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"… The damages of yesterday's battle are contained, and no civilians have been harmed. This has been probably thanks to the interference of a 'third side', alias the superhero known as Militia. Yesterday evening, he has taken on both sides of the Civil War after some declarations made on live television. This made so that the very battle was broadcast live to the whole country. The two sides have called a truce, much to the pressing of a major part of the public opinion, visibly touched by the young hero's actions and intent. Nonetheless, the young superhuman currently remains in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody…"

"… Please turn it off." Laurie sighed and turned the television off with a heavy sigh. She then turned to the group's redhead, who was still hugging a big pillow to her body and face.

"… Cess… I think you should get some sleep." She said.

"I probably don't need it." The blonde groaned.

"Look, 'Mercury'. Staying here worrying yourself to death is completely useless. And sooner or later, you will need sleep. I know it." Laurie pressed on, and the silver mutant just dug her face further into her pillow.

"… Maybe I should have tried to help Laura, then…"

"Yeah. Planning to break Naruto out of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody and getting knocked out by miss Frost is really smart, Cess." The blonde shook her head in disbelief and then put a hand on Cess' right shoulder. "Look, Cessily. For what it's worth, I'm sure that Naruto is fine. You know how fast he heals, and the Avengers just take prisoners. They do not kill. Also, did you see at the news how the country reacted? The president himself allowed a truce between the two sides. Do you have any idea what would happen if they suddenly ordered his execution or something?"

"… What if he stays in prison?" Cessily was about to cut into the pillow, with how sharp her digits were becoming.

"Then we will try and do something about it, but without rest and a clear mind, we will be too much of a mess to even think. Also, do you really think that Naruto would have thought all of this without a regard for his own safety?" Laurie asked. Cess finally moved her face, as much as she needed to stare at her blonde friend for a few seconds.

"… Yes." Laurie shut up. What was she thinking? Of course he would.


"So... How is it, on the other side?"

"... The same as yours. Only... I don't feel like a criminal."

"That's how you felt like when you fight on Cap's side? A criminal?" The truce had allowed some of the groups who had had a falling out during the war to group up and talk. Some with success, others? Not so much. Like Cassie meeting with her fellow Young Avengers. The last comment had gotten a bit on Katherine's nerves. "So, no badge makes you a criminal now, Cassie?"

"That's the law, Katherine. Superheroes are supposed to respect it. That's what makes us heroes..."

"Wrong! Superheroes are supposed to always do the right thing! Even if it goes against the law, Cassie!" Katherine didn't let down, much to Patriot's annoyance.

"Would you tune it down, you two?" The leader of the group said, as he looked out of the window at the streets outside. "We're going to know who's a criminal very soon."

"As soon as Captain America and Iron-Man finish talking." The Vision commented, observing said conversation with a vantage point by wiring into the security cameras, only to find them turned off. The simplest way to counter a very advanced android.


"Damn, you just had to go and get yourself captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., didn't you, boyo? Ah, there's that hand grenade." A certain red and black mercenary was equipping himself for war, or something very similar. Finding and getting out a certain blonde ninja out of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody. "Thanks to Cable, I'm not welcome onto Uncle Sam's lap any more, now I'm going to get at odds with that Hill chick too... Oh, well."

"You do realize you've been talking out loud again, Wade? In the middle of your apartment, in front of me?"

"Oh, come on! The issue still isn't over?!"


"Layla, how are you feeling?"

"... Fine, but... So unsure." The girl was on the bed, hugging a book to her lithe frame. Most girls would have hugged a pillow or a stuffed animal, but Layla had never been like most girls. "I know he's alive, but... Jamie, I'm supposed to know stuff, but for the first time, I know nothing. What if he stays in prison for life?"


"So... Now what?" The 'meeting' between the two leaders, was as informal as possible. Both wearing their super-costumes, no weapons armed, standing in front of old photos of the avengers, staring at them almost longingly. Scratch almost. "I'm glad... Someone forced us into talking, but I'm not changing my mind on this, Steve."

The Iron-Man started the discussion by making something clear. There was no amount of self-sacrifice in the world that would make him change his mind on what was needed on the future. "Super-humans are too dangerous to run around unsupervised. They need to be properly trained. They need to be held responsible for their actions."

"And I still refuse to give up the freedoms our founding fathers fought for just because it's politically expedient." Captain America retorted as adamant as Tony, glancing at him for for a while before they both returned their gazes to the pictures. "You're talking about giving the government control over every super-human in the nation. The young Naruto stated it on live television without shame, didn't he? That's a sentiment I share. Super-humans stay, governments change. I say no government can be trusted with that kind of power."

A few seconds of awkward silence passed as they both stared at the photographs of the old Avengers team. Tony sighed silently, remembering those good old times, when they knew who to trust, and they trusted Captain America above everyone else... That's when it hit him. "But you can."

"I'm sorry?" Steve was caught off-guard by the strange words and the sudden gesture from Tony, turning to him quickly and stretching his arm and open palm in his direction.

"Steve, you stood with me when we confronted the Young Avengers and told them they'd either have to quit or submit to training in the use of their powers." Tony still remembered it as clear as day. There had been few times when Cap had been as adamant on something. "You don't disagree with the philosophy behind the registration act, you disagree with the government being the one to administer it." Then Tony displayed that knowing smile. "So you do it." Much emphasis on the 'you', he put.

"I don't think I'm any more qualified than..." Steve immediately went into 'humble' mode, but Tony wouldn't have any of it.

"Oh, please, Cap! You're pretty much the only person in the world everyone would trust with their real names!" The Iron-Man immediately said, his mind already working everything in a plan to make the idea a reality. "Let's take the government out of this. Make the Avengers responsible for policing our own."

Steve was silent, even if his mind was already having a fight over the concept. "We'll consult with the government... Work with them the way we've always have. We'll train young heroes in the use of their talents, and make sure active heroes use their power responsibly. But at the end of the day, superhumans' identities would remain secret... Known only to you." Tony concluded with a pretty fierce statement. "Cap, it's the only way I can think of to solve this without any further bloodshed."

"I don't know. That much responsibility in the hands of one man..." Cap opted to stare at vacant space, weighting the matter and pondering it, but still feeling a lot uneasy just at the thought. "... What if I'm killed? Or compromised somehow... Or mind-controlled?"

"I'd install the most sophisticated security measures to prevent that. We could also have trusted telepaths perform regular checks." Tony put a hand on Steve's left shoulder, to reassure him and also to make him turn around to face him. "As for your death... Hand-pick your successors. Sharon Carter, the Falcon... Whoever you trust the most. I'll back you up."

"I... Tony, I just don't know." To Tony, that was a success. That was enough. Cap was thinking about the matter, taking in consideration a 'Yes'. He just needed a further push.

"Cap... It's not enough to be against something." The Iron-Man continued, putting the final nail in the coffin of the Civil War. "You have to be for something better."

The two superheroes then turned again to the pictures of the Avengers, and Steve understood what Tony meant. The Avengers had always been against odds, against powerful enemies, against world-sized menaces... But had they ever stood for something? Had they ever stood for change? "... You really think you can sell this to the government?"

"Cap... I won't have to." Tony smiled, as his soul finally found peace after weeks of grief. Thanks, Naruto... Thanks.

"Though, Tony... I have one condition." It was the Iron-Man's turn to be caught off-guard, but the smile on Steve's face told him that it was nothing bad.


"Well... This is so not like what I thought prison would be." Naruto said as he observed from his bed his surroundings. "First thing, the uniform is orange. I love orange. Then..."

"That's so not prison food. And a television?" He blinked as a familiar voice suddenly echoed in the closure of his cell. He got on his feet and observed as the Obsidian Witch, alias Nico Minoru made her appearance in a puff of purple smoke. "Are you sure you're a captive?"

"Well, I can't leave my cell, if that's what your asking. Ah, you've materialized upon my bathroom." The girl 'yuck'-ed and immediately got off the W.C. Much to Naruto's grinning. "So, what brings you here?"

"What do you think? I'm breaking you out." The girl said, checking the hem of her long skirt for any sign of biological waste. Naruto blinked and then smiled warmly.

"Heh... Thanks for the thought, but I'm not interested."

"What?!" Nico raised her voice, uncaring that someone could hear her, at the moment. "Are you crazy?! What if you stay here for life?"

"I have a feeling that it won't happen. Power of the media, you know..." Naruto said, then he heard footsteps approaching. "You might want to hide... Oh, hell. There are cameras in here, so it's pretty much useless by now."

Nonetheless, Nico hid behind Naruto on his bed as a guard approached the door of Naruto's cell. "Oy, kid. You might want to turn on the thing. I have orders to make you watch."

"Orders? Then, by all means let me see." Naruto said, grinning as he turned on the device. The image displayed a huge press conference, and standing behind a stall and a number of microphones, Tony Stark. ... This ought to be good.


"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming at such a short notice. I've asked you here to announce a major development in the conflict over the superhuman registration act." Tony introduced, not breaking eye-contact with the crowd in front and beneath him. "It's over. We've reached an agreement."

The reaction was silence, since the mention of an agreement was keeping them all on their toes. Tony knew this well, and he knew the thing was keeping on their toes everyone looking at their screens in that moment. He had asked the conference to be displayed on every channel on every television in the USA... And the world too, but that was only thanks to certain friends of his. "The act will be administered by the Avengers, under the leadership of the one man we all trust to perform his duties with honour and sound judgment..."

As he moved his head to his left, to the moving curtain, to the man stepping forward from behind them, the heads, the gazes, the cameras, the microphones followed. He heard them gasp even before he raised his arm to point and he spoke that name. "Captain America."


"WHAT?!" Sufficient to say, Director Hill and the president weren't very happy of not having been notified.


"What the hell?!"

"Ahahahahah! Good one, Tony!" Naruto started laughing while the guard outside cursed in surprise. "Take that, S.H.I.E.L.D.!" He laughed as he heard the guard leave grumbling and Nico got out of her hiding place. "See? Everything's over, now."

"Everything what?! They said nothing about you! They could..."

"They won't." Naruto cut her off with a smile. "Nico, trust me on this. I'm going to get out of here very soon. I will probably be punished or something... But they won't leave me in here. Hell, I became the poster-boy for this whole thing, by now!"

"... Are you sure?" Nico asked again, sighing in defeat. He was irremovable, it seemed.

"As sure as I could ever be." He got up on his feet as well, and Nico surrendered. She just hugged him around the waist and he returned the gesture. "Say hi to the others as well, alright?"

"... Of course." She then kissed his right cheek and disappeared in a swirl of smoke, leaving a stretching and grinning Naruto alone again.

"Now, I wonder what's happening with the others..."


"Hijo de puta! He did it!"

"Santo, language!"

"And now we party!"

"Julian, alcohol is prohibited on school grounds!"


"So... It went well."

"More than well. I was 100% sure that the president would be forced to approve... But I didn't expect the other thing." Steve and Tony, a week after their declaration in public tv, were currently walking through an helicarrier's corridor with a steady pace. "Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.... Well, I guess it's better this way."

"Probably. You have twice the brain of Nick Fury and I'm sure you won't pull another 'Secret War'." Steve said, smiling. Tony raised an eyebrow at that.

"Depends on the stock markets values... If I could get some big profits out of it..." The look Steve gave him amused him. "I know, I know... Bad joke."

"Yes. Though, I can feel unrest in the air." Cap placed his naked palm on a pad to open a door in front of them. "It's understandable, though. We went from a situation were super-humans were hunted down to now, where we are seemingly in control."

"Most just think that this way we'll keep on each others toes. The times you stood up to Fury are legendary. They think you're going to do the same with me." Tony said as he placed his own palm on another pad.

"And they think that giving you control over S.H.I.E.L.D. Is going to help you keep me in control, having the man power and a deep knowledge of the super-human communities... Is it that hard for people to think of collaboration?" The two super-humans kept on walking through the corridor, which was now adorned with prison cells.

"For once, I'm glad they didn't. Otherwise they would think that we're trying to take over the world or something... Oh, well. Here we are." The two stopped in front of a cell which Tony opened with again his naked palm and a retinal exam. The door slid to the side to reveal a blonde teen stuffing himself with ramen, if the empty bowls around were any indication.

"Hey! It's been a while, you guys! Saw you on TV!" Naruto interrupted his harvesting of noodles for a moment, a few hanging out of his mouth. He then slurped them up, earning quite the reactions from the two adults. "You pulled quite a number! Nice I didn't let you kick my ass for nothing!"

"... You let us." Tony stated and Steve just stared. Naruto stared back grinning. Then the grin slowly died bit by bit.

"Alright, alright... You really kicked my ass." He admitted, then scowled and downed the last of the broth by drinking directly by the cup. He then cleaned his mouth with the left sleeve of his prison uniform. "So... When do I get out of here?"

"That's what we're here for, actually. To... Discuss the terms of your discharge." Tony sat down on Naruto's bed, dodging a few bowls scattered on the ground. "While what you did saved our hides, you basically attacked the whole super-human community on live television. That kind of stunt, especially from young heroes, is the kind of stuff that we don't want happening any more. So, you understand that you're not going to just get out of here unpunished."

"Hmmm... Thought so." Naruto grumbled a bit, but then sighed. After all, he was expecting it. "So... What's my punishment? What are the 'terms'?"

"Well, first thing... We're going to put your life in danger." Naruto blinked at that, not really understanding Steve's choice of words. "Simply put... We're going to put information in your brain. Information that will make you a target in case someone got to know that you possess them."

"Information? What kind of information?" The blonde asked, something itching at the back of his head.

"All the details about the real identities of every super-hero under 21 years of age." If they could, Naruto's eyes would have jumped out of their sockets. Tony continued. "Basically, you're going to have the same role as Steve, only, yours will be a secret."

"W-W-W-WAIT A MINUTE! WHY?!" Naruto shouted, earning chuckles from both of them.

"Simple logic, Naruto. The point is, either you accept, or you stay in here for say... Life?" Naruto gasped at the Iron-Man's 'proposal'. "So?"

"... It's not like I have a choice!" Naruto groaned, holding his forehead. That much responsibility in the hands of one person... This is going to suck... Wait a minute. "... Everything everything?"

"Everything everything." Naruto slammed his head in the floor. "Alright, enough. There's the other part."

"More? What, you going to put a living nuclear bomb up my..."

"You're going to work for us in a certain project we're going to put into motion in a few days." Cap cut off Naruto before he could finish the sentence. "You're going to be... An instructor of sorts."

"An instructor? As in, a teacher?" Steve nodded, and Naruto headbutted the floor yet again. "... Even more responsibility... Alright. But I have a condition for that, then."

"A condition? What..." That's when the wall exploded.

"Alright! Didn't think I had the guts of doing it, hn? I rode the bomb! Take that, Peter Sellers... Ah, nope. The Texas guy was another actor..."

"... Perfect timing, Wade. Perfect timing."


"... When are they going to say something about him?"

"Not anytime soon, it seems, Cessily." Again, for the news, the younger mutants had gathered in front of the television, waiting for something to be broadcast about their friend, but nothing yet had appeared. For all that they knew, he was still in prison, and that was killing the small group of mutants.

"... Where's Laura?" Cessily was very worried about Naruto, but she was even more worried about Laura. She seemed pretty adamant on this break-out plan of hers.

"... Preparing." Laurie confessed. "Don't worry, though. It's not like they're going to let her go just like that... The older x-men, I mean." Everyone stared at the blonde girl like she had just grown a second head. "... That was stupid, I know."

"... I'm going to go check on her..." Cessily said, looking for something to take her mind off the matter.


"... I'm ready." She had taken a bad habit of talking to herself out loud. That could cost you your life, on a mission. She knew that well. It had been driven into her brain. And yet, ever since he... She sighed and zipped close her bag, the necklace around her neck making a soft sound as it was moved around.

"Didn't I tell you to look after the others till I came back?" She let out her claws and almost stabbed him into the stomach, but she stopped the moment she recognized the voice. "Woah! Was I that much of an ass when I left?!"

"... Na... Naruto..." She froze in that position, just about to stab him. Then she slowly retracted claws and arms and then moved her gaze to stare into his eyes, missing his grin.

"Yep, it's me. Sorry about sc-ph!" For a few instants, before she needed to focus on his lips.


"You can be as crafty as me sometimes, Cap." Tony said as the two were dressing up before it was time to talk to the press yet again. "That was terrible, what you did to that kid."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Steve said, mocking his friend.

"Don't give me that. You know what I'm saying. By giving that boy that much responsibility... You basically tied him for life with our planet." Tony sighed. "I know that you meant well, but... It's just, it wasn't needed. The teacher jig was already enough, knowing his personality, and he has friends here..."

"Friends isn't enough, Tony." Cap adjusted his tie with some difficulty. "To become a true leader, you must experience different weights on your shoulders, different burdens. The burdens of expectations, the burden of protection... The burden of having the responsibility of power over others' lives is the most important. It's handling that responsibility that reveals what kind of leader you are... And it makes you grow, no matter how you handle it."

"... So, you want to make him grow..." Tony said, thinking about Cap's words. He had thought of doing something like that in the future, but so big, so soon... Would he crack under all that pressure?

"Laura? I'm..." Cessily froze just before she put knuckles to wood, hearing a familiar voice coming from behind the door. She opened it in a flash and there he was, struggling for air. "... Naruto..."

"... Pah!" Laura let go of Naruto as she was distracted by Cessily's sudden apparition. "Ah, Cess! I was going to come to you right aft... Hngh!" After throwing the door shut, Cessily launched herself at Naruto too, which became positively purple in a few seconds. Naruto managed to push her away, though. "Hey! I need oxygen to live!"

"... You're out... Thank god, you're out..." Cessily settled for hugging him, a gesture Laura mimicked. Naruto sighed and then returned the gesture.

"Hey, no tears, alright? I'm free, I'm unharmed and I'm a superhero. All's well. So... Smile for me?" Naruto said, settling on Laura's bed as the two reluctantly let go of him, but they took a hand each. "... So. How are the others?"

"They're worried too." Cessily sniffed and then placed her free hand over her chest. "But it's alright, now... You're back..."

"Well... That's why I visited." The two girls immediately tensed, feeling that there was something that he had to tell them. "You see... I'm not back. I will be back every now and then, probably at Christmas and other occasions, probably my birthday... But I'm not back."

"... What did they want?" Ever the sharp one, Laura already understood that Naruto had to compromise something to get out of prison, considering the volume of the stunt he had pulled. The blonde just grinned.

"Nothing bad, do not worry. They... Gave me a job to do. I'm even going to be paid for it. Only... I'm going to be stationed elsewhere." Naruto smiled a bit sadly. "I'm gonna miss all of you a lot... But I can't help it. I'm going to have to teach there for at least an year."

"... Where are you going?" Cessily asked, and at that, Naruto perked up.

"Actually, quite close. They're building a new facility in Stamford, where the school once was. It's gonna be a symbol of change or something. So, I'm not going over-state or anything." Naruto grinned like a loon and then stood up. "Well... I guess this is it."

"T-This is it?!" Cessily got on her feet, shocked by Naruto's attitude. "What about... I mean..."

"... Uh? What? … Ahhh!" Naruto smacked his head, and then wagged his finger at the redhead. "Cess, really, do you even have to ask?" The blonde took the girls' hands, grasping them gently with his own ones. "This doesn't change anything for me if it doesn't for you. I still... Well, you know." He blushed, not really being one for words.

"... Idiot." This was Laura, surprisingly. She softly leaned her head against his chest, and then she remembered she had something of his. "Naruto, this..."

"No." He raised his hand to stop her, with a grin plastered on his face. "As I said, till I get back, it's yours to hold onto."

"... Alright." Laura acquiesced, and Naruto caressed her head for a while, before letting go.

"So... I gotta go. Say hi to the others for me, will you... Uh?" Naruto suddenly found out that he couldn't move. Cessily had shapeshifted so that she had completely enveloped Naruto's right arm with mercury.

"... Can't you... At least stay the night?" Cessily started, blushing all the way to her fingertips. "... With... Me? With us?"

"Stay the..." Naruto's mind immediately went there, considering the latest development in their relationship. He blushed scarlet. "C-Cess! I... I mean... It's not..."

"... I see." Cessily turned her head to the second mutant girl in the room. "Laura, I'm going to need your help here."

"... Of course." Laura smirked, and Naruto blushed and shuddered at the same time. As the black haired girl locked the door, Cessily shoved him on the bed, blushing as much as him. Then...

"Hey!" She cut open his shirt with a mercury blade. "My shirt!"

"You'll survive without it..." Cessily said, releasing him but starting to crawl on him, on all fours. Naruto was about to make a break for it, but the other side was immediately filled by Laura, in the same position. "So... Here we are..."

"Indeed." Laura commented, and Naruto felt like a mouse under the gaze of two very big, very hungry tigers, even if one of the tigers was blushing.

"C-Can't we talk this through?" He swallowed as the girl crawled on him more and more, the combined feeling of Cessily's cold fingertips and Laura's warm digits making him shiver.

"... You should know the answer, N-Naruto..." Cessily lowered her head and started kissing his chest with feather-like pecks, making him positively tremble.

"Resistance is..." He gasped loudly when Laura licked a trail from his jugular to his left earlobe. "Futile..."


"... I'm going to need a tissue..." Laurie said as she held her nose and walked away from the room. She probably had the best or the worst timing in the world, depending on how you looked at it.


"Damn... Those two... I-I didn't believe I would get out of there alive..."

"Promises, promises..." Deadpool commented, shrugging his shoulders as the two of them left the Xavier's grounds, Naruto still a bit woobly, dawn setting behind their backs.

"What, you jealous? Come on, now that you know henge..."

"My rage is the one of jealous fanboys. Do you have any idea how many people have ever fantasized about bagging either one of those two?" Naruto snorted and shook his head. "Still, I don't understand why you asked for me as a partner in your 'conditions'."

"Well... First, because you were looking for a chance to go 'legit', right? Second, I needed some fear leverage, if I'm going to be a teacher. Third..." Naruto grinned and turned to Wade completely. "You want me to believe you've never thought about doing your impression of gunnery sergeant Hartman?"

"... You read my mind, padawan. You really read my mind." Deadpool grinned under his mask, and that's when Doc Strange made his entrance, in a cloud of purple smoke. "Hoi, doc. I believe we were going to wait for the end of my current series or something..."

"Deadpool... I'm not here for you, as you can probably guess. I'm here for the young one by your side." Naruto grinned.

"Hey, doc. It's been a while, hasn't it?" The sorcerer supreme just smiled at the shinobi's exuberance. "So... What brings you here?"

"First, I wanted to thank you. I think that your intervention gave the opportunity to solve this whole 'Civil War' matter peacefully, for a chance." Naruto grinned even more, before remembering that he had been 'punished'. "And second... For a gift, we could say."

"Uh? A gift?" The blond blinked at that. He didn't see any packages or anything nearby, but it was the sorcerer supreme he was talking to, after all.

"Yes, a gift... Of knowledge." Deadpool said something under his breath along the lines of 'lame', but the good doctor ignored him. "Tell me, young Naruto... Would you like to know about your parents?"

"... My..." Naruto's eyes widened. This 'gift of knowledge' had not been really welcome to him at first, because of the amount of knowledge he was already forced to carry with him, but... This was welcomed knowledge. "... Yes. I do."

"Oh, come on! You can't end the whole story like th-"



"Leave me alone."

"No, Holku." Their king was kneeling in the middle of what was left of his city, of his people, of his love, of the peace he had fought so hard for. All disappeared in a flash of burning light. "We are warbound. To the end."

"Look around you, Hiroim. This is the end." He didn't get up, even as the comrades he had made during this latest struggle prompted him to react. "Nothing left to save. Nothing even left to smash."

"Maybe not here... But the robot has a map of the entire universe in his head." Those words made something move inside him. Something he had thought to have buried for the good of all, including himself and his other self, or were they one and the same? It was so difficult to understand, the way they had collaborated, the way they had fought and thought together, the way they had loved together.

"I bet you can figure out some place you'd like to go..." He got back on his feet, the rage he was supposed to have suppressed now back, bigger than he had ever felt, bigger than anyone had ever feared...

This is the story of the green scar. The eye of anger. The world breaker. Harkanon. Haarg. Holku. Hulk.

And how he finally came home.


"How does it proceed?"

"With haste, father." The new father was observing the work of his children, building the machines and the weapons that they would need for what was foretold. For the coming of the anti-christ, what their previous guidance, Stryker, had been revealed by a vision.

"Yes... This anti-christ shall not take us unprepared! The will of god will be made!


"The fat lard finally found out the next one?" The figure spat what white meat was left in his mouth on the ground as its comrade approached him, handing him a piece of paper, with a picture and various coordinates and information. "... Ohhh... Is he..."

"Yes." The messenger simply replied, and the figure laughed out loud before getting back on his feet.

"How suitable for him to be number nine, then!" He then crushed the paper ball and threw it on the ground behind him. "Call the others, honey! It's time to go hunting for foxes again! Good thing too. I was kinda tired of walking through the ashes of yet another lifeless world. After a while, it loses its appeal..."

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The End

To be continued in:

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