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Chapter Twenty-Two

"How can this be? It's not possible!"

"What's not possible, Father?" questioned Damien.

"That brat, he's become the Fierce Deity."

"I thought that was only a myth."

"Evidently it's not," spat Ganondorf.

"Well now what are we supposed to do? It's no longer a two-on-one fight if that stupid little Light prince has the Fierce Deity's powers at his disposal," explained Damien in a worried tone.

"No," said Ganondorf angrily. "He cannot win. He will not win! We are not backing down from this fight! This victory was guaranteed to be ours! I will not have it taken away from me!"

Damien looked at his father worriedly. "Father, listen to yourself. We need to get out of here. And we need to do it now," he said, stepping forward and grabbing Ganondorf's arm.

"No!" shouted Ganondorf, wrenching his arm out of Damien's grasp. "Pathetic Gale is going to die by my hands tonight, whether he has the powers of the Deity or not."

"You're wrong, Ganondorf. It is not I that will be perishing by anyone's hands tonight, but you and your son will die by mine," the Deity spoke through Link. The Deity slowly swiped his hands through the air, revealing his twisted double blade and double-edged sword. He gripped it tightly and readied it in front of him.


The Deity looked behind him, his white eyes meeting Zelda's clouded blue ones. She was kneeling back on her heels, hands at her sides and an open mouthed frown on her face. The rapier the Dragmires had given to her during her fight with Link lay dismissed at her side.

"I'm not Link. He is safe though, and he doesn't want you to worry. He wants you safe," he told her.

"But how?" she asked in awe.

"Magic," he smirked.

Zelda placed a hand on her stomach and let out a smile. Her happy moment was cut short as she noticed the shine of a blade behind the Deity's head. "Watch out!"

The Deity smirked. Staring Zelda directly in the eye, he moved his blade behind him, blocking the strike with a loud clang. "Relax, I won't let anything happen to Link, his body, you or your children."

Zelda stared in disbelief, "You... did that without looking."

"Oh don't be so amazed," Damien spoke venomously. "Now tell your lover boy to stop showboating and fight me like a real man!" he exclaimed, gripping his sword tightly.

The Deity cocked his head to the side, then turned slowly to face Damien. "Oh really?" he began. "Fight you like a real man? That seems like unfair fight, considering you're no real man."

"What?" Damien said through gritted teeth.

"You're no real man," the Deity responded. "You're a coward. And your father is the same."

"Watch your tongue, Deity," Ganondorf spoke.

"You know I'm speaking the truth," smiled the Deity.

"That's it, you're a dead man," Damien spoke angrily. "We're not losing a two-on-one fight."

"I would hardly call it a two-on-one fight when it's two pathetically lonely, weak souls competing against a deity."

The retort was on the tip of his tongue, yet he was surprised when it was not his voice he heard.

Damien gritted his teeth. "You ungrateful little wench!" He extended his hand like a whip.

Zelda let out a sharp gasp as her back hit a wall and the rapier that was alongside her embedded itself into the wall mere inches from her face.

The Deity's eyes were quick to turn red and he charged at Damien, their swords meeting in a dangerous clash. "Touch her again and this fight won't last sixty seconds," he spoke through gritted teeth.

"The Deity falling for a mere common girl too? Again?" Damien smirked.

The Deity glared at Damien. He made a swipe for Damien's chest.

Damien narrowly dodged the attack. His retaliation was blocked by the Deity. "You and Gale are so much alike. Falling for mortals, thinking you have a chance at love, hoping for the best," Damien rambled. "It makes me sick."

"You mean to say it makes you jealous," the Deity spoke through gritted teeth. He pressed forward on Damien's blade with his own. He smiled when he heard a snap and saw Damien's sword beginning to crumble under the pressure.

"Jealous? Me jealous? I am jealous of no one!" Damien exclaimed in a fit of rage. "How dare you say I'm jealous?"

"Simple," the Deity responded, wasting no time answering Damien. "Link is a much powerful wizard, Link grew up in the light and knew – knows – what it's like to be loved and cared for, Link has had meaningful relationships and does have a meaningful relationship to live for. Shall I go on? Link has plenty to live for, Damien. Can I say the same for you?"

"Shut up!" he bellowed, violently swinging his sword left and right before throwing out his left hand and releasing a red fireball of magic. "I don't have to take this."

The Deity moved back, dodging the sword strikes and placing a magical barrier in front of him to block Damien's magical attack. A loud boom sounded and a smoke filled the room as the red fireball made contact with the shield.


The Deity waved his hands around attempting to clear the smoke faster and find the source of the voice that he had only just heard for the first time a few moments ago, yet sounded so familiar to him. His eyes went red once more when the image in front of him was clear of smoke.

"Now you're going to get it, Deity," Damien spoke angrily.

"Don't listen to him! He – ah!" Zelda choked as Damien's arm around her neck tightened. Zelda panted worriedly as she attempted to pull Damien's arm off her neck with both her hands. She let out a sharp gasp as she felt the side of a blade placed on her protruding belly.

"What did I say about touching her?" the Deity spoke slowly, watching the two in front of him very carefully.

"Funny, I can't seem to recall," smirked Damien, jerking Zelda closer to him and keeping the blade rested against her stomach. "You're not going to hurt me with her so close. You wouldn't hurt her or Gale's child. You lose, Deity."

The Deity grit his teeth.

"Don't listen to him! I trust you! Link trusts you! Deity, I beli – ugh!" Zelda was silenced once more as Damien jerked his arm and her breathing became difficult momentarily.

"You don't know how to stay out of trouble, do you, Zelda dear?" Damien spoke, glaring down at her. "Although, keep being disobedient, gives me more reason to hurt you and has the Deity immobile for fear of losing you," he smiled. "Don't you see, human emotions make a person weak. They need to be destroyed, along with everyone who believes in them in order to create a strong, powerful, obedient world under the control of the Dragmires."

"Never," Zelda spat up in his face.

Damien growled down at her.

"Zelda!" the Deity exclaimed, taking a cautious step forward.

"Ah, ah, I wouldn't do that if I were you," spoke Damien, pushing the flat end of the blade a little harder against Zelda's stomach. "Don't want to put the baby at risk, now do you?"

Zelda looked towards the Deity with teary eyes. Her eyes went wide as she noticed a blob of red just behind him. The Deity was too absorbed keeping an eye on her that he failed to noticed Ganondorf slowly creeping up on him, a sword readied in his hand. Zelda made an attempt to warn him, but as she opened her mouth Damien was quick to tighten his grip around her and jerk her around a little more, in the process only angering the Deity further at the scene in front him. Think Zelda, think, she thought hurriedly as she tried to focus on breathing and finding a way to save the Deity at the same time. Think! Tears ran down her cheeks as she closed her eyes. The rapier! Zelda's eyes flew open. There, behind the Deity and obscured by the mess of Ganondorf's wild red hair, was the rapier Zelda nearly used to kill Link still embedded in the wall she was forced into not too long ago. Okay, just stay calm, Zelda. Focus. You can do this without getting caught. Zelda found it hard not to smile when she noticed the thin blade wiggling itself out of the wall. Zelda took a deep breath, trying to breathe properly to keep from suffocating, as well as keep calm and focused. Once the blade was free it hovered in midair, turning itself around slowly and aiming itself directly at Ganondorf. Now!

The shriek Ganondorf let out surprised the three others in the room. The Deity whipped around, swiped his blade and knocked the sword out of Ganondorf's hand. Zelda took Damien's surprise to her advantage as stomped her foot onto his and elbowed him harshly in the gut. He released her instantly and she scrambled to reach the Deity.

"Wench!" The Dragmires exclaimed at the same time – Ganondorf pulling out the rapier from his right shoulder and Damien slowly getting to his feet.

"We'll kill you!" The two Dragmires charged from opposites ends towards the couple in front of them. The Deity calmly pushed Zelda behind him as she looked on in fear. The Deity watched as the two got closer with their swords raised and magic ready. The Deity stuck out his sword at the last minute and pushed Zelda and himself further back.

Zelda watched in awe as the Dragmires moved too fast to stop themselves before they impaled themselves onto the Deity's blade. She was even more stunned at the speed of the Deity when he dashed forward, twisted his sword, and yanked it out of the Dragmires. Zelda let out a shaky breath as the pair fell to the ground with a dull thud. The Deity had his back to her, but both ends of his sword were still clear. Zelda fought the urge to vomit upon seeing a heart on each end.

"The only way to kill someone with the enchantment on them would be to severely damage their heart to the point where their magic would not be able to fix it. Essentially, the best way to kill them would be to rip their heart out of their body."

Link's words echoed in Zelda's ears. She stared at the hearts. It was over, that fast? Could it really be true? Were they actually gone forever?

The Deity was silent, not looking at the hearts or bodies on the ground. He inhaled a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling. "It's over, My Love. I'm finally at peace. I will see you soon," he whispered.


He turned at the sound of Zelda's voice. "Are you well, Zelda?" he asked her. Dropping his sword, he took a step towards her.

"I think so," she whispered in response. She stared at the bodies on the ground until the Deity was standing fully in front of her, effectively blocking her view.

"They're gone," he told her. "They can't hurt you anymore."

"So easily?" she questioned in disbelief.

"Rage does horrible things to not only humans, but as wizards as well," he mused. "We are blinded by our emotions, whether we're human or not," he told her, lifting a hand to her head and placing it in her blonde locks and cupping her face.


"Thank you, Zelda," he whispered, wrapping his other arm around her and lowering his head to hers.

And thank you, Link.

Zelda's eyes went wide when his lips made contact with hers. He was kind and warm, just like Link. Link, when would he be back? And how was he coming back? A bright white light surrounded the Deity and Zelda closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back. She pulled back after a moment, realizing the bright light had vanished, and looked up into a deep sea blue pair of eyes. "Link?"

"Hi, Zelda," he whispered, stoking her cheek with his thumb.

"Oh, Link!" Zelda exclaimed, jumping up in his arms and kissing him profusely.

"I'm glad you missed me," he chuckled, eagerly kissing her back.

"Oh shut up," she whispered against his lips, "and just kiss me."

"As you wish," he smiled, obeying her words. He brought his lips down to hers and kissed her passionately.

Zelda smiled and kissed him back hungrily. She was happy they could finally live in peace and raise their children in a world without the Dragmires and she easily showed those feelings to Link. From the way he was kissing her back, she knew he felt the same way. We can finally live normal lives, Zelda thought as she smiled as Link planted wet kisses along her neck. Well, as normal as it can be having magic abilities and immortality. Link's immortality spell! "Link?"

"Yes, Zel?"

"Does this mean you'll –" she cut herself off as a sharp pain surged through her body. She dropped to her knees holding her stomach.

"Zelda," Link asked with concern, kneeling in front of her instantly. "What's wrong?"

"The babies," she whispered painfully. Sweat trickled down her forehead. When did it get so hot? "My stomach, it hurts," she managed to say. "I think the babies are coming."

"What?" Link asked in shock. "You can't be going into labour, it's too soon. Are you sure?"

"Link!" Zelda exclaimed, grabbing his shirt tightly in an attempted to show him she was angry, but mostly to support herself.

Link helped her up carefully. "Okay, okay," he winced. "I'll get you to the hospital."

Zelda relaxed slightly before feeling all the colour drain from her face as she felt a sudden wetness run down her legs.

"What is it?" Link asked gently, noticing her sudden paleness. He placed a hand on her lower back and with the other grabbed her hand to help support her.

"My water just broke."