Cracks on The Mirror

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Warnings: contains BL, first person point of view (well, I don't really have to say who it is since it's already given), spoilers to the recent chapters especially 175 and from chapters 202 and onwards, spoilers to the recent anime episodes especially 96 and… themes that are not suitable for children…

Your movements have improved. That much I can say. As you pull back, evading my tonfa, I knew. You were already at your limits. No matter how many hours we spent, no matter how many times I showed you how pathetic you still are, nothing happens. You try your best… but this is not your best. I will not accept this as your best.

How long must I play with you in this state? It was a pitiful excuse seeing you like an herbivore after all these years. My eyes narrowed and I clenched my tonfas tightly. If you continued to fight like an herbivore, you will die once more. I have enough…

"How long are you going to keep fighting like an herbivore?" I asked you. I could see you look at me with eyes colored as if a dying coal.

"You have yet to use your weapon…" I said, my voice void of any emotions. But as I stared at your eyes, I could feel myself wavering. Unconsciously, my eyes softened as your name passed through my lips, "Sawada Tsunayoshi…"

I observe as you seem to process my words. Inwardly, I sardonically smiled. Knowing you, you probably didn't even notice the slip in my part. You had always been naïve. Even after all those men threw themselves to you, you took no notice. But you did notice me… after I took you by force, that is…

The dying-will flame on your head soon disappeared and you returned to your herbivore state. You blinked a couple of times and I yawned, fatigue finally catching up to me. I turned towards the door and said, "I need a nap. I'm going back."

It was not an entire lie.

"Wha-?" I could hear you shout, trying to get my attention, "Please wait a minute, Hibari-san!"

I did not look back. I closed my eyes and got in the elevator. I do not want to spend more time with you than necessary. I will not lose myself.

It was that woman that stopped you from calling out to me. Soon the elevator door closed and Tetsu heard me sigh. Looking at me with concern in his eyes, he asked, "Are you not sleeping well again, Kyou-san?"

I looked at him briefly before closing my eyes once more, "It's not serious."

"Kyou-san…" his voice was laced with unwanted concern.

"Tetsu." I called out and looked back at him, "Do not ask unnecessary things."

Tetsu looked away and nodded, "If that is what Kyou-san wants…"

Tetsu may be one of the few people who knew. He is one of the few I could trust…

But that does not mean I need his concern…

I am not weak…

The days seemed to have gone by slowly and painfully. Soon, Vongola shall attack Millefiore and chances are… Vongola will fail. This does not matter to me. Vongola never mattered to me. All that mattered was…

"Did you see the fireworks?" you asked, your brown locks falling to your shoulder. I shook my head as I approached you by the window, looking at your glassy caramel eyes. The moonlight cast a pale ethereal glow to your form and, for a moment, I thought I was looking at an angel.

"Now is not the time for such festivity. Millefiore-" my words were stopped as you placed a finger on my lips. Your finger was cold to the touch. A sad smile formed on your face and I unconsciously pulled you closer, wrapping my arms on your slim waist. It does not take an expert to know you had not been eating properly.

"That's why it's needed." You said, closing your eyes. Your finger left my lips and you placed your hand on my shoulders.

You opened your eyes and smiled softly, "Kiss me."

I need not be told twice. I captured your lips with mine, holding you tightly on my arms. You felt like ice. Inwardly, I wondered… where did the warmth I grew accustomed to go to? Soon, we had fallen to the bed and you continued to stare at me with glassy caramel eyes. You placed your hands on either side of my cheeks and whispered, "Hold me."

I did more than hold you. I kissed you once more, licking the inside of your mouth. I urged your tongue to dance with mine. You did not deny my advances even as I began unbuttoning your shirt while nibbling your neck. I saw you close your eyes and pulled me closer, wrapping your arms around me as if I was the only thing keeping you alive. Soon, our clothes fell to the ground and all that could be heard was your moans and pants.

"I love you…" I heard you whisper as you wrapped your arms around my neck tightly. You arched your back as I thrust inside you. Tears began to fall from your closed eyes and I kissed one of them. Wrapping my arms around your slim body, I closed my eyes as I continued my rhythmic motion. You continued to moan, digging your nails on my back.

"I love you…" you said once more, this time louder than the last. I continued to close my eyes, listening to your moans and your whispers. Tears had begun to moist the corner of your eyes yet I continued to pay no attention to it.

"I love you." You never stopped saying those words. Even as we both came, still you continued to whisper to my ear, wrapping your arms around me and burying your face on my shoulder.

"I love you."

Not once…

Did I reply to you…

I woke up the following day with the sun hitting me quite painfully. I turned around and found your side of the bed cold. I opened my eyes and saw that I was alone. Tiredly, I sat up and found a simple white paper on the table. With tired steps, I approached the table and opened it.

Written in simple hiragana, it said:


I only heard about your death three days after our last encounter. You had gone against Vongola's wishes and met with those Millefiore…

Three days after I last saw you…

You were declared dead.

That's when I realized. The words you had said, the look in your eyes during the last time I saw you…

You knew…

You knew… and yet…

I opened my eyes as I heard an annoying sound coming from the adjoining room. I slid the door and narrowed my eyes as I found the proprietor. It had been what appears to be a cat of some sort. A cat I seemed to remember as a property of one Gokudera Hayato. I picked it up and my eyes narrowed once more as I smell the distinct scent of alcohol. It seems like those herbivores still lacked some discipline. I walked towards their base, not paying any mind as the cat began scratching the steel walls. If that didn't wake up those weak herbivores-

I saw you step out of your room, looking at Yamamoto Takeshi with sleepy eyes.

"That seems to be the cause." The infant said, looking at my direction. You looked at me with curious eyes, all hints of sleep now gone from your caramel eyes.

"Hibari-san and Gokudera-kun's cat-!?" You exclaimed, a bit too loud. Was it so surprising finding me holding this herbivore's cat? Or was my very presence unneeded that you found it surprising?

"It was drunk and wandered over to my place." I said, clenching my fist as I was awoken from my much needed sleep. Not that I had not felt a bit grateful that it had. Since your death, my dreams had only been a replay of my last night with you. The pain of going through it over and over again had made me curse going to sleep even as my body needed it.

"AAAH! I was sure I put him back in the box!" I heard Gokudera Hayato loudly yell, running out of his room. I let go of his cat and it came running towards its herbivore master.

"What the hell are you doing… URI!!" Gokudera Hayato yelled. Once more, I cannot help but scoffed at the name. Why someone like Gokudera Hayato would name a cat 'melon' is beyond me.

"GEEH!! Stop it, Uri!" the pathetic herbivore yelled as his cat began scratching his face. I left you in this herbivore's care? Suddenly, I felt the urge to bite him to death…

"All of you…" I dangerously hissed, earning the attention of the three herbivores in front of me, "Do you know the consequences of disrupting discipline?"

Drinking while underage, disrupting my sleep and…

"O-oi!!" Yamamoto Takeshi stuttered, backing away from me. Smart move…

"You-!!" Gokudera Hayato did the opposite, taking a step forward even as his whole body began to tremble.

"I'm so sorry!!" It had been you that stopped me. You had not move, but the tears that fell from your eyes were testament of your fear towards me. Do not show me that…

"…" I yawned and closed my eyes, "I'm sleepy… next time…"

I began to walk away from them. Your tears were different but they were tears nonetheless. And I felt myself-

"Wa-wait a minute, Hibari!!" I stopped and looked over my shoulder as Gokudera Hayato continued to pull his cat off his shirt, "Th-Thanks… I'll repay this debt… yeah."

I closed my eyes and said, "I'm not holding my breath, Gokudera Hayato."

He had failed me once…

"Wha-what do you mean by that!?"

He… who I trusted to keep you-

"Ah!" I looked at them once more as I heard you say my name, "Hibari-san!"

Silently, I felt my heart beat once again after such a long time as you looked at me with an unconvincing smile. It was not force but it was awkward. A smile unlike those that you gave these past few years…

"Tomorrow… Let's all do our best together."

My eyes widened for a moment before I closed my eyes once more. I could feel the baby watching me, seeing how I let myself slip once more.


You have no right to say that… you didn't even tell me…

"No, thanks." I said, my voice void of all emotions that I had kept inside of me. Even without looking at them, I could feel the surprised expressions they were sporting.

"Nor would I ever fight alongside you."

I will not fight alongside Vongola. I will not fight alongside those that simply let you walked towards the Millefiore.

"Because I am strong."

… because you have betrayed me…

"Even if I die, I would not team up with you." I opened my eyes and looked only at you.

Even if I die...

I will not take you with me…

"Good night." I said, finalizing our conversation. As I began to walk away from them, I heard you say…

"Good night!"

I let a ghost of a smile appear on my face as I returned to my room. I took off the yukata and put on some black slacks. As I buttoned my shirt, my eyes fell on a lonely locket placed near my phone.

"A locket?" I asked as I stared at your cheerful face.

"Yup. Haru gave it to me out of whim." You explained, taking my phone and tying it to my phone. I narrowed my eyes and you showed me your handiwork. The locket in question had been white in color with gold designed on the side in a shape of sakura-petals. It stood out, contrast to the simple black color of my phone.

"Tsunayoshi…" I hissed and you smiled at me cutely.

"I think… it suites you…"

My phone began to ring and I picked it up, the locket falling to the tatami floor by accident.

"Kyou-san… they're here…"

I closed my phone and picked the locket up. I placed it on the pocket of my jacket and left my room. I had no time to remember my past with you…

It will not change the fact that you are gone…

The explosion was heard all over the base. On my hand, I began to play with the transmitter that we had found on Dokuro Chrome's bag. The girl had been a nuisance to save but she proved to be useful. And without her, Rokudo Mukuro will not be able to live. And as much as I hated to admit it, he was still needed…

The holes they had made were covered as I instructed Tetsu to. I need not for them to get out of this alive. I began to walk on top of them. I will not fight for Vongola.

I will fight for myself…

"Only the weak…" I said, throwing the transmitter to them, "Flock together in packs."

It was also like this that they killed you. Surrounding you…

And showering you with bullets…

I could hear their surprises. I could sense the fear they emitted… the confusion… the dread…

I began to shake, my eyes narrowing as I looked at all of them.




They all mean nothing to me…

All that matters was…

"Like corned rats…"

"I will bite you to death." I calmly threatened, finally letting go of my murderous aura. My tonfa burned with my Cloud flame. My hedgehogs began to circle around me, feeding under my murderous aura.

"If I were to die, what will you do?" you asked me once, placing your chin on your hand as your other hand played with the strands of my hair. I growled and lifted the sheets, staring at your caramel eyes.

"Is that something to say after our first night, Sawada Tsunayoshi?" I hissed, grabbing your hand. You smiled and rest your head on the pillow once more. Your free hand touched my lips briefly before wrapping your dainty fingers on my hand.

"I am going to die…" you whispered so softly I almost didn't hear it. My eyes now fully open, I stared at you. You simply smiled, "All mortals are destined to die…"

I scoffed and pulled the blankets up, causing you to gasp as you were pulled towards me. I held you in my arms and buried my face on your brown locks. You rested your head on my chest and wrapped your arms around me.

"I'm going to burn all of those books you keep reading."

It was not a threat. It was a statement. You need not read such thing. I heard you giggle and nuzzled towards me.

"When that day happens… don't do what Orpheus did…" you whispered cryptically before falling asleep.

Infiltrating the Japan base of Millefiore had been easier than I thought. As I destroyed the wall that separated me from the strong flame I sensed, I calmly glanced at the situation I saw. The woman had been battered and could not fight. Yamamoto Takeshi was down on the floor, unconscious and battered as well.


I left you in the hands of these herbivores?

Had Yamamoto Takeshi been conscious, I would have bitten him to death for being weak. I look at the man in front of the battered form of Yamamoto Takeshi and asked coldly, "Did you just get that white round machine installed?"

Instead of answering me like he should have, he asked, "Vongola Guardian of the Cloud… Hibari Kyouya?"

Once more, I found my eyes narrowing. Vongola… Guardian?

Vongola means nothing to me.

"Do you feel like you have no obligation to answer my question?" I took note as he opened a box using his Mist-ring. Soon, the entire room was turned into a jungle, "Then… I guess you'll have to die here."

A smirk appeared on my face. How adequate, "It looks like you're a mist illusionist."

I took a ring out of my pocket and placed it on my middle finger, "I don't have anything against you, but…"

He looked at me cautiously and my smirk grew, "I hate your kind."

I let my ring be engulfed with my dying will flame and looked back at him, "So I want to make you crawl on the ground."

"Hibari Kyouya… Rumor has it that you're the strongest guardian of Vongola." He stared at me as he said, "I'll see if that is the truth or not."

My flame vibrated and I jumped in time to avoid the explosion underneath me.

My strength is not for Vongola…

Once more, the ring vibrated and my hedgehog blocked another explosion on my left. I fell to the ground once more, taking into consideration the illusion he had cast upon himself. Had I seen that attack? Or was it simply a coincidence?

I closed my eyes as I blocked his attack from above with my tonfa. You have no time to ask yourself such meaningless question…

"I'm good with illusions…" I smirked as I noticed his eyes widened, "Because I hate them."

With that said, my hedgehog enveloped him inside. I closed my eyes as my ring shattered and looked at my hedgehog, "Let's go."

My hedgehog let out a screech and I looked at it closely as the sphere of needle was destroyed, shredded by that Millefiore illusionist. Vines took hold of his legs and he stared at me, "You're good. Maybe you have what it takes to be my rival."

"I wonder about that…" I replied, taking my hedgehogs back.

"You cannot become my rival that easily." I told him as I closed my eyes, "I have to test you for what you're worth…"

I put on another ring and enveloped it with my dying will flame, "After I make your mist…"

Using only one ring, I opened two boxes simultaneously and hissed, "Disappear."

My hedgehogs passed through him and began destroying his illusions. I rushed towards him, "An illusion uses the imagination in the mind to bring it out in real life."

A smirk appeared on my face, "If I attack you enough to break your concentration…"

Using the cloud of needles as a stepping stone, I aimed for his head. He blocked my initial attack but I did not relent. No matter how many times he blocks my attacks, he parries my hits; I will not stop until I see what is behind this illusion of his. Soon, we both fell away from each other. My hedgehog had destroyed his illusions and I have ruined his concentration. Soon, his illusions began to liquefied, signaling their demise. I look around me and commented, "Looks like it is undone."

Soon, from the illusions, uncountable of sea slugs began to drop, "So this is your box weapon."

"Spettrale Nudiblanc." I heard him say, "You're the first person to see them."

"And the last." The slugs began moving strangely and my eyes momentarily widened as they charged me in all direction. I quickly put on another ring and engulfed it with my dying-will flame. I jumped in time as the slugs exploded as they made contact with the ground.

So… these sea creatures themselves are weapons…

My flame vibrated and I ordered my hedgehogs in time as another explosion appeared directed towards me. I fell to the ground and saw that he had already gained confidence once more, "I see now."

"You're using that fire on your ring as a radar." I heard him say, "You use the ring to emit a weak heat around you and use the vibrations to find the Spettrale Nudiblancs."

There is no need to tell me that…

Soon my ring shattered once again… and all I have left was two C ranks and one D rank. This is one of those times where I wished I had stopped you from destroying those rings. They would have made destroying nuisances such as this man much easier…

"Once I understand it, there are plenty of ways to overcome it." He said, suddenly boasting with confidence.

"There is no need for that." I told him, taking out my last three rings.

I will use it…

If this man was to fight you in your current state…

"I will…" I placed the three rings on my fingers, "… bring in a world you have never seen before…"

I smirked and looked at him, "And destroy you."

"Let's go." I said, engulfing the three rings simultaneously. His eyes widened. I could not blame him. As far as I can remember, no one had been crazy enough to try this. I pulled one box and placed the three rings on the hole of the box. Soon, the box began to crack.

"To insert the flame without destroying the box is rather hard." I commented. It didn't take long before the box was destroyed. I took hold of the hedgehog inside and smirked, paying no heed to the shattering of my last three rings.

"Needle Sphere Form: Reversed." I whispered, letting it grow out of my hand. Hibird, who had been quietly hiding on the breast pocket of my jacket, flew out. The sudden movement caused the locket inside the same pocket to slightly move. Soon, my hedgehog had caged us inside itself. I could see the surprised look of the Millefiore illusionist as his weapon box was left outside.

I guess… I owe him an explanation…

"Activated box weapons will get excluded, everything except us… in a completely isolated space. That is what Needle Sphere Form: Reversed is." I indulged him, "The highly airtight clouds I used to create this dome with have the ability to repel. If you keep your back to me for a long time, you will get swallowed by the destruction. If you don't concentrate, you will not be able to escape."

"Needle Sphere Form: Reversed? That's… a long name…"

I remembered you say that to me when I first showed you this space…

"Mou! Not only did you waste three rings… you also destroyed another box." You sighed and rubbed the back of your head, "You didn't have to show me… I would have believed you nevertheless."

But I wanted you to see… how strong I am…

How I can…

"I see…" he said, taking me out of my musing, "So this is how you sealed out Spettrale Nudiblanc's illusion…"

I heard him gasp and I picked up my tonfas, "When I create Needle Sphere Form: Reversed, the Cloud Flames burn so heavily they consume oxygen. And in order to maintain the sphere, the oxygen keeps decreasing rapidly."

"That's dangerous!"

I know…

"So it's a death match in a situation with a lack of oxygen and spikes surrounding us at every angle." He said, finally understanding his current situation.

I smirked and raised my tonfas, "Let's finish this quick and easy, shall we? I'm on a tight schedule."

He closed his eyes and said, "Don't lie. Did you think I wouldn't notice while you fight?"

"This space… it's to compensate for the lack of rings." He stared at me, "Before you ran out of rings and a box weapon fight would have been disadvantageous, you used all of your remaining rings to create this space. A scheme to ring about a physical fight…"

"It seems you have high confidence in your physical abilities."

Wao… Maybe this illusionist may be worth the effort.

"But do not limit that high self-confidence to yourself." He warned, raising his swords," You may have misunderstood… Spettrale Nudiblanc's illusion isn't something to compensate my sword-skills."

He glared at me dangerously, "It is to hide my overly powerful sword skills."

"Hmph." I readied my tonfas and a smirk appeared on my face, "So I'll finally see your real skills."

"Same goes for you." He said as he charged me.

"Ougi Shiken." I ducked in time to evade the strike from the sword he held with his left foot.

His legs…

I blocked another strike from his legs, and noticed him raise his arms, "Die."

As the two swords approached me, I flicked my tonfa with enough strength to lift him off me. This caused both of us to stumble backwards. He used his swords to stop himself from being impaled while I managed to stop, the needle managing to graze my cheek.

I could not help but smirked as I stared at him, "You're quite able, aren't you?"

Once more, we charged each other. He was able to block my attack and it seemed like he had more tricks up his sleeve. We backed away and he threw short knives at me. I simply twirled my tonfas and blocked the knives. My smirk grew and I stated the obvious, "Your breaths are coming up much shorter now…"

I did not expect his question…

"How can you still be smiling?" he showed me his ring. If I am not mistaken, that is called Mare Ring, a ring as powerful as a Vongola Ring… was he trying to tempt me?

"You managed to seal off my box weapon with your Reverse Dome of Needles. However, you cannot seal the power of my ring."

So maybe Millefiore did have some brains…

"You of all people should know the difference in power between one who holds a ring, and one who does not. You should understand by now that our martial arts are evenly matched."

I have something to say to your comment but please continue your monologue…

"And, since you do not have a ring, you have no chance of winning at all."

That is the point of all of this…

"Indeed, you are more skillful than I expected." I humored him, "Thanks to you, I am also completely off schedule."

"But, it has been a long time since I had encountered a prey that made me desire to draw every last drop of blood from him. For this, I am satisfied." Maybe a hint will not be so bad, he had let me enjoy this fight, "So… if I had a powerful ring now, I'd have no objection."

"Very well." He said, enveloping his sword with his Mist flame…

I take it back… Millefiore still had less brain than Vongola…

"I shall bury you without mercy." I heard him say as he charged me. I followed suite, charging him as well. Soon, we made contact and a piece of my tonfa was cut off.

"Even though Mist Flames are not very hard, if I concentrate the flames in one point, I can still construct a flame strong enough to melt steel." He said.

Why do you bother explaining such trivial thing to me?

"I know that." I said, the smirk never leaving my face. We clashed once more. This time, I did not bother to block. Soon, my tonfas were cut into pieces.

"Bastard… do you wish for death?"


Will you give it to me?

"Why would you say that?" I humored him, smirking at the astonished face he had made, "The one who will be bitten to death is you, after all…"

His eyes widened and he shouted, "You are in no position to make threats!!"

I threw my tonfas away and stepped towards him, smirking even as blood began to drip from the side of my mouth, "I am… envious…"

He seemed frightened as I drew my hand towards him and fell back. My smirk grew as I felt the fear around him.

Will this man be able to grant my wish?

"What is this man!?" he yelled as he charged me, "DIE!!"

As he charged me, I threw my boxes away and closed my eyes…

It's all up to him now…

The sound of a moving train caught my attention. Opening my eyes, I found myself inside a train. If this was the ride towards the afterlife, it was certainly quite modern. I looked in front of me and my eyes widened…


My body moved on its own and I found myself running towards you but I was stopped as I felt the cold exterior of a glass hindering me from coming to your side. You shook your head and stood from where you had been sitting. Walking towards me, you tapped the glass as if telling me it was useless. My hands clenched and I banged the glass. You shook your head once more and placed your hands on the glass, right on the place where my hands were. Your lips moved but I could not hear a sound.


I knew what you had said…

"What do you mean it's not the time!?" I yelled, banging the glass once more. You smiled sadly and your lips moved once more, this time ordering me.


I will not accept such an order.

Especially when you're right here in front of me…

The train stopped and the door to my side opened. Once more, you ordered me.


"Hibari! Oi! Hibari!" the shaking never ceased and I slowly opened my eyes. I found a pair of brown eyes staring at me and the first thing that came to my lips was…

"Tsuna… yoshi…"

Soon, my visions became clearer and I recognized that the brown eyes were colored chocolate… belonging to Yamamoto Takeshi. A small smile appeared on his face, the scar on the right of his chin serves as a reminder that I was looking Yamamoto Takeshi of my time.

"He's alive." I heard Yamamoto Takeshi yell, pulling my arm to his shoulder. He began to stand up, supporting me. I did not even have the strength left to stand. I heard Yamamoto Takeshi groaned and shouted once more, "Gokudera! Help me!"

"I… do not need your help…" I said. I didn't even care if I sounded weak. I had been so close… and yet…

"Damn it! I can't believe you actually tried to die!" I heard Gokudera Hayato complained as he supported my other shoulder. Both of them began to walk towards the door. That's when I realized that we were in the roof top of Namimori Middle School.

How nostalgic…

"… W… Why…?" I asked weakly, my eyes threatening to close. Gokudera Hayato only scoffed. It had been Yamamoto Takeshi that answered my question.

"We heard a voice calling out to us…" Yamamoto Takeshi grinned like an idiot as he continued, "We thought we were finally going crazy."

"You have always been crazy, Yamamoto." Gokudera Hayato commented. Gokudera Hayato looked at me briefly before looking in front once more, "It had been the Tenth's voice."

My eyes widened and I looked back at Yamamoto Takeshi. Yamamoto Takeshi let a soft smile appear on his face and nodded, "He said… 'Please… save him… please…'"

I clenched my fists and let my eyes closed.



I opened my eyes once more as I felt the movements of the train. Once again, you were sitting on the bench across me. I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Am I going crazy?" I asked. Had my dreams finally consumed and made me think I am really speaking to the real you? I opened my eyes and found you sitting on the floor, tapping the glass. You motioned me to come closer and I did. I sat in front of you and placed a hand on the glass, in front of your hand. You smiled at me sweetly.

"Had you ever been sane?" I heard you say. I looked up and you giggled, probably enjoying the sight of seeing me actually be surprised that I could hear you… after all those nights…

You pointed up and I did look up. That's when I saw it.

Cracks on the mirror…

It had been small but, slowly, it was getting bigger. I looked back at you and you traced something in the glass with your fingers.

'I love you…'

My hands began to shake and I stared at your smiling face. How many nights have I regretted not telling you? How many nights have I waked from that nightmare, wishing I could turn back the clock and tell you?


"I love you."

You looked at me and smiled softly once more, closing your eyes and nodding.

"I know." you said, kissing the glass and letting your forehead rest on the glass. I rest my forehead on the glass as well.

I want to kiss you…

I want to hold you…

I want…

to be with you…


"I'll see you soon…" you whispered once more and the train stopped. Once again, the door to my side opened.

No… not yet…


"How do you feel?" I opened my eyes and was greeted by Yamamoto Takeshi with a soft smile plastered in his face.

"… Dreadful…" I said. Yamamoto Takeshi chuckled and leaned back on the chair. I looked around and I knew where I was…

"This… is the infirmary." I said. Yamamoto Takeshi nodded.

"Given the circumstances, this was the safest and closest place to save you. You've been asleep for three days now." Yamamoto Takeshi said, his eyes softening, "Hibari… I know it's hard but… death is not a solution."

I know that…

"Boss wouldn't be happy if he knew you followed him by your own free will." I closed my eyes.

I know… but…

"A world without a sky is not worth living in…"

"Hibari…" I could sense the concern in his voice. I do not need his concern. I do not need any of their concerns.

"If you are worried if I am going to kill myself, there is no need to." I looked back at Yamamoto Takeshi and clenched my fist, "I was ordered to live…"

Yamamoto Takeshi chuckled, "You had to be ordered? Wow, that's… well, I guess, in a way, romantic… Especially if we consider who I'm talking to at the moment."

I scoffed and looked away. That's when I remembered it, "My jacket?"

"Oh?" Yamamoto Takeshi stood and grabbed something in the drawer and gave it to me. I took my jacket from his hands and looked through my breast pocket. My eyes widened as I found it empty.



"Oi! You shouldn't be up!" Yamamoto Takeshi tried to apprehend me as I got up.

"Get your hands off me or I will bite you to death." I threatened, growling at him. He flinched and let go off me.

"Fine. But don't force yourself. We just got you stitched…" he reminded me. I began to walk out of the infirmary, wearing only a pair of slacks and a white shirt. The only place I could have dropped it would be on the roof. I had it with me when I was transported from the future.

I have to find it.

I have to-

I stopped as I heard the soft music box-like tone coming from the roof top. The same music the locket had. I opened the door to the roof top and a soft breeze greeted me.

"Mou… I told you to keep this strapped on your phone."

Have I truly gone insane? I opened my eyes and saw you leaning the railings, holding the locket in your dainty fingers. You smiled at me.

"I told you I'll see you soon, right?"

Once more, I found myself running towards you.

This time, no glass stopped me from kissing you…

No glass has stopped me from holding you…

Again… in my arms…

Author's End Rants: That… was long… This has got to be the longest one-shot I've written at the moment. Not to mentioned, the longest chapter… -grins- I wanted to try a first person POV and this had been bugging me since I read chapter 205. I mean, is the future Hibari dead or not!? Anyway, I'm sorry if Hibari is OOC here. It's really hard to make a POV using him without making him OOC. –frowns- Anyway, I just decided to post this today since tomorrow I'm going to a con with my friends in one of the most acclaimed university in our country. And it's a yaoi con. –grins- How ironic. Anyway, this won't be the end of me! Before the end of this week, I'll post RVDecimo-sama's latest chapter and more one-shots!

Oh! And a lot of dialogues came from certain scanlations of the manga. And the scene that parallels episode 96 really made me think that Hibari was looking at Tsuna with sad/lonely eyes. Actually, Hibari kept doing it at the anime! Not that I mind… -grins-


Uri - means 'melon' in japanese.

Ougi Shiken - Secret Four-Swords

Orpheus - a Greek hero who went to the underworld to recover his late wife from Hades. Hades and Persephone were touched by his music and promised to return his wife in exchange he must not look back during his travel back to the world above for his wife is behind him. If he looks back, his wife will not return with him. Unfortunately, he doubted the gods as he could not hear a single footstep behind him. When he looked back, his wife was behind him but because he broke his promise with the gods, his wife will now remain in the Underworld. (thank you Persona 3)

locket - uhhhh... I just got the r2 ost, mainly because I wanted to listen to 'If I were a Bird', and I was a bit disappointed it wasn't the one with the sad lyrics but a music box type music. Nonetheless, I just had to add it 'cause it's going to eat me if I don't. (I'm exageratting...) oh, and for those that are unfamiliar with it, the last part of the song had the words: 'And you'll always be part of me' which I thought would work well with this. Other than that, I do not expect Hibari to put a girlish locket on his phone...