A/N: While at the Harry Potter convention Terminus (which was amazingly awesome, might I add), I participated in one of their drabble contests. The prompt was to write "Tonks' Last Words". This is what I came up with.



Bellatrix's shout, accompanied by a cackle and a jet of green light, rebounded down the corridor and around the corner as Nymphadora ran the long halls of Hogwarts.

"Running from me, are you? But this is not your usual style! Why the sudden cowardice, girl?"

But it was not cowardice that fueled the Auror's quick footsteps, it was not cowardice that enpowered her to run around corners and down stairs. It was fear. Fear, not for herself, but for Remus. She had not seen him in at least a good hour . . . she had no idea where he was . . . and the last anyone she knew had seen him, he was battling Antonin Dolohov . . .

"You can't dodge me forever, girl!" Bellatrix yelled after her, and a spell narrowly missed Nymphadora's head. "I will not stop my pursuit simply because you are afraid!"

Nymphadora skidded to a stop along a corridor in the first floor, paralyzed.

Remus, she thought.

There was his body, still, leaning strangely against the side of the wall. Without conscious thought, she moved towards him until she was kneeling beside him, clasping one of is cold hands between her own numb fingers.

"Remus . . . Remus . . ." she whispered, but she knew he was not there.

"He can't hear you, Nymphadora," Bellatrix hissed from behind her; Nymphadora had not heard her approach. "He's dead." She said it with such pronounced relish that Nymphadora's hands shook.

Face her, she told herself. Be brave and face her. It's what Remus would want you to do.

Slowly, Nymphadora stood up. She looked at her aunt. She did not raise her wand, for there would have been no point. She was done with running.

"Wotcher, Remus," she whispered just before the green light hit her. "I'm coming."