When Edward gets injured by a mysterious hunter, it's Bella's turn to take care of him. But when she decides he stays at her house, things get complicated… will Charlie discover Edward's secret? And who's after Edward?


I ran as fast as my legs would carry me… which, considering my vampire nature, should be enough to escape. Due to my injuries, however, the task was proving to be too much for me. I was careless, how could I have allowed such a threat to approach me without noticing it? I could still remember clearly the events of earlier that day, while my body focused on running away from the hunter.

I was alone. My family had decided to go to Denali for vacations, and I've decided to stay. Carlisle and the others had not been surprised; after all, they knew I'd like to spent vacations with Bella now that there was no risk of Victoria tracking her. This morning, I've gone out to hunt in the forest… and that was when all went wrong. The urge of blood shouldn't have blinded me that much, but when I stood up, he was there: a man with a long black coat, looking at me. I panicked; he had seen me, what should I do now? Kill him? But before I could react, his body shifted and changed before my eyes, changing into a black wolf that growled at me, ready to attack. 'A Quileute wolf?' I knew it wasn't Jacob, but that thought, the idea that it could be one of Bella's friends, stopped me from moving or attacking. The creature took advantage of my hesitation and, in a swift movement, charged towards me. I jumped out of his way, but he managed to bite my left leg. I turned and grabbed his shoulders; the wolf howled in agony when my hands broke the bones beneath them, and I used the distraction to kick him, sending him away from me. I charged towards him, my teeth bare, ready to break his neck… but then, I remembered Bella's face when she thought Jacob had died; again the idea of hurting one of Bella's beloved friends stopped me, I couldn't make her suffer like that. Instead of following my instincts and kill him, I turned and ran deep into the forest. The wolf followed me immediately. I didn't remember how much time passed, or how many times we encountered each other again; he managed to bite mi side in one of them, while I'm sure I broke some of his ribs in another.

Now, finally, it seemed he was getting tired, or at least injured enough to stop looking for me. I kept running with no particular direction, hoping to confuse him –something difficult, considering I was bleeding, the blood I'd recently consumed escaping for my open wounds- I laughed mentally at the irony of it: the hunter being hunted, the predator becoming the prey… all I hoped was to escape, to see my Bella again.


It was a rainy day in Forks. While I looked from the window of my bedroom, I remembered how it depressed me the first time I came here. Now, the rain and gray clouds meant something totally different to me, because they meant Edward could go out, that he could be with me the entire day without worry. Since his family was currently away, and Charlie was working, we had a lot of time to ourselves. I imagined him here, sitting in his usual place in my bedroom, looking at me with those beautiful eyes and that crooked smile I loved so much. Even now, after all that had happened, I wondered what had I done to deserve such good luck.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a pained howl inside the forest. Immediately, an image of Jacob came to my mind… no, it wasn't him, I was sure of that; I knew him well enough to identify his 'voice'. The relief I felt with that thought vanished almost immediately replaced by fear and worry, if it wasn't Jake, then who was it? My fear increased, turning into panic, when I remembered Edward should be hunting at that moment. Could it be that…? No, I couldn't think of that, the mere idea of Edward fighting against one of my friends tore my heart. Curious, I went outside. I saw a figure emerge from the forest, a human figure that remained there, standing in the shadows. I wondered who it was, wondered if I'll see Paul, or Embry, or Sam, walk towards me, injured… but not in my weirdest dreams I imagined to see what I saw, and the image was even worse that all my previous thoughts.

Edward moved towards me, his coppery hair wet, his eyes fixed on me. But instead of happiness, there was fear in his eyes; he continued moving, and I noticed his pained expression with each step he took, the way he limped towards me... I've never seen him like that. But what stopped my breath, the thing that sent tears to my eyes, was the scarlet liquid staining his clothes…

I'm evil, I know!! But don't worry, I would never kill Edward (just hurt him a little :p) Please don't be too harsh with me, it's my first fanfic ever, I am not a native speaker of English (which I think it's obvious :P),and most important, it's the first time someone ever tries the idea of injuring Edward (I guess… that's why I chose it). Please leave reviews!