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The Marriage contract.

Early on the morning of his seventeenth birthday Harry Potter woke from an unusual dream, looking out of the window he stared at the rising sun as the dream re-ran through his mind, the dream was unusual in that it was so realistic, there were no odd leaps or changing scenes, no odd people appearing, the dream was a perfect replay right down to the tiniest detail of a day that had actually happened during his first year at Hogwarts school.

It was the day before the Hogwarts express took the students home for Christmas, and Harry was taking a walk with Hermione, they had been inseparable since the day Harry and Ron had saved her from a troll, every day they had been together since, the only time they had been apart was while Harry recovered after dealing with a Voldemort possessed Quirrell. Even Ron had not been able to keep them apart, and they both knew he did not like Hermione, in fact the furthest they had been apart was when Harry played Quidditch, even then she was always in the front row of the Gryffindor supporters. As they walked slowly towards their friend Hagrid's cabin, they chatted as any other eleven year olds did, they had just finished laughing at a comment Harry had made about Ron's ears turning red, Hermione suddenly stopped laughing, looking at Harry with a tear in her eye she said quietly "I wish you had a family to go home to at Christmas, this is a time for families."

When Harry turned and looked into Hermione's eyes, it was several seconds before either of them spoke, then Harry took hold of Hermione's hands and with a huge grin befitting any preteen boy he declared

"As soon as I am old enough I'll have a family, I'm going to marry you Hermione."

"Promise?" she asked.

"Yeah I promise," Harry replied.

It was the kind of declaration children had been making since the day marriage had been invented, Hermione chuckled and replied she would be honoured to be Mrs Potter and was happy to wait till the day they were both adults. They had laughed about it as they made their way to Hagrid's door, Harry declared to Hagrid as he poured them some tea that he and Hermione were going to be married, together they talked about how many children they were going to have, they even discussed whether to have a cat or a dog.

"As soon as we are both adults we are definitely going to get married and I will be Mrs Harry James Potter, and that's a promise," Hermione said with conviction as they left Hagrid's cabin.

"Yeah definitely! As soon as we are both adults, we promised," Harry affirmed as they waved their large friend goodbye…

Harry thought about Hermione and how she had changed so much since that day. Now she was no longer the thin legged large toothed plain Jane, now she had grown into a rather beautiful young woman, her once shoulder length bushy hair now hung in shiny waves down her back, reaching her coccyx, she also had what Harry thought was a perfect figure, she wasn't huge breasted like Lavender, who always made him worry in the DA class in case her bra snapped and the sudden collapse of support at the front snatched her shoulders forward and hurt her back.

She wasn't skinny like Susan Bones who almost lived up to her name, no Hermione had a lovely pert breast and nice gentle curves to her waist and hips and the sexiest legs he ever saw. Harry chuckled as he remembered the day his dream had taken place, he had loved Hermione then, in a childish sort of way, but not in the true romantic way, not the way he loved her now. Rolling over to get a look at his bedside clock he decided as it was five thirty it was time to get up and cook the breakfast, today would be the last time he would ever have to cook for his hated family. Today he intended to burn every thing, and as the Dursley's all liked their bacon lightly cooked, and their eggs all runny, today he was going to cook the bacon nice and crispy, just how he and his owl Hedwig liked it.

Throwing all the rubbish hand me down clothes he had been forced to wear into the middle of the tiny bedroom floor, he pulled some brand new clothes from his trunk and after unshrinking them he made for the bathroom. For the first time ever in the Dursley house Harry Potter sang happily while he showered.

Harry's aunt was just about to hammer on the bathroom door to tell her worthless waste of space nephew to hurry up when she stopped her hand was still held poised in the air as she listened as Harry sang; he had the most wonderful singing voice she had heard in a long time. As her whale of a son slammed his bedroom door shut she scowled at him and told him to be quiet. Placing her ear close to the bathroom door once again she listened to Harry singing.

Love is all around me, and so the feeling grows.

It's written on the wind, it's everywhere I go.

So if you really love me, come on and let it show.

You know I love you, I always will.

My minds made up by the way that I feel.

There's no beginning, there'll be no end.

Cause on my love you can depend.

Harry's uncle Vernon poked his head from the bedroom, his fat frame putting the hallway in to semi darkness,

"Petunia where are my…"

"Shut up Vernon!" Petunia shouted over her shoulder.

'I see your face before me, as I lay on my bed.

I kinda get to thinking, of all the things you said.

You gave your promise to me, and I gave mine to you.

I need some one beside me, in every thing I do.

You know I love you, I always will

Barefooted Vernon Joined Petunia outside the bathroom, and wondered what she was doing, "Peetun…?"

Petunia cut him off and huffed, Harry had stopped singing, she gave Vernon an I don't believe it look when she heard Harry start to sing again, she was tempted to open the door to hear better but thought better of it. "We could make a fortune if we had him singing professionally," she said more to her self than to Vernon.

"Shush woman he's singing again," Vernon hissed.

Something is happening,

And it's changing everything.

You must know why yi hi.

Soon as you, started to kiss me, some thing new, suddenly hit me.

The whole world over, it always happening,

The same sort of thing's to others too.

Some thing is happening to me,

And I only hope the same thing is happening to you.

Something is happening, exciting bewildering,

You must know why yi hi.

Something thing is happening,

I can't think of anything, but you and I yi hi.

What begins these loving notions,

You do things, to my emotions.

The singing in the bath room suddenly stopped followed by the sound of the shower shutting off, the Dursley's all scurried to their bed rooms before Harry left the bathroom.

While Vernon and Petunia sat in their bedroom trying to think up ways to get Harry to stay with them instead of leaving, and then get him to sing into the microphone of a tape recorder so they could send a demo tape to a record company, Dudley was sat in his room wondering why his freak of a cousin was singing sappy old songs in the bathroom, after all what could a freak possibly have to make him sound that happy.

Harry was busy over cooking the breakfast and wondering why the dream of Hermione made him feel so good, and why he could not get thoughts and visions of a really scantily clad sexy Hermione out of his head. He was so busy trying not to have the thoughts he was having that he over cooked the food way beyond what he had intended.

"Good morning Harry, and how are you this morning young man?" a smiling uncle Vernon said as he sat down at the breakfast table.

"Yes good morning Harry dear," Petunia added as she also sat at the table.

Harry stood gaping at his relatives with his mouth open; he wondered if he was still in bed, stuck in some sort of sadistic nightmare, the shaking of the kitchen floor as Dudley waddled into the room brought Harry from the shock at his relatives' words. Thinking he had misheard them Harry placed two platters on the table, one contained the rather dark crispy bacon while the other held equally brown and rubbery eggs.

"So what excellent cuisine have you for us this morning, eh Harry?" Vernon said with a sickly look that Harry thought might represent a happy smile.

"So you said you were leaving today Harry dear, but there is no need for you to have to go to the trouble of finding some where to live you know, you are quite welcome to stay here with us. Vernon was saying just the other day that he was thinking of doing your room up for you," Petunia said as she dropped rock hard bacon and rubbery eggs onto Dudley's plate.

Harry carefully looked around the room, then he bent down and looked under the table, he was fully convinced that he would find some odd charmed object that the Weasley diabolical duo had planted some where, his aunt and uncle had never once spoken his name or said a single kind word to him before, not once in all the sixteen years he had suffered them, and all he could think of that could had given them this sudden amazing change of attitude was a magical charm.

Dudley sat trying to cut the rubbery eggs on his plate after giving up on the almost black bacon. Harry still had not said a word as he watched Dudley struggle and waited for some thing earth shattering to happen, what he expected to happen he had no idea. After a few minutes of looking at his smiling relatives Harry could stand it no longer, they were making him feel ill and uncomfortable, he gave his lips a quick wipe on a serviette then rising slowly as if expecting the world to end, or at least to fall out of bed and wake up, he said "Excuse me," and left the table and quickly headed for his bedroom.

Harry had been sitting on his bed, he was wishing away the time, hoping that midday would hurry up and arrive; so he could leave this house and the crazy way his relatives were acting, he could go with Remus and Tonks, he had only been in his room for half an hour when at seven o clock his aunt entered the room carrying a cup of tea.

"Here you go Harry, cup of tea just the way you like it, two sugars and plenty of milk," she said as she placed the steaming cup on his bedside table.

'Ugh two sugars, yuck, I hate tea with sugar, and I only have a touch of milk' Harry thought as he watched his aunt.

Petunia turned to smile at him; the smile vanished rapidly to be replaced with a look of horror, as she stared at him speechless, she began to point at him while backing away as though he had just turned into a vampire or some thing. The look of horror on her face was enough to make Harry look down at himself to see what she was pointing at.

"Agghhhhh, what the heck's happening?" Harry yelled as he looked down to find himself fading from view.

A minute later Harry found himself sitting in the same position on a different bed, a much more comfortable bed than his. Looking up he saw he was no longer in his grimy room at number four Privet Drive; he was in a very nice though girly type room. Feeling something move on the mattress behind him he slowly turned around and stared at the beautiful girl he had been thinking about all morning. Her long brown hair was spread out over her pillow, her come to bed mix of chestnut, chocolate and amber eyes were only half open, her bare shoulders had two thin streaks of white in the tanned skin leading down to just about half way down her breast, where her skin was replaced by a rather thin pink bed sheet. Harry could not stop him self as his eyes tracked down her bed, following the wonderful shape of her body; he could tell she was totally naked under the single sheet, the weather being to warm to sleep in night clothes. He was feeling the reaction of his own body as he stared at the shape of her beneath the thin sheet, slowly his eyes tracked upward once again till they rested on her widening eyes.

Hermione had woken up having just had an odd and unusual dream unlike any other dream she had ever had before, it was all about a day during her first year when Harry had told her he was going to marry her as soon as they both became adults, he had even promised. They had both made it a promise to each other. She rolled over onto her back keeping her eyes closed, she wanted to remember the dream, it had been the only time since the day she first met him that her best friend Harry Potter had said anything even remotely romantic to her. Those few words and his promise that day, she cherished above all her other memories. That was the day she really began to fall in love with him. She had long ago decided he would never see her any way other than as a friend, it almost broke her heart when he admired other girls in a way he never looked at her, it had been so hard last year when he had kissed Ginny Weasley right in front of her, after a good cry in the quiet of the girls showers she had been able to smile and pretend she was happy for the couple.

She lay quite still for a while savouring the memories, and then she began to day dream about him kissing her the way he had kissed Ginny, her thoughts soon went beyond kissing and she was in the middle of a day dream about making love to him the way she wanted to so much, she was so in love with the boy with the emerald coloured eyes. The daydream was so real she could actually smell him, it was a subtle clean air and fresh mown grass like smell with just a hint of the soap he used, he never used the colognes some of the other boys used, she was glad of that, she thought they were to girly, she liked his clean manly scent.

Something disturbed her day dream, she thought she had felt the bed move; slowly she opened her eyes a little. For a few seconds she thought she was in another dream, Harry was sitting next to her on the bed, but he was like one of the Hogwarts ghosts, pale and she could see right through him, but then he looked as if he were getting more and more opaque and he was looking at her in a way she had never seen him look at anyone before, not even the prettiest of the girls got that look from him.

She watched fascinated as he looked down at her, his eyes were full of what she thought might well be lust, she watched as his eyes slowly seemed to be devouring the sight of her, his eyes travelled slowly the full length of her body right down to her feet, and then reversing and slowly his eyes made their way back up her body, stopping at her breast for a short while before he looked into her eyes with a look in his eyes she did recognise, mixed in with the lust she could see love and desire.

'Harry is looking at me with love and lust in his eyes this has to be the best dream I ever had' she thought just before she realised that he was now solid and real. Hermione's eyes went wide as she knew this was the real thing, Harry was really sitting on her bed. He had some how materialised right in front of her eyes.

"HARRY! What on earth are you doing here?" she managed to gasp out.

"Apart from looking at the most beautiful sight I ever saw, I have no bloody idea," Harry replied breathily, his eyes still wandering along the full length of her body.

"Harry language, and Harry I'm up here," she said as he stared at her almost fully uncovered breast.

Hermione looked where he was looking and snatched the sheet and pulled it up, as she turned back to him she saw the reaction his body had to seeing her under the thin sheet.

"Harry my eyes are not down there," she said as she stared at the huge lump in his jeans.

Harry coughed and then gave a little chuckle "Hermione, hello Hermione my eyes are higher up too." He suddenly turned slightly white and began to sweat a little as a thought drifted through his foggy mind.

"Are your mum and dad at home, how will I explain this, I know I didn't apparate, I was just sitting thinking of a dream I had then there you were," he said in a panic.

"I think Mum and dad have gone to work, Harry, would you mind waiting outside in the hall while I get dressed then maybe we can figure this out?" she asked looking across to the door. She could not help the smile that almost split her face; Harry just said he dreamt about her, Harry Potter had dreams about her, and she affected him in 'that way'.

Harry quickly turned his gaze from her chest that now stood out even more as there were two extra smaller lumps standing up from her breast. Hermione turned red as he saw her reaction to him, her nipples had swollen and hardened when she looked at the large bulge in his jeans and they were still pointing up below the sheet quite proudly. He had just reached the door and as he turned the handle there came a small scream from down stairs, followed seconds later by the pounding of feet on the stairs. Harry found himself standing behind the bedroom door as it was thrown open by someone who entered the room almost running, it was only due to the fact that the door hit his foot first that stopped him from getting hit in the face. As it was the force of the opening door was enough to make him hop about and clutch at his suddenly painful bare foot.

Helen Granger almost ran across the bed room and shoved a parchment in front Hermione's shocked face. "What is the meaning of this?"

Hermione thought she was already having an odd day, that is until she read the letter her mother was shoving in her face. Taking the letter from her mother she carefully sat up making sure that the bed sheet kept her covered. Hermione wasn't sure whether she should laugh, cry, yell and shout yeah, or groan, she knew Harry was going to hit the roof when he saw it, after all he was going out with Ginny Weasley, and she herself was supposed to be dating Ron, although he had yet to offer to take her anywhere beyond his mums kitchen, and he thought that kissing at the kitchen table should be enough to make a girl happy. She was not really looking forward to their first date.

Hermione read the letter again slower just to make sure she had not made a mistake, even though she knew she had not.

Mr Harry James and Mrs Hermione Jane Potter.

It is my pleasant duty to inform you that your promissory betrothal, dated

Thurs 19th Dec 1991, was magically authorised and finalised this day

Wednesday, July 31st 1997 at 00.01 hrs GMT.

May we in the betrothal and marriages office be the first to congratulate you

on your marriage Mr and Mrs Potter. We are pleased wish you both a long, successful and happy marriage.

Gloria Stainfast.

Senior registrar for marriages.

Betrothal and Marriage Dept UK.

Births Deaths and Marriages registrar

Ministry of Magic UK.

Just as Hermione finished reading the short letter she held, a large brown and white coloured owl flew into the room through the open door. It circled the room slowly and gracefully before landing on Harry's shoulder and holding out its leg to him. Harry removed the attached letter noticing it had the official seal of the minister of magic. Wondering what the minister was after this time Harry opened the letter watched by a shocked Helen and a speechless Hermione Granger.

Dear Mr Potter congratulations on your marriage to Miss Granger. I hope you and the new Mrs Potter will be happy together. I am also pleased that your marriage will have a huge uplifting effect on the moral of the wizarding world.

Now that you have a wife to support can I suggest that we meet to discuss a

Press meeting to announce your happy event officially. Know that we at the ministry will offer you our full support in your new life and in your chosen career. Once again congratulations Mr Potter please offer my congratulations to your new wife.

Rufus Scrimgeour Minister of Magic.

Harry stood open mouthed staring at Hermione the almost naked girl in the bed just a few short steps away, who just moments ago had raised his blood pressure with out doing a thing, she was apparently now his wife. He wondered what Ginny would say, he then wondered what Ron would do, his fiery best friend was always just a breath away from anger and being jealous of Harry for even the most stupid of reasons. Harry not knowing what to do limped across the room and handed a stunned Mrs Granger the letter from the minister.

Looking again at Hermione Harry could not help the feeling of happiness that began to build in him, by the time Mrs Granger had read the letter and handed it to Hermione, Harry did not care what Ginny would say, or what Ron would do because he realised he was just about as happy as he could ever imagine being, he was married to the beautiful girl in front of him.

It was a rather large leap for Harry's clueless male brain to make but he suddenly knew why he had been so happy this morning after dreaming of Hermione, he now knew why she seemed to be so perfect in his eyes.

All the thoughts and day dreams about her and the happiness that made him actually sing whilst still at the Dursleys earlier all came together and lit up a small light in his brain. He was in love with Hermione, he realised he must have been in love with her for quite some time because he always compared all the women he met to Hermione, even Ginny, he only went out with Ginny because every one expected him to.

Hermione asked her mother if she could just give her a few minutes alone with Harry, a rather reluctant Helen Granger offered to go down stairs and make a pot of tea. Harry accompanied her to the hallway, where he stood to wait for Hermione to get dressed.

"Harry James Potter, you come back in here this instant," Hermione shouted as he started to close the door.

Harry shuddered a little before he stepped back into the room, Hermione had her no nonsense ready to kill and take no prisoners tone in her voice.

'this is bad' he thought as he walked slowly to what he felt sure was to be his demise at the hand of Hermione. Reaching the bed he closed his eyes as he awaited the explosion that would surely come.

"What is the meaning of this?" Hermione said in her best professor McGonagall voice as she pushed the letter she had received into his hand.

Harry opened his eyes to look at the letter only for his mouth to drop open, his blood all rushed down hill, and his brain shut down. Hermione was sitting up in the bed with a stern expression on her face, but it was not her face he was looking at, in her present mood Hermione had let go of the sheet she had used to cover herself, Harry could see almost all of her naked torso from the top of her head right down to the never seen by any male neatly trimmed dark hair that led down to the top of the sheet now gathered in her lap.

"Well?" she asked looking up at him.

"I… I… I… I… er… er." Harry gulped and suddenly hoped she did not see the huge evidence of how she affected him, even though he knew it was obvious to anyone in the room, after what seemed like a year and severely blush burnt cheeks Harry managed to turn away from the delectable sight in front of him.

"Oh!" he heard her say as he dragged his gaze slowly to the door, he prayed that Mrs Granger did not come back for quite a time.

Taking a deep breath he began to read the letter, he had no idea what it meant when he read about the year 1991. "Hermione I have no idea what has happened," he declared turning to face her again.

Harry managed to sit on the bed as he handed her the letter back, "Well I suppose you will want to get it annulled or get a divorce or some thing," he said rather sadly.

Hermione had been able to read Harry like reading an open book almost since the day they met, and something in his voice told her that the idea of getting divorced or having the marriage annulled was not something he was happy about, could it be that he was happy to be her husband, was it possible that all her deepest wishes could come true, she suddenly remembered the look in his eyes when she had first realised he was actually sitting on her bed, she had thought it might well have been love she had seen in amongst the teenage lust.

"We cant do any of those things Harry, a magical wizard marriage is for life, if magically married people fall out of love and no longer wish to be together the best they can do is to live apart," she told him truthfully, she did not bother to mention that being his wife had been her deepest desire since they rescued Sirius in their third year at Hogwarts. Seeing Harry's eyes light up when she told him made Hermione's heart to skip a beat and then flutter.

"I suppose that means we would have to buy separate houses and we could never marry anyone else," Harry said giving her the last way out if she did not want to be Mrs Harry Potter.

When she hesitated in answering she could see the deep disappointment wash over his face, and it made her heart race as she realised for sure that he wanted the marriage as much as she did.

"Well…" she said pausing and watching him squirm a little "I don't know how we are going to tell Ron and Ginny that we got married."

"Does that mean what I think it means?" Harry asked a smile slowly growing on his face.

"Well I don't know what you think it means, but this Mrs Potter definitely thinks it means you should buy me a wedding ring, and as we seem to have been engaged since the day in 1991 when you promised you were going to marry me, I think I should also get an engagement ring," Hermione said smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Harry shaking like a leaf in the wind, leant forward and gently placed his lips on hers, his world exploded into wondrous happiness accompanied by flashing stars and fire works as she closed her eyes and kissed him back, they quickly deepened the kiss as it became a kiss of mutual passion, and neither of them were able to think as their marriage bond grew stronger.

It was just a few minutes later when Harry and Hermione, both with slightly swollen lips, and flushed cheeks made their way down stairs to the kitchen.

Helen Granger sat nervously tapping her fingers on the breakfast bar, she could not figure out why Hermione had not told her about getting married, she wondered if her new son in law could support a wife, she was also confused about the time of the marriage, who gets married at midnight she asked her self.

Hermione led a rather sheepish barefooted Harry into the kitchen and together they sat down next to Helen. Before Hermione could speak Helen began. "How, where, why, why weren't your father and I invited, how did you get out of the house at that time of night without us noticing?" she asked in a rush.

Hermione tried to explain what they thought had happened, that during their first year at Hogwarts they had some how managed to turn a childish declaration about getting married into a binding magical contract, she also explained that there was no way out of it as magically married people can't divorce. She went on to explain that even though it was a total surprise to both of them they intended to stay together as man and wife.

"After all we have been together almost every day for the past six years, and we are both in love," Hermione concluded reaching over to pour two mugs of tea. Harry's with just a touch of milk and no sugar.

"But it was only yesterday that you were complaining just how bad a boy friend your boyfriend was," Helen noted.

"Well I wasn't talking about Harry, Harry has always been kind and caring," Hermione replied.

"NOT Harry?" Helen almost screamed "are you telling me you went out and married Harry even though you have a boyfriend?" Helen asked shocked at her daughter.

"It wasn't like that Mrs Granger, the marriage was completed by a magical contract being finalised, in fact the first thing I knew about it was just after I some how appeared in Hermione's room. I mean I was just sitting on my bed waiting for my friends to pick me up, I was thinking about a dream I had about the day we promised to get married when we were both old enough. I haven't even got my shoes on, anyway as I said I was just sitting there in my room one second and the next I just sort of appeared in Hermione's room. I think I arrived when Hermione woke up. We haven't had a wedding or anything like that, in fact I was sort of hoping you might be able to arrange a wedding for us, Hermione deserves her big day, just like all the other girls…" Harry had to stop there when another owl arrived.

Taking the letter from the owl Harry began to read.

Mr H. J. Potter.

Sir today being your seventeenth birthday thus bestowing on you adult status in the wizarding world, your presence is required at Gringotts at your earliest convenience.

Order of business will be the finalising of Sirius Blacks will, roughly estimated at 37 million galleons, figures and properties to be verified at the above mentioned meeting, followed by the completion of your parents will and the hand over of the Potter estate, estimated value 126 million galleons.

Actual figures and holdings plus files will be handed to you by your account manager Mr Griphook, any other business will be handled at this meeting.

We look forward to an early completion.


Head of Testaments, Wills, and Estates office

London branch.

Gringotts wizarding bank.

Harry stared at the letter for a while before handing the letter over for Hermione and Helen to read.

"Harry I never knew you were so rich," Hermione gasped.

"I never knew myself," Harry replied still in somewhat of a daze.

"And here I am wondering if he can support a wife," Helen said as she finished reading the letter.

The three of them sat in total silence for quite some time before Harry finally spoke.

"We should go to Gringotts, Mrs Granger do you think Mr Granger might take some time off from work today, I would like you all to come with me to Gringotts, I have never had any dealings with the bank other than to collect some cash from my trust fund in my first year, I would like some one there who could maybe advise Hermione and me?"

Helen Granger sat and stared at her new son in law, she was still having trouble accepting it all, the young man sitting opposite her was almost a billionaire and he was asking her to help him, he wanted her to arrange a proper wedding and he seemed so unassuming, she realised then why her daughter was in love with him, she her self even after such a short time was beginning to like him quite a lot.

"I think you are going to have to stop calling me Mrs Granger now that we are family Harry, you should call me mum I think. I'll phone Richard and get him to come home, we have provisions in place for family crisis, and telling Richard his little princess is married certainly comes under the heading of a crisis," Helen said as she rose and reached for the phone. Helen dialled the office number and after a short pause she had a few words with their receptionist, another short pause and then she began to speak to her husband.

"Hello Richard love, could you hand things over to young Roger and come home."

"No dear nothing like that, no love nobody is hurt."

"No we just need you to come home to meet your son in law."

Helen stood waiting, listening to the now silent phone, suddenly she held the phone away from her ear and both Harry and Hermione, who were still sitting drinking their tea, could hear Richard shouting down the phone.

Helen put the phone back to her ear as it fell silent once again.

"Richard dear do you think you could calm down enough to come home, we need to go to Diagon Alley with Hermione and Harry."

"No dear she has not married the red haired thicko."

"Yes dear I'm quite sure about that, Harry is definitely not the dumb red head you met at Kings Cross."

"Bye dear, see you shortly." Helen placed the phone back in its cradle and smiled at the two teens.

"If you were to ask me, I don't think your father likes that Ron boy," Helen said grinning at Hermione.

Having listened to the one sided conversation Harry suddenly became more nervous than he had ever been before, he was going to be meeting Hermione's dad, and like all young men he was terrified he would not be accepted as good enough for Hermione.

Hermione knew what was going through Harry's mind; she smiled at him and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "Thanks for asking mum to arrange a wedding, it was a rather smart move, I must be rubbing off on you finally."

Harry felt his nervousness settle a little and he chuckled at Hermione's comment. He could do this; with her by his side he had been able to do quite a few impossible things. With her by his side he had stared death in the face and survived, meeting her father can't be as bad as meeting Voldemort, at least that was what he tried to convince himself.

Richard Granger arrived home 45 minutes after the phone call telling him his only child was married and he had known nothing about it, Harry's nervousness returned ten fold when he saw Richard duck his head under the door frame to enter the kitchen, he made Ron and the rest of the Weasley's seem short.

Standing just shy of six foot six and built like a muscular athlete Richard Granger knew he could make most men wary; he stared down at the stranger in his kitchen, his anger at the young man only tempered by the presence of his wife and child.

"So who is going to explain to me why my little girl went off and got her self married with out telling me?" he asked watching the young man in front of him carefully.

Harry placed his shaking hands behind him a little, and then concentrated on trying to stop his right leg from shaking. Standing up he took a hesitant step toward the big man in front of him then held out his hand.

"Good morning sir, I'm Harry, Harry Potter, Hermione and I both attend the same school," Harry said noticing his hand was still shaking.

"Harry Potter eh, well Harry Potter I can't say I am happy about what you did, but at least Hermione had the sense to marry the guy she's been in love with for years," Richard said as he took Harry's hand, burying it in his own as they shook hands.

Hermione looked shocked; she wondered how her dad knew she had been in love with Harry for years. Helen smiled, she didn't think that Richard had picked up on Hermione's love for Harry, but like her he must have seen it in Hermione's many letters. Each letter she had written home was all about what she and Harry did, even when they had their small arguments she had always added some thing nice about Harry. Even the letter telling them about her dating Ron Weasley contained just a short piece about Ron, the rest was all about Harry and his girl friend, and a fierce jealousy of the other girl came through in almost every word in the letter.

As soon as Richard stopped crushing Harry's hand and let him go Hermione gave him a hug, like all loving fathers he returned the hug and then gently held Hermione at arms length, his large hands resting gently on her shoulders.

"So sweetheart, are you going to tell me what's going on?" Richard asked in his usual kindly voice. Some thing about Harry had found a soft spot in Richard and the huge man found himself calmed a little.

Hermione explained what had happened and what their options were, "We decided we want to stay together dad, we have been best friends for six years, and we both love each other, I think we always have."

Richard nodded his head in understanding, he wasn't happy about everything in the world his daughter belonged to, but he was pleased that the young man who was now his son in law had the conviction and love to stay and not run for the hills as most teenagers would. Harry coughed and took a deep breath, when Richard looked over at him he handed the letter from Gringotts to him. Richard read the letter letting out a long phew! when he saw what his new family member was worth.

"I was hoping that you and Mrs… er, mum would come with us, maybe advise us, make sure I don't miss something, I would normally trust Hermione to help me with some thing like this but it would be nice to have two adults help us with our money and stuff," Harry said as he sat back down.

"Harry you said our money, I take it that means you and Hermione?" Richard asked.

"Yes sir, she's my wife now, and that means all I have belongs to her as well," Harry replied smiling at Hermione.

Richard smiled "Right answer Harry, welcome to the family," he said as he placed a huge hand on Harry's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Harry wondered how such a large man could be so gentle, the only other large man he had met had a habit of patting him on the back and knocking him over, but then Hagrid had to be over ten feet tall.

On the journey to Gringotts Harry and Hermione explained about the war that was being waged in the wizard world.

Hermione explained about Harry's part in the war, and about his fame in their world, she told them every thing that she had held back from them since the day of the troll attack. She had never intended them to know about the danger she had been in being Harry's best friend, but now she was his wife and that put her probably number two on Voldemort's 'to kill' list.

Once Richard had heard all about their adventures and the horrors Harry had been through, he found himself unhappy about the danger his little girl was in, but he felt a grudging admiration for the young man with them and he offered to help them any way he could. Helen was shocked that Harry had saved Hermione from a twelve foot troll, and all the other things the young man had been through, having to face an egotistical maniac murderer five times in his short life, she could tell by the way Hermione had to tell them about his exploits, and the way he tried to make out his successes were all down to luck and having the best friends anyone could want, Harry Potter just wanted to be Harry a normal teenage boy, he even made a comment about not even being normal enough to ask the girl he loved if she would marry him.

Hermione had chuckled at that comment and said he should be happy he had not had to go through all the trouble of over coming the nerves that men had when they wanted to ask a girl out, and then he had gotten out of the trouble of working up the courage to ask her to marry him. Harry smiled at her words; maybe he had been just a little lucky in that area of his life.

Entering Gringotts and asking to see Mr Griphook Harry asked if his family could accompany him to the meeting.

"We at Gringotts were led to believe that you had no family Mr Potter," the Goblin Harry was talking to said sounding suspicious.

"I was married this morning," Harry explained and introduced his new family "this is my wife Hermione, and these are her parents Richard and Helen."

The Goblin bowed to Hermione "Welcome to Gringotts Lady Gryffindor. If you would all follow me please."

The Goblin led them to a rather elegant office and asked them to take a seat and wait while he informed Griphook of their arrival; he waited till they were all seated before he exited the room. Three faces turned to Harry in unison and they all said at the same time "Lady Gryffindor?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders "Don't ask me, I only read the same letters you did, so I'm no wiser about any of this than you."

Griphook entered the room just a few seconds later, "Ah Mr Potter, welcome to Gringotts, it is nice to see you again," he said as he held out his long fingered bony hand. Harry shook Griphook's hand and bowed a little as he did so, remembering from one of his lessons that it was a Goblin custom. Griphook in turn bowed to Harry and then asked them all to sit. "First Mr Potter might I verify your identity, we would not want any imposters to obtain access to your files now would we, just a small drop of blood will suffice."

Harry took the small dagger that he was offered and closing his eyes he jabbed the point at his thumb. Opening his eyes and looking at Griphook, Harry looked a little sheepish, perhaps he was not as brave as everyone thought he was, sticking a sharp knife in him self wasn't as easy as some might think.

Griphook took a firm grip of Harry's hand and placed his thumb into a small hollow on top of what looked like a solid rock. Just a few seconds later the blood soaked into the rock and the rock changed colour from grey to gold.

As Harry pulled his hand back from the rock, Hermione pulled out her wand and with a quick wave and a whispered spell she healed the small cut to his thumb.

Helen and Richard stared in amazement at Hermione; they had never been allowed to see any of the things she was learning at Hogwarts.

"So which title would you prefer Mr Potter?" Griphook asked satisfied with his identity.

"Title?" Harry questioned "I don't quite understand."

"Well lets see, you come into four titles on reaching full wizard status as you did this morning, you have the house of Black which gives you a knight hood, so you would be sir Harry Potter Black, you also have the Potter title of Lord Potter then you have the Ravenclaw title Lord Ravenclaw, and the title bestowed by your ancestor Lord Gryffindor," Griphook said reading from a small parchment.

"What are the titles for?" Hermione asked as always wanting as many details as possible.

"Well the Black title is a Knighthood, the Potter and Ravenclaw titles are both of a baron, and the Gryffindor title is an earl, normally you would be addressed with the more senior title," Griphook explained.

"So we will be formally addressed as Lord and Lady Gryffindor?" Hermione asked.

"That is correct," Griphook replied smiling as he looked first at Hermione then at Harry.

On Hermione's face Griphook could see wisdom and curiosity, on Harry he could just see a look of confusion which made him smile, the wizards he usually met would have been standing there with their nose stuck in the air and trying to look dignified while strutting about the room.

"Can't I just simply be Harry," Harry said to no one in particular.

Hermione rolled her eyes, 'trust Harry' she thought as she looked at him, he had not got a single cell of greed or conceit in his body and she felt so proud of him.

Griphook having handed Harry the four family rings that all blended into one leaving only the more senior Gryffindor ring showing, began to read out all of the things bequeathed to Harry, he was far richer than they had thought, as he owned more businesses and properties than they could remember, one business that did lodge in Harry's mind was the Daily Prophet, he owned 97 percent of the paper that had continually been trouble for him. When Griphook was finished reading the large file he had, he asked Harry to sign several documents. As Harry signed the last document the Gryffindor emblem appeared on the top pocket of the jacket he wore. Seconds later Hermione's name appeared next to Harry's on all the files.

"Ah Mrs Potter, congratulations on your bonding, I hope you have a long and fruitful life, and now that that is out of the way, could I impose upon you for a sample of your blood to add to the Potter account," Griphook asked.

Once more he pulled out the small dagger and handed it to Hermione, she pierced her thumb and allowed Griphook to place her thumb on the same stone he had placed Harry's. A minute later Griphook opened a small compartment at the base of the stone and removed two vault keys, he handed one to Harry and the other one he handed to Hermione. Harry made arrangements with Griphook to have the best possible wards placed around the Granger property, wards that were equal to those of the bank. He also arranged for Hermione and himself to have two credit cards that could be used out in the muggle world.

"And that concludes our business for today My Lord," Griphook said as he stood and offered his hand to Harry.

"Just call me Harry please Griphook, especially when we are alone or with family, I'm not to comfortable with being called my Lord," Harry said as he shook hands.

"Ok Harry it is," Griphook replied.

Harry and Hermione were followed out of the bank by two slightly shocked parents, they had never expected their daughter to become a lady, which was a shock in itself, but to hear Harry complain about being a Lord really surprised and shocked them; it was not some thing they would have expected of any young man.