Author's Note: I was asked if I would consider doing perhaps a sequel to my old story 'The Secret Life of an Enforcer Commander'. Well, I really didn't want to do a long story so hatched this idea of a first person memoir and just glimpses into her new life. This first one will lay the ground work for more. Hope you like it.

I wake before the alarm goes off as usual and, as usual, my mate is still snoring away. I smile in amusement. Leaning over, I give Chance a kiss which doesn't do anything to wake him up, and climb out of bed to get ready for work.

As I take a nice hot shower, I think back on how much my life has changed. Recalling those dark years under my first mate's brutal domination, I shudder a little, but resolutely shove the old memories away. It's easier to do now since it's now some three years since I killed him.

A new tom came into my life and changed it forever. He's gentle and considerate unlike Rouen who was cruel and brutal, enjoying nothing more than to rape and beat me into submission on a regular basis.

Chance was in his persona of T-Bone when he and his partner came to my rescue. Rouen had found me after more than two decades of hiding in Megakat City pretending to be male, and had picked up where he'd left off. He intended to return me to our former home where I would be punished for having run off. But the SWAT Kats found me and in the ensuing attempt to escape, I killed my tormentor. That started me on the road to recovery and to a lasting relationship with T-Bone.

It's only been a year now since I guessed who he really was. I'd never give him away. Only a select number of Kats even know that I'm keeping company with a SWAT Kat. But the reason is enough to keep them from complaining about my conflict of interest. My species requires a regular dumping of power and sex accomplishes this.

Everyone simply accepted their Chief Enforcer was being serviced by a SWAT Kat because T-Bone had been the only male I could tolerate and not kill due to my former mate's treatment. That had been true at first but it wasn't now. I can be near other males now with hardly a twinge of apprehension.

I chose to be with T-Bone as he chooses to be with me. Another fact, however, has ensured no one is upset with me sitting on the fence and that was when we had our greatest battle against the worst omegas of our city. I wiped them out in one fell swoop and nearly all on my own with the raw energy I command. Now they just accept my connection to T-Bone as long as I don't flaunt it, which, of course, I don't.

A mutual respect grew between T-Bone and I after that major battle, though a gradual deepening of warmth had already begun when he took care of my needs twice a month early on.

You could say our more intimate relationship took off after that successful battle. The city was calmer...more peaceful...than it had ever experienced in years. The SWAT Kats weren't needed quite as much so we all had time for other pursuits.

T-Bone chose to be with me more and more frequently until he practically lived with me, then one day he asked to be my mate. Now, normally the male asks the female to be his mate but T-Bone knew I had been given no choices about who would be in my life when I was young and ever since then, he always asked first before initiating anything new that affected me. I loved him very much for that and didn't hesitate to say yes.

He moved in a week later, but after a few months of mated bliss, we decided to find a new place where he would be able to leave our home without being seen. Being mated was a well kept secret from all but my second in command, Sergeant Shea (my personal assistant and staunch right hand Kat), Ms. Briggs and, of course, Razor.

We didn't have to search far for a place. Ms. Briggs told me of an opening in her complex. It was an exclusive condominium near the bay. It had a chopper pad and a secured garage beneath it but what really sold us on taking the place, was when Razor discovered an underground passageway beneath the garage that lead into the subways. This made an excellent hidden escape route for T-Bone to leave our building everyday on his cyclotron.

Razor made a secure storage area in the passageway where the cyclotron and T-Bone's uniforms and weapons could be stored. He would come up to the apartment as Chance Furlong. No one in the building knew him from his time in the enforcers. They simply accepted him as my companion who lived in the building.

So I purchased the top floor apartment just down the hall from Ms. Briggs. It was a beautiful, roomy place and I loved it. It has several extra rooms and perhaps one day I will have that kitten my former mate had beaten me for never bearing him.

We will see, meanwhile I'll just enjoy waking each morning with the love of my life lying beside me. For now that's good enough.