tree and continued to walk.

'I'm seriously going to get killed, I better shut up!' he shouted frantically in his mind as he held his bleeding forehead, he shivered slightly at the image of him getting crushed and eventually killed by Sakura's inhuman strength.

A week ago, they promised to help Ino with her work in the flower shop because a rich young man just ordered a hell lot of flowers from their shop. The man reserved them for his wedding which is going to be held in 2 months. The guy said that his fiancée loves flowers so he figured that she would be happy if she received a trunk full of fresh, beautiful flowers, they may even start a garden.

Ino's parents are having a hard time managing their flower shop while doing missions at the same time because of the order which they couldn't turn down. So she asked for help from her friends which includes Sakura, Naruto, Shikamaru, Chouji and all the others that are available.

As they walked closer to the Yamanakas' shop, Naruto's grin slowly faded as he suddenly fell down on his knees on his mid-step. He hugged his body tightly as he felt sharp pain spreading all over his body. Sakura noticed the lack of pitter-pattering sounds of sandals behind her, so she turned to his companion ready to beat the hell out on him if he was wondering around at some food stall.

"Naruto…?" But she gasped as she saw the blond boy kneeling, his arms wrapped around himself tightly. She ran quickly to Naruto's side, she saw drops of sweat quickly forming on the boy's forehead since he didn't wear his forehead protector today, she also noticed that he was shivering slightly. 'What's happening to him?!' she thought worriedly, 'It isn't a particularly hot or a cold day today…so why?'

"Are you okay, Naruto?! What's wrong?!" Her worry laced her voice as her face etched in uncertainty. She helped the blond boy up and slung one of his arms on her shoulder. She winced as if she was splashed with boiling water, when she felt the heat of Naruto's skin through the thin fabric of his dull green shirt. "I'll take you home first." she softly said as she helped him walk. 'This is going to be a long trip,' she sighed.


It was a long journey but they reached Sakura's house. She was originally going to take Naruto to his apartment but she decided that it would be a better choice if she took the blond to her house first before sending him home if he was better. Besides, her house has more medical supplies and much nearer than his, her parents are also out on a mission today so they weren't present.

She lay him down on the bed of their unused room and felt relief as the weight was lifted from her arms. She wiped the sweat that formed on her forehead due to the heat of Naruto's skin that was wrapped around her shoulder just a few seconds ago. Then, she neatly tucked the sweating blond in. Sakura sat down on the edge of the white bed as she carefully thought of her next move…as if she was playing chess.

Sure, she was smart and grew even smarter as the years passed and her intelligence as a medic-nin improved a lot but she couldn't comprehend what her sick teammate was suffering from. 'It's not fever or cold…' She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard the poor boy whimper.

"S-s-so so h-hot al-all o-over…" Naruto's unusually small, raspy voice whimpered. His breaths were shallow so she figured he was having a hard time breathing. Sakura quickly went out of the room to get some water for the blond. She just hopes that it would help ease his pain even a little.

The pink haired girl returned with a cup of water in a matter of 30 seconds. She helped the flustered blond drink the water she brought and laid him down on the bed again. She set aside the cup and looked at the more relieved boy who was starting to doze off. She quietly went out of the room, afraid that she would wake the blond if she made even a single soft sound. She went out the door and leaned on the pale green painted wall as she let out a sigh of relief.

After 30 minutes, Sakura decided to check up on Naruto. 'Maybe this could help him.' she hopefully thought as she glanced down on the cup of green liquid on her pale hands. She went inside the old guest room, which was painted in a light blue-grayish color. The bed was small, covered with cream-colored bed sheets and blanket, at the right side was the small wooden table and just above the furniture was the small window draped with a light, thin, gray curtain. The room was pretty small so it's fitted for guests that would be staying for a short time and though it hasn't been used recently, it was still clean. The light silver curtains fluttered a bit, allowing some cool air inside the room.

A green eye peeked out from the slightly opened of the door, when she saw that the teen was still sleeping, she silently walked inside. She put down the porcelain cup on the mahogany table then kneeled down to wake up the sleeping blond. 'Something's weird…'

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, wake up. You need to drink medicine," Sakura softly said. The boy stirred a little and slowly opened his cerulean blue eyes, he immediately recognized her emerald green ones.

"Sa-Sakura-chan?" Naruto's sleepy voice muttered. He slowly turned his head to the right and then to the left to scan his surroundings for a moment. He looked at Sakura questioningly, silently seeking for some answers from his friend. Sakura seemed to notice this so she explained the situation briefly.

"You're in my house. You collapsed in the middle of the street and I couldn't bring you to your house because it's too far so I brought you here." she helpfully supplied to the confused blond. She held the cup in her hand and gestured for him to drink it. "Here, I made this medicine for you even though I'm not sure what happened to you. It is made from several herbs that I found in my last mission. It is a good remedy for a lot of illnesses." she said proudly.

"Thanks, Sakura-chan!" Naruto's bashful voice echoed in the room letting Sakura know that he's feeling better. He tried to sit up but his body was kind of stiff so it was a bit hard. Seeing that he was struggling, Sakura helped him up making the blanket slip off him halfway. 'Wow! Sakura-chan invited me to her house and took care of me! Ah~ she's so kind!!! Take that Sasuke bastard!' Naruto cheered inwardly as sipped on the cup of herbal tea or something until he noticed the girl's silence.

"Hey, Sakura-chan…?" Naruto looked at the flabbergasted face of the pink head, her green eyes wide and her mouth open wide and moving as if trying to say something but the words won't come out. "Sakura-chan, are you okay? You looked like you've seen a um..." He thought for a moment, contemplating what to describe her face.

"N-N-Naruto, w-what happened t-to y-you…?!" She forced out, her face still contorted in shocked, but she couldn't help it. Who wouldn't be surprised anyway?!

"Huh?" Confused blue eyes looked again at Sakura.

"Yo-You're a-a g-g…!" fright was evident on her as she finally realized just what she was looking at.

"Huh? I'm what?" Naruto innocently asked, not understanding a single thing about what is happening. Sakura took a deep breath, trying to recover from the shock, and stood up. "Sakura-chan?" he curiously asked.

"Follow me," she finally said. 'You wouldn't understand what I will say anyway unless I show it to you, anyway.' she silently added and walked to her room expecting the confused blond to follow.

"O-Okay," Naruto hesitantly answered as he got up and obediently followed his equally confused friend, now that he was feeling better he didn't struggle with walking anymore. He silently followed Sakura all the way to the 2nd floor wondering what she would show him. They stopped in front of a polished wooden door that Sakura opened and motioned for him to enter. Sakura's room was painted with, surprisingly not pink nor red, but pale peach and light yellow. It was also very neat and clean, of course, since she is an organized girl. She stood in front of the full body-sized mirror and sighed. She glanced at Naruto's longer blond hair waving at each and every movement he takes as he explored her room.

'Something's weird with Sakura-chan…speaking of weird, my body feels weird, too…must be that disease's effect, it's not 'that' serious, is it?' he thought and carelessly shrugged it off. 'Must be me thinking too much.'

"Naruto?" The blond immediately turned around and faced Sakura with his trademark grin plastered on his face. She motioned him to come to her and he hopped next to her in a second. 'You won't be grinning after you see this.' She sighed again and stepped aside to let Naruto see his new…look.

There was a girl in front of him. She was almost as tall as he was with long blonde hair that ran past her shoulders by about 7 inches. She had a lightly tanned skin, smooth cheeks, big blue eyes, curvaceous body and big breasts. But to him, blue eyes, blond hair and a single head was enough to prove that nothing was wrong with him.

He looked at his image up and down "Huh?" He turned to Sakura who is looking at him with raised brows. She sighed yet again. "Look again." she said. Then he looked again up and down this time observing more carefully, and gave his own image a confused look. 'When did my hair grow so long, and why is my body more curved than I remember and why the hell do I have breasts… Wait, breasts…?' He touched his now round chest and frowned. 'Aren't breasts just for girls?'

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

"WHAT THE HELL?!" An ear-breaking scream could be heard from the fairly small house of the Harunos. It's a good thing that Sakura had covered her ears with her hands because she had predicted the scream. She silently thanked God for her brains. If she didn't have them, she would have been probably deaf by now, no, she would have gone nuts already with her abnormal teammates.

"Sakura-chan?! Sakura-chan?! I'm a…a…g-g-girl!" Sakura nodded. "But how?! No!! What's this?! GAH!!!!" He panicked and ran around the room. "I-it's a dream, right? Or maybe an illusion…I can't be a g-g-g-girl. Ahahahahah…" he ran wildly around the room and twirled like a hurricane causing chaos and bumping his self onto the hard wall occasionally.

"NARUTO!! CALM DOWN!" Sakura screamed. She was getting irritated not only because Naruto is messing up her room and he kept on screaming loudly but also she doesn't know the cause of this phenomenon. She's starting to think that Naruto just performed some henge but judging his reaction that's definitely not the cause. Suddenly, Naruto stopped running around wildly, scared of Sakura's annoyed mood. He slumped down on the bed when he realized that he was in reality and in reality he became a girl.

"So what am I going to do now?" Naruto asked miserably at his pink friend.

"I-I d-don't know." Sakura replied, also unsure. He fell down on his knees as he thought of the possibilities that might happen about his…sudden change of…gender. 'Now I'm stuck being a girl.'

"We'll have to tell Tsunade-sama about this. Maybe she'll have a solution for your… problem," Sakura suggested.


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