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I've wanted to write a Naruto/Marvel crossover since EVER. At first, I tried with a Gambit!Naruto story, but it didn't come out as I wanted. So, I dropped it. A lots of ideas came in my mind, till I realized that making Naruto imprint on Marvel heroes wasn't what I was looking for. So, I decided, let's just bring the normal Naruto in a new environment. Then, I had to decide which series would be more appropriate for our blonde ninja. The choice fell on the X-Men continuity. So… Enjoy!


Seal. One word. Sealing. One action. In a normal vocabulary, you find various typical definitions: Something which will be visibly damaged if a covering or container is opened, and which may or may not bear an official design. Something designed to prevent liquids or gases from leaking through a joint. Security against leakage. And, of course, pinniped large marine fish-eating mammal.

In this case, what we should focus on is the first and second definition. Security against leakage that will be visibly damaged if a covering or container is opened. In this case, our seal is sustaining heavy damage. Almost half of what it contains is coming out.

Now, in case a seal fails to do his work, it's always better to have a back-up plan. And that is the case of this seal. The person who developed the seal thought that it would be nice to have a back-up plan in case someone ever found a way to break it or in case it broke on its own. After a bit of thinking, he decided that he would use the very seal as a back-up plan.

"Grrrr…" Everyone who had just witnessed it couldn't believe their eyes. Orochimaru had just stabbed and then slammed Naruto in a mountain with his Kusanagi… And yet, the creature that he had now become wasn't even scratched. The attack hadn't even grazed him.

"…" Yamato could see the worry on Orochimaru's face. And Yamato was as worried, if not more. If Jiraiya-sama had almost been killed by Naruto, in that state… He needed to hurry. Time to put the cells of the Shodaime to good use… Before it got worse. After all… Those were just four tails. And he could sense the amount of chakra slowly going up.

And if to confirm his worries, the chakra of the kyuubified Naruto started to flare. He emitted a loud roar that would have been the envy of every lyric singer. That is, if lyric singers were undercover agents with the mission of ruining their audience's hearing. And for anyone near the boy enveloped in chakra, the sight of a forming fifth tail was evident.

That was it. The trigger. When the Yondaime had developed the seal, he had put into it the back-up plan. The very seal was the back-up plan. Or better, what it held. The seal held not only the Kyuubi inside Naruto's belly, but it kept on hold another thing. A jutsu. Another jutsu he had developed. Something that he had developed while studying the summoning jutsu and his own original jutsu, the Hiraishin.

The problem was, it was virtually useless. No human in the world had enough chakra to make the jutsu work. He had archived it long time before… But it came to him in mind right after developing the seal. He decided that it would be his back-up plan. It took him a hell of work, but he had managed to insert the technique into the seal. And that was why it had to be him, not his predecessor. He was the only one who knew how to do that. To put a technique inside another technique. That was something that no one knew. A secret he had brought with him in the grave.

He had made so that the technique would activate when the seals, breaking, would leak out enough chakra. A perfect back up plan. Not only it would activate once he was sure the things would get out of hand, but it would use the same chakra that was generated. And the other flaws had been turned into security measures.

The other flaws of the technique were that, unlike Kuchiyose, the place or in this case the dimension where the target was going to be sent couldn't be controlled with precision. The most he had managed to do had been 'as far as possible'. And the second but last flaw was the area of effect. It couldn't be away from the user and it wasn't larger than a couple of meters.

"Rrr… Ngrrr!" When its own chakra got out of his control, the reaction of the creature was surprise. When it changed colour from red to blue and started enveloping it in a cocoon he was downright growling. He growled even more when the cocoon suddenly crashed into the ground just below his feet.

"What…" The other ninjas around were as surprised as the Naruto thing, it seemed. And the seeming still cocoon of chakra suddenly started moving in another way. It started to rotate around Naruto, cutting into his own tails of chakra and grinding into the ground, earning even more growls from the monster. It tried to slash at the barrier currently imprisoning him, but to no avail.

"Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!" And even more suddenly the movement changed again. Always rotating at max speed, the cocoon started to shrink, quickly, along with its angry content. In a few seconds, the cocoon shrunk as little as possible and then disappeared, leaving behind just a little crater instead of a rampaging Kyuubi in miniature.

"…" In Yamato's mind, in a couple of seconds, passed a lot of questions. The louder one was… "How am I going to explain this to Tsunade-sama?" Orochimaru silently laughed at the poor fool's misfortune.

"Fucking stupid work, fucking stupid beasts in need of being guarded…"

"Come on, man. It's a quiet and well paid job."

"That's exactly the problem, fucker." The man lit up a cigarette. Good thing the 'freaking mecha', like his son called them had an efficient air venting system. So, at least he could smoke. But it still was damn tiring. Standing inside a three-stores robot keeping guards to those fucking beasts. He didn't even use the word mutants, or muties. Just beasts. He still didn't understand why he had been given that assignment, if they knew how he felt about them. Weren't they afraid that he could just take control of the robot and stomp on the school in their sleep?

And he still didn't understand why he kept on asking himself the same question. He damn right knew why. It was because he was a fucking pro. Professional to the bones. No matter what on his mind, he would keep to his assignment. But he still didn't like how boring it was. "I mean, it's just… I wanted a bit more action when I started this job."

"Like, more than guarding them, you would have liked to fight them."

"Yeah… You know, sometimes I hope one of those idiots just suddenly freaks out and… Woah!" He got startled, alright. But hell, who wouldn't be when something fell on top of your 'freaking mecha' hard enough to shake it. But liked he had said, he was a professional. He turned on all the sensors of the robot and looked on the various monitors. The front one. Nothing.

"Julius, your right arm. It landed on your right arm… What the hell is that thing?"

"The right…" Julius made the 'eyes' of the robot turn to the location suggested by his coworker… And he had the same definition. "The hell?"

It wasn't a mutant, otherwise the sensors would have told him… Scratch that. They said 'No reading'. From eyes… It was a smoking black thing… Reddish black. But his eyes and the inside of his… Maw were… Shining white? "What the fuck is that thing?"

It was currently smoking, holding onto the Sentinel's arm with his claws, his three tails swinging wildly behind him… Then, slowly, it raised his head to look at the sentinel's face.

"… Mutant! Or whatever you are! Stand down!" He turned on the 'speakers' of the Sentinel to a high enough volume to have woken up most of the people in the school. Well, if they hadn't been woken up by the lights they had turned on right after the thing had fallen on his arm. It didn't listen. Or it didn't understand. It didn't matter much. What mattered was that he just stared at the sentinel's blankly, as blank a demonic face could look like… Before jumping towards it. "What the… …" Now it was Julius' time to blank, since the strange red thing had raised a paw above his head, ready for a strike… But he really didn't expect for said appendage to suddenly get as big as the arm of his own robot. "Oh, sh--"

When the paw slammed into the robot with such force to the point of making it lose balance fall on his back, he started to curse his son's stupid Japanese cartoons and when he had thought how could it would have been fighting monsters aboard his own mecha, since he had one.

"Can't get one decent night of sleep…" Cyclops wasn't one for sarcasm, but sometimes it was needed. When it helped him focus and shake away things like drowsiness. He didn't waste time changing out of his pyjamas. Emma was forced to. Didn't want some students to faint on the spot.

A sentinel suddenly turning on his light and shouting a sentence like 'Mutant! Or whatever you are! Stand down!' and then an earthquake very likely caused by the fall of that same sentinel wasn't a good sign at all. Especially when the sentinels were supposed to protect them or prevent them from going out of the mansion. So, either someone of the 198 had decided to be stupid, or they were under attack.

"Bobby, with me. Hank, the students and the 198."

"Alright, I can understand recognizing Hank by the smell, but how did you understand it was me without…"

"Bobby, I suggest we discuss later about Scott's wide vision and how I should make you think over your last words about my body odours." The blue feline mutant used his abilities to jump over his two companions and proceed in the directions he wanted to head towards.

"Sheesh… Never time to joke." Bobby began to walk beside Scott while taking his ice form. "I still can't do it like Spider-Man, I suppose…"

"That's because our common friend seems to know instinctively the right time for them, Bobby."

"That, and he can dodge bullets, unlike you."

"Well, why dodge them when you can block them, Kitty." The enormous Russian hurried in front of his companions and opened the main doors of the academy. The others followed him outside almost immediately. Bobby voiced the general reaction in his own way.

"That is so not a paw. No way." Indeed it was. It seemed that whatever had attacked them could get his limbs to grow in size. First time he had seen a Sentinel being palmed under the chin by a giant red paw.

"… Where's Bishop? I don't think that thing is made completely out of flesh and blood." Scott adjusted his glasses.

"He went out for the night, Scott." The white queen approached her lover and the other X-Men, who however just kept their focus on whatever was happening in front of them. "… I don't… It's very confusing, Scott. That thing is alive, but… All I can get from him is bloodlust, and a want for destruction… But there's something else, deep down…"

"You need time. We'll give you time." Scott adjusted his glasses one more time, leaving his right hand on it, ready to take them off whenever it was needed. "Let's go, X-Men."

It didn't understand. But it didn't matter. It just wanted to destroy, more and more. While Jiraiya had found out methods to stop it and about his behaviour, he didn't have time to study what went trough the mind of the Kyuubified Naruto. The blonde shinobi didn't get possessed by the Kyuubi or anything like that. It was more like Naruto's mind transformed. He changed from the cheerful shinobi to something else completely under the influence of the Kyuubi. Getting his bloodlust and power without getting his wits and cunningness.

That was why after reappearing in the sky over the X-Mansion and landing on a sentinel, it didn't matter that his surroundings weren't the same anymore. It didn't matter that his enemies were changed. All that mattered was that he could hurt them. That he could rip them apart. Like he was doing right now.

Using his giant claw he had just opened an enormous rip in the sentinel's body, earning colourful expression by its pilot.

"Fuck! Fuck! This damn monster has just clawed trough my armor like it was my grandma's apple-pie! He hit the generator! Losing power! I'm fucking shutting down!"

"Rrrrr…" Kyuubi Naruto stopped for a few seconds, observing his handywork. And he didn't understand why there was not a trace of that red liquid he expected to come out. He growled before raising his paw again. He probably just needed to dig deeper… "Raaaaaaaaagh!" One of its preys had reacted. The other big one. He had hit him with a big blue energy beam, sending him rolling and on the ground beside the other.

"I got him! I got him, Julius!!" Pulsar beam. One of the most powerful weapons on his robot, thought the other pilot. That had had to put him out of commission… He had to think again. Suddenly three tentacles… No, tails. First the claws, now he had made his tails get bigger. The tree appendages had just slammed and pierced trough the stomach, the solar plexus and the head of the sentinel. He had to duck to not get hit himself. "Holy…!"

"Rrrrr…" The creature slowly walked towards the sentinel's feet, observing his handywork. Still no blood… Where was the blood? The red sticky liquid… Maybe if he rip it apart… "Rrrr… Raagh!"

Another beam. This time, though, it was different. This one wasn't azure. This one was red. Similar to the sticky liquid he wanted to see. But this one was more powerful too. The shock of the hit made him turn his tails' size back to normal and sent him flying for a few meters.

"Nice shot, Scott. Now, for some crowd control." Bobby was the next to act. He immediately used his powers to immobilize the creature under ice. He then patted his hands together. "There. That should do it."

"… What… What is this thing?" Kitty voiced everyone's thoughts while observing the creature now trapped under Bobby's ice. She had never seen anything like that… Even staying near it gave her a bad vibe. "A mutant?"

"Niet." Piotr, Peter for no-tovarish friends, kneeled in front of the creature, who wasn't moving as much as before. It was like it was observing the ground near his face. "Otherwise the pilot would have shouted it the first time."

"Contact the ONE. We'll need assistance to apprehend him."

"…" The creature turned his head towards them, startling Bobby a little. It really looked freaky.

"Guys, it's looking at us." He stopped when he realized another thing. "His head made a 180°. That's not normal."

"Nothing about this thing is normal." Emma had reached the others, and she was holding her hands to her head, focusing on using her mental powers. "Since Scott hit him, he has like… Calmed down. I can… It's like there are two minds, in that thing. Merged together to create this."

"You mean… It's like, possessed or something?" Asked Kitty. Emma closed her eyes and nodded slightly.

"…" It was a turmoil. Even in this state of apparent calm, it was a turmoil of emotions. But she managed to separate most of them. "… The blood-lust and want for destruction come from the more overwhelming of the two. The other one… I feel rage, and confusion…"

"…" Scott observed the creature from behind his red glasses, and then sighed. "I hope this isn't some experiment to recreate the Hulk or anything like that…"

"Rrr…" The creature observed the new preys in front of it. Smaller ones, but they hit harder than the big ones… Maybe that was it. The big ones didn't bleed because they hit not as these ones. The little ones hit harder… So, maybe. "Rrrrrrrraaaaaarrrr!"

"What the… Uoah!" Bobby dodged just in time. The first hint had been the 'Crunch' sounds, like something had just slammed into solid ground, followed by another set that signalled his tails exiting the ground. One hit Colossus straight in the chest, but without damaging him. The last one went for Cyclops, but he dodged it with a little jump like Iceman. "Is there anything of his body that this guy can't manipulate?"

"For god's sake, Bobby…" The tails didn't lost time. They turned around and impaled the ice blocking their owner, over and over, till he managed to get free with an angry roar, shard of ice flying everywhere. Then, he immediately threw himself at his new target. The nearest one. Colossus. "Stop with the damn jokes!"


"Graaaaah!" Strange. He threw himself at the shiny man with all his strength but he didn't even bulge. He was clawing at him, but he wasn't hurting him. He couldn't see tears. Or rips. Or scratches under his clothes.

"Tovarish…" Suddenly, he grabbed its hands. And with enormous strength, threw him to the ground. "Sit!"

"Kkkeeeeeeeee!" He couldn't hurt the shiny man. He needed more power. But he needed some time for more power. So, he had to do something else, for the moment. Maybe, if he couldn't hurt him, he could make him hurt others.

"What…!" Before the creature even touched the ground, its tails shot forward and grabbed Colossus, trying to lift him… And emphasis on trying.

"Grrrr!" Too heavy. He couldn't hurt him and he couldn't throw him. He would have to immobilize him. He made his tails get tighter around his neck, arms and legs.

"Nnnngh…" Strong… Or is just these tails that are… He would need a few seconds to get free.

"Kaah!" He shot towards his claws towards the two females, only to watch one turn into another kind of shiny material before he closed it around her, while the other claw passed through the other girl like she hadn't been there.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" But she screamed nonetheless. He emitted a growl of satisfaction while she fell to the ground. But he couldn't focus on them much because he got attacked again by both his sides. The white man was sending again that chilly material that had blocked him before, while the last man was attacking his other side with that red beam.

"You like hitting girls, hn? Sick bastard."

"Kitty! What happened?"

"S-Scott was right, Emma… I mean, it's not… Made of flesh and bones only…" Kitty slowly got back on her feet. "It's like… I mean, what hit me was mostly energy… Harmful energy…"

"Damn you! Why don't you fall to the ground?!" Scott was getting worried too. He was using his eye beam with the same power that had managed to knock their opponent off his feet a few minutes before, and Bobby had already blocked him with his ice, so why now… He was hurting him, but not as before. And Bobby's ice didn't stick.

"S-Scott… I would suggest to use more power…" Peter was getting worried too. The enemy was strong, but not as strong as him… At first. It was like he was slowly getting stronger. To the point that now he was struggling to get free… And maybe… "Our friend is getting stronger as well!"

"Hey! He's growing another tail!" Indeed it was. And even if the transformation hadn't been as flashy as it had been before since he already was in that shape, the effects were. First, a roar that sent his malevolent energy flying everywhere, interrupting Scott's and Bobby's attacks. Then, his fourth tail grabbed Scott.

"Ngh!" And then in a flash, he threw Emma at Bobby and Scott and Colossus at Kitty, stunning them for a few seconds that he needed to hit them with a giant claw, sending them flying away for a few meters. The first to react and get back on his feet was Scott, of course. "Watch out, he could keep on… What is he doing, now?"

Scott observed in horror. He thought it felt a little too solid, that wave of energy. With that outburst, the creature had thrown in the air a big number of… Spheres. Spheres of solid energy, blue and reddish black. That he was now gathering in a bigger black sphere in front of his open mouth.

"… I don't know what it's happening, but I don't like it. Niet." Colossus regained his senses as well, along with the others. Just in time to see the sphere shrink and then the creature… Swallow it?

"Oh, my…" Emma was back in her human form and was scanning the creature's mind… And got shocked. "Scott! He's going to fire that thing at us!"

"He's going to…" Scott observed the creature suddenly becoming wider, and smoke coming out of his mouth. He understood. "Bobby!"

"Understood! Don't hold back!"

"Ahhh!" The leader of the X-Men unleashed his optic beam, and at the same time Iceman unleashed a flow of ice. They timed their attack perfectly. They unleashed it at the same time that the creature unleashed his own attack. A beam of red and white energy. The two forces clashed, with a tremendous shockwave in every direction. All the front windows of the X-Mansion got blasted away. But something else happened.

Cyclops had calculated exactly how much strength he would have needed to balance their attack with the one of the monster. But he didn't guess that the effect of two such force meeting would be devastating. His optical beam didn't explode… But their enemy's attack could. And did. The explosion didn't hurt them thanks to Emma, but it threw them back with enough force to knock most of them out. The explosion managed to even hurt Colossus, and that was saying something. The only ones still conscious were the metallic giant and Emma.

"Hmmm… I feel like a mule kicked me in the head…" Lamented Emma, while Peter slowly got back on his feet, having to observe, sadly, that their enemy was unfazed by the explosion.

"Hnn… I guess he can't be hurt by his own energy… Like Scott." Colossus slowly got back on his feet, and cracked his neck. "Emma. I will take care of this thing."

"Engaging him in close combat to stop him from using that attack again. Good idea… I will… Take care of the… Uh?"

"Hey, porco." Someone had just stolen Peter's idea. A few shadows ran past him towards the creature. The first to reach him was a very big, very rocky fellow. Who immediately proceeded to deliver a vicious hook to the monster's face. "Those are our teachers you're hurting!"

"Rockslide?" And like it wasn't enough, other students passed by her. In the arch of a few seconds the creature had been stabbed, electrocuted and punched again. "The students… Hank!"

"Sorry, Emma. The young ones are difficult to control. Be safe that the others accepted of staying inside to guard the others." Hank appeared right behind him along with Elixir. The golden-skinned boy kneeled beside Cyclops. "Elixir, tend to the wounded. I will join the fight. Emma, could you…"

"Pass what I learned about this beast to Celeste, Mindee and Phoebe so that they can do the same with the others. Already on it." Indeed she was. While not there physically, the Stepford cuckoos were observing the battle from a window of the mansion, and were already channelling the information needed from Emma to them and to all the others students.

"Alright, so, we need to engage him in close combat otherwise he will blast us all away with that beam." Noriko was having a field trip. One of the sentinels was still functioning. There was so much electricity in the air… "No problem with me. I feel so much energy that I could light Vegas."

"Hmmm… But I don't think it's having much effect." David was quick on detecting weak points… Or strong ones. Comes with being the team's tactic, even if you're depowered. And while he could see that under that black mass their enemy had flesh, he could also see that whatever damage he did, that black energy immediately covered and probably healed it. "It has a healing factor."

"Then we have to try with something else, I guess!" Rockslide used both his punches to hit the creature under its chin, sending it flying. "Hellion?"

"On it." After his 'power up', Julian had started having problems with his powers. He had problems slowly lifting a paper… But he had no problems with the big stuff. Like, taking everything that wasn't tied to the ground and hurling it at the monster. "And now, as a finisher…" Hellion focused. This was going to be great. He used his telekinesis to raise in the air the arm of one of the sentinels and dropped it vertically on the monster, punch first.

"Julian, that was a cool move! Almost as much as that time you started moving the pieces of my body to…" Julian covered his face. That was supposed to be a secret. Santo turned around to find Noriko and David staring at him. "… It was…"

"Just… Shut up, Santo. I…"

"Watch out!"

"!" The students didn't have time to react as Peter ran past them and met punches first the claw that had just sprouted from the ground and had tried to claw past them. "What the… That monster is still alive?!"

"… Girls, I think we should try another approach." Emma said to no one in particular.

"We're already on it, Miss Frost." The three-in-one were indeed trying to find a way to stop the monster from the inside. They were looking inside its mind, and they didn't like what they were seeing. Not a bit. Like Emma had already seen, the consciousness of the monster was the result of two others mixing together… Or better, one trying to overcome the other. But compared to before, when the monster was weaker, the more malevolent personality was even more in control than before. And they couldn't help but think that it was tied to his growth in power as well. "It seems that the more one of the two consciousnesses overcomes the other, the more powerful the beast becomes."

"So, we think a safe bet would be to help the other personality regain supremacy."

"That should take care of the problem."

Understood. But I will need your help with this.

"Do you even…" One set of white eyes.

"Need to ask…" Two sets of white eyes.

"Miss Frost?" Three sets of white eyes.

The beast had eventually freed itself from the objects obstructing his movements. Some of the older X-Men had regained consciousness, and they were managing to actually hurting him and slowing him down. But he gave no sign of falling to the ground or surrendering. No. He just thought that he wanted to see blood. And for that he would need… Pain. "Kraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

"What has… Oh." Bobby observed the light around the beast's head. "Telepathic attack."

Indeed. The beast was now thrashing on the ground, holding his head with his paws, roaring in excruciating pain, not focusing on his enemies anymore. Someone was in his head.

"… Who the hell imagines his head as a sewer?"

"There's something this way, miss Frost."

"Ugh… Good thing this is just a mindscape. I love these clothes." Indeed they were in a mindscape shaped like a sewer. But what was freaking Emma out was the strong feelings she was getting. Something powerful… And evil was emitting them. There was no other explanation, in her book. And she had confirmation of that when they turned the corner, finding themselves face to face with an incredible scenery. A fox. Or better, the head of a fox and two of his claws made out of red bubbles, holding between his paws, in a sphere of red energy a young man. A boy. Around her student's age. And it seemed like the fox was waiting for them. Its gaze fixed on them. "I guess we found out who's possessing who."

"Leave! Leave before I rip your souls apart!" Trying to be intimidating. Emma stood unfazed.

"Let me think about that… No." Emma observed her surroundings. "You're behind a cage. So, I think that you're not supposed to possess this body. And while you can wreck havock by overwhelming the boy's consciousness on the outside, I'm pretty positive you have no powers here."

"…" The fox growled with all his might, trying to scare the four telepaths. To no avail. The cuckoos literally had no emotions anymore. Emma, she just had seen things much freakier and as scary, if not more.

"Wow. A few words for you: Mentos, the freshmaker." Then her eyes became white like her students. Who stood behind her. "Girls, I think we have a job to do, here. Ready to push back an evil fox in her den?"

"Always, miss Frost."

The Kyuubi didn't know what everything becoming white meant till he felt the mind-wave hitting him and pushing him back in his cage.


"I think Emma and her groupies did the trick."

"Stay back!" Scott told the others just to be sure. It was always better to be safe when dealing with such amounts of energy. But it seemed that he had been wrong. The creature started to convulse, and then fell to the ground, silent and immobile. Then, the reddish energy began to disappear, and what made it black fell to the ground. It looked like black dust. The energy receded into the body that it was covering, which seemed pretty tanned or something like that. Scott slowly approached it along with the others.

"Young ones, you should…"

"Hey! He's around our age, more or less!"

"Stay back…" Hank rubbed the bridge of his nose. Teens… Talking of teens, everyone's attention was now focused on the healing form of the boy on the ground. It looked like whatever was covering him had burned his skin and most of his clothes. It was now healing at high speed. After finishing, they were looking at a blonde boy with whiskers-like marks on his cheeks and pink tanned skin, wearing burned up t-shirt and pair of pants and a couple of strange sandals, miraculously intact.

"… You know, he's kinda cute."

"Cessily? When the hell have you…"

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Chapter1: Jamie's Lovechild

"… It seems that luck is among your abilities, Naruto." The fox observed the sleeping boy in front of the cage now restricting him once more. It was strange. Every time the boy went to sleep, his sleeping form appeared in front of his cage. And the seal got even stronger during sleep. "You found people able to restrain me even in this place… Even if… They don't know that they're probably the luckiest ones." The Kyuubi conceded himself a malicious laugh, growling right after. It wasn't very funny, in his opinion, that normally he could have ripped apart those… Strange humans. But he was immortal. And even if his friends believed the exact opposite, he wasn't interested in shortening his container's life. At all. They believed him to be stupid? His lifespan was currently the boy's lifespan. "… Enjoy your sleep, young shinobi." The fox slowly turned around, emitting a low growl. He spared the sleeping Naruto a last glance before turning around. "They will be your last peaceful ones… And not because of me only. I have this feeling."

"So… You say he basically shrugged off everything you threw at him?"

"Yes, Bishop. And that attack he threw at us… I really wished you had been here. Good thing Emma and the cuckoos managed to stop him. Or better, whatever was possessing him." Scott was observing the sleeping form of the blonde teen that had given them quite an eventful night. He was now sleeping in a change of clothes courtesy of the male teachers in a spare bed in a spare room of the mansion. Hank had insisted in changing his underwear too. That had been kinda creepy.

After he had fallen unconscious, he had been brought to the infirmary to check if he had any injuries and if he was going to give them any more problems of the harmful kind. Their machines didn't detect any injury nor any activity out of the normal, like his energy levels. Another thing. They had analyzed his blood. And they had found a little chromosome that had become very, very rare. The X-Gene.

"He's a mutant. But whatever his power is, it's not related to anything that happened last night." Scott placed a hand under his chin. "It was all… The other consciousness' doing. A demon, or some kind of magic… It reminded me of how Jean sometimes lost to the Phoenix's will."

"Hmmm… Well, the effects are very similar. Destructive." Bishop looked outside the window. He had lost the count of how many units from the ONE had come to clean out what was left of the two Sentinels. "But if he's a mutant… How come we didn't know about his existence? And his other 'power'. So powerful and out of control. I can't believe the S.H.I.E.L.D. could miss it."

"… I wish I knew, Bishop."

"I think I can offer the answers you seek, Scott." The two mutants turned around, startled by the sudden resounding of another voice in the corridor that they almost attacked. But stopped in time. It was a familiar face. There was basically no one on earth in the super-humans community who didn't know his face. The face of the sorcerer supreme. "I suppose you're still on edge. It's understandable."

"Stephen. Yes. That and, I usually expect people who teleport to at least make a single sound."

"Power isn't always showed in flashy ways, Scott. You should know that." Stephen then turned to Bishop and acknowledged him with a nod of his head. After that, he turned to the opened door of the room where Naruto was sleeping. "That's the boy…"

"Yes. I suppose that since you're here, you know more than us about him, Stephen." Strange slowly walked into the room and to the boy's bed, followed right after by the two X-Men. His hand suddenly got enveloped by a blue aura, and slowly started hovering it over the boy's body.

"Last night I was meditating, when a sudden disturbance in the balance of the cosmic forces troubled me. I focused and I found out you fighting this boy." Boy stopped the hand over Naruto's forehead, and kept it there for a few seconds before stopping. "I don't know how or why. That is something known to him only. But I do know that he has travelled trough space a great deal of distance. From another planet, or maybe from another dimension entirely."

"He could be like me? A mutant from an alternative future?" Stephen shook his head slowly.

"Space, Bishop. Not time." Stephen observed the sleeping form of the teen for a few seconds, before putting a hand on his right wrist. "And I felt the power controlling him… So malicious, evil… But so weak too, fortunately."

"… So weak?" Scott had to raise an eyebrow at that. Had to. Stephen just turned his head to him, smiling.

"Travelling like that can have drawbacks if you're not fully prepared, Scott. My guess is that the demon has been greatly weakened by their trip, paying all the 'travelling fees' for it. He couldn't bring out the power he should have had. The boy didn't get affected at all."

"…" Scott massaged his temples. He already could hear Bobby falling on his ass after hearing that. "You just didn't say that."

"I did. But do not worry. The demon will stay weakened for a certain period of time. But even weakened, if it should take over the boy like the last time… It would still be a problem." Strange's hands suddenly started glowing of an orange light, this time. It reminded Scott more of a fire, to tell the truth. He could hear Strange faintly chanting a spell. When he finished a last flash of light lightened the room. When he removed his hands from Naruto's wrist, said part of his body was now enveloped in what looked like a metallic wristband, full of inscriptions. "There. This will keep the demon under control." Stephen turned around… And then began to fade from the feet up, in front of the two X-Men. "Once he wakes up and he gets used to his surroundings… Tell him to search me out. That bracelet is just a temporary measure."

"We will, Stephen. And thanks for your help." Bishop nodded in acknowledgement as well, saluting the smiling Strange, disappearing in thin air. "… Now, to tell the others that we have yet another mutant from another planet or dimension."

"…" Bishop couldn't hold in a piece of dark humor. "Seems like the only way to get new mutants, nowadays."

"…" Sun. When he regained enough senses to allow him to perceive something able to wake, the first thing he felt was the hot rays of sun on his face. He slowly blinked and covered his face instinctively. Needed a bit to get used to that… He slowly opened them… And found out that he wasn't familiar with his surroundings. Since when were his cushion and bed so soft and big? And since when was the ceiling of his house made out of Mahogany? "What…"

He sat in his bed. Indeed, he wasn't in his home anymore. He got out of his bed and placed his feet on the ground. More lucent wood. And the glasses… He was starting to doubt he was even in Konoha anymore. Well, the bridge where they met Orochimaru was on the border between… It all came back full force.

"Oh, no!" He turned his head from side to side. There was no one of his team nearby. "Sakura-chan! Yamato-taichou! Penis fr… Ehm, Sai!" Nothing. No response. But he could hear activity in the nearby. The window. Of course. He opened it… And he started to suspect that he wasn't anywhere near the Elemental Countries anymore. He didn't recognize anything of what he saw at the horizon. Buildings, forests… Nothing. He lowered a little more his gaze. There seemed to be some kind of metal dump, near there. A lot of machines were working on tons of metal scrapes… Wait. They were taking them away, not dumping them there. He scratched the top of his head. "Where…"

"Watch out! Here comes the big one!"

"What?" Naruto lowered his head some more, looking below his window. There were people, dressed in strange ways. His attention had been gathered by a… Stone giant? Who was playing soccer with other people around his age… Hey, how come that one looked like a lizard? And the other one had golden skin? What the… Well, there was that Akatsuki guy who looked like a shark, after all… Well, they seemed to have fun… At least, wherever he was, it wasn't a bad place… Shit. Incoming ball. "Ouch!" Hit square in the face. Losing balance. Falling.

"Where… Whoops!"

"Hey, that guy is…" Thump. And Elixir cringed for him. "Falling."

"Hey, man, are you okay?" Victor approached the fallen blonde. Good thing it was just the second floor… Just the second floor? What the hell was he thinking. The guy could have hurt himself for good.

"Ahiahiahi…" The reptilian mutant blinked. Guess he was wrong, even if he had landed on his head. The guy got in a sitting position, and the only thing wrong about him was the fact that he was in boxers and a t-shirt. He was rubbing the sore spot on his head, then turned to them. "Watch where you throw that thing…"

"…" The trio frowned. They weren't expecting that. "He's talking Japanese."

"Hey! But he's the guy of two days ago!" The stone giant had approached him as well. "Oh yeah, man. I recognize those whiskers! He's the possessed guy!"

"Really? So he woke up." Anole was observing Naruto with curious eyes. Santo and Josh had told them about that night of a week before, but from how he talked about him… "I thought he would have been more… Frightening, you know."

"Ehm… I can't understand a word you're saying." Naruto grinned sheepishly. Indeed, nowhere near the elemental countries. He then noticed he was quite cold. He lowered his gaze… And almost blanked. This didn't go unnoticed by the young mutants.

"Mierda. I think he has noticed that someone got him out of his clothes while he was asleep. Underwear included."

"…" Naruto's eyes narrowed. "I don't know if you understand, but I don't really care. You have two minutes to explain why I'm not wearing my own underwear."

"Children, I… Oh." Everyone turned to the source of the new voice. Mainly the Beast, Hank McCoy. "It seems that our guest is now awake. But why is he on the ground like that?"

"…" Like they suddenly got an instinctive understanding of Japanese, the three young mutants immediately pointed to Hank with one arm while looking at him with their faces. "He insisted."

"…" Hell broke loose.

"That was quite a crazy discover, right, mister Logan?"

"What do you think, kiddo? I just discovered my own son is alive but brainwashed by… Hrrr." Logan, even after joining the X-Men, often went on missions on his own, taking care of personal matters… Someone could ask why he kept on coming back to the X-Mansion if he managed to get through mostly everything on his own. Thing is, he liked it there. He needed it. Sometimes, he just needed something more normal, or at least something that didn't involve blood and carnage. That didn't involve his usual modus operandi. "Thanks again for the help. I was surprised to see Cap there as well, I must say."

"… He believed Nuke was a failed Captain America. You heard him." Scott summers, in the meanwhile, still was a bit dazed by Wolverine's last action. He had given him a sword. But not just any sword. According to his words, it was one of the few things in the world able to kill him. The Murasama. And he had asked him to use it to kill him in case he got controlled again like it had happened before. Knowing that a guy you have fought with so much on so many things trusts you enough to entrust you his life… Well, it has to weird you out. Especially if you have that same trust in him but you would prefer to be tortured than admitting it.

"Hmmm…" Wolverine scratched the back of his head while walking trough the main gate and the front garden of the X-Mansion. "I'll tell you what, slim. Once in a while it's nice to get back here. Just the school, the students…"

"I can understand mister McCoy, but why us as well?"

"I suppose he believes we helped him or something."

"Hey! Give that back! I need that arm!"

"Remember, children. It isn't his fault. He doesn't understand us and he believes a furry took him out of his clothes while he was asleep to take advantage of him."

"What did you do to me?! Where is my team?!"

"…" Wolverine slowly turned his head to the right and observed the mayhem coming from the back courtyard. The one with the basket court. "And an army of blonde kids in boxers and t-shirts chasing Hank and three of our students?"

"…" Cyclops barely held his laughter in, unlike Emma and Hellion who right out chuckled and laughed out loud, respectively. He immediately focused back on the problem at hand. "Wolverine, remember about the possessed boy I talked you about?"

"…" He turned his head back to Scott. "That's… Or better, those are him?"

"Yeah… Maybe that's his mutant power."

"… Kid, my bag."

"Whoops!" Hellion barely managed to catch the bag. With his arms, mind you. Scott raised an eyebrow when he heard the familiar 'Snikt' that meant Wolverine's claws appearing. But he had just had a line of thought about trust with the man, so, he decided to wait.

The X-Man rushed at one of the orange boys and clawed right trough him. And it seemed like Wolverine had found out something, since the boy he had hit just burst in a cloud of smoke. The short Canadian kept his rampage. And the real Naruto started to notice this when the smoke became so much that he couldn't see on his right side anymore.

"Eh? What the… !!" His eyes were barely keeping track with whatever was doing that. Something was running around destroying his clones. He had just jumped high in the air and the last one had been destroyed right after he landed. "What the hell is happening?"

"Nice trick with the clones. But they don't shield you completely since unlike the original, they have no scent."

"!! What the…" Before he could even react, someone was talking in his language in his right ear, and he felt something cold and sharp against his neck. He slowly lowered his gaze… They were claws. Claws coming out from a man's hand. The man who was holding him in place.

"Now I let you go and you calm down. I'm sure this is all a big misunderstanding because no one could understand you and you couldn't understand anyone, correct?" Naruto just nodded while sweating bullets. Logan smirked and let him go. Naruto fell on his hands to the ground, starting to sweat like a fountain. "Hey. Did Madrox have an affair with a blonde Japanese woman 16 years ago or what?"

"…" Where the hell am I?

After a few minutes of talking and a pair of trousers and a good cup of tea, Emma, Scott and Wolverine were talking with Naruto in the headmaster's office. Wolverine had been appointed to be Naruto's interpreter, even if it was evident that the poor boy was scared shitless just by him standing there. But that was quickly forgotten after they had introduced themselves and told him the circumstances of his apparition. Naruto's face showed confusion for one minute. Then, he groaned. That was what had happened.

"I seriously fucked up…"

"He said he seriously fucked something up." Immediately translated Wolverine. Scott nodded.

"Now, tell him about Emma's powers and how it would safe us lots of time." Wolverine turned to Naruto.

"You see boy, don't know if you've noticed, but we're not exactly normal people, here." Naruto shivered while getting his head back up to look at Wolverine. His face clearly said 'No shit, man'. Referring to Wolvie, of course. "Well, see Emma, the hot blond chick behind me?" The blonde boy blinked and moved his head… Well, it was hard to not miss her. He blushed and just nodded. "Well, she's a telepath. That means, she can enter your mind and do things to it. She was her who stopped whatever was possessing you."

"For real?" Naruto blinked. She stopped him? Just like that? His mouth opened in a 'Wow' and he then grinned and waved to her. "Thanks, nee-chan!"

"He said thanks for stopping him." Emma waved back slowly, smiling faintly. Then she stopped when he saw him blank. This didn't go unnoticed by Scott nor Wolverine either. "What is it, kiddo?"

"S-She saw… It? Do you know?" He said, his voice barely more than a whisper.

"You mean about… The fox, right? I haven't personally, but she did." Naruto understood… And he just had to ask.

"And… She's not scared?" Wolverine blinked, then translated it to the others… And the trio shared a laugh, who more who less. Naruto felt suddenly stupid.

"H-Hey! What's so funny?!"

"We've seen scarier things than an overgrown furball possessing a boy in his puberty, blondie. And we're not talking about just monsters." Naruto blinked. They… He shivered. He didn't really want to know what they had seen in their life, then. Logan snickered and then put a hand on his head. He was probably getting emotional because of the recent news he got on his son. "But if it upsets you, I can assure you that whatever will be shared in this room will be kept between the four of us."

"…" Naruto knew that you shouldn't probably trust someone who was holding sharp looking claws to your neck, but… He just felt like he could. He nodded.

"Good. Now, as I was saying, Emma can do things to your mind. Like, she can make you learn our language in the arc of a second, and she can make so that we get some of your memories. The one pertinent to the place you come from, precisely. And your name and age. But, we need your approval to do that. The alternative is, you would have to study."

Naruto's reaction was awe to what he had just heard and then disgust at just the mentioning of the word 'study'. "Like hell I'm going to study."

"He agrees."

"Good. I swear, I was getting tired of hearing you two talk like two freaking anime characters." Emma concentrated and put her hands to her temples. Suddenly, a blue light flashed around the heads of everyone in the room. Naruto let out a 'Ack!' for the surprise of the sensation. The others were more or less used to it. It was a really strange sensation. Like someone had put a vacuum in his head. And then turned it in the other direction. All in the arc of a few seconds. He held his head, feeling it slightly light… But somewhat, heavier than before.

"Woah… That was the freakiest… Wait…" Naruto blinked. He noticed he wasn't talking like he usually did. "I… Wow! I can really talk like you do!"

"Indeed you can. Now, I think that another visit to the infirmary is a must. But before that…" Scott pointed to the chair behind. Naruto turned around. On the chair were a pair of shoes, another t-shirt, a red one. And he found out that he knew those kind of shoes were called sneakers and how to tie them. He also found out that the pants he was wearing were made out of a material called jeans. But what caught his attention were the other two objects on the chair.

"My weapon pouches!"

"Those were the only things that were left unscathed of your clothes, apart your sandals. But those were ruined out of their own. Now put those clothes on."

"Yes, ma'am." Naruto proceeded to do as told, throwing away the t-shirt he had wore in the night. In the meanwhile, Scott and Logan shot Emma a look that said 'You got a lot more information out of him than what you promised'. That meant that the tour of the mansion and explaining of its purpose would be Logan's pleasure.

Naruto put on the new t-shirt and the sneakers, and then proceeded to put his weapon pouch back in place. It took him a bit to find the right place. He didn't have any bandages to put one on his left leg, so he decided to put both of them attached to his belt, one on each side. Left and right. Then… He noticed that there was another thing he had not noticed that he was wearing. It was a bracelet. A bracelet that covered half of his forearm, made out of nine smaller ones. Each one had red runes inscribed on it. And… There wasn't trace of an opening How were you supposed to put it off? But… Well, it was like it wasn't there, actually. He shrugged it off. "I'm done!"

"Good. Then, let's go. Hank wants to check on you, and we'll take time to make you see the school, kiddo."

"Eh? This is a school? Oh, nooooo…" Logan pushed him out of the door, leaving the headmaster and headmistress alone in the same room. Silence reigned till Scott decided to talk first.

"So… We've got a ninja mutant from another planet or maybe dimension with the most powerful demon of his world sealed in his belly."

"…" Emma sighed and let herself fall into her comfy, big chair. "Just great. We just needed another problematic student… We didn't have enough problems as it already was. The M-Day, the students, Charles suddenly decided to take off for space…"

"…" Scott shook his head. "You aren't looking at this from the right point of view, are you?"

"…" Emma raised an eyebrow. "And what is that point of view?"

"Look through the boy's memories you've so gently copied. And you'll understand."

"First, boy, a little history. On what we are, basically." Naruto didn't voice anything, trying to listen to Logan while looking around at his surroundings. "You see, in this world there are basically two races. Humans, homo sapiens. Normal people who can't do much out of the ordinary unless they get in some incident involving genetics, cosmic power or such."

"… Oooook." Logan understood that the boy had just refrained himself from asking what the hell were 'genetics' and 'cosmic power'. He continued.

"And the other race… Us. Mutants. Homo superior." Naruto turned his attention fully to Wolverine. "By book, we are individuals who possess a genetic trait called an X-gene that allows us to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities. In other words, each mutant has a different superpower. Like Emma you've seen before. She's a telepath."

"Ohhh…" Naruto began to understand. So, that lizard-guy, the golden-guy and the rocky-guy had superpowers as well… He then turned to Logan. "What about you? What's your superpower?"

"Me? Oh, well.." Snikt. Wolverine took out three of his claws again, freaking Naruto out. Again. "I have retractable claws, and an healing factor. Just like you."

"Healing… What?"

"I heal fast."

"Ahhh…" Wolverine shook his head and slowly pulled his claws back in, and Naruto stared sickly all the time, while the muscles and skin reformed. Then, he noticed something. "Wait… You also have bones made out of metal?"

"…" Wolverine didn't react. He was expecting that question. "No. They've just been coated with it. Long story."

"Ah, alright. I still think that it's pretty cool. You must be pretty strong, hn?" He said, grinning while crossing his arms behind his head. Wolverine snickered.

"Indeed. But let's focus on the lesson. But you see… Since we have powers that let us do… Stuff, lots of people fear us and hate us."

"…" Naruto was surprised by that. How could such cool people be feared or hated? And then… He smiled sadly. Wasn't that familiar? "Do they, now…"

"… Seems you know the feeling."

"Long story." He just replied. Wolverine smirked. Seems like the kid learned fast enough.

"Alright. Well, basically… This was a real school, before. When we were millions. But recently, something happened that turned most of the mutants in the world in simple humans. Right now… This is probably more of a refuge than anything else. But we still like to think of it as a school." Logan stopped, so that he could get Naruto to observe the floor below. "This is the main building. On the first floor there are classrooms, faculty offices and the ballroom that also serves as… Ehm, a room for assemblies."

"Gotcha… Hey!" Wolverine suddenly jumped down from the first floor to the one below. He wanted to see if what he had seen in the boy's memories was true. It indeed was true, since the boy followed him right after, landing maybe in a lighter way than him. "Tell me before you jump!"

"And where would be the fun in that? Come on, we have more to see. Like the cafeteria."

"Hey. It seems the guy finished talking with the teachers." Naruto's appearance didn't go unnoticed by the people who had already seen it, at least once. In this case, Hellion and Cessily. "Nice jump he did. Maybe that's his mutant power?"

"Mhhh…" Mercury was more observant, though. "Mister Logan is showing him around the mansion. Think he will stay here?"

"If he's a mutant, they probably will ask him to." Julian snorted. He found funny the image of mister Summers kissing the boy's feet. "I mean… From what I've heard, the world is suddenly on a shortage of mutants. And most of the students are going away in a few days, I've heard."

"…" Cessily didn't say anything. And Julian felt like an ass. He should have known better. After all, Cessily would have preferred to not be in that shortage. Her, like many, would have preferred to just lose her powers. Going back to be a normal girl, a cheer-leader too, maybe… Get a boyfriend and such. He couldn't say he understood how she felt cause he loved his superpowers, but her…


"… It's okay. I'm sure that I will find someone who likes girls made out of shiny metal, one day…"

"You sure we can't visit the girl's dormitory? Absolutely positively sure?"

"If you want to keep your head on your shoulders. And I wouldn't be the one doing the cutting." Naruto emitted a 'eep' of disapproval while instinctively bringing a hand to his neck. "On the second floor is the Gym and Faculty housing. Now we go to…" Wolverine stopped in front of a door and put his right index finger to a red button on its side. "The hot stuff."

"Eh?" The door opened and Naruto peeked inside. The surroundings had really changed and it was just a set of stairs. Wolverine pushed him inside, and he slowly walked down the stairs. There was a lot more of metal on that level. It got even more technological by the minute. "Wow… What is this place?"

"This is where most of the things that we grown ups use. We're a team of superheroes, basically. The name's X-Men." Wolverine slowed down in front of a pretty big door. "That thing is called Cerebra. It's a mutant detection system. It can locate any mutant, anywhere."

"Nice… And that other door down there?"

"That is called the Danger Room. It's basically a super technological training room. It can materialize and simulate like, any enemy. And it's quite realistic. I wouldn't suggest entering the place without someone checking on you from above."

"Gotcha. Danger Room."

"Good. I think that wraps up most of the tour. So, now, to the infirmary. The furry is waiting for us."


"… Something's wrong?" It had been like five minutes since Hank had started staring at the monitor of his machine. He hadn't moved much, apart for pushing some buttons and such. And it was freaking poor Naruto out.

"Well… It's strange." Finally, a reaction. He pushed one button and the thing flashing blue light over his body finally was moved, letting Naruto sit. Hank then turned to Naruto. "You see, boy… Naruto, was it?" Naruto nodded. "Well, this machine lets us check if the X-Gene exists in a being, basically lets us find out if you're a mutant. Last night, it gave a positive reading."

"Eh?! I'm a Mutant?! Cool!" Juvenile enthusiasm. Hank smiled. "I have a superpower, then?! Cooooool!"

"Well… As I was saying, it's complicated." Naruto blinked at that. The X-Man with blue hair polished his glasses. "You see… The machine… It lags. Sometimes it gives you as a mutant, sometimes it gives you as No Reading."

"No… Reading?"

"Basically…" The beast put his glasses back in place, taking a dramatic pause in his talking. "It doesn't read you as nothing. Not as a human, not as mutant… Nothing."

"…" Naruto thought about it… And then dropped his head to one side, confused. "But… I'm not nothing."

"Indeed you are not. I firmly believe that you are a mutant. So, Naruto…" Hank sat on a stool in front of his bed. "What is your power? What can you do out of the ordinary?"

"Uh? Well… I'm a ninja."

"Intriguing. But that's a profession, not a power."

"B-But ninja can do… One moment, see here!" Naruto did a hand-seal and started to gather a big amount of chakra at his feet. Hank noticed it when said appendage became enveloped in light blue energy. "See?! This is chakra!"

"Chakra…" He had read some books on the argument, but he couldn't know. After all, he came from another world. "And what exactly is chakra?"

"Chakra? Well, it's… Hmmm…" Naruto had to focus to remember. Damn lessons. "Basically… Let's say that it's our… Life energy? Like, we make it from the energy of our body that is natural and from the energy we grow with training. I say it's life energy because if I use it all up, I die."

"Life energy. I see. And how can you use it?"

"Well, like this, first." He dangled his still blue-covered feet in front of him. "I mean, I send chakra to parts of my body to make them stronger. Like, now, with this feet, I could probably crush that wall."

"I see… Any other uses?" Naruto nodded and his feet went back to normal.

"Techniques! Ninja techniques! Like, I gather chakra in some places, depending on the technique, then I do hand-seals, like, to tell the chakra what to do."

"Hmmm…" Hank tilted his glasses with one of his fingers. "I see that words aren't your forte. Mind for a demonstration, then?"

"Of course! Check this out! It's the transformation technique!" Naruto gathered chakra and did a single hand-seal. Hank was surprised when he saw the boy get enveloped in smoke… And he was even more surprised when he saw a perfect copy of himself coming out of the smoke. "Neat, hn?" Even the voice was identical.

"Really… Intriguing." Hank adjusted his glasses one more time, instinctively. "So, this is your mutant power, I suppose. Energy manipulation."

"Eh? But…" Naruto dropped his transformation before continuing. "It's not big deal. I mean, there are a lot of ninjas in my world. Everyone can do these kind of things."

"Well… Then, I suppose that… Everyone in your world is a mutant, Naruto."

"Eh?" Naruto blinked, confused even more. Everyone in his… And then he frowned. "Aw, shucks. And here I thought I was going to have some cool superpower, like, getting my arms bigger or something like that…"

"Ahahahah. I assure you that your kind of power is very useful. And…" Hank took another one of his dramatic pause. "There's the possibility that everyone in your world doesn't know how to use it fully."

"Hn? What do you mean?" Naruto blinked. Hank chuckled.

"Like, for an example, are you able to use someone's else chakra? Like, if they pass it to you?"

"I…" Naruto thought about it a little… He remembered when the old Chiyo needed chakra to revive Gaara. It had been him who lent her his own chakra. "Yes, I can, now that I think about it!"

"And… Are you able to transform like… Chakra in other kinds of energy? Like, thermal energy, for an example?"

"Ehm… Well… Maybe you mean… I mean, we have techniques that make us breath fire and water, and lightning…"

"That's what I thought." Hank got back on his feet, and Naruto did the same. "You see, Naruto… I think that you and your friends barely scratched the potential of your ability. Manipulating and morphing energy is a pretty powerful ability, if used well." Even if I don't understand why the need of those… Handseals.

"Really? I…" Naruto observed his hands, like he had just discovered that he had a big patch of hair on his palms. If he really could do more than using techniques… He raised his head. "Can you teach me? How to do it better, I mean."

"Boy, we're in a school. We live to teach." Hank chuckled when he saw the blonde boy close his hands in two punches, whispering a barely audible 'Yes'. He placed a furry hand on his shoulders and motioned him to the door. "Now, I think it's time that Logan showed you to your room and then to the cafeteria once more. It's almost lunch time. And I'm pretty sure I didn't growl, in the last minutes."

"Ehm… Eheheheh." Naruto rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Thanks, doc."

"Of nothing. Now, go."

Naruto turned the doorknob and opened the door, closing it right behind him… Just to find out that Logan was nowhere in sight. He could hear his voice, though. From behind an angle.

"… lot scarier and the kids at this school need you. And more importantly, you need them!"

He seems a little angry. He's talking with someone? Naruto peeked behind the angle, just to find out that he wasn't talking with anyone. Or better, he was talking over some kind of device.

"The only chance you have is here, Laura. If you don't come back, you're already dead. Trust me, just come… Laura? Laura!" Logan snorted. "She hung up…" He then turned in Naruto's direction, scaring the blonde boy for like the fifth time that day. He knew he was standing there? "Hey, come on. Lunch is about ready."

"Ehm… Problems?" Naruto slowly approached the mutant, who just sighed in annoyance.

"Sisters. Have one?"

"Nope. To tell the truth, I don't have a single living relative." Logan turned to him with a face that showed confusion. He had just told it like he was reading a list of things to buy at the grocer. Like he would tell it. Naruto noticed it. "What?"

"… Nothing." Seems like Emma didn't copy everything… And here I expected to have his whole life in my mind.

"All that food… But no ramen…"

"You're the first person that loves a kind of food so much to actually cry about it, kiddo."

"Oh, well. At least the roastbeef is good… Oh, darn. Again." The thing that had freaked Naruto out the most to that moment was that he kept on knowing things and things about things without having ever seen them in his life, thanks to the telepathic thing that Emma had done to him. "I still can't get used to it."

"It's always the same, the first time someone messes with your head." Logan ate his sushi in relative silence, as in, when Naruto didn't give him things to talk about. Good thing they were almost done. And he just couldn't understand how the hell the boy had managed to keep with his eating speed, when he had eaten twice his amount of food. No matter. Last piece of sushi, last onigiri. Done. "Well, now I have to leave you. Things to do, people to see. You do remember the way to your room, right? Otherwise, you can just ask."

"Alright." Naruto got up from his seat and stretched his arms and back. Then, something occurred to him. "Hey, wait a minute. Why the hell am I settling down here?!"

"…" Wolverine snorted a laugh. "You're not as dense as I believed you to be, then."

"This is no joke!" Naruto slammed his hands on the table. "I mean, you didn't tell me how I ended up here nor… I mean, how do I get back?! I was in the middle of a battle, and I have things to do, back home."

"… Eh." Wolverine then saw trough Emma's and Scott's scheme. They had placed on his shoulders the duty of dropping the bomb on the boy. "How do I get back? We frankly have no idea, kiddo. We travelled trough time, but other dimensions… Never willingly. And we don't know much about it."

"… Other… Dimensions?" Naruto calmed down hearing that. Wolverine turned around.

"You came from another planet or another dimension. That's as much as we know. But don't worry. There's a person who knows more and wants to talk with you." Too much information in too little time. Naruto's brain was fuming. In the meanwhile Logan was just walking away. "But you'll have to wait till tomorrow or the day after. For the time being, feel free to do anything you want as long as you don't get on anybody's nerves. See you later."

"H-Hey!" Logan didn't turn around nor did he bother to say anything else to him. Naruto stood there for a few seconds then groaned. He then took his tray and put with the other used ones on the metallic trolley. He got out of the cafeteria and in the back garden. He looked around. There were a lot of people. Some were even looking and pointing at him. According to what Logan had told him, most of them were now… Normal people. He scratched the top of his head. "I wonder what the hell could have made mill…"

He didn't get to finish that sentence because something suddenly hit him square in the face. A big ass punch that hit him in the face and sent him flying for a couple of meters. He regained a bit of momentum and managed to land on his feet, though, one hand on the ground. "What the…" He observed the… Punch? It was just a punch made out of rock, floating in the air? It then floated back… To the rest of the body. It was one of the guys he had seen that morning. The rocky one.

"He didn't dodge it, but at least he didn't fall on his butt!" He said. Naruto gritted his teeth and massaged his face. It hurt.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"That would have been my idea, sorry." He then noticed that beside the rock giant there was another guy around his age. "I just wanted to see how strong you were without being possessed, you know. Seems like you're nothing special, though."

"…" That pissed Naruto off. If there is one bad thing that you can say about Naruto is that you can enrage him pretty easily. "Want a fight?! Then bring it on you… Spandex freak! And rock boy, both of you!"

"Eh?" Santo scratched the back of his head. "Julian, seems like he wants to take on the both of us."

"Seems like it. Oh, well…" A small crowd was starting to gather around them. And Julian's eyes became white and he started to hover half a meter over the ground, signalling the activation of his powers. "If he got a death wish, who are we to deny it?"

"…" In the meanwhile, a teacher was observing everything. And when seeing something like that, it's usually a teacher's duty to stop it before it gets worse. But this particular teacher… Not, this particular headmistress decided to let the children do their thing. It would be a good occasion to observe the new-comer's behaviour.


In the next chapter…

Naruto gets into his first fight against superpowered individuals. What will be the outcome? And will Naruto get used to the students and viceversa? Stay tuned!