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Chapter Seven: Discoveries

"Renesmee!" I heard Dad yell from the bottom of the stairs. I rolled over in bed and ignored him, pulling the pillow over my head.

"Young lady, I can hear every word you're thinking and you're in BIG trouble. Come down here, RIGHT NOW!" he yelled again.

"EDWARD! Will you shut up and leave her alone!?" Mom snapped.

"Bella! He…he KISSED HER!" Dad retorted.

"Well you kissed me on our first date, so shut up," she said smugly, making me grin into my mattress.

"I did not! I barely touched you in that restaurant in Port Angeles."

"That wasn't our first date!"

"Regardless Bella, I'd known you for months. She's known this boy for a week!"

"Oh, Edward lighten up! I hardly think you need to worry about Nessie moving too fast in a relationship."

Although Alice was defending me, it was embarrassing to listen to, especially when I heard Jasper and Emmett laughing raucously.

"Why? Can you see something?!" Dad snapped at her.

"Yes, but you know I can never be sure when the future involves Nessie or Jacob or humans…"

"You were always sure with me!" Mom argued.

"That's because you were intrinsically linked with Edward, Bella. And I don't see any new vampires on the horizon…"

I didn't completely understand that one, but I was glad the topic had shifted from getting me to come downstairs. I felt miserable. Not because of anything that Andy did. I had enjoyed every moment of my date with him and knew he was now my boyfriend. But for some reason the moment was spoiled because all I could think about was how Jacob was

missing and that left a hole missing in me too.

Just my luck, my father hears everything I think.

"Renesmee Cullen, you come down here right now before I come up there and MAKE YOU!" Dad yelled.


Sighing, I trudged down the stairs, ignoring my father's glaring eyes and sat down on the bottom step.

"Ok Dad, let's hear it…" I said putting my chin in my hands.

"How dare you kiss that boy when I specifically told you not to!?" he said in a calm, velvet voice which made me a little afraid.

"Well Dad, I couldn't exactly stop the moment to stay, 'hey Andy…you know my overbearing older brother? Well he's actually my Dad and he forbids me from kissing you…"

"Don't you give me any cheek, young lady!" Dad yelled and if he was human, I swear his face would've turned red.

"Renesmee, your father just wants you to be careful…" Mom spoke gently.

"Well, I am being careful! Has he told you anything else about what I'm thinking?! Did he even pause to consider why I was upset instead of jubilant? No…because all he thinks about is himself!" I screamed, losing my temper.

"Renesmee! Watch your tone! Don't talk about your father like that," Mom said sharply.

"Of course, take his side. None of you even care! I wish Jacob was here!" I shrieked, running to the front door.

"Nessie!" Grandpa Carlisle placed a hand on my arm. "Don't run off like this!"

"Jasper! Do something," Alice whispered and suddenly I felt my senses dull.

"No! I'm sick of being controlled like this. If I want to be mad, I'll be mad!" I yelled, trying to pull myself out of the sereneness I'd felt wash over me.

"Darling, calm down please!" Grandma Esme tried, pulling me to her.

"No grandma, I just need to leave."

"You will not leave this house like this!" Dad said stiffly.

"I hate this. It is so unfair. I'm the only one being treated like a little baby and I'm not! Not anymore."

Mom looked like she was going to cry, if she could and spoke with a wavering voice. "Renesmee, please…what's gotten into you?"

"I'll be back later," I said trying not to look at her face.

"She will be," Alice spoke up thankfully.

"Alice…" Dad said in a warning tone.

"Edward, let her go…" Rosalie said.

"This is ridiculous!" Dad said angrily, heading to the kitchen to the garage.

"Renesmee, be careful," Mom said quietly and hurried after him. I heard the Mercedes start and I sighed heavily.

"Well, your parents are gone now kid…you could just stay," Emmett spoke up.

"Please," Esme whispered.

And then there was a knock.

"Ah…" Alice said with a slight smile.

Whirling around, I threw open the door and there was Jacob bare-chested with a sad but intense look in his eyes.

We sat by the water, looking at the sea thrash around.

"Where have you been?" I asked quietly.

"Finishing up school," he answered curtly.

"Are you angry with me?" I asked, biting my lip nervously.

He sighed deeply and shook his head. "No Ness, I just wish you hadn't forgotten about me."

"What are you talking about Jake? I haven't. I've cried everyday I thought you were mad."

"But you went on that date. And you kissed him."

"How…how did you know?" I asked in alarm.

He didn't say anything, just looked at his feet.

"You followed me, didn't you?" I accused, my voice shaking.

"I had to make sure you were safe. I was surprised Edward didn't do it himself."

"Exactly Jake, I already have a father!" I snapped.

"You think that's what it is?" he snapped back.

"Well then what is it Jake? I feel like everything has changed."

"Well maybe it has."

"Why though? What happened to you always being there for me? I needed you to meet Andy and instead you just followed us."

"I couldn't meet him. I didn't want to see how perfect you were for him, Ness!" Jacob sighed and looked up at the star-filled sky.

"I don't understand."

"Of course you don't. I guess I'm destined to strike out, again and again and again…" he said in a sad resigned voice.

"What are you talking about Jacob!?" I said pulling at his arm.

"Did Bella ever tell you about our relationship when she was human?" he asked, turning to look at me.

"No…but Dad did," I said, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. Dad had said Jacob needed to tell me something, but suddenly I was afraid to hear it.

"I was in love with her."

"You loved Mom? Did she love you too?" I asked, still feeling a little stunned despite already knowing this information.

He laughed in a knowing sort of way and his mouth twisted into a smirk.

"Oh she did. But not as much as she loved Edward."

"You don't seem too upset about that…" I replied in confusion.

The smirk immediately vanished and Jacob looked serious again.

"Well…turned out there was a reason for it all. Something that made the most sense in the world…"

"But?" I asked quietly.

"But…now its everything that's screwing with my head."

"I don't understand Jacob…"

He sighed heavily and I watched his eyes follow the young boy selling candy for his basketball team.

"Do you want some chocolate?" he asked vaguely.

Distracted, I glanced at the boy.

"No…he's only got peanut M & M's…" I answered, thinking about how he knew I hated nuts. Chocolate was a wonderful human creation…nuts just ruined it.

He rolled his eyes and beckoned the boy over, digging in his pockets as he did so. Eventually he pulled out a dollar and exchanged it for the candy. I watched every move with such frustration I could barely breathe.


He didn't answer and instead, just cracked the round chocolate open to extract the nut. Wordlessly, he handed me the pieces of chocolate and popped the nut in his mouth. I sat stunned for a moment. It was only Jake that would do this for me. He was the only one who could make the best of any situation, just so I would be happy. It tugged very sharply at my heart as I swallowed the delicious part of the chocolate and accepted the next piece he gave me.

"Did anyone tell you about imprinting?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Yeah…Embry did once when I met Emily," I said quietly, feeling suddenly sick. I didn't want to hear about how Jacob had imprinted on my mother but was destined to stay alone because she loved my father more than him. The thought…the idea made me want to bawl like a baby.

"Yeah…I knew that, I just was afraid I'd need to explain it again," he said uncomfortably.

"So…you imprinted on Mom," I said feeling a metallic taste rush into my mouth.

He sighed deeply and shook his head. "No Ness. It wasn't your Mom…"

I inhaled, processing this. "But you have imprinted on someone…"

He laughed bitterly. "Yeah. I should've told you a long time ago I guess…but I just sort of thought everything would fall into place easily…"

"I don't think I know what you're saying Jacob…" I said shakily, feeling terrified.

"Gosh Nessie, do I need to spell it out for you?" he said irritably.

"Apparently so!" I snapped back.

He turned then…finally to look into my eyes. The familiar chocolate brown brought me comfort despite the slight fear I saw in them.

"It was you Ness. It was you the whole time. I was in love with Bella…because part of her was always you."

I was stunned. This hadn't been what I was expecting at all. I had expected with some depression that it had been some other girl who'd tragically left him or had some horrible accident. Something that would explain his behavior recently. And while this explanation filled a lot of holes, it suddenly made even more. How was I supposed to react?

"But…I was a baby…"

"You know who Embry imprinted on though…" he whispered, his eyes on the pavement.

"Yeah but he's like a big brother to that 10 year old…." I said. And suddenly I understood. "…Just like you used to be."

"And soon he'll be her best friend…" he continued.

"And then…they'll be together, won't they?" I said, my eyes suddenly feeling watery.

He chuckled in his rough way and chokily said, "Well…unless some guy called Andy gets in the way…"

I slapped a hand to my heart.

"Wow…wow Jacob…I.."

"Please don't try to say anything Nessie…it only hurts," he said as he curled his fingers around the hand I'd thrust into his open palm.

"But…you…you're my best friend Jacob. More than that…I.."

"Can't resist that level of devotion?" he said with a half smile. "I know Ness. It must be nice to know someone else's world revolves around you…"

"Jacob…my world.." I started but he put a light hand over my mouth.

"No Ness, don't pretend that it's the same for you. If it was…you might've thought about me instead of Andy. You might've remembered me when you were out with him."

"I did though Jacob! As much fun as I had with him, I couldn't enjoy it fully without you!" I protested, trying to hug him.

He wrapped his arms securely around me and whispered into my ear.

"I'll always be here for you. You just needed to understand why this was hard for me."

I was crying now.

"But I don't want to lose you!"

"Who said anything about losing me?" he tried to joke.

"It feels that way Jacob! If I decide to keep dating Andy…how will you…?"

"I told you Ness. Even if you don't feel the same way…I'm yours. I always have been. Besides, I've had tons of practice with rejection."

"I'm not rejecting you though!" I argued.

"Not even thinking about it, that's rejection Ness…" he said with a weak smile. "Anyway, Edward is probably furious. I've kept you out late enough and I'm sure I'll get an earful once he can hear both of our thoughts…" he said standing and pulling me up with him.

"But we need to talk about this," I said as I followed him to the car.

"What's there to say now Ness? It's not like I won't be around forever for you," he whispered with a painful smile.

I cried the whole way home and the worst part was, as much as I'm sure he wanted to…Jacob didn't console me the entire way.

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