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News of Sasuke's and Naruto's official status as a couple spread like wildfire around the school. Sasuke couldn't have cared less what they thought. Naruto, on the other hand, was embarrassed beyond belief.

'Why would you want to date a blonde without a penis?' Ravenclaw student Sai asked Sasuke at one point when Naruto wasn't present. 'Mine is fairly large. You'd be better off with me.'

Sasuke had shaken his head at once. 'No.'

Sai had smiled at him all the same. 'Okay. But if you need a quickie, you know where to find me.'

Hopefully far, far away from me, Sasuke had thought darkly.

But the questions and gossip didn't stop there. Anyone who wasn't involved decided to make it their business, much to the new couple's chagrin.

'Don't these people have anything better to do than gossip?' Naruto asked Sasuke in annoyance as they headed to their Charms class together. 'We've barely been going out two days and they're already all over us!'

Sasuke smirked. Going out two days. It seemed so natural, hearing it from Naruto. He smirked again as he remembered that fateful day two days back. Asking out Naruto had to be the best decision he'd ever made.

Sasuke felt elated. Naruto had said yes! He'd go out with him! He hadn't exactly expected a no, but it still felt good. Sasuke allowed himself a small smile.

'Sasuke,' Naruto said, still in his sitting position against the headboard on the bed, 'let's go on a date right now.'

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow at him, unconsciously tilting his head in question as he stared at Naruto from his place on the edge of the mattress. 'Right now?'

'Yeah!' Naruto said, his baby blues sparkling excitedly. 'We still have some time. We can go down to Hogsmeade again!'

Sasuke rolled his eyes. 'Do you really feel up to it? You just passed out drunk barely an hour ago.'

Naruto frowned. Sasuke was right. He didn't feel up to getting up and going all the way back down to the village. He'd probably collapse at the portrait hole. 'But what else can we do?' he wondered out loud.

'Why not wait till you feel better, and then I'll take you out on a proper date?' Sasuke suggested. He didn't say it, but he was ridiculously happy that Naruto wanted to go on a date so badly. 'I'm in no particular hurry.'

Naruto's cheeks blushed a light pink. 'But…,' Naruto said in a small voice. 'I want to do something now.'

Sasuke smirked as he considered the many implications of that statement. Then he twisted around and crawled up the bed till he was next to Naruto, his weight making the mattress dip, and holding his gaze as the blonde watched in innocent befuddlement. He straddled the blonde's hips and gazed down at him. 'Oh, well if that's all, then…'

And suddenly his mouth was on Naruto's, gentle but firm, trailing soft fire from one corner of the blonde's mouth to his chin, down to his neck, and then back to his lips again with even more explicit pressure. His slim body pressed into Naruto's as his hands worked themselves stroking the sides of his body. Naruto moaned and responded with equal fervor, his hands travelling up the dark blue shirt and coming up and threading through Sasuke's dark locks, and trying to keep his hips from bucking as their groins pressed together.

Sasuke coaxed Naruto's lips open and Naruto willingly complied, allowing him to slip his tongue into the moist, hot cavern. While their tongues busied themselves, one of Sasuke's hands moved down the lithe body he was on top of and caressed the growing bulge in the blonde's pants.

Naruto threw all sense of propriety out the window. He thrust into Sasuke's hand, keeping his iron-clad grip on the brunette's hair and kissing even more fervently than before. Sasuke reluctantly lifted his head and moved his hand away, and then instantly wished he'd looked anywhere but at the blonde.

Naruto's eyes were half-lidded and clouded with lust as he gazed dazedly at Sasuke, panting softly. A string of saliva connected their lips, and his hands were still entangled in Sasuke's hair. Part of his shirt had ridden up, revealing smooth, tan skin that was just begging to be ravished, while a noticeable bulge was evident in his nether-regions.

'We can't take this any further right now,' Sasuke said, slowly and hoarsely, using all his willpower to refrain from claiming Naruto's lips again, and focusing on forming coherent words. 'It's not fair to either of us.'

'I'm not complaining,' Naruto whispered, pushing a stray lock from Sasuke's face. 'Are you saying I can't kiss you?'

'Dobe.' Sasuke let his head fall forward and rest in the crook of Naruto's neck. He inhaled Naruto's scent. 'Don't be stupid. I'd go crazy if I couldn't kiss you after that.' Sasuke's lips curved into a small smile as he heard Naruto chuckle. 'I'm saying I'm not ready for…you know, sex. Yet.'

'Bastard,' Naruto said softly, staring at the canopy above the bed and bringing a hand up to run through Sasuke's hair. 'You practically molested me that one time, remember? What's with all the morals all of a sudden?'

'If I'm doing anything,' Sasuke replied, his voice slightly muffled against Naruto's neck, 'I'm going to be making love to you. I'm not a one-night stand, Naruto.'

Naruto sighed, secretly loving the tender words. 'Fine. Can I kiss you now?'

'Oi! Sasuke, you're dreaming!' Naruto waved a hand impatiently in front of Sasuke's face, trying to get him to pay attention to him.

Sasuke suddenly leaned forward and pecked Naruto's lips. 'No, I'm not.'

Naruto blushed. 'Sasuke,' he hissed in annoyance, 'not in public!'

Sasuke shrugged. 'Oops.'

Naruto rolled his eyes.

'A not-so-secret lover's tryst in progress, I see,' said a familiarly monotone voice. 'Don't make me give you a detention, children.'

Naruto's cheeks reddened even further as he turned around to face Sasuke's older brother. 'Itachi,' he said. 'You heard?'

'That you are currently my little brother's favorite cock-sucker?' Itachi said blandly, raising an eyebrow. 'Just this morning, in fact. From Professor Kakashi, the Arithmancy Professor, of all people.'

Naruto sputtered in indignation at Itachi's uncomplimentary term for him. 'You're incorrigible,' he informed him hotly.

'I see you're learning bigger words, Blondie,' Itachi returned, his gaze shifting to meet that of his brother's. 'I can't say I don't approve of your choice, little brother.'

'Brilliant,' Sasuke replied, slipping an arm around Naruto. 'Glad to get that over with. Come on, Dobe. We'll be late for class.'

He guided Naruto away from Itachi, his hand applying pressure to the small of his back. Naruto followed with little protest, eager to escape the oldest Uchiha.

When they were out of hearing range, Itachi allowed what resembled a genuinely pleased smile to grace his features.

'Good work little brother.'

'Allow me to be the first to congratulate you in your new-found affections for each other,' Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington said, bowing with a flourish of his hat. 'I must say that I am beyond pleased.'

'Thanks, Nick,' Naruto said, white teeth flashing as he grinned somewhat half-heartedly at the ghost. Nearly-Headless Nick had found them sitting, eating dinner in the Great Hall with their friends. Naruto was beginning to feel like he'd gotten married with the way everyone was treating them. They hadn't even gone on a date yet, for pity's sake.

'You're not the first,' Sasuke muttered darkly to the ghost. He had good reason to be scowling. Now that people had ascertained that the blonde was dating him, their interest in him seemed to have increased tenfold. Naruto had been approached with more proclamations of love than Sasuke had received in a month, from both males and females. And they'd had the gall to do it in Sasuke's presence, much to Naruto's amusement.

'I can't believe this happened, right under my nose,' Kiba said, shaking his head in disbelief. 'Who would have seen it coming?'

Hinata spared her boyfriend a faintly pitying glance for his obvious lack of observational skills, and then regarded the blonde and brunette opposite the table from her, letting her gaze linger pointedly on Naruto. 'I had a feeling.'

A high-pitched, shrill squeal interrupted them as a pink blur hurtled out of thin air and collided into both Naruto and Sasuke. A moment's observation revealed it to be none other than Sakura Haruno.

'Oh my GOD!' she shrieked happily. 'You guys look so good together! I'm so thrilled for you both!'

Naruto regarded her with the same wariness one would with a tiger that had just lost its mate. He hadn't seen Sakura much lately, save for a few glimpses at the table. She generally sat and argued with Ino Yamanaka at the Hufflepuff table, and was seldom seen nearby at meals. He'd thought though, in a passing consideration, that Sakura would be one of the many fan girls he and Sasuke seemed to have acquired at Hogwarts that were disgruntled at their newly-revealed sexual preferences.

Apparently not.

'Naruto.' A voice cut through Sakura's squeal, and Naruto looked up to find Hinata's cousin, Neji, standing behind Sasuke.

'Hey, Neji,' Naruto greeted amiably, missing Sasuke's sudden scowl.

Neji leaned down and whispered in Naruto's ear so that no one else could overhear them. 'Gaara asked me to tell you the password to the prefect's bathroom.'

Naruto looked at him in surprise. 'Why?'

Neji shrugged. 'He seems to think you and Sasuke will enjoy the privacy as much as he and I did.'

Naruto started blushed furiously as he understood what Neji's meaning was. 'No, you've got it wro-'

'Neji,' interrupted Sasuke coldly, 'I'd appreciate it if you stopped making my dobe blush.'

Naruto's ears turned pink at the note of possessiveness Sasuke seemed to have developed in areas concerning him.

Neji straightened up. 'Of course. Sasuke, am I right in believing you're jealous?'

Sasuke slipped a protective arm around Naruto's shoulders. 'Perhaps.'

Ignoring Sakura's renewed squeals about the cuteness of it all, Neji continued, 'You've no need to worry. I have no interest in Naruto whatsoever.'

Naruto stared determinedly at his food. This was beyond embarrassing.

Neji started to walk away. 'Oh, and Naruto,' he called over his shoulder, pausing. He sent a meaningful glance in his direction. 'It's Salamander.'

As soon as Neji was gone, Sasuke turned to glare at Naruto. 'What is Salamander?'

'Nothing,' Naruto muttered.

Sasuke assessed him with another stare, but let the subject drop. He had a feeling he'd find out eventually.

Theirs was a whirlwind romance. When Sasuke wasn't making out with Naruto in random places that caught his fancy, he was walking around with an arm slung possessively over the blonde's shoulder. For once in his life, he didn't give a damn about the famed Uchiha unbreakable bubble of personal space. When he was with Naruto, he was happy.

But he wasn't always with Naruto. Clashes in their respective timetables forced them to keep apart for some hours. And then there was the fact that whenever he was particularly light-headed after a torrid kissing affair with Naruto in the warmth of the common room, his dobe would suddenly mutter an excuse to use the toilet and leave.

It was happening with increasing regularity. Whenever Sasuke confronted Naruto about this unusual primitive urge of his, Naruto would blush and tell him off for asking after what he thought was a personal matter.

'After all, I don't like telling you about my pee-schedule,' Naruto had said, looking away.

Sasuke wasn't convinced. There was something in the way Naruto blushed. Like he was doing something he knew was wrong. But what? What was it that had Naruto so flustered?

A few days before most of the school was leaving for the Christmas holidays, something happened that revealed exactly what was going on.

Naruto and Sasuke sat at their usual spot at the Gryffindor table, Naruto enthusiastically reading Jiraiya's latest letter, and Sasuke grumpily remembering that he had Quidditch practice later that day. It was a Sunday, so there were no classes. A squeal suddenly erupted from one corner of the table.

'What was that?' Naruto asked in shock, trying to look around several heads of students that blocked the end of the table.

Sasuke appeared slightly surprised, glancing down the table as well. 'No idea.'

'I think it's Ino and some other girls,' Kiba said, squinting down the table. 'They're looking at something that Sakura's holding.'

There were sudden, abrupt shrieks of delight as the people around Sakura got a good look at what she was staring at.

'Maybe she got a rabbit?' Naruto guessed, noticing that most of the screamers were female.

Kiba leaned over Hinata to get a better look. 'No, I think it's a piece of parchment. A poem?' he added thoughtfully. 'Girls love poems.'

Gaara walked up to the group from Sakura's end, hands in the pockets of his robes and grinning as he casually neared them. 'Naruto's been naughty,' he said, pleased.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. 'What the hell does that mean?'

Naruto felt his insides run cold at the implications Gaara had meant and decided he wasn't waiting around to find out and leapt off the bench. He sprinted down to Sakura, and then let out a cry of shock. 'No! Give them back!'

Sasuke was up on his feet in seconds. 'What the hell?' He strode in large steps to his blonde and looked at what everyone was staring at.


Moving pictures.

Moving pictures of Naruto.


'Accio photos!' Sasuke said calmly. The photographs zoomed into Sasuke's outstretched hands. Without glancing down at them, he grabbed Naruto's hand. 'Come on, Dobe,' he said, his voice cold fire. 'Let's go.'

Naruto stared down at his shoes and let Sasuke lead him away from the Great Hall, up a few staircases, down a few corridors, and into the empty Gryffindor common room.

'It's not what you think,' he said in a small voice, staring at the dying embers from last night's fire and settling into a big squashy armchair.

Sasuke threw the photos onto the carpet so that they fanned out for the world to see. Pictures of Naruto laughing, pouting, reading, sleeping...but worst of all, in a fancy bathtub that looked similar to the one he'd once seen in the prefect's bathroom, clearly in the midst of a climax. The pictures of the bathtub were taken from the side, so no private parts of the blonde's anatomy could be seen. Sasuke regarded Naruto. 'No?'

Naruto shook his head, his face engulfed in embarrassed flames. 'I wasn't…I wasn't having sex with anyone.'

Sasuke knew that. He wasn't so stupid as to believe for even a second that Naruto would have gone behind his back and fucked someone. In the tub of all places. It was clear that Naruto was masturbating. In the Prefect's bathroom, no less. Sasuke had been there only once in his entire life. 'I know. I want to know who took the pictures,' he said in a tightly controlled tone, voicing the real reason for his displeasure.

Naruto blinked. 'Oh. I don't know about that.'

Sasuke began to leave. 'Then I'll find out and murder whoever it is.'

Naruto sighed. He'd had a feeling Sasuke might say that.

Possessive bastard, he thought lovingly.

It took Sasuke a while to find out who it was. He started by asking Sakura who had given her the pictures, and she said that she had bought them from an anonymous source.

'Do you have any idea who it might have been?' Sasuke asked her.

'Oh, plenty of people,' she said, eager to help him. 'It could be the Head Boy, Shikamaru...but he wouldn't do something like that; and then there's his best friend, Chouji...but Chouji's crazy about Ino, so it can't be him; maybe Ino? No, but she wouldn't do something like this without telling me; maybe that guy, Sai? Well, it could be; Lee Rock-'

'Sai?' Sasuke asked, all ears.

'Well, he's a pretty good photographer, but he's always smiling and is always saying nice stuff, so I don't think he'd-'

When Itachi found his brother, it was in an empty corridor five minutes before his Defense Against the Dark Arts class was about to begin, and he was punching another student's face well beyond recognition.

'Go near Naruto again and I swear to God, I'll cut off your balls and stuff them down your fucking throat,' Sasuke snarled, pausing long enough to yank Sai's collar forward.

Sai spat blood out onto the floor as he stared at Sasuke. A fake smile was plastered on his face. 'You're obviously not giving him what he wants. You can't blame me if I try to…satisfy him.'

Itachi very nearly groaned. Wrong thing to say.

With a cry of rage, Sasuke launched into a fresh wave of powerful blows to Sai's head. Itachi waved his wand, and with a sudden force the two flew in opposite directions and crashed into a wall.

'As touching as it is to see you defend your property with so much vigor, little brother,' Itachi stated, 'I'm going to have to give you detention. You too, kid,' he added as Sai groaned and tried to sit up.

Sasuke rose to his feet, panting. 'Fine,' he said, grabbing his bag and walking away, not sparing another glance in Sai's direction and pushing past Itachi. Itachi stopped him and spoke in a low voice. 'Next time, little brother,' he said, so low that Sai couldn't even attempt to hear, 'you might want to try a proper wizard's duel. I know the circumstances were difficult,' he said swiftly as Sasuke opened his mouth to interrupt, 'but I assure you, magic can cause far more pain. But don't fight in front of me, I'd have to stop you.'

Sasuke nodded and shoved Itachi's arm off, and then walked away.

Sai tried to get up as well, gingerly trying to avoid causing himself more pain. He glanced at Itachi with the eye that wasn't swollen when the DADA professor cleared his throat. Even in his sorry state, he attempted a smile, although it looked more like a grimace. 'Yes?'

'I make it a point not to get involved in my brother's personal issues,' Itachi said pleasantly. 'But stray near Naruto again, and I'm afraid you'll be getting a lot more than detention.'

With that he turned on his heel and walked away, leaving a bloody and bruised Sai behind.

Sasuke and Naruto had decided to stay at Hogwarts for the Christmas holidays. Jiraiya had written to say that he'd be abroad during Christmas, and so couldn't have Naruto back, as much as he'd love to. Sasuke stayed behind because Naruto was, and because Itachi would be leaving for their mansion to spend time with his longtime boyfriend, Deidara.

'He's actually quite similar to you,' Itachi told Naruto one day. 'You two would get along splendidly.'

On the 24th of December, the entire school was empty, except for a handful of students that included two Gryffindors, a Ravenclaw and a Hufflepuff. Professor Tsunade and Shizune had also stayed behind to supervise the school.

'Sasuke, let's go build a snowman,' Naruto suddenly said, looking away from the window he was staring out of. They were in the Gryffindor dormitories, and Naruto had been idly staring at the soft white snow that blanketed the entire expanse of Hogwarts grounds. He looked at Sasuke, who had been doing the last of his holiday homework.

'Okay,' Sasuke agreed, rolling up the parchment he had been working on. 'I'm done.'

Naruto grinned. 'Brilliant.'

They pulled on anything they could to keep warm, not caring how they looked. No one would be around to see them, anyway. Five minutes later, they were stumbling around in the snow and trying to build a snowman that resembled Professor Tsuande. When they were done, they stepped back and admired their work.

The snowman – or snow-woman, as the case was – was terribly done. It was already dark, maybe around 6 o'clock, and the effect of the shadows on the snowman seemed to make it less awful that it really was. They had tried to be creative, and so had added two large clumps of snow onto its chest, representing Professor Tsunade's impressive bosom. It was the only thing that made it different from any other snowman.

'I vote we don't tell her who it's supposed to be if she asks,' Naruto said laughingly and collapsing on his back into the snow.

'I second that,' Sasuke chuckled, lying down next to him.

Naruto stared at the sky, his expression turning contemplative. 'Hey, Sasuke?' he said, turning over onto his side so that he faced his boyfriend.

'Hm?' Sasuke leaned onto his side so that he was facing Naruto as well.

'Are you mad at me for…you know.' Naruto blushed, his troubled gaze fixing on a point in the snow below Sasuke's cheek. 'That thing…I was jacking off in the pictures.'

Sasuke regarded Naruto quietly. 'No.' And he wasn't. He knew his refusal to have sex with the dobe was probably hard. And he too usually had a tough time resisting Naruto himself.

'Oh, good,' Naruto said, relieved. He glanced at Sasuke's face and was surprised at the level of raw intensity he saw in the stare Sasuke looked at him with. 'What?'

Sasuke shifted in the snow, leaning toward Naruto until their noses were touching and they each could feel the other's breath on their faces. 'What were you thinking of when you were doing that, Naruto?' he asked in a husky voice.

'You,' Naruto said softly.

'Really?' Sasuke allowed himself a slight chuckle, his breath ghosting over Naruto's face. 'Hm. I find that kind of…sexy. Was that what you did after I was done ravishing your mouth every night?'

Naruto nodded jerkily, his eyes never leaving Sasuke's lips.

Sasuke rolled over and straddled Naruto's hips, his face hovering above the blonde's. He leaned forward and kissed him, long and hard, his hips grinding into Naruto's. He broke the kiss and stared at his blonde. 'I'm ready to make love to you, Dobe. Now.'

Naruto panted. He felt cold as he lay in the snow, and yet his body was hot as Sasuke sat on top of him. It was driving his crazy, the way his boyfriend's manhood was pressing against the bulge in his pants. 'Yes,' he whispered, clutching fistfuls of Sasuke's shirt. 'Yes.'

The two stumbled into their dormitory, kissing fervently. Their heavy winter clothes had already been shed down in to the common room, leaving them clad in only jeans and a shirt.

Naruto pushed Sasuke down onto his own four-poster bed so that the raven was on his back and then straddled his hips. He leaned down and planted soft, sultry kisses on the corner of Sasuke's mouth, and then continued his way down Sasuke's jaw, the underside of his chin, and down to his neck.

'Naruto, too many clothes,' Sasuke said, tugging in vain at Naruto's shirt as he tried to keep his breathing even. The blonde was making that hard with his nips and licks. 'Take it off.'

Naruto discarded his shirt at once, and then proceeded to help Sasuke take off his. With their upper torsos bared to each other, they continued. Naruto tongue marked a trail down Sasuke's body, pausing at the button to his jeans. After kissing him gently on his belly button, he made his way back up, this time focusing on Sasuke's perk, brown nipples.

He licked and rolled the left nipple around with his mouth, loving the mewls of pleasure that involuntarily escaped Sasuke. Sasuke writhed under him, gripping his hair almost painfully as his body arched in bliss. His right hand came up to fondle Sasuke's other nipple, letting his fingers skim the edge. While he kept the brown buds occupied, his left hand slid down Sasuke's body and undid the jeans. His right hand stopped its attentions for a second while he pulled the jeans along with Sasuke's boxers down, releasing the raging hard-on that Sasuke had been sporting.

'Get your pants off, Dobe,' Sasuke hissed, clumsily fumbling with the button to Naruto's jeans.

Naruto undid them and discarded them in a pile on the floor, then resumed his activities.

They were now both completely nude. Naruto couldn't help but lean down and give Sasuke's cock and experimental lick.

Sasuke bucked his hips at once, trying to get more of Naruto's mouth to cover his raging manhood. Naruto smirked and obliged. Holding down the raven's hips, he engulfed Sasuke's entire cock and bobbed his head up and down the length, humming with pleasure. Sasuke cried out and tried to thrust into his mouth, but Naruto's hands were holding his hips down.

Cold air hit Sasuke's member as Naruto lifted his head away. Sasuke hissed. 'What the hell?'

'Wait, Teme,' Naruto hushed. 'Accio lube!' A tube of lubricant flew out from underneath one of the beds in the dorm and into Naruto's hands. A small corner of his mind registered that the tube had been whisked out from under Kiba's bed as he popped open the cap and squeezed liberal amounts onto his palm. He slicked up Sasuke's cock, causing the raven to arch into his touch, moaning. When he was done, his mouth descended onto the hardened length once more and resumed its sucking. The lube was strawberry flavored, and Naruto licked enthusiastically as the taste mixed with that of Sasuke.

'Naruto,' Sasuke suddenly panted, his hands gripping the bed sheets tightly as he tried to hold back, 'I'm coming.'

Naruto gave the underside of Sasuke's cock a long lick. 'Come for me, baby,' he murmured, licking the tip of Sasuke's weeping cock. 'I can take it. Come on.'

He suddenly sucked hard on the head of the pale boy's cock, and with a scream of pleasure Sasuke released into Naruto's mouth. Naruto tried to swallow as much of the white substance as he could. When he was done, he looked up at Sasuke. 'That was hot.'

Sasuke nodded jerkily, not trusting himself to speak as he panted.

'I want to feel you inside me,' Naruto whispered, cupping Sasuke's face in the palm of his hand. 'I want to feel you pushing into me, hard and fast-'

Sasuke groaned at the erotic words and closed his eyes, hardening once more as he imagined it. He heard a low moan and his eyes snapped open.

Naruto was fingering himself, trying to stretch himself to accommodate Sasuke. Sasuke hardened to raging full-on as he watched Naruto stick a second and third finger in and scissor himself.

'My God,' he breathed, taking in the lustful scene. 'You're so beautiful.'

Naruto smiled as he took out his fingers and shifted so that his entrance was positioned directly above Sasuke's hardened length. 'Ready, Teme?'

'Hurry,' he said hoarsely.

Naruto slammed down onto Sasuke's cock, letting out a mixed gasp of pleasure and pain. Sasuke cried out as he felt Naruto's heat engulfing him, using all his willpower to remain still for Naruto's sake. Naruto took deep, steadying breaths as he let himself adjust to Sasuke's size.

'You okay, Dobe?' Sasuke asked tenderly, his voice husky with restraint.

Naruto bit his lip and nodded. When he was ready, he raised himself again, his muscles clenching around Sasuke's arousal, strangled moans escaping him as the friction between them sent shivers of pleasure racing up his spine. When he slid down again, Sasuke cried out in ecstasy.

'Naruto…my god, so tight,' he said, raising his hips to meet Naruto fully. He matched his thrusts to the rhythm of Naruto, both moving faster and harder as they neared their climax. Sasuke suddenly grabbed Naruto's length and began pumping him in time to his thrusts. With a blinding white explosion beneath their eyes, they came, screaming each other's names.

Naruto slumped forward onto Sasuke's chest, exhausted. Sasuke stroked his blonde hair, his fingers threading through the light locks. Carefully, he shifted Naruto off of him, sliding his cock out of him in the process.

'Mm,' Naruto mumbled, snuggling into Sasuke's arms contentedly. 'I love you so much, Sasuke.'

Sasuke inhaled Naruto's scent deeply, continuing to caress his hair. When he was certain the blonde was asleep, he replied.

'I love you too.'


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