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Summary: Ashley's life is going downhill. First a break up, then most of her friends die in a blast that was supposed to have killed her. Can she find hope in this new bodygaurd sent to protect her? ASHLEYxOC

Bullets were whizzing by, as people were shouting and running about, returning fire with their own weapons. An explosion made the earth around the four man squad shake like an earthquake.

"Fucking-A," shouted one of the soldiers as they all jumped behind a brick wall.

"All right people, we make our stand right here, right now! I'm fucking sick of running from those damn Muslims like cowards, let's show them not to fuck around with JTF2!" shouted the squad leader. He had short, blond hair, with a five o'clock shadow growing around his chin and cheeks. He was wearing military issued clothes (sand camouflage) with 'dragon skin' Kevlar, also sand camouflage. He was armed with a browning nine-millimeter pistol, and a C8 SFW assault rifle.

They all rose from their hiding spots behind the wall, and started to fire on the approaching enemy.

"Shit, there has to be, like, a hundred of them!" shouted the squads light machine gunner.

"Don't fucking count that up, you fool! Just keep on firing until our back up arrives!" shouted the squad leader.

"Sergeant Spinosa!" shouted the comm. Tech as he raised the radio. "It's the brass!"

"Goddamn it! I don't need this now!" shouted Spinosa as he ducked behind the wall, and grabbed the radio. "Yes sir!" he yelled into the mike over the sounds of the bullets flying overhead.

"Sergeant," came a static filled voice, "this is lieutenant Sanders from base command"

"Hey there, lieutenant, what can I do for you?" asked the sergeant.

"The choppers sent for you were shot down, looks like they really want you. Dead or alive"

"Thanks for the information sir, though that's not all too comforting."

"Listen here. You get your squad up the valley, half a click away from your current position. There's a tank squad doing some exercises. They're British, so I'm pretty sure they'll be more than happy to help out."

"Thanks sir, over and out"

"Sir, armor!" shouted the squad sharpshooter.

"Use the LAW!" shouted Spinosa. The machine gunner of the group nodded and pulled out the anti-tank weapon, and sighted the enemy infantry carrier, which had a mounted cannon.

With an ear splitting VOOOSH, the rocket was let loose, and exploded on one of the hatches, creating a fireball of an explosion and sending pieces of broken metal and body parts flying into the sky.

"Okay people, we're moving out, we have a long walk ahead of us," stated the squad leader as the shooting died down.

"Patterson, what time is it?" He asked the comm. Tech.

"Sir, its seventeen hundred hour" replied Patterson as he wiped sweat from his brow, slinging his C7 over his shoulder.

"Alright people, let's move out. The cover of night should help us evade those looking for us."

Nightfall quickly dropped over the Afghanistan Mountains, causing the temperature to drop below zero. The group used any piece of cloth they had to cover any parts of their body not covered by their clothes in a ditch effort to remain warm.

"Sir, are we there yet? Asked Weber, the sharpshooter of the group, in a little kid's voice. Weber was the most agile person you would ever meet. He could squeeze into any place possible, just to get that perfect shot off.

"Har, har. We'll be there in about an hour, so don't start, okay?"

"Mmm, Sarge, I can't wait to get my hands on some of that nice warm slop that the Brits serve their troops." stated the squad machine gunner, Rico. He was built, and liked to show that off, a lot.

"I just want to get somewhere in touch with society, those houses we've been in the past week haven't been the best. And no electricity! Talk about uncivilized," remarked Patterson, the smallest of the group.

"Let's stop fantasizing people, we're still not there, and we're still in enemy territory, so keep your eye's open"

"Yes, sir" they all replied.

They continued to walk, all of them anxiously thinking of warm food, and a warm place to sleep for the night.

"Hey, get down," urged Weber, his sharpshooter instincts coming into action. They all crouched down. "Do you feel that?"

The group waited, and then, finally, they felt it. The ground was shaking slightly.

"Do you hear that?" asked Patterson. They strained their ears, and heard the mechanical clinking of armor treads.

"Hey! That's the Brits! They came looking for us!" stated Rico, as he got up, a look of hope, and relief painted onto his face. Spinosa pulled out his binoculars, and looked down the mountain, and noticed a tank column of six tanks approaching. His stomach went right into his throat. Tu-38's.

"Uhhh…people, those aren't British tanks" stated the sergeant, a little anxiety apparent in his voice.

"What the hell do you mean, 'not British!?'" asked the comm. Tech, his voice rising.

"Corporal Rico! How many anti-armor ordinances do we have left?" asked the sergeant.

"We used the last one in the village, sir"

"Shit! Alright, lets double time it out of here!"

"Yes, sir"

The ground rippled as a tank shell exploded a couple of feet from them, sending them flying off of their feet.

"Sarge! Are you alright!?" asked Patterson, as he shook Spinosa back to his feet.

All the sergeant could hear was a high pitched buzzing noise.

"Sarge!" yelled Weber, slapping his commanding officer. The sergeant started to get his hearing back.

He looked around, a little drowsy. "Let's get to safety!" he instructed his squad. They all nodded and sprinted around the peek of the mountain as another shot went off a couple of feet from them.

Once behind the peek, Spinosa grabbed Patterson's radio

"Lieutenant! This is Charlie squad, come in!" seconds passed before they got a reply

"What is it sergeant Spinosa?"

"Sir! Where are being pursued by enemy armor, how far until we make contact with allies?"

"Damn it… alright, the Brits have been told your situation, and are on their way," the lieutenant told them.

"Alright, how long, sir?"

"About ten minutes"

Spinosa let out a sigh.

"Roger, over and out"

"Ten minutes! We're not going to be here in ten fucking minutes!" stated Rico.

"How many smokes do we have left?" asked Spinosa as another shell landed not too far from where they where hiding, causing them to duck.

"We only have two, sir," stated Weber, as he unclipped two smoke grenades from his vest.

"That'll have to do"

"Enemy infantry!"

Rico deployed the feet on the front of his C9, and started to rain bullets on them, sending them falling like dolls onto the ground, dead. The Sergeant brought his rifle up and aimed the first enemy.

He sighted one running towards them, AK-47 firing at the hip. The soldier didn't look more then eighteen, at least. He squeezed the trigger, and a red hole popped up onto the chest of the enemy soldier. The soldier's eyes widened as he fell to the ground.

No matter how many times he did this, shooting enemies, whenever you see their eyes and the shock in them, it kind of leaves an impression in your mind.

"Sir! Enemy armor on ridge line!" stated Weber as he put in a fresh clip into his sniper rifle.

"All right, deploy smokes, we're moving out!" commanded Spinosa as he took one of the smoke grenades and removed the pin, tossing it behind him as he ran. Rico did the same thing with the other one, and the squad ran out from the protection of the mountain peek, down the side of the mountain.

The enemy tanks started to fire randomly into the smoke, sending pieces of rock flying.

"Crap, sir! Patterson is down!" shouted Rico as he knelt beside the injured Patterson, picking him up and putting him around his shoulders.

"Keep moving!" shouted the squad leader. Then, there was an explosion from behind them. The sergeant turned around and saw an enemy tank explode. He stopped and looked around.

In the distance, a flash of light appeared, and another enemy tank exploded.

"Fuck yeah!" shouted Spinosa. The rest of the squad stopped, and turned around. They saw what was happening, and started to shout with joy.

"Alright, let's head towards the column of tanks over on the depression in the valley over there!" pointed the sergeant. The group ran towards the ally tanks, whopping and shouting in delight.

"Hello there chaps, looks like you've been in quiet a little tussle" stated a British soldier as they met up with the British tank column.

"You're telling me. Thanks for your help, you really saved our asses out there, we owe you one." stated Spinosa as the two shook hands.

"I'm guessing you lads are Charlie squad?" asked the Brit.

"Yes, and you are?" asked Spinosa

"Colonel Whitaker, of Her Majesties royal tank regiment, third battalion"

"Sergeant Spinosa, JTF2, fourteenth battalion" the two exchanged salutes.

"Come with me, you blokes look like you can eat a bloody horse."

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