Author's Note: I was asked if I would consider doing perhaps a sequel to my old story 'The Secret Life of an Enforcer Commander'. Well, I really didn't want to do a long story so hatched this idea of a first person memoir and just glimpses into her new life. This is the last in this mini-series. Hope you enjoyed it so far.

I glance at my watch as I toss yet another completed report into my out basket. It's lunch time and I'm starving.

I use the desk's surface to get to my feet. I'm not huge but there is no mistaking the fact that I'm very pregnant and my balance is skewed a bit.

Trying to keep it hidden from most of my enforcers and the public, has made me virtually a hermit in my office. My Sergeant and squadron commanders as well as the Mayor's office knows about me; that I'm female not male and that I'm a Saber not a Kat. The rest of my enforcers think an accident gave me these energy powers that defeated our most troublesome omegas. They don't even know I see a SWAT Kat on a regular basis.

Kat's alive! Would that ever cause a riot!

So everything about my private life is low key and on a need to know basis only. But trying to hide being pregnant has been a serious challenge. Fortunately, with the city so calm, my work has been mostly paperwork...yuck... I may hate that part of my job but its really a good thing right now. I don't have as much energy and tire easily.

I step carefully down from my pedestal and make for the small fridge my wonderful Sergeant acquired for me and stocked. There's even a microwave for me to heat a meal as well.

Poking around the fridge, I finally come up with a banana, milk, and a cold tuna sandwich. I take my meal to the couch, set my food on the coffee table and get my feet up. They are starting to swell a bit so I try to put them up whenever I can.

I'm resting and finishing my lunch when there's a knock on my door. Moments, later Lt. Commander Steele strides in. Not seeing me at my desk, he turns and spots me on the couch.

"Sir," He said as he came close with a file in his paw. "I have the Frentis Report you asked for."

I put down my milk and took the file from him. I looked over it intently for some minutes. I paid no attention to him while he stood waiting. When I looked up again, I caught him staring at my belly with a thoughtful look.

"This looks fine. Good work!" I told him. Ever since the battle for Megakat City some two and a half years ago, Steele had improved dramatically. He had finally turned out to be an excellent second in command and I felt comfortable about leaving the office in his paws when I went on maternity leave.

"Something else you wanted?" I asked as I handed the report back to him.

"Uhmm...just wondered when you were expecting to deliver, sir?" He asked politely.

I smiled warmly and rubbed my paw over my extended belly. "Within a week. Ready to take command?" I asked him.

He straightens to attention. "Whenever you need me to, sir." Then he relaxes and gives me a smile. "I wish you a safe delivery too, sir. I know how much this kitten means to you." He said with genuine warmth.

"Thank you Steele. So far everything has been okay, no complications are foreseen. Personally, I can' t wait to see her. I'm tired of being pregnant." I say with a sigh then try to sit up and frown when I can't get leverage.

Steele jumps forward quickly. "Here, let me give you a paw, sir." He says, offering his arm to allow me to pull myself up. I do so with relief.

"Thank you. Moving around has gotten difficult." I say.

"I understand. If there's nothing really urgent to get done, perhaps you should go home and get some rest. After the kitten you won't be getting any for a while." He said with a knowing smile.

I sigh. "Yeah, I hear that's so true. Maybe I will. My mate would certainly be happier if I did. I'll clear the important work off my desk then give you a call." I said, actually relieved to be going home early.

"Just let me know sir. See you later." He said with a nod. He left for his own office while I toddled off to the bathroom...another annoying issue of pregnancy.

After finishing my lunch, I worked for another couple of hours. I groaned as my back spasmed from sitting too long. I push up and stand for a moment, stretching. That causes me to need the bathroom again. Sighing, I climb down and take care of business.

Returning to my desk, I decide to take Steele up on his suggestion. I summon him to my office as I toss the last of the reports that needed completion into the out basket. I go and get my coat just as Steele arrives.

"Here sir, let me assist you." He says as he helps me get my coat on.

I smile at him as I turn around, buttoning my coat. "It's all yours, Steele. I'm going home to take a nap. Call me if anything major happens." I remind him.

"Of course, sir. Have a nice evening." He tells me. I nod and leave for the elevator that has been specifically set aside for me since the battle. My officers decided that, except for an emergency, I should have an elevator where T-Bone can discretely come visit me or I can leave without being seen. I was surprised and pleased at their thoughtfulness and so was T-Bone.

I go straight for the parking garage. My vehicle is parked right next to the elevator pylon so no one really gets a chance to see me much. I climb in and drive the short distance home.

I sigh gratefully as I strip my clothes off in the bedroom. I decide a hot shower will feel good about now. More relaxed as I pull my bathroom over my form, I pad out to the kitchen for some warm milk. Returning to the bedroom, I watch the afternoon news before shutting the TV off and laying down to rest.

I don't know how long I've been sleeping but when I awake, a tantalizing smell hits my nose and I realize I'm hungry. I slip off the bed and use the bathroom then waddle off to the kitchen.

I grin in delight as I step in the room and see Chance setting the table with a delicious meal. He grins at me and pulls my chair out for me to sit. Leaning down he gives me a warm kiss.

"How was your nap, love?" He asks as he serves up the food.

"Wonderful. Steele had suggested I leave early and I took him up on it. I feel less groggy now. Hope I can sleep tonight, though." I told him and grimaced as I realize I might not be able to go to sleep for hours.

"I wouldn't worry about that, Ulera. You'll be tired again in very little time." Chance said knowingly.

"Hmm, guess you're right. I am tired a lot lately. Oooh, this tastes wonderful." I said after my first mouthful.

"Why thank you. I do try." Chance grinned.

We eat in companionable silence and when we're finished, Chance clears the table making me stay in my seat. We talk about our day then, when he's finished with the dishes, we go out to the living room and watch some TV. To my surprise, I'm yawning by the time it's ten o'clock.

Chance smiles at me in amusement and helps me up from the couch and to bed.

I sleep soundly for some hours until dawn approaches. Outside the window a growl of thunder and splat of rain can be heard. I groan at that. I hate rainy days. I look at the clock and see it is only four in the morning. Sighing, I shuffled around a bit to get comfortable so I can get back to sleep but a persistent ache in my back prevents me.

Groaning again, I shove the bedding off and make my way to the bathroom. As I sit there, I sense something is amiss. My abdomen feels achy. As I stand to flush the toilet, I'm shocked to see blood. Now the reason for my pain leaps into my mind.

"Chance!" I call out urgently.

A sleep tussled tom appears in the doorway, his face expressing concern.

"What's wrong, love?" He asks anxiously.

"I think labor has begun but I'm bleeding!" I say worriedly.

His eyes widen then narrow in concentration. "Let's get you dressed and to the hospital, Ulera.." He tells me. He comes close and wraps an arm around me then guides me back to the bedroom and helps me dress. He has me wait on the bed while he dresses in his T-Bone persona.

When we're ready to go, he makes two calls. One to my doctor, who says he'll meet us there, and the second, to his partner, who says he'll be there in the Turbokat in minutes.

Putting a warm coat on me and grabbing our kitten bag, he helps me to the roof. By the time we get there, we only have to wait another minute or so before the dark form of the jet appears.

Razor lands it gently on the roof and lowers the cargo door. T-Bone helps me aboard and cinches us both in side by side jumpseats.

"Take off, buddy!" He tells his partner through his helmet.

The jet rises slowly then moves at a sedate speed for the hospital. It doesn't take more than ten minutes to reach it and were landing on the chopper pad.

The doors open again as T-Bone releases my seat restraint and helps me down the ramp to the waiting medical team. I'm loaded onto a gurney and rolled into the emergency area then off to an elevator where we go down to the maternity ward.

To protect my privacy, I'm temporarily covered in a sheet and hurriedly rolled into a private room. Only the doctor's team is privy to our unique situation.

I'm quickly divested of my clothes and examined.

"You're bleeding a bit more than I like." The doctor says in concern. "Get me an ultrasound machine and a liter of blood." He orders one of his team.

T-Bone holds my paw in nervous tension and I'm gripping him just as hard. I pray nothing is wrong with our kitten. We've waited so long for her to lose her now.

A nurse inserts a couple of IV lines, one for fluids and the other for blood. The ultra sound machine has arrived and the doctor uncovers my belly and squeezed some cold gel on it. The tension is high as he runs the head of the device over my belly.

"Things look alright with the kitten, Commander. I can't see a reason for the blood though. I think it best if we do a caesarean rather than letting you go through normal labor. Any problems with that I should know about?" He asked.

I was terrified. I had hoped to have a normal delivery, but blood flowing at this point had always meant death among my kind. A caesarean had a fifty-fifty chance of killing us as well because of fluctuations in our energy levels during labor and the stress of surgery. I told him this and his face got grimmer.

"This will have to be your decision, Commander. My personal opinion is its far too likely you will die before the kitten is born. The risks of a C-section are still better at giving you a chance to survive this. I'm willing to risk the dangers of your energy flow to help you." He said.

I look helplessly at my mate for reassurance. T-Bone is just as scared as I am.

"My love, I can't bear to lose you. If it will help, I'll stay in contact with you at all times...use me as a conduit for the energy just as you do when we have sex. You'll have to focus like you did when you battled the omegas. It should work." He suggested.

I bite my lip and think about what he's asking. Like the males of my species, I had actually learned to use my energy as an effective weapon and could consciously direct it where I wanted. T-Bone's suggestion might work. If it didn't...I couldn't bear to think about that.

"Alright, I'm willing to try." I said in an shaky voice.

The doctor nodded and signaled that a surgical room be made ready immediately. Only fifteen minutes later, I was being wheeled back to the elevator again and down a couple of floors to the surgical level. It wasn't long before I was being prepped with a saddle block to numb my lower spine for the procedure.

Though it was difficult for the surgical team, they managed to work around T-Bone's masked and gown form as he held on to me. They also had to be careful with placing their equipment to close to me where my energy could cause them to short out.

Some ten minutes later we were ready to begin. T-Bone sat near my head and held my paws in both of his. He kept my attention on him and coached me to focus and send energy through our paws. Under him was a rubber mat on the floor beneath his feet and under his butt. This was to ensure the energy didn't escape into the room.

As the surgery commenced, I gripped his paws tightly. He grimaced and once or twice growled aloud when I sent a burst of energy through him. It wasn't as pleasant as when we made love. It probably felt like jolts of electricity. But he just grit his teeth and made no complaint.

The team around us watched us carefully. It made some of them very nervous especially when a particularly intense burst of energy would cause T-Bone to light up for a brief moment.

Good thing he had removed his weapons harness, I thought blearily. Trying to keep my focus while they were cutting on me was truly hard. The tugging sensation in my shoulders was unpleasant and strange.

The doctor moved quickly, especially after seeing T-Bone spark. He had my abdomen open in minutes and then the uterus pulled forward just enough to gently cut it open and allow the amniotic fluid to run out. I could hear suctioning and the doctor's quiet orders.

"Ahh, here she be..." He said as he pull something from me. In the next moment he held something up for me to see. "Here she is!" He called out in a pleased voice.

I beheld my bloody and wet kitten who was just beginning to wriggle and howl. I gave a trembling smile of joy as tears began to fall down my cheeks. She was beautiful.

"She incredible!" T-Bone said giddily, leaning down to kiss me without taking his paws from mine.

The doctor handed my daughter off to a nurse and returned to taking care of me. I tried to relax and ignore all the strange things he was doing to me behind the drape. T-Bone, though ecstatic, had to endure several more minutes of being shocked till the doctor was done sewing me up.

It seemed like a long time but was really only another thirty minutes before I was being wheeled back to my room upstairs. My daughter would be along shortly after she had been weighed, cleaned, and checked over.

I lay as if dreaming. T-Bone had stayed with our daughter and would be along soon. I was tired and beginning to be sore as the anesthetic began to wear off but I was happy. My daughter was here and so was I. I didn't need anything more in this life to make it anymore perfect.

I must have dozed off because a small commotion woke me. I blinked sleepy eyes and beheld my mate standing close and in his arms was our daughter wrapped in a warm, pink blanket. He grinned down at me then leaned down to kiss me.

"Thank you my love. She's wonderful and so are you." He murmured in my ear. "Do you feel like holding her?" He asked softly.

"Ohh yes, please." I breathed excitedly.

Smiling warmly, T-Bone used the controls for the bed to raise me to a partial slant. I couldn't handle sitting straight up right now. He gently laid my daughter in my waiting arms.

I stared down at her in wonder. She was an amazing blend of the two of us than I had expected, with sandy fur tipped in dark brown and dark brown stripes and she had my hair coloring. It would be a while before I knew if she had his eyes. She lay sleeping in my arms and I raised her to my mouth for a warm nuzzle and kiss. She smelled fresh and clean with the unique scent of a newborn.

"What shall we name her, love?" T-Bone asked softly staring lovingly down at his daughter.

"Hmmm, I've been thinking of a few names but now that she's here I think only one of those names will fit." I said thoughtfully.

"And what one is that?"


"That's beautiful and unique. I like it." He says grinning.

"Yeah, that's what I thought too. Hello, Akira! Welcome to our world." I say, my heart singing.