You Know You're Obsessed With Twilight When…

1. You start saying O.M.E. instead of O.M.G.

2. You know what O.M.E stands for.

3. You carry all four books around with you at all times.

4. You know when Edward's birthday is even though it was never mentioned in any of the books. ( June 20, 1901)

5. When you see a car going over the speed limit you say that they drive like a Cullen.

6. When your parents ask you what kind of car you want you say that you want a 911 Turbo Porsche, but only in yellow.

7. You ask you parents constantly for topaz colored contacts.

8. You know what any of the cars mentioned in any of the books looks like.

9. You tell your doctor that his secret is safe with you.

10. You suddenly have a new desire to move to Forks.

11. You've read every book in the sage so many times you can quote what people say in the book by heart.

12. You can't count how many times you've read all the books from beginning to end.

13. You call your obsession with the books O.C.D. ( obsessive Cullen disorder)

14. You've gotten you're friends obsessed with the series so you can have someone to talk to about it.

15. When you let someone borrow one of your books you tell them that you're going to tell the Volturi that they know to much if they mess up your book.

16. You hate it when anyone refers to Edward as "Eddie" and tell them that they have to call him Edward.

17. You have multiple t-shirts that show you're obsession with the books.

18. You're copy of Twilight opens right up to Chapter 13 because of how many times you've read it.

19. You have pictures of the Twilight actors that are playing in the movie on your cell phone.

20. You know the names of the actors that are playing in the movie.

21. You can't watch the fourth Harry Potter movie anymore without crying.

22. You know when the movie is coming out in theatres. (11-21-08)

23. You had a countdown on your calendar of how many days left till Breaking Dawn comes out.

24. You already had your copy of Breaking Dawn on pre-order months before it came out.

25. You've seen every trailer for the Twilight movie that you can possibly find on the internet multiple times.

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