Ever The Same

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Supernatural doesn't belong to me. The story sets in Season two. Prologue is set after John's Death. But the story is in the timeline of Hunted.

Ever The Same


10:41 a.m. That was when Dean Winchester's world collapsed right in front of his eyes as doctors failed to bring his father back. His heart and body froze. His mouth went dry and breathing became harder. The only thing that rang in his mind was 10:41. He felt as if it was stabbing him with a sharp knife in the chest. And the pain in his head and the heaviness in his heart brought him sliding down to the floor…. He vaguely felt Sam moving; other than that he felt nothing. Dean was numb. He felt no movement around him. Silent tears ran down his cheeks as Dean fixed his haunted eyes on nothing but the air. 10:41 a.m. Dean Winchester's world shattered into tiny pieces; he doubted whether he would be able to collect them and fix it.

10:41 a.m. That was when Sam Winchester's world clouded yet again with pain and guilt… too familiar through out the year that had passed. Even at the last moment Sam had demanded and argued with his father…and Dad had asked him whether they couldn't fight…Sam shut his eyes tightly with the pain drilling inside his heart. When he opened his eyes, doctors had moved away, giving them space. Sam's eyes filled as they landed on John's body and his breath hitched. Dean seemed to be frozen where he was standing. His big brother had a distant look which made Sam's heart clench with another wave of pain. With shaky legs, Sam moved towards their dad. He barely made it to John's body. Sam dropped heavily on to the bed. He reached out to John with shaking hands. He touched John's still warm face and his hand slid down to the chest to feel for the familiar thumping that wasn't there. Sam dropped his head to John's chest…curling his fingers around the bed sheet tightly. Sam's body shook with each sob….

Someone was shaking him…drawing him out of the safe dark place he had hidden. It took a few minutes for him to finally come to the real world. Dean slowly looked at the hand touching his shoulder. It was their dad's doctor. Dean stared at him blankly as he was numb from pain. The doctor's face softened and it was laced with concern. It took a few minutes for him to realize that the doctor was saying something. "What?" Dean croaked out weakly. "Son we need to take care of your father" Dean nodded but with a distant look. "I'm really sorry about your father." This time Dean looked at the doctor as the word weighed on him. The doctor squeezed his shoulder gently. Dean turned to look at Dad. He was slightly taken back seeing Sam sprawled on Dad's bed, his shoulders shaking with each sob. He hadn't even noticed that his little brother was near Dad…crying…Dean swallowed hard. Sam's tears were something he hated to see. Dean got up slowly and walked towards his family…

Dean shakily made it to John and reached down to touch John's face. Dad was still warm. Dean closed his eyes and he let the warmth comfort him for now. "Don't be afraid Dean." But Dean was terrified, of what happened and what's going to happen. And John's words weighed him down more. He felt familiar arms around him holding tight. "Sammy," Dean whispered. Sam sniffed beside him; head buried in Dean's shoulder. "We need to leave," Dean said in an emotionless voice. He heard Sam's gasp and Dean stiffened. "Sam…we need to leave. They have to take care of Dad." He felt Sam shaking his head not wanting to go. " I need to lie down… Sam…lets please go" Dean said in a drained voice. Not wanting to fight anymore and just let go. He felt empty inside. When Sam gently shook him he looked at his little brother who looked determined despite the grief and pain hidden inside the hazel orbs. "Lets get you to bed," Sam said resting his hands on Dean's back immediately turning on the mother hen mode. Dean almost felt guilty but he chose to ignore it as Sam led him back to his room, hovering worriedly. Dean lay down and curled on his side while Sam fussed over him. He knew Sam was hurting but right now he was far too drained.

"Sammy…ya...k'…?" Dean mumbled struggling to keep his eyes open so that he could check on Sam.

"M' k… Go to sleep," Sam said, gently rubbing his wrist; Dean chose not to comment. He drifted off to sleep as his weary body dragged him into a pit of darkness.


Dean woke startled as he felt his hand being squeezed hard. Weirdly enough, he hadn't had any nightmares. But then again nightmares were mostly Sam's thing. His hand was squeezed again hard and Dean was dragged out of his thoughts. Sam was asleep in an uncomfortable way, his head resting on the bed and body bent over. Sam had his hand in a death grip and squeezing it hard. Dean almost rolled his eyes but he didn't. Sam was drawing comfort and Dean mentally kicked himself for not being able to be there for his little brother before. Dean sighed heavily bringing the other arm with huge effort to Sam's head and combed through the hair. Sam was pale with heavy bags under his eyes. The cuts and bruises in his face made him look more vulnerable and young. Dean caressed the pain lines in Sam's forehead with his thumb trying to soothe the youngest Winchester.

Dean sighed again and dozed off, his thumb still rubbing comforting circles on Sam's forehead. He knew dad had done something so that he could be saved. The only thing was Dean couldn't wrap his mind around how Dad had done this. The first thing he was planning to do was to check what Dad had done. Anger bubbled inside Dean. Dad had always ordered him to protect Sam. And now to ask him to kill him if he couldn't be saved. Dean shook his head in distress. 'I'd rather die first!' Dean said to himself in a determined voice. What Dad had asked or more like his last request, was to kill Sam if he couldn't be saved. It was then Sam let out a small whimper and Dean's attention went immediately back his brother. Dean whispered 'It's ok'

The words were a sucker punch as Dean knew they are not ok. He hoped that he would be able to look after Sam…protect him as he always did. But Dean wasn't sure whether he would be able to survive the coming future as he has been sensing the darkness approaching.



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