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To JennyLD for the beta, the prompt that led to this story.

I have seen fear. I have seen faith.

The Doctor ran to the window of the skyscraper and looked down on the scene below him in terror. His hearts stopped for a too-brief moment before starting up again. "Rose... are you--"

The phone in his hand--pressed so tightly to his ear that the screams surrounding him were muffled--crackled and hissed faintly before Rose's voice came over the line, loud and clear. "I'm fine." And then came the words he always dreaded hearing from her lips. "Do it."

Stomach dropping to his knees, he swallowed past his suddenly dry throat and pressed a hand to the glass in front of him. She was down there somewhere. Close by, but too far away for him to reach in time.

"I can't," he admitted, feeling both weak, and bolstered, by his love for her at the same time. Ignoring the general standing a few feet to his right, the Doctor rested his forehead against the glass. "I love you, Rose."

For a precious second, silence greeted him, and he had hope that she'd changed her mind. His hearts pounded in double-time and he felt the weight on his chest begin to lift.

"I love you, Doctor," came her tearful voice. The line cut out for a desperate moment and crackled again, but her next words were unmistakably clear. "Do it."

Closing his eyes, he straightened up and breathed a single breath of loss before turning to the General with a nod.

"Rose," he whispered, feeling something wet slip down his cheeks.

His only answer was an explosion that shook the building. Screams surrounded him along with shouts and orders to take cover. The Doctor turned to leave. The dead phone dropped to the floor as the windows blew out.