Cell : Chapter 1

What if Katara had gone through with using her healing water on Zuko's scar? There wouldn't have been any left for when Aang needed it most after Zuko's betrayal in Ba Sing Se. There also wouldn't be anyone around to stop the Fire Lord. Zutara darkfic.

Warning: This is a dark fanfiction. Mature themes and hate, etc. This is EVENTUAL Zutara; they will not be reciting their love for each other by chapter 5.


"Where's my brother?" she screamed, just like she did every time he came to her cell. Like usual, he ignored her question. She moaned in despair and clutched at her hair, pulling. After she was satisfied with the number of strands she removed from her scalp, she dropped her hands and looked up. He was staring at her. His flawless features were calculating, both brows raised in thought. She hated his eyes the most; they were the most obvious reminder of what had happened.

"Why do you do this? Every week!" She crawled on the cold, hard floor of her cell over to the bars and hoisted herself to her knees. She pushed her head as far through the bars as it would go and looked at him pleadingly. "Every week for two years!" She usually asked him that, too. Honestly, she really could not figure out why he came to her cell once a week even though he always gave her the same response.

"You're a toy." He glanced around the empty room.

Two years ago she had been removed to a cell within an empty room. She had two guards outside the door, but nobody else came inside except to deliver her food. He was her only source of companionship, but he was just a monster. She cried hysterically that day, begging the guards who had come to fetch her not to take her away from her brother whose cell was next to hers. When she asked why she was being moved, they would not answer her. She had sat in her lonely room for a month until one day; he had come to visit her. She had stared at him in shock for probably five minutes. Although she had not seen him in two years, he still looked relatively the same.

"Katara." She had nearly jumped at his voice saying her name. "Long time, no see." They had a few brief minutes of awkward silence, and then it had started.

He tapped on her forehead idly, staring at the cell wall behind her. She jostled herself back to the present and stared up at him. "My birthday just passed. Twenty now," he remarked casually. As if she cared.

"I hate you," she spat.

His fingernail dug into her forehead, and she gasped. He glared down at her, then opened the cell door and entered. She sucked in her breath and sat back on her behind. He walked to her and knelt down next to her. He wrapped a finger around the hem of her prison skirt. "Not as much as I hate you, you stupid, little water girl."

Katara brought her hand back and released it, slapping him across the face. He grabbed her hand roughly and yanked her to him. He leaned forward quickly and bit her on the ear. She shuddered as she felt the warm droplets of blood smack into her bare shoulder. He bent his head down to her shoulder and sucked on it. She felt his tongue snake out to lick at the blood. She closed her eyes, goosebumps forming on her skin.

"What—Mai doesn't let you lick her blood?" she gasped out sarcastically. He clamped his teeth down on her shoulder. Hard. Her blood started to pump. He lifted his head and stared into her eyes.

"Don't talk about her," he snarled.

"She still doesn't know, does she?" Katara asked, although she already knew the answer. Of course, Mai wouldn't know that her fiancée was fucking the last Avatar's best friend in the prison beneath the palace. Katara traced her finger along his left eyebrow.

"Shut up," he gritted out. He pushed her onto her back and yanked her skirt up.


"I need another blanket," she demanded as he was leaving her cell.

He didn't turn around. "No."

"Zuko, I'm cold!" she snapped. She grabbed the one blanket in the cell and wrapped it around herself, pulling her little pillow towards her, as well.

He glanced over his shoulder then. "Suffer then, like the rest of the prisoners."

She squared her shoulders and looked away. "Fine."

After she heard him shut the main room's door, she looked out the bars and sighed. She would be lonely and without conversation for another week. Her eyes widened in surprise when the main room's door opened again. She was about to ask if Zuko had forgotten something when she realized it was one of her guards coming in. A small smile tugged at her lips when he opened her cell door and tossed a blanket inside.

The smile faded quickly. It was a pretty blend of orange and yellow fabric. She wondered if Zuko had done it on purpose. Probably. Anything to remind her of Aang; he loved to torment her. Of course, she didn't need his help to be tormented. It was her fault Aang was gone, and since he died while in the Avatar state, the Avatar line was broken. She had killed the last Avatar. Sure, maybe not by her own hand, but because of her stupidity, he was gone for good.

She just had to offer to use her healing water on Zuko's scar in Ba Sing Se. She thought he had changed, and that she was merely helping a friend. She thought they had common ground; he had said as much. They had both lost their mothers to the Fire Nation. Didn't that make them kindred spirits?

Mere minutes after she had welcomed Zuko into their little group, he had chosen his damn sister. Katara's trust in him had led to her torturous life for the past four years, so who could she really blame except herself?

Aang's body had been toted off who knows where while Katara was carried, kicking and screaming, to a ship's holding cell. She had screamed for hours on end until her brother and Toph had joined her. They were silent, out of tears, when they finally reached the Fire Nation.

They discussed various ways they could break out of the prison, but none of them would work because there was no one on the outside who would help them. After a few weeks, they lapsed into silence. Then, one day, a guard came and removed Toph, then separated Katara and Sokka. The water siblings never saw Toph again, and no guard would ever answer their question about what had happened to her.

Prisoners came and went for the next two years. Their stories of the world outside gave the siblings a bit of insight to how the Fire Nation had virtually taken care of all opposition. Ba Sing Se was Azula's little "lair"; she lived there indefinitely, ruling it. Zuko had regained his "honor"—as if it could even be considered that—and was his father's little puppy. The Northern Water tribe was talked about seldom as most of the incoming prisoners had never been close enough to it to know whether it was still in tact.

Katara wrapped her Aang-blanket around her and huddled up to a corner of the cell. I'm sorry I had to let you die, Aang. The worst part about it was Aang waking up shortly before he died. He didn't blame her for using her healing water on Zuko; he thought she was a good person.

Katara burst into tears, her wails only heard by her silent guards outside.