I've always wanted to do this story and I think it's about time I post it. I had a whole story planned out but after my computer caught a virus I had to restart from the beginning so here it is.

Can I…

The streets of Hillwood were normally quiet on an early weekend afternoon. The kids of Vine Street could be found playing some kind of recreational sport on a normal Saturday. This day was not going to be one of those days.

"Boy Howdy! Did anyone else hear that?"

Gerald stood up from the catchers mound, "Stop stalling, Sid and swing already! My butts falling asleep here!"

"No! I'm being serious. Did you-,"

A piercing sound of tires screeching echoed in the streets that reached the lot of Gerald's Field. Sid looked at Gerald and after a moment the boy in the Beatle boots had already left the field with Gerald closely behind him. The rest of the children in Mr. Simmons looked at each other. Harold threw down his baseball mitt, "I wanna see what got smashed." Harold ran after his two friends and no sooner than that the rest followed.

For some reason every time there is an accident there are always people who want to get their first. Gerald and Sid wanted to be those people. As the two ran they could tell that the accident had occurred down the street from them. As the two ran past Mrs. Vitellos flower shop Sid slowed his pace and this caught Gerald's attention. "Yo! Keep up!"

Sid tried to catch his breath, "Hold on, Gerald-man! I'm going to spread the word. You go on ahead."

"You sure?"

Sid nodded, "Yeah, you're the keeper of the tale. Plus I'm tired." Sid laughed, " It's my job to gather a crowd anyway." Gerald smiled, "Thanks buddy."

Sid nodded, "Now, go!" He ran into Mrs. Vitellos flower shop, "Mrs. Vitello! Mrs. Vitello! There's an accident in the street!"

Gerald could feel his head fill with blood; adrenaline pumped through his veins .His eyes widened in shock and he collapsed on his hands and knees at the sight. This was something a child did not have to see. There was a car with its front completely melded into a brick wall. The driver was, Gerald hoped, still alive. He picked himself up slowly and he prayed as he ran to the body on pavement, he prayed that it was not who he thought it was.

It was.

"Arnold! Arnold!" The boy shouted as he rushed over to his friend's side, "Arnold! Stay awake! Open your eyes! Stay awake!" He cradled the badly injured boy in his arms, "Man! Someone! Anyone! Get help!" Arnold was a mess. As far as Gerald knew his left leg and left arm were in bad shape. Gerald could feel warm liquid run over his hand and he began to shake. He applied pressure on the wound 

"Arnold, c'mon. Arnold! Someone help!" Gerald's words did not go unheard. Two more people arrived at the scene. Helga and Phoebe.


"Oh, my!" Phoebe looked over Gerald's shoulder, "Gerald, what happened?"

"I don't know! Get me help! We need to get Arnold to a medic."

Helga flailed her hands in the air, "Geraldo what are you doing!"

"What am I doing? What are you doing! Help me!"

"What do you want me to do," she yelled hysterically. Gerald took her hand, "Put pressure on his stomach. I saw this on the news once. Put pressure on where he's bleeding. I'm going to get help." Helga felt her stomach turn as Gerald placed her hand over the wound. Blood trickled profusely through the cracks of her fingers. Gerald shifted Arnold to her lap. "I can't-I can't-," she stuttered ,

Gerald gripped her shoulder, " Yes, you can! I know you can! Just do it! I'll be right back!"

Helga shouted, "Well hurry then!"

Phoebe hunched over her, "What about me?" Gerald grabbed the Japanese girl's hand, "You can come with me." Phoebe blushed, "S-sure." Together, the both of them went to find the nearest phone booth. During all the commotion more people began to gravitate towards the accident. One of the people happened to be Stinky. "Willikers! Helga! Hey Helga," he shouted as he ran a few yards from Green Meats. Helga looked up, "Stinky? Stinky!" Helga shifted to her towards him, "Give me your shirt!"

The boy looked at her weirdly, "My shirt? I could catch a cold-,"

Helga furrowed her brow, "Give it to me!"

Stinky nodded and had the shirt off no second later as Helga snatched it from him. Stinky knelt down next to her and gasped when he saw Arnold, "Oh-man. Arnold! Hey pal, what-, oh man." Helga took Stinky's hand, "Put your hand on his gut while I wrap this around him."

"What-what do I do?"

"Keep it there while I tie your shirt around him to stop the blood! Doi!"

Stinky nodded in reply as Helga quickly tied a wrap around Arnold's mid section. She wiped her forehead, "Good, good. Stinky."

"Yes, Helga?"

"Give him back to me." Stinky shifted Arnold back into Helga's lap. Stinky gulped, "There's so much blood-Helga?"

Helga hugged Arnold close, "What?"

"Is-is he going to make it?"

"Shut up, Stinky! Don't think like that!"

The boy bit his lip, "S-sorry, Helga. I just wanted to-,"

"I don't know okay! I don't know! He can't! Football Head can't die! I just-," Helga started to cry. Stinky bit his lip harder. He couldn't help himself. One of his friends was on the brink of death. As hard as he tried he couldn't hold his tears back either. The other kids from Gerald's field had finally caught up and were stunned at what they saw.

Rhonda was the first to speak, "Helga! What did you do to the poor boy?!"

Helga balled her fist at her, "Shut it, princess! I didn't do this! I found Gerald-o here with him and I don't know!"

"Well we have to get poor Arnold to a hospital!"


" Let me see him, I can probably help," Harold boasted.

"No offense, Harold but how can you help," Euguene questioned.

"Duh, I work with Mr. Green and I can tell what's bruised and broken which means I can help nerd," he stated as he knelt down near Helga and Arnold. Stinky took a step back as Harold analyzed the situation. It took a few minutes of poking and touching before he spoke up.

Rhonda looked curiously over his shoulder, "Well?"

Harold shook his head, "Besides his leg and arm a couple of ribs are broken."Sheena, Lila, Nadine were holding their hands tightly together with Euguene. "I don't know if he's going to make it." The group felt their hearts sink into their stomachs. Helga eyes flashed red and she slapped the pudgy boy. Harold's face flushed red but not of anger or embarrassment but the imprint of blood on his cheek. "Ow! What was that for, Helga!"

"Because you not helping. Now if you have any ideas on how to save him now would be the good time to do something."

"I'm a butcher in training Helga, not a doctor! I cut meat not put them back together!"

"Well you better do something more than flap your gums in the next few seconds because we have to get football head to a medic."

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