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Chapter 3: Training, Leaving, and School

When Naru's head hit the pillow, she immediately fell asleep, but instead of dreaming, she was instantly transported to the back of her mind, where the Kyuubi resided. Instead of the sewer and dungeon that was there before, there now was a quiet green sunny field.

"Hello, Kit. Nice to see you again," greeted the Kitsune.

"Hi, Oji-san. Why am I here in the first place? I should be sleeping in my bed, right?" asked Naru, "And
why am I not tired?"

"You're not tired because you are in your mind and the soul only tires after a lot of stress and a near-death experience or two. Time to train. Can you guess what's first on the syllabus?" asked Kyuubi.

"Uh… No. I have no idea what's first. Care to enlighten me, O great Oji-san?" replied Naru cheekily.

"Stop being fresh, kit. First is chakra molding. This, we do by meditating. Sit down and close your eyes. Breathe in on the count of seven, hold it
for the count and exhale at the count. Find your chakra, and as soon as you do, manipulate it into your hands. Ready?" inquired the fox when he
saw she was sitting down with her eyes closed.

"Ready." replied Naru.


Kyuubi counted, and soon they both fell into a rhythm. Naru had found the chakra in her core, and started to slowly guide it to her hands. She felt heat on her hands, not so hot that it burned, but, and when she opened her eyes, and saw that her hands glowed with blue chakra. Naru looked to Kyuubi, who saw that she had finished the exercise. But it was morning, and Naru was woken up by Itachi. He took her out of the villiage to the near by forest to train. He trained her on taijutsu, and genjutsu, and the basic things the academy would be teaching so she would be able to work on other things her grandsire taught her. She even received her own weapon, courtesy of the Kyuubi no Kitsune's essence and Itachi's connections, even if said weapon was sealed into her body until she needed it in a life-or-death situation. She continued training with Kyuubi and Itachi, and got stronger every day. All of this went on till the beginning of the the school year.

On the night before her entrance to the academy, she was shaken awake by Itachi.

"Itachi? What's going on?" asked Naru somewhat groggily. A sharp, metalic scent hit her nose like a rock, which woke her up completely, "And why do I smell blood?" Itachi merely shook his head and put a finger to his lips.

"Naru,in a couple of years, The seal that the Yondaime placed on you will activate. That is when the Kyuubi's power and your chakra will start to mix due to the original seal's weakening. While this is not harmful to you, the villagers will panic, because you will start to change due to your bloodline and the close contact to your grandfather's powers. I can not say for sure how you will change, but just in case, the seal will make you seem normal and human, though it will not block your chakra," Itachi whispered this quickly, as if he had no time to waste.

"I will not be coming back to Konoha until my mission is complete. Kyuubi will supervise your training until the time is right. And be careful. It is better that the villagers think you are an idiot and not fearing you, than showing off and letting them know your true strength. A villiage that fears you is most likely to attack you. Remember that I would never hurt you, no matter what situation we're in," After he spoke those words, he kissed her on the forehead, "Stay safe, little fox."

"But where are you going? What's the mission about? Itachi!" cried Naru as Itachi disappeared. A bunch of what felt like feathers hit her, and made her black out. When she came to, Itachi was nowhere in sight, and she was surrounded by raven feathers.

Naru gathered each and every one of the feathers, and wove them into a makeshift sash. It took her all night, and only Kyuubi's chakra was preventing her from collapsing due to sleep deprivation. She dressed in her baggiest clothes and trudged to the Academy in her orange jumpsuit and sash.

Hang on, kit. Keep pinching yourself so you don't fall asleep.

How about you just scream if I do?


And with that, Naru headed to her first classroom, ignoring all of the whispered insults and glares sent her way. She barely made it in her classroom before the bell rang. She quickly chose one of the seats in the back, knowing she would be less likely to be caught sleeping in the back. As she slid into her seat, she nearly crshed into another girl in her rush to claim the seat.

"Oops! Sorry about that," Naru quickly apologized as she sat down.

"It's all right," said the other girl. She had short black hair, and white eyes, "My name is Hyuuga Hinata. What's yours?"

"I'm Uzumaki Naru," Naru did not have a chance to say any more because the teacher entered at that moment. He had brown hair and skin, and a scar on his nose. He seemed like a pansy. When he reached his desk, though, he did something they never expected.

"I know what schemes lie behind those cute little puppy-dog eyes of yours and they're not going to fool me!" shouted the teacher as he slammed his hands on the desk, "I was a class clown, too, so none of your tricks are going to work! Now, if any of you try any funny stuff, it's a one-way ticket to hell. Got it?" The kids in the class Just nodded mutely. They had never encountered a teacher like him.

"My name is Iruka, and you will call me Iruka-sensei. I will be teaching you along with Mizuki-sensei over there," He jerked his head to the pale haired teacher at the doorway, "And I'll be making your lives a living hell."

Ooh, this is going to be interesting.

Says you. You won't be doing the work he hands out.

So true. *snicker*

Shut up, Kyuubi-oji-san!

Naru looked closer at the sensei, and noticed that he had a scar on his nose.
'Huh. I wonder where that came from.'

Okay, kit, first lesson on your soon to be heightened senses.

What? Hey, what are you talking about?

I'm talking about the senses you gained since yesterday. My chakra enhanced some of your senses,
even after such a short time.

Really? Hmmm.

Kit, scent the air. what do you smell?

Naru lifted her nose slightly, and discreetly sniffed. She detected a faintly sweet aroma coming from the teacher who introduced himself as Iruka, a fresh, clean scent of pine and roses. 'A fairly girly scent,' Naru thought, stifling a giggle. She sniffed again, not focusing on anything when she smelled something revolting.

Ugh. What the heck is that smell?

That, my dear kitling, is the scent of a dog.

Really? And I thought puppies were cute.

Nope. They're quite revolting.

She sniffed again, this time smelling something fairly pleasant, like jasmine and rosemary. It was coming from Hinata.

She is going to be a good friend. So stick close to her, and your teacher. Anyone who smells pleasant are with no malicious intent towards you.

Before Naru could dodge it, a piece of chalk hit her forehead. She yelped in surprise and fell backwards on to the floor. Hinata was looking down at her apologetically, her elbow in the place where Naru's ribs were.

"I would appreciate having everyone's undivided attention. That includes you, Uzumaki." There was a chorus of giggles. Naru got up off of the floor, and sat back in her seat. She turned to Hinata and smiled sheepishly. Naru took her notepad and wrote a note to her saying 'sorry'. Hinata turned a flaming red and wrote back that it was no problem. Naru just stared at her confused at why she was blushing.

She thinks you're a boy, kit.

But why? I don't look like a boy...

You cut your hair recently, remember? Cuz of all the tree sap from training...

Oh...Wait, does that mean the teachers think I'm a boy too?

Just maybe, kit. Just maybe...Hopefully they do. Then you can skip the useless things they teach the kunoichi.

Naru discreetly rubbed her forehead where the chalk struck. She saw/sensed that the dog scent was coming from one of her class mates. She asked Hinata who the boy with the fuzzy hood was. He was Kiba of the Inuzuka clan, a clan that specializes in nin-dog breeding. Which explained the wet dog smell.

Naru turned to the front to actually pay attention to what Iruka-sensei was saying. She relearned about the basics of jutsu, and learned the history of the kages. She had already learned the basics from Itachi, and some jutsu, but the history intrigued her. She hadn't known about the Kages, and the war of the shinobis. The Kyuubi hardly paid attention to humans and their wars because, of course, he's a demon, and they think the wars were a waste of time.

And Kyuubi was right. They did think Naru was a boy, and so did Hinata. But Naru remained friends with Hinata, and asked her about what she learned in the classes the Kunoichi took...And was infinitely grateful that they thought she was a boy. The Kunoichi had to learn all of these useless things, like flower arranging, how to catch a guy, etc, etc. Bo-RING! Hinata has her clan teaching her, so she is actually getting taught how to fight out of school. Girls like Sakura, however, who are the first in their famlies to become kunoichis, only get taught by Iruka how to control their Chakra and how to fight in class. Out of class is a whole different story. Basically, all she talked about was Sasuke. Sasuke this, Sasuke that. Oh the poor orphaned Uchiha! Ugh. It was enough to make one sick.

Kiba Inuzuka, the guy with the dog smell, actually was pretty decent. It was just the dog smell that threw her off, because he actually had a dog with him. His name was Akamaru, and he and can actually talk...once he gets over the fact that Naru was a fox. Through he and Hinata, Naru met Shino Aburame, Shikamaru Nara, Choji, Ino Yamanaka, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga and Tenten. And their friendship would save Naru one day, she knew it.

What she did not know was that the day would come so soon.

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