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Summary: Neither Cameron nor House had a record for stable relationships but can two broken halves really stay intact and find equilibrium? Multi chapter fic set shortly after the end of season 4 so spoilers present. Hameron eventually. Rating for language and adult themes in later chapters.

Cameron pulled her bedcovers tighter around her, craving the little comfort it offered. Despite being in this situation so many times in the past, it still hurt. She'd get over it of course, she always did, but as time went on the chances of her ever finding any stability in her life was starting to look slim. Letting out a sigh, the nights events replayed in her mind once again.


"You knew I was going for the job"

"I know Rob but I just didn't think you'd make the decision so soon" Cameron replied, pacing around the living room that she shared with her fiancée. Chase walked up to her, hands placed tenderly either side of her, stopping her agitated movements.

"Alli, this is a big step up for me, I can't let the chance go" He said gently. Cameron let out a small sigh.

"I know, I know, but what about me Rob? What am I meant to do? It's all well and good for you; you'll have your dream job. Do you expect me to just leave everything here, drop everything for you just like that and move to Chicago?"

"You can get a job there. You'll be able to get a job easily"

"But what if I don't want to move? I'm happy here, we had a good thing"

"And we can carry on having a good thing. Do you really want to stay working in the ER? You can do so much better, you know you can" Chase smiled, gently stroking her cheek, encouraging her to look up at him but her eyes remained firmly on the floor.

"I...I can't just leave, not yet, not after what has gone on" She said quietly. Chase dropped his hand and took a small step back.

"This is about House isn't it?" he accused.

"What? No! When the hell did I mention House? He has nothing to do with anything" Cameron replied, her voice rising slightly.

"Oh don't play stupid with me Allison, I know you still have a thing for him" Chase's voice now also beginning to rise.

"What the fuck Rob? How many times do I have to tell you, I love you, not him. Ever since we started this relationship you've never let it go. You're the only one who ever brings the subject up, the only one who feels the need to turn every little thing into a big deal. I can't believe you're being so insecure"

"Then why won't you move to Chicago with me?"

"Because you're asking me to give up my life here in less than a month. I need time. I'm settled here, I enjoy working here. I can't be certain that I'll be happy in Chicago. It's fine for you, you have your job but you can't just expect me to follow you just like that."

It was now Chase's turn to pace around, his hand running through his golden hair. "That's the thing with relationships, it's about taking risks together and you've never done that with me"

"Well sorry but after getting hurt on countless occasions you start to get a little wary" Cameron replied, a hint of sarcasm in her voice as tears began to form in her eyes. A small sigh escaped her lips. "I can't do it Rob...I'm sorry" she added, her voice barely a whisper.

Chase stopped pacing and turned to face her. "Well I guess that's it then. Lucky you kept the lease on your apartment, it was almost like you knew this wouldn't last" he said bitterly.


"I don't want to hear it, just...just take your stuff and get out" He said, turning away again, his eyes showing a mixture of pain and anger.

Cameron nodded and silently collected her things, wiping away the stray tear that had run down her cheek.


Cameron wasn't surprised to find that her eyes were once again burning with bitter tears. They had only exchanged a few words as she left their apartment but they were meaningless to her now. Her mind went back to what Foreman had told her a couple of years ago. They had been in the lab, talking about commitment and Cameron began to think that maybe he had been right. She had thought that her relationship with Chase would prove him wrong, prove that she didn't have any commitment issues, but even though she accepted his marriage proposal, the move to Chicago which would well and truly seal the deal she just couldn't do. Fear had gripped her, holding her in its cold grasp, showing no sign of release.

A glance at the clock told her that she really needed to get some sleep. Another sigh, she closed her eyes, starting the impossible task of shutting her mind off and drifting into a restless sleep.

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