Disclaimer, If I was J.K. Rowling then I would have Dropped Ron from the story, in the real world jealous, angry, greedy, people like Ron don't do well finding and becoming friends of people like Harry and Hermione.


Marriage Contract.


Part 12.

Plans were drawn up by Harry and the others to use muggle weapons on the death eaters in the old army camp, simply because the only part of their fighting force that would be able to get close enough to the camp site to use their magic were the two flying warriors Hermione and Tonks. It did not take an Einstein to figure out that the two women could not take on the bulk of Voldemort's forces themselves.

Harry and all his little army split into pairs and spread out around the edges of Voldemort's hide away. The elves along with some Goblin help placed anti portkey and anti disapparation wards around the entire area of the camp, while Harry, Hermione, Tonks, and Remus placed muggle repelling charms all around the outer area. The last thing they wanted was for any local muggles to turn up and get killed or be held as hostages.

As what Harry hoped was the final battle got underway when he launched a grenade into the nearest guard post he thought of Hermione, pregnant yet still refusing to leave him and was standing by his side, and he prayed that this was not the last day break they would see together.

It was not many minutes before the death eaters knew they did not stand a chance of surviving, they had no idea who or how many people were surrounding them or what weapons they were using that caused such devastating explosions to tear through their ranks killing many and injuring dozens at a time. They could not see their attackers and they could not get close enough to use their wands. Five minutes after the muggle explosives began to annihilate their defences, death eaters through out the camp began to throw down their wands and hold their hands up in surrender.

In the centre of the camp an enraged Voldemort lost his grip on himself and his tenuous grip on reality snapped, he began to cast killing curses at everyone he could see. The battle at the centre then took a strange twist as the death eaters Voldemort was screaming at to kill Potter while sending killing curses at them turned on him and began what for them was a battle for survival against their now apparently insane leader.

When Harry and his small band moved into the camp, stunning and binding every death eater that had surrendered just to be sure they could not change their minds, they could hear a fierce battle still being waged some where toward the centre parade ground. When they arrived on the outer edge of the parade ground they came across the odd scene of Voldemort pinned down in a wash house, the only concrete building in the old war department camp. Around thirty death eaters were firing just about every spell they could as they tried to rid them selves of the mad man that was screaming crazy orders at them.

Harry stood with his close family and watched the battle from the safety of the huts that surrounded the parade ground. Slowly the death eaters began to cause so much damage to the wash house that it collapsed on top of the mad man inside. As they watched their former lord and master disappear in a cloud of dust the remaining death eaters let out a collective sigh of relief. They all spun around when the clear voice of Harry Potter called on them to surrender. To make the point of the futility of fighting on, Remus threw a grenade over to the far side of the wash house where it exploded with a deafening sound.

The death eaters led by the remains of Voldemort's inner circle began to drop their wands and reached their hands high above their heads. It seemed the war was over at last until they noticed the rubble of the wash house begin to move.

As every one but Harry was moved back away from the pile of concrete and dust that had been the main wash house, Voldemort foaming at the mouth and looking like some kind of demented monster from a 1950's horror movie pulled him self to his feet. On seeing Harry standing in front of him Voldemort tried to use wandless spells to kill his hated enemy. When that failed the demented Tom Riddle dropped to his hands and knees and scrabbled around in the rubble in search of his wand. Tom did not seem to notice that his wand was broken as he pointed it at Harry while Harry stood watching though ready to move instantly if he had too.

The huge flash of light and the roar of thunderous noise that accompanied Voldemort's scream of "CRUCIO," surprised everyone, when they had all stopped blinking to clear their eyes from the spots that were imprinted on their retinas for a short time, they looked to see Voldemort staring at the stumps of what had moments before been his hands. Both arms were blown off just below the elbow. Harry watched his nemesis as he tried to use the damaged wand and he knew what would happen; he had seen it before in an eerily similar move made by Lockhart.

Slowly Harry raised his wand and with a silent spell he hit Voldemort with a stunner and then he bound the injured dark lord in chains and sealed his wounds so there could never be any possibility for him to have hands like the one Wormtail had had. Of Voldemort's army of over four hundred and fifty marked death eaters only seventy survived the battle or the journey to the hospital. All of them were sentenced to death and sent through the veil of death.

With the power of the people behind him Harry made sure that Voldemort was sentenced to death by the Wizengamot. Voldemort was sentenced to be hanged publically in Diagon Alley, the first public hanging in more than two hundred years. An armless Tom Riddle, known to the wizarding world as Lord Voldemort, was rather barbarically hung outside the ministry with the knowledge that his insurance policies had all been cashed in when Harry described the destruction of each horcrux in detail. Voldemort went to the hastily made gallows struggling with his escort whilst screaming for mercy, mercy that no one was willing to give to the evil wizard who had caused so much death and destruction. Voldemort died hated and alone, left to hang around for more than a week as a warning to any one who thought of being the next dark lord.

Less than two month after what Harry, Hermione and the vast majority of the worlds wizarding population thought was the end of the war. Harry began to receive hundreds of letters, not from fans or people thanking him, but from muggle born people who were begging for his help.

He got quite a surprise when he received a letter and a cutting from the daily prophet from Rita Skeeter among the pleas for help. The cutting was from the little read part of the paper that was devoted to muggle sports. Hidden between two stories about muggle basket ball results was notification of a law the Wizengamot had passed a few days earlier. The law called the Pureblood marriage law, made it a crime punishable by a ten year term in Azkaban for any muggle born male to marry a pureblood, it also made it a crime for a muggle born to claim or receive anything bequeathed in a pureblood's will. Rita had ringed it in red, her comment 'The war goes on' caused Harry and Hermione call a meeting of all those who had fought with them against the death eaters.

It seemed the war had changed nothing, purebloods were still lording it over the rest of wizarding Britain, but the purebloods were in for a nasty surprise when Harry, Ragnok, Kronos, Mangorian and several other beings declared war on the pureblood dominated ministry of magic in a letter to the prophet.

We the down trodden sentient people's of Britain call upon all pureblood members and workers of the ministry to resign their posts on or before the first of next month lest we declare war up on you. To the corrupt and evil members of the Wizengamot, we the sentient beings give you just two weeks to take what clothes and possessions you can carry and leave the country or suffer for your evil ways. Muggle borns and other sentient beings will no longer bow to the pureblood evil that pervades this society. We openly declare war on all pureblood bigotry. I Harry James Potter call on all Muggle born and those of the old families who do not support the supremacist belief to stand and fight for equality for all sentient magical beings. Stand with us who rid the world of Voldemort, or stand against us, make your choice for there will be no middle ground.

Harry. J. Potter.

It seemed it was going to be a longer struggle to rid their world of Voldemort's ideology, it was going to take more than simply getting rid of the leaders of the dark forces. Harry now knew that with the power of the people behind him he had to continue the fight for freedom for all in the magical world. Replacing the corruption in the government was going to be a long hard fight which both he and Hermione were determined to win.