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--the next morning--

--Raph's POV--

I woke and she wasn't in my arms. "Lily?" I asked still sleepy. However the sight of her coming into the room wearing nothin' but a towel soon remedied that.

"Raph." she all squeaked "It's not polite to stare." I turn to the wall trying to get that image out of my head. Her long, soft, red hair, all shiny and wet. Her creamy bare shoulders, the tops of her . . . no, gotta think about somthin' else. My bike, driving fast, my red bike . . . just like Lily's beautiful hair.

"Argh . . ." I moan as I sit up. Why is it my thoughts always go back to her?

"You can look at me now." her soft voice says behind be and I turn. She's leaning up against the door-frame, wearing a dark red skirt, and a slightly-lighter-shade-of-red blouse.

Then, I remember what April said, and all the pieces fit together in my head. I stand, going over to her. I lean over her, my right arm pressed to the doorframe above her head, our bodies almost touching.

"You're looking very lovely this morning." I purr lowly, smirking as her breath hitches.

I press off the wall and step into the hall, I need ta talk ta Don.

"Raph?" she asks behind me

I turn and cock an eyebrow.

"Thank you, for listening." she said her eyes downcast

I close the distance between us, and putting my hand under her chin, I gently lift it so we're eye to eye.

"Always." I tell her

I step back, but she quickly darts forward, and kisses my cheek. Blushing she slips into her room quickly shutting the door behind herself, leaving me standin' alone in the hall.

What was I goin' ta do? Oh, yeah, Don, that's right.

Well, she's definately given me a lot to think about.

--same scene--

--Lily's POV--

I woke up slowly feeling Raph's arms around me. I slowly slide out of his embrace, and go take a shower.

It had been hard last night, telling Raph about Rael. Rael, was the best thing I ever had . . . until I met Raph.

Raphael filled the hollows in me I didn't know I had. And well, I not unhappy about it, not in any way. After all, how many girls have a wonderful guy to cuddle with every night?

Though I wouldn't mind going farther with him, I don't want to pressure him, us being different species and all.

I step out of the shower wrapping a large white towel around myself and head back to my room to dress.

It's not til after I'm already in the room I remember Raph, shoot.

"Lily?" his sleepy voice asks

"Raph," argh, why do I sound so nervous "it's not polite to stare." I remind him going to my dresser. I hear him turn away and smile to myself when I hear him moan.

I postion myself against the door-frame, "You can look at me now." I say softly and turning he stands and comes over to me, his arm resting on the door-frame over my head.

"You're looking very lovely this morning." he says lowly, is he purring? My breath catches, our bodies are almost touching.

Then he smirks and turns to go, "Raph?" I asked him, he turns and cocks an eyebrow

"Thank you, for listening." I say unable to look him in the eyes

He quickly steps back and lifting my chin with his hand, forcing me to meet his eyes.

"Always." he says solemnly

He steps back still looking at me, then on impulse I dart forward and kiss his cheek. My cheeks heat in a blush and I quickly slide into my room shutting the door in his face, telling myself I'm not hiding.

"Argh." I moan leaning against the closed door, I need to talk to Donnie.


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