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Archdruid Sephiroth Presents

A Superwomen of Eva Story

Tempest Aterna

(Eternal Storm)

I: Storm Warning

Simplicity is something many strive for in their lives. A life free of complications can only be comfortable and safe. No surprises means a life relatively stress-free, and no real sources of stress means a long and fruitful existence.

These simple truths were the driving force behind the meek 14 year old student named Mayumi Yamagishi. She was a girl who liked having no attention drawn to her, no complications and was as happy as a clam as long as everything remained in the status quo. If only her past were so amiable. At the age of 10 she had the bombshell dropped on her that her foster mother had had enough of her father and wanted a divorce. Apparently her father simply wasn't happy with her anymore and sought his enjoyment in the company of younger, more attractive women.

If that were not enough, he had also taken to drinking heavily and began to slip into an alcoholic depression over the mother Mayumi herself never knew. She tried to understand her father's loss of control but only felt more helpless about it. It apparently didn't help that she looked so much like her mother (even having the small mole in the same place), and as she grew up, her father did begin to behave strangely; almost doing things that could only be considered wrong but always pulling away before ever actually making contact. The fact that he was getting ever closer to doing something extremely inappropriate with her was making her very uncomfortable and afraid of him.

Eventually, the debacle between her foster mother and her wayward father was decided by a court of law, and custody of young Mayumi fell to her foster mother. In a way she saw this as a good thing but in another she knew it was somehow bad. She couldn't help but feel like her father's slide towards the darkness was somehow her fault, that maybe she made mama die when she was very young, and in some twisted way she was supposed to fill in the gap. Logically she knew she had nothing to do with her mother's death, and knew that what her father wanted from her was wrong, but in the mind of an emotionally unstable child, logic is never a factor.

Her foster mother wanted to get as far away as possible from her father and so they moved to a small suburb outside of where a new city was being constructed. The city was to be called Tokyo-3 and her foster mother decided that once residents could move into the city, it would be the new land of opportunity. Mayumi didn't share her enthusiasm. And instead spent a lot of time on her own doing the one thing she enjoyed doing more than anything else in the world… reading.

This was her pastime, her favorite activity. There was nothing quite as exciting to her as getting hold of a previously unknown piece of literature or technical manual and absorbing it word by word over the course of a few hours to a few days depending on its length. Perhaps on some level Mayumi was a believer in the adage "There is no knowledge that is not power".

A friend at school once told her this line and the friend was a bit of a gamer. She stated she had found it on a fighting game called Mortal Kombat 3 and it made the girl think of her. Mayumi liked the line, and saw truth in it but couldn't understand her friend's fascination with electronic entertainment. Besides… the second word in the name of the game was spelled wrong.

When she turned 14 she had the next major change come along in her life. Her "mother" finally decided it was time to make the move to Tokyo-3, despite the fact that it had already been attacked twice by unknown forces. Little news if any about the "Angels" had escaped Tokyo-3 except a video with bad contrast which some company called NERV denied was legitimate. Never-the-less, her foster parent was bound and determined to get there, and Mayumi had to say goodbye to the few friends she had managed to make again.

It was easy to get an apartment in Tokyo-3 as some residents had already left. School registration would prove slightly problematic though. Her foster parent tried to set her up in Junior High but the school was apparently behind on its paperwork and it would be another week before Mayumi can get back into classes. Mayumi spent most of that week reading and writing, making sure her formidable intelligence was ready for school. She dreaded having to meet all new people again.

Deciding it would be a good idea to learn the city, she ventured out. Her mother asked her to pick up a few things while she was out as well and Mayumi saw this as a good opportunity. Little did she realize that events were conspiring against her to make her life even more hellish than it had been.

Mayumi was different from other girls even if she didn't know it herself. Inside her body was a dormant S2 Organ about the size of a walnut. In every way, except size it was identical to another Angel, one that had not yet made its way to Tokyo-3 but was approaching even now.

As Mayumi wandered the street, she watched as the people went about their day, concerned with their own affairs. She kept her eyes low and tried not to let the glare from the sun invade her glasses and also avoid any direct eye contact with others. As she passed a restaurant, she saw people inside and a couple got her attention. She stopped and looked in, seeing a man and a woman eating together; smiling, laughing and enjoying one another's company. Inwardly she was a little envious of them.

Who would look at her that way? She was a bookworm with a questionable past and nothing to offer anyone. In a way, as sick as the idea was, even her father rejected her on some level. So she turned away, not wanting to face such thoughts and succeeded only in catching her reflection in the tinted window of a parked car.

Even she thought she looked like a nerd; dark brown hair reaching just past her shoulders with her bangs cut functionally above her medium brown eyes, a white button down shirt with a beige pullover and a pleated brown skirt to match. Then there was her mole. It wasn't huge by any stretch and in a way may only help to accentuate her facial features but there it was, just below and to the left of her lips. Her birth mother, she remembered being told, looked just like her… mole included.

Perhaps she had some hope in the future, but she wondered just what made her think about such nonsense now. So lost in thought she was, that by the time she heard the air raid siren that was echoing throughout the city, the evacuation had already finished. She suddenly snapped out of it and realized she was alone.

"Oh no," she whispered. The sirens were still blaring loudly, echoing over the city to the only set of ears still above ground to hear them. Mayumi had read about this from the brochures she and her mother were given when they arrived. She knew she had to get to a shelter now, but wasn't sure where the nearest one was. Before she even began to move, something startled her.

An indescribable wave washed over her and her heart began beating faster. She felt something familiar… something kindred but what? It was then that she heard the odd sounds, like a synthesized choir drifting over the buildings. Her eyes drifted there and she finally saw the source of the emotions.

To say it was massive was missing the point. The thing, as it could only be described as, floated slowly over the city. It was a massive mirrored Octahedron that, from her angle appeared to dominate the sky. It floated over her, blocking the sun. The mere presence of it was stirring something inside her, something primal despite its geometric beauty.

Inside of Mayumi, the sleeping S2 Organ began to stir, causing her blue cell count to increase slowly. Her veins pumped them around her body and they began to adhere to and change her cells.

It was at this moment that Mayumi became aware that something was wrong with her. She felt sick, dropping the pavement on her side and curling into a ball. She heard something in the distance and felt a twinge of power flicker inside her. All sight was impossible as her eyes clenched tightly but she knew what was happening. Magnetic forces coiled around the thing, sparks of electrical energy coiled around Mayumi at the same time. A powerful cluster of excited particles, enhanced to the point of plasma gathered along the lateral seem of the Angel gathering at a single point along its center line.

The feeling of energy flowing though Mayumi the same way caused the sickness to turn into pain. Her skin was on fire, and her flesh felt seared. She managed to get her eyes open in time to see a blue, humanoid, behemoth rise up from the ground.

"Angel," she whispered between pants. "This thing above me is an Angel." The pain lessened and she was able to slide into a sitting position with her legs sprawled to her right and leaned on her left hand. Energy suddenly lanced her again in the middle of her chest as the massive creature released an insanely powerful particle beam directly into the chest of the behemoth. The sudden lance of pain caused her to arch her back uncomfortably.

In her mind she heard a voice screaming "Die false child of Adam! You will not stop me!" In the end it seemed the behemoth could only take a few seconds of the intense beam before it was dragged back into the ground. The beam followed it as best it could before strafing the street stopping less than a hundred meters ahead of her. When the beam finally let go, Mayumi almost fell completely forward and was breathing hard. Near by she heard a horrendous sound and saw what appeared to be a massive drill extending from the bottom of the angel and grinding its way into the ground.

"What's… wrong… w-with me?" Her breathing was ragged, as if she just ran a marathon after smoking 2 and half packs of cigarettes. "Am I… somehow connected… to this thing?"

Unsteadily, she managed to get back to her feet and looked up at this geometric titan. "I wonder why it's drilling into the ground like this?" she said aloud. Mayumi realized she should be paralyzed with fear, running away like the little girl she appears to be, but somehow she found the presence of this creature oddly comforting.

"I must be connected to it, it is the only explanation. But how and why?" Mayumi did love a good puzzle but she knew there was no way she alone would be able to determine the truth of all of this. There is no factual reference she is aware of pertaining to something like this. Giant monsters like this were the works of fiction and myth, not fact and yet here one floats.

Mayumi frowned as a realization hit her. She'd been so naïve in her life, thinking anything that could be learned was open season for the intelligent person looking for the answers. The truth she now realized was that not everything is up for grabs.

"There is no knowledge that is not power," she whispered. Men in power would hide particularly powerful knowledge wouldn't they?

"They would indeed," the alien voice responded. It was the second time she heard the voice in her mind. It was responding to her thoughts. Perhaps she would be able to communicate with it and try to determine what was happening here.

What are you?

"I am Ramiel, Angel of Thunder and The Fifth Messenger, I have come for Adam, the First. I sense he is near."

Who is Adam?

"Adam is father to us. When we return to him, we will trigger the apocalypse, the Third Impact."

She realized these creatures seek to end the human race. So that is what the Angel war is all about! My god, I had no idea what was at stake.

"You share your essence with me."

Yes. It was an admission, a token understanding of their current status, such a clinical thought for such a wondrous link.

"That is sad."


"When I die, you will cease to be…."

Die?! Ramiel knows he is going to die? Why are you going to die?

"I am attempting to merge with Adam. The Lilim won't allow this. Doubtlessly, they are developing a strategy to defeat me as we speak. I trust my feelings, and my feelings tell me I will die tonight."

Mayumi felt sad at this realization. Even though she knew she was speaking to the enemy, that this thing she is connected to means to end mankind, it was still a part of her. Her, own life seemed meaningless compared to such a potent existence. And now she knew that her destiny was to die here with this monster, this thing she was connected to. But there was something she needed to know, a question that burned within her.

Why are we connected?

"My embryo arrived on this world at the time of your birth, shortly after what you Lilim called The Second Impact. My energy adhered to your soul as you were born. I sensed you even then. It was a risk I was aware of when I was chosen as the Fifth Messenger and one I gladly took."

Mayumi looked down at an uninteresting spot on the ground and felt a tear begin to well in her eyes. I'm only 14 you know… I haven't had a chance to really live…never knew love…never knew any real joy other than my books. As she began to cry full on, she slipped to a kneeling position and wrapped her arms around herself. Now I'll never know… Why?! Why do you hate us so?!

"The Lilim have intruded upon holy ground and have done the unthinkable. They tried to possess and master Adam. They can not be forgiven."

"Who has done this! Tell me who I have to blame my ever shortening life on! Tell me!"

"We children of Adam know not who it was… but it is of no consequence. By ignorance or complacency, there are many Lilim who have fallen behind them. They dared to challenge us and now they will pay. I am sorry but this is the way it has been decreed to be. So it has been written… and so it shall be done."

Mayumi continued to ball for a while before she finally slipped to her side and curled up. Hours later as the sun began to set and the grinding picked up again, signaling the starting point of another armored layer beneath the street, Ramiel decided to speak up again.

"Why are you still here? You should be doing something, enjoying what little life you have left instead of just lying there like a vagrant."

Mayumi turned on her back, looking up into the mirrored panels of the Angel and simply thought back her reply. The look on her face was almost thoughtful. If I am to die… then I wish to die next to my brother…You may see us humans, or Lilim or whatever you call us as insects… I don't care anymore. I have never felt a connection like this before… it's comfortable…safe…I don't want to lose that. She turned her head towards the cliffs, unaware of the preparations going on beyond them. If I am to die, I wish to feel this until it is time… If I am destined to share your death, I will die at your side.

There she continued to lie. The mind of this creature was one she felt she could understand. In reality it wasn't too much different from her own; cold precision, cool analysis and unfeeling understanding. Reading was the closest thing she had to true joy and now she questioned if that was even joy. It mattered little; she would be dead soon… or so she believed.

Inside the Geofront, the techs were in frenzied motion. It was getting close to 0 hour, and Operation Yashima would begin soon. All the preparations had to be perfect… with so much electricity pooling into one spot, all of Japan's electrical power focused towards one purpose, nothing could go wrong. Every wire had to hold the load, every transformer had to operate at peak performance, every cooling system had to function at 110, nothing could be out of place.

Captain Katsuragi could not be more proud of her bridge crew. This was the sort of crisis they trained for. An operation that would bring her and her staff, and especially the Eva pilots glory. The window for victory was narrow but she had high hopes that this operation would go down in history as one of her most successful.

Lt. Aoba however, didn't share such sentiments. He had been monitoring an odd shadow underneath the Angel that was confusing the sensors.

"Lieutenant?" Came the voice of Misato. Shigeru almost sounded like he growled as he turned from his computer console to face his Captain.

"That odd blue/red pattern is still under the Angel. None of our cameras nearby survived to first attack so we can't even get a look at what it could be."

"Could it be Spirit?" Misato wondered aloud.

"No," came the response from Dr Akagi. "It's not her. The pattern is different and The Magi agree on this point unanimously. There is too much blue in the pattern for it to be her. Besides, she tried once to kill the Angel and failed, I doubt she'd try again. She has to understand now who the real Angel experts are."

Misato visibly frowned on that and turned back to his heavy metal Lieutenant. If this were a normal night, he would be rocking out, head banging with all of his hair sprayed about like an airborne mop, but now he was all business and watching that odd pattern like a hawk.

"Captain," came the small voice of Maya Ibuki. "It is time." Misato noticed the slight twinge of fear in her eyes and shot her a reassuring smile along with a friendly squeeze of her shoulder. This seemed to calm her down a bit more. Without another word, Misato turned towards the monstrous main monitor.

"Begin operation!"

Mayumi had managed to pass out underneath the massive shape of Ramiel, but a sudden alertness washed over her and she awoke.

"A pity… I was hoping you would sleep though the end. There would be so much less pain."

What I feeling Ramiel? Awareness of something was washing over her. She suddenly realized she could see the energy as lines and patterns flowing over the hill side from sources far off. I'm seeing the electromagnetic spectrum?! How?

"My arrival has awakened the part of me that lies within you."

As she considered this, she tried to figure out where all the energy was going.

"What are they planning?" she said aloud as she watched the energy continue to pool. Finally she noticed something she didn't before. The humanoid gargantuan thing that Ramiel almost killed before was lying in heavy cover. She barely noticed it due to the darkness as only the energy flow revealed its location. A massive weapon on a bipod stretched out before it.

Sniper… clever.

"I told you they would find a way. I will not go down so easily though. I am almost through now."

What are you drilling for?


The conversation ended there as the internal electromagnetic accelerators inside Ramiel and along its surface came to life again. Mayumi felt her pulse quicken as the electrical energy encircled her again, but there was less pain this time. In a few seconds Ramiel unleased a massive particle beam directly at the sniper.

At almost the same time, the sniper released a massive beam of his own. Mayumi watched with awe as the magnetic sheathing around both beams attracted then repelled on the same rotation causing the particles and the energy with them to veer off course, spiraling around like an insane dance before lashing out to strike unintended targets. To those without the ability to see the EM spectrum it looked like the beams slowed, corkscrewed and then continued, but seeing the event in its full glory, watching the energy pull apart and violently shunt back together again could only be described as terrifying.

Ramiel's beam detonated the moment it contacted the mountainside behind and to the target's right. It visibly flinched from the detonation. The beam the sniper unleashed struck the ground near a multi-story building and obliterated it, causing tons of steel, glass and stone to crash down upon the street before it and kick up a massive cloud of dust and debris clearly visible in the sun-like glow of the explosion.

"Only one more chance at this… "

Mayumi was knocked down from the explosion so close to her. She watched as Ramiel began to charge up another beam, feeling her body becoming electrically charged to mirror his build up. He fired but the beam it did not reach its intended target. Another humanoid mecha with a massive shield that resembled the bottom of a space shuttle blocked the attack.

As the sniper fired the second shot, everything seemed to slow down. Mayumi saw as the beam slowly approached, free of EM interference and dead on target. She felt her heart skip a beat knowing that when the beam struck Ramiel, it would be over.

"So close and yet so far."

This is the end isn't it? She realized that time literally did slow down. Looking around confused she received her answer.

"For me, yes. But not for you."

But you said we were linked! You said I would die!

"And I didn't lie to you. But… something is different about you, different from other Lilim. That you would so willing die with me speaks volumes of your nobility. I could not simply ignore that. So I will give you Lilim a chance to prove you are not simply the rebellious children we were led to believe. At the moment of my death, I will give you my power."


"Use it to discover the truth of this. Find out who was responsible for what happened to Adam, the true source of Second Impact, and bring them to final justice… Do this and the Lilim will be spared. Third Impact can be averted but it's up to you now."

Why are you doing this?

"Because you deserve to live… you deserve a chance at life, a chance to redeem the Lilim and because I must live on in some form… and now that my time is over, it is your turn to take up my mantel. You shall be the new Angel of Thunder! The Tempest Aterna! Through you, your race may yet survive!

"Thank you for showing me that there is another way… that their may yet be hope for a peaceful existence in this world with The Children of Lilith… but be warned. My brothers and sisters are still coming. They will attempt to succeed where I have failed; and they will not be so understanding. Good luck…."

Before she could retort time sped up again, and Ramiel was lanced with the beam. She felt as if her own heart had been impaled, opening her mouth in a silent scream as her back arched painfully. In that same moment, a massive stream of electricity and soul energy poured from the bottom of the massive diamond that was once The Angel of Thunder and flowed into her.

Deep within her body, her S2 organ fully awakened, and began to pour blue cells into her body. The rapid changes allowed Mayumi to absorb the torrent of energy and knowledge dumped by Ramiel. The sudden jolting wave of energy caused Mayumi to fall to her knees and twitch as if she were clutching a live wire. Sparks struck and exploded around her randomly, exciting the air into a glowing aura akin to St. Elmo's fire.

When the energy finally abated, Mayumi fell backwards, breathing hard. She watched as Ramiel's body listed then fell over away from her. For a moment longer, she lingered before finally pulling herself up onto unsteady legs. Once she found her balance again, she walked towards the massive fallen body of Ramiel. As she approached, she caught her reflection on his silvery skin. She didn't recognize herself at first.

Her hair was longer and wavy instead of straight, but its most startling feature was the fact that it was whiter than new-fallen snow. Her vision was blurry so she removed her glasses, thankful they survived the ordeal. Now looking clearly at her reflection she saw her eyes were completely white, no pupils or irises or anything else. Not even veins were visible. She completely missed the part that she was able to see without glasses.

As her thoughts of her new appearance began to wane in her head, she realized fully now that the Angel… no, her brother was now dead. Gently she placed a hand upon the smooth surface and slowly glided it around. A tear fell from her eye as a wave of sadness fell over her. She head a distant roll of thunder but paid little heed to it before she finally dropped to her knees and began to cry.

Clouds began to filter into the skies seemingly from everywhere, covering the land like a blanket as more thunder echoed across the cityscape. Within moments, the sky unleashed a torrent mirrored by Mayumi's own tears of sadness.

"I promise brother," she whispered, "that your death will not have been for nothing. I'll find who started this war… and I will end them."

It was then that Mayumi truly realized what it was like to have a purpose. She had become the equalizer, the instrument to finally arbitrate the war between The Children of Adam and The Children of Lilith….

As she stood up she turned to face the great mountains that were now nearly invisible with the unleashed monsoon. The last of her tears faded as the wind began to howl like a ghostly wolf warning others of its presence. She realized she would still need to try to live a normal life, while fulfilling her promise to the Angel she called brother.

"I will live as Mayumi Yamagishi… but I shall fight… as Storm."

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