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TMNT: Raphael and Lily

-- Raph's POV --

I'm trainin' in the dojo. Mikey is watchin' somethin' on TV, Don is his his lab and Master Splinter is meditating in his room (where he will be until 5:00 when his soap opera comes on and he kicks Mikey off the TV).

Leo . . . I don't wanna think about Leo. "Aaargh." I groan how could Leo just leave like that, sure he'd been sent on a training assignment but that had ended six months ago.

I sigh as I punch and kick the worn training dummy. Didn't Leo know what he was doin' ta Don and Mikey?

Especially Mike, poor kid was throwin' himself into that stupid party business, every day he'd come back home lookin' like he got ran over by a semi.

An' Master Splinter didn't show it so much, but I'd seen the look in his eye's when Leo didn't come home. He'd even stopped watching his soaps for awhile, only about a month ago had he started watchin' 'em again.

I kick the dummy reflectin' that soon I'd have to re-stuff and patch it up. I sigh again as I roll my

shoulders, I can't shake the feelin' that I need to be somewhere.

I go to the livin' room and there's Mikey layin' on the couch watchin' some cartoon.

I looked at Donnie workin' on some new thing called the PARTICLE EQUALIZING RANDOMIZER or P.E.M., whateva' that is. I don't speak geek. Not to underrate Don, I mean the turtle's a genius but when he starts in with the big scientific stuff I start to space out.

Again I get the feelin' I should be somewhere an' it's stronger this time. So I let it lead me. The feelin' pulls me to the surface an' I head for the roofs.

I go to my favorite spot, a big building with levels on top so it looks like a pyramid, or steps.

I don't know how long I've sat here when I heard scufflin' and muffled shouts comin' from an alley four roof-tops away.

When I'm one roof away I hear a scream. I look down into the alley, there are five thugs around a slumped form.

"You boys picked the wrong night to be criminals." I whisper as I jump down doin' an aerial summersault and land silently behind the muggers.

My subconscious notes that the person they are beatin' up is a red-headed girl who looked to beabout sixteen.

Then suffice it to say, the muggers won't be tellin' no tales, 'caus I take care of them.

I go over to the girl, she isn't movin' so I figure she musta' fainted. I check for her pulse and feel it strongly beatin' under my hand.

Her clothes are torn and she has bruises on her arms and black eye, I could well imagine what those bastards had been about to do to her. And it makes my blood boil.

I can't tell but it looks like she has a broken wrist an' her left ankle is swollen.

Well, what is a turtle to do, I can't just leave her there, and I definitely can't bring her to a hospital. So I choose a third option, I bring her home with me.

I gently scoop her up in my arms, bein' real careful 'cuz I don't want to jostle her an' I know that Don'll be mad enough that I moved her.

He's always tellin' us not to move people when they've been hurt, but there's no way in shell I was leavin' her layin' in that alley.

She felt so little in my arms, weak and fragile, I felt like I'd do anything and everything I could to protect her.

Luckily we aren't to far from the old 'abandoned' warehouse where we keep all our vehicles. It has an elevator goin' down to the Lair.

Lucky for me 'cuz there is no way I could go through the sewers carryin' the girl. Well, I probably could but not if she's unconscious and beat up.

I'm worried about her wrist and her left ankle looks bad not to mention the other assorted cuts, bumps, bruises and her black eye.

I punch in the code to open the door and hurry to the elevator. Steppin' inside I push the down button.

I get out my shell-cell and push Don's speed-dial number (all while still carryin' the girl). It only rings once before he answers.

"RAPH, where are you!" he all but shouts somewhat frantically "Do you have any idea what time it is? Why didn't yo-"

"Don," I interrupt "listen I went out an' I found a girl and she's hurt real bad."

"Please, don't tell me you're bringing her here. And that you moved her." Don says suspiciously

"Yeah, I did an' don't try to lecture me like Leo does, 'cuz it ain't gonna work Don. B'sides you woulda done the same. Now listen I'm in the elevator. Her wrist might be broken and her ankle looks real bad, she's got lotsa cuts and bruises, an' she's been unconscious for awhile . . ." I trail off.

The elevator is almost to the bottom. "Anything else?" Donnie asks quietly "Yeah, tell April to bring some clothes." I answer

"Okay, I will, see you in a minute." he replies softly. I know right then that Donnie is one of the greatest.

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