Whoo hoo!! Caity FINALLY recieved her copy of MI, and it was awesome. I sped through all 20 episodes in 2 days I think lol. In any case, I'm starting up a new little ficlet/drabble/whatever series for MI. Hope yall enjoy them- there really won't be a lot of point to these.

Somewhere in the back of their minds, both Stephen Conner and Frank Powell realized that they really shouldn't have been having as much fun as they were. Considering the laundry list of calamities they'd dealt with thus far (everything from natural disasters to terrorism to familial disintegration), one would think the logical response would be closer to panic or rage. Raw sorrow also seemed likely—especially considering that one of their own was on his death bed and would remain there if their current mission failed.

Still, the fact remained that the two friends were indeed enjoying themselves (illogical though it might have been). It was odd how easily they'd slipped back into the commando mindset. Hell, sneaking onto the base had been like riding a bike, and Stephen just knew Frank had been dying for the chance to hotwire a truck. His friend got that same look on his face every time he had an excuse to whip out his lock picks on a case. Not to say that Frank was the only one having a blast. After all, how often did a grown man have a legitimate reason for driving through a locked gate in a stolen vehicle at high speeds? Not nearly often enough, in Stephen's opinion.

Thus, when Natalie and Kate met them in the hall of the battered little hospital, they found the two men grinning like fools, their smiles wider than either woman had seen from them in quite a while. Frank's quip about 'liberating' the stolen medicine actually surprised a chuckle out of Nat; Kate didn't, as she was still too shocked at the thought of her premier NIH team committing what might be considered an act of war against the local government to muster up the necessary energy.

Later, Miles would be quite depressed that when he discovered that he'd missed out on their intimidating leader smiling.

I won't beg, but reviews really do make me write faster!