My Only Light

McKeller TLM timeline.

Disclaimer: If I owned them would I be writing this?

Did I ever tell you what you meant to me?

Did I ever say just how much I loved you then?

When everything was gone, I still had you.

When all I loved was lost, I still had you.

When hope was gone, I still had you.

You kept me whole when I felt only pain.

The kindest soul ever born to Earth,

you loved me more than I deserved.

In a world gone ever more mad,

you were all I needed, all I had.

But than the dark came,

and you were gone too.

My love, my friends, now all gone.

How do I keep going on?

Than I found the way

To fix the world and save the day.

Your pure soul may have no regrets,

But mine have me trapped.

You were my only light,

my one good thing in darkest night.

My love, I'll fix this time,

bring you back, save your light.

And maybe, in changing all the wrong,

that dark night will claim my soul,

but at least you'll still be

all my hope, my only light.

A/N: This is just my boredom in Algebra in word form. I would like feedback though. So all you have to do is press that little button. Go ahead. You know you want to.