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-:-Love Potion-:-

Chapter 10: Payback Time!

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do 'it'. I just couldn't resist…" the raven-haired boy tried to apologize but it seems that his lover wouldn't want to bother with his explanations, valuable explanations I mean.

"Hmph!" Naruto huffed, crossed his arms and held his head up as if to say that he would continue to ignore his pleading Sasuke over there no matter what. He would never forgive him after what he have done to him! 'Damn it! My ass still hurts!' he winced again for the millionth time as rubbed his back and it was still morning that means he'll have to endure it all day! Sasuke is so mean…this is all his fault!

"Ramen?" the tenor voice asked suggestively, the blond boy's ears immediately perked up and ran back to the Uchiha behind, he excitedly nodded his gold head a few times before declaring 'I forgive you!' to the whole world. The raven smirked triumphantly before following his cute lover to the ramen store.

As soon as they sat at one of the tall, round stools Naruto loud voice boomed in order to buy a bowl of Chashu ramen, you know he didn't have to be 'that' loud but the store keeper didn't say anything, he got used to it anyway. Unlike Naruto who was devouring tons of ramen, the Uchiha didn't order anything instead he lovingly-hungrily-watched the blond eat.

"Hey! Is that you Naruto?" a familiar voice asked from behind, they turned around to see their pink-haired teammate and her blonde counterpart, a string of noodle still peeking out of Naruto's delicate pink lips. "So you've returned!" she said rather excitedly and hugged him tightly with matching congratulations. Ino just smiled while Sasuke raised a brow at the blond.

"A-A-Actually Sa-Sakura-chan, Sasuke knows." Naruto pulled away from the tight embrace and lowered his head slightly because of embarrassment and to hide his bright blush that rivaled a tomato's redness. Sasuke swiftly grabbed the blond's slim waist and possessively kissed the sweet lips affectionately. By the time they parted Sasuke got that-He's mine!- look, he hugged the petite blond tighter.

"What the hell are you doing?!!!" he screeched, his face not the darkest red that could ever be. They never kissed 'that' passionately, affectionately and deeply in or out of public. Sasuke is very possessive and it doesn't know any boundaries, Naruto would just have to learn that. The blond struggled to be able to face the girls giggling excitedly as if nothing happened-Naruto and Sasuke didn't just kissed in front of them-and though inside they felt a twinge of jealousy at Naruto's luck, they felt genuinely happy for the blond boy. Naruto deserved happiness more than they do.

"We figured that Sasuke would eventually find out especially when he was eyeing you like a hawk, even before." Ino chirped cheerful while giving the Uchiha a mischievous knowing look, Sasuke snorted at slight denial but all in all he didn't give a damn. Naruto looked surprised and eyed his raven lover but something else bothered him…Wait!

"H-how did you know?!" He gave the blonde a shocked look while squirming against the tight embrace. Why Sasuke does has to be so strong, Damn it! I cannot lose to him! With a surge of adrenalin, he was able to push the stubborn Uchiha aside long enough to talk to the platinum blonde girl.

"Huh?" the said blonde raised a brow at the question as she tried to figure out what he was implying.

"I-I-I was…a-a g-g-g…" Naruto nervously stuttered, unconsciously making some gestures that he was…he was…

"Oh! You mean that you're Naoko?" She cheerful asked at the realization, the blond nodded in confirmation. "That's simple, Sakura told me before…actually even Hinata and Tenten knows." She explained simply, obviously she didn't see her pink friend trying to stop her from talking.

A vein throbbed from the tanned forehead, brilliant blue eyes sharpened and glinted evilly while dark murderous aura steamed from the blond boy. "SA-KU-RA!!!!!" he hauntingly bit out. Oh god! He's damn scary now that the villagers around them sweat dropped profusely, even Sasuke wanted to scram in fear.

"Ehehe, sorry but I have to tell the truth…" Sakura hid a cringed and smiled nervously but she visibly flinched when she saw that her reasoning wasn't doing any good. The bubblegum haired girl ran hiding behind anything possible that could save her from the blond's wrath. "Ahhhh! Calm down! Let's talk!" she tried but it seems that she has no choice but beg for her life.


"It's a good thing it didn't affect her, right?" the brunette commented while they watch the little banter between the blond and the rosette.

"Yeah, and it's a 'him' not a 'her' anymore!" Kiyoshi replied-more like playfully retorted-. "Anyway, I'm relived." He took a deep breath then smiled.

Kazuma smiled back. "Me too." The redhead gave a questioning look before asking.

"Why? You didn't have anything to do with 'it'." He said in a matter-of-factly tone, he silently let the older male hugged him while patiently waiting for some kind of answer.

"No, but I have something to do with you, if something is bothering you it bothers me too." Topaz orbs glittered in seriousness, Kazuma kissed the top of the redhead lovingly. The Masako's face was beet red and he couldn't utter another word. They silently walked away.

'Thank god, it didn't affect her…er…his cells, it would surely be a big trouble, I guess I made a slight mistake too.' Kiyoshi silently thought as he hopped his way to the candy store along with the beaming brunette. 'Oh, I remember! There's a festival going to be held tonight, maybe I should invite Kazuma!'


Oh yeah! Revenge tastes so sweet, especially when you've been planning and waiting for it for far too long. The blond snickered mischievously as he watched from a far a frantically running Sakura, being chased by Lee and his fluttering love hearts. On the other corner of the village, his kage bunshin secretly laughed in the corner at Tsunade who was chasing a poor dog who was cluelessly spreading some pictures of the Hokage in her most embarrassing moments. He only knew that he was chasing a bone and that a woman with big boobs is chasing him, which made him run even faster.

"So you stopped wearing girl's clothes…" the boy behind him, mused as he got closer to the blond who visibly stiffened at the voice and the sentence.

"Shikamaru!" he turned back to face the brown-eyed Chuunin with shock.

"I wouldn't be so loud if I were you, Sakura might catch you." The raven warned, looking at the blond boredly with his lazy pose. Damn, and there he thought he could have some peace out here, there goes his cloud watching and napping time. With Sakura, Naruto and Lee here, nobody gets some peace of mind.

"Eh?!" Naruto quickly curled and waited for some kind of outburst-specifically from Sakura-, but he only heard what the pink girl was repeating just a few minutes ago. His cerulean orbs peeked a little but…nope! Not a sign that they noticed him! He then again faced the sitting Shikamaru. "I supposed Sakura-chan told you?" he asked irritably while nearing to sit beside the boy.

"No, I figured it out myself, I'm not stupid you know." Shikamaru shrugged, before closing his eyes shut.

"T-t-t-then…" the blond fearfully stuttered as he images of the humiliation he'll receive when he walked on the streets of Konoha. "…e-e-e-ev…" the raven tiredly cut him off, his napping time will be wasted even more with Naruto running crazily around like some hysterical fangirl.

"No, I don't think everybody in the village noticed but Kiba and Shino knew through you're scent, the others? I'm not entirely sure. Ahhhh…how troublesome." He explained calmly, his bored/lazy demeanor proudly showing once again with one of his favorite phrase.

"You've been sitting there and doing nothing, what's 'troublesome' in that?" Naruto raised a golden brow at the raven who obviously could not see it but answered nevertheless.

"Talking to you." Was the short reply, hopefully he could get some eye-shut right now since he was over answering questions, Naruto better not ask anymore or he'll…whatever.

Thankfully-for Shikamaru-the blond looks like he was going to be silent, then a rustle of leaves-must be a cat-, a number of footsteps viola! A 'slightly' annoyed Uchiha appeared behind the laying Shikamaru and a prettily pouting Naruto. How could talking to him be troublesome? But then again everything to the raven Chuunin is troublesome. He sighed oblivious to the raven behind him.

A second later, he found himself wide eyed, as he was sweep from his feet and kissing Sasuke. After their sweet kiss, the Uchiha slipped an arm on Naruto's waist and dragged him away leaving the unsurprised Nara behind, sleeping rather peacefully despite the noise below.


Argh! He dazed off again! 'I can't believe that I just let him kiss me like that in from of Shikamaru and drag me all the way here! Argh!!!' the blond glared as hard as he can to drill some hole behind the raven head or back but there's no such luck. What was he daydreaming about anyway?!

All of a sudden the blond felt a light squeeze on his…his…his butt… "HAU!!!" he yelped as he was cut off from his reverie, he clutched his back and glared to the person behind his back who dared touch him like 'that' only to find…Sasuke smirking smugly with all his might! Now Naruto is livid! He prepared to beat the Uchiha up just a 'little' bit before he castrates him and throw it in a boiling pot of water to fed to his fangirls and…but wait! 'How did he get behind me all of a sudden and why does my pants feel weird???' he asked as he felt the fabric of his all time favorite orange pants-the back side specifically-then…! SHIT!!! He had been walking this busy, crowded street with a…a…pants which its stitch that connects the left and right side is currently…unconnected. Basically, its stitch is torn apart which makes it a hole in his pant on the butt side.

"AHHH!!!" the blond quickly covered the spot with his tan hands much to Sasuke's displeasure, and there he was enjoying the view. Watching that round, plump ass move cutely while his petite blond walks was just…and now it's all gone but the groping was all worth it!

Anyway, looks like the people are all noticing the blond boy…and his pants and the Uchiha's possessiveness could not simply let other people see Naruto or more precisely his ass. He stood behind the blushing blond and they continued their walk to the Uchiha compound to find some…more appropriate clothes. Naruto couldn't suppress the practically glowing blush on his chubby cheeks as Sasuke walked so close to him.

Reasons why Uzumaki Naruto is blushing madly…

1. Because, of the hole in his pants.

2. Because, of the humiliation he received.

3. Because, Sasuke is walking too close to him.

4. And last but not the least; he humiliated himself again in front of Sasuke. (Not that it was that much of a big factor because he done it already and a lot of times, if I must say.)

They were near Sasuke's home so not many people pass by so Sasuke distanced himself a bit, but something still felt wrong…

"PERVERT!!!" he almost forgot that he groped him while they were on the busy streets, and speaking of groping he felt another light squeeze. Naruto's brow twitched annoyedly at this, he held back his fist from punching the Uchiha, blasting him away with a Rasengan and stepping on his cold dead body while laughing like a madman or whatever it takes to stop Sasuke and his lecherous perverted thoughts. By the way why are they heading for the Uchiha compounds?


Sasuke patiently waited for the blond to come out of the bathroom as he chuckled and praised himself for a job well done. He finally has his cute, adorable, pretty, beautiful, breathtaking, gorgeous, kind, cheerful, strong, sexy, innocent little kitsune, seriously, his dictionary-inside his head-was not enough to describe his Naruto.

He really loved him very much and he cannot believe that the blond boy would love him just as much, I mean after all these years Naruto didn't show any kind of romantic feelings for him, or so he thought. Anyway! The most important thing now is he has his most important, irreplaceable, irresistible, incomparable person in him arms.

The raven let his thoughts wander around while waiting. 'But I still can't believe that the dobe thought that I would hate him just because he was a boy, I love him for who he is and…' he stared blankly at nothing in particular until something caught his onyx black eyes, Naruto. His eyes widened as big as the moon, jaw dropped to the floor and…

Naruto in a light blue kimono, it was made of one of the finest silk in Fire country, embroidery of large flowers in different shades of blue were scattered around the cloth and the obi was navy blue, it was a piece of art. It fitted Naruto perfectly as if it was made for Naruto and only him. However, it was a bit big for the little blond making him look all the more adorable.

'…sexy…' Sasuke added to his previous thought as he wiped the drool coming out of his mouth with the back of his hand. He quickly snaked his arms around the slim waist and guided the blond out.

Naruto is simply way much more beautiful and sexy as a boy than as a girl, for him at least.


Naruto choked, gapped and stoned when his bastard of a lover let them to a festival, yet again he dazed off somewhere-probably because of the accident a while ago-, that's why he didn't realize that Sasuke took them to the festival-he wasn't even aware of-, harassing him in public and was wearing an elegant kimono with a large Uchiha symbol at the back. Damn bastard's sick way of announcing to everyone that the Uzumaki was his and all!

Well, since he was here dressed in an elegant kimono and all better make the best of the festival! It's such a waste to go back now, with all those shops and fun games he simply cannot turn back now! So there he was enjoying the little puppet show while eating his chocolate icecream.

After the extremely exciting show-at least for Naruto-his tanned, round face was yet again a mess of brown. Without warning Sasuke instantly licked the remains of icecreams round the cute little pink lips, when the face was clean there and wasn't even a trace of brown left, he ran his naughty tongue over those soft, supple lips. The blond was instantly flustered right from the moment the Uchiha closed their distance, now his cherry like blush reached his ears and neck maybe even his hands.

'Hmm, it's hot tonight…' little did he know it was because of his close proximity to the raven and his red flaming blush, something caught his eye. "Uwaah! A fox!" he excitedly pointed at the golden orange fox stuffed toy and made quite a run for it but Sasuke stopped him.

"I'll get it for you, I'm sure that you won't be able to win it anyway." He gave a cocky smirked and took off, slamming some yens to the wooden table before the blond could even blink.

"Teme! Stop! I'll win it myself! Ah!" he stepped on his long yukata and almost tripped good thing he quickly regained his balance, he annoyedly held the lower part of the traditional clothe. Ahh…damn! He was not used to this kind of clothes! Then a very bright idea came to him! After a few moments…

"Eh?!" A very shocked Sasuke almost dropped the fox plushie along with his jaws when he saw the blond teen. The ends of the long yukata tucked behind his obi so it exposed long, slim, tan legs. His eyes wandered at the form of his lover, unknown to his that there was blood dripping to the ground coming from his nose.

"Oh! Hey! I said I'd get it myself! Bastard!!!" Naruto glared ignoring the intense nosebleed coming from the Uchiha but he still took the stuffed toy and hugged it tightly. He grinned brightly at the Uchiha and continued to have fun with some other shops until the festival ended, still clutching tightly on the fox.


Ok, right now Sasuke is truly annoyed and beyond pissed, livid. Right now, he was regretting winning that stupid fox plushie for Naruto. Let me explain the situation for you…

After Sasuke won that little devil, yup it was a scheming little devil stealing Naruto away from him! The blond never stopped paying attention and hugging it tightly, Naruto never hugged him that tightly, how could a little devil steal all of his dobe's attention and the good stuff?! Oh! Damn it! The raven groaned angrily at his angel peacefully sleeping beside him. Some how he got the usuratonkachi to stay the night at his house and sleep beside him but the problem is he can't get rid of the stupid fox out of those slender hands clutches, it was lying right between them!!! Blocking him from his love!

Argh! He roughly pulled it away and carelessly threw the toy somewhere far and embraced his precious dobe, unintentionally waking the blond.

"Hmm? Sasuke? Can't go to sleep?" he mumbled sleepily rubbing his gorgeous blue eyes adorably obviously preparing to stay up too along with his raven lover, oblivious that his fox was gone. The Uchiha smiled sweetly-which is rare-and gently touched his chin and pressed his lips with him lightly.

"I can now." he pulled his dobe closer, he felt slender arms tentatively wrapped around him as well. Hn! Little devil's out of the way!

In this peaceful night, holding your most precious person in your arms is the best thing Sasuke could ever wish for. Thanks to a little love potion, the managed to overcome boundaries that separated them before.

'I love you Naruto, I can't live without you anymore. Thank you for being with me…for loving me back…'

-:-The End-:-


~No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever

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