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Note: For the record, this is a little G1 mixed with 2007-verse. Why yes, I'm having fun playing around with this. And, since I have received a review complaining about how some of the characters are acting, please be aware that some - if not all - of these characters are not acting as their G1 counterparts for reasons that will be explained... eventually.

The expedition had been undertaken under Megatron's orders. The goal had been to find out all information on the All Spark that might possibly give the Decepticons some idea of where those under the Prime's command had hidden it away. A small team of four had been sent, selected by the Lord High Protector himself, and ordered to share any findings with him immediately.

The four charged with the expedition had, indeed, found something. All but one kept their discovery to themselves, deciding to tell others about it only if Megatron felt it worth following up on; the fourth told two mechs that he felt would be as fascinated by what the team had discovered as he himself was. He also trusted that they would keep it a secret, or at least only share it with other like-minded Cons.

After the team finished the debriefing, the Lord High Protector looked thoughtful, if not a bit shaken by the find. "And you've told no one else?" he asked, something in his optics that didn't seem to bode well for the explorers.

"No, Lord Megatron," the leader of the expedition confirmed; the one who'd spoken with others kept his silence and nodded his agreement. There was something very wrong about how their leader was acting...

"Excellent." Before any of the explorers could speak or move, Megatron had fired upon them. The first three fell quickly, the shots going directly through their spark casings and offlining them instantaneously. The fourth had time to think that he was wise in disclosing the findings to the mechs he'd chosen before his life flickered out as well.

Megatron turned to Shockwave and narrowed his optics. "This information goes no further than this room," he ordered in a growl. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Lord Megatron," the mono-opticed mech agreed. "It is a ridiculous notion, at any rate. No intelligent Cybertronian would believe such a thing."

Unbeknownst to either the Lord High Protector or his Lieutenant, a small life form had been watching the proceedings from a crevice in the wall. As soon as she was able to do so, the tiny femme flitted from the room and rushed to where her caregivers resided just outside the city of Vos. They had wondered over how Megatron would react to the discovery and dispatched one of their most stealthy youngling flyers to watch the proceedings. She knew that they would be distressed, for the mech destroyed had been a dear friend to her primary and secondary caregivers both.

It seemed that the secret would need to be guarded well, and that Megatron could never find out that anyone else knew that which he'd killed four mechs to keep silent.