Hey everyone! I would like to introduce my newest story! Legend of Spyro: Burying the Past! this one takes place 6 years after The Dragon King Part 2 so enjoy!


Legend of Spyro: Burying the Past


6 years have passed since Malefor was killed and Revan, brother to Mark the dragon King, was defeated. Since then The Realms have begun to restore their homes. The Temple was being Renovated and re-made by the residents, and with the help of Mark the Dragon Lord, or as everyone calls him 'Mustang'. Spyro, friends with Mark the dragon king and his foster brother (he became his foster brother after the war, because he and Mark where like brothers) had married Cynder a black dragoness and once Malefor's top general.

The people saw Cynder a lot different now, and they gotten over the things she did to them when she was with Malefor. The others who where with them during the war began to live good lives now. Mark was in the grand library, where he saw other dragons scholars, some just people who wanted to see the library since it became open to the public.

Everyone greeted him with praise and admiration, which he got used to after a while. He took out a book and began to read it when he noticed a man in a blue coat katana at his side, reading from one of the shelves. "I never thought of seeing you here Vergil" Mark said. Vergil looked at him without closing the book. "Glad to see you too." Vergil told him.

Vergil was Dante's older brother; he was one of the sons of Sparda, a demon who rebelled against his comrades for the humans. It should be known that Sedro, Mark's father and the first human to cross into the Realms, was a good friend to Sparda and Mustang. "How's everything been?" Mark asked. "Well, Dante was beat up by Trish and Lady; Nero married Kyrie (About time! Mark thought) and are raising their son well. But it's been to quiet now, even the Demon Realms are quiet." Vergil pointed out.

The Demon Realm was Hell in most ways, ruled by Mundus, the Devil King and Sparda's nemesis. "That's unusual" Mark said. "I know I've been investigating about what's going on and heard about the library so I decided to come here." Vergil said. "Well, good luck with that, Tell Dante and Nero I said hi, and tell Dante he owes me for a hell of a lot of stuff for saving his butt a while back." Mark pointed out, Vergil chuckled "I will" he said and went back to his reading.

Spyro was enjoying a nice walk in the City when he spotted two men, one had a katana, but it was a high frequency blade made to look like a katana. He had braided black hair along with black skin. The man next to him was also black but wearing a tan colored robe, a pouch holding some throwing knifes and kunai knives on his back hip; he had glasses and very short black hair. "Marquis! Winston!" Spyro called to the men.

The two turned around, both Marquis and Winston where good friends with Mark a while back, and they still are! "Yo Spyro Sparx, what's up?" Marquis asked. "It's been a while since we saw each other." Spyro said shaking both their hands. "Sup" Sparx said high-fiving Marquis and Winston "Nothing much, how's everything been?" Winston asked. "okay, pretty quiet now but I'm used to it." Spyro said.

"Well come on! There's a battle going on in the Arena and we got some seats!" Marquis said. "We're friends with Mark and his dad, why would we need to pay?" Spyro asked. "Exactly! Now come on!" Marquis said as the two ran to the Arena. Spyro rolled his eyes "6 years and they're still the same" Spyro said and followed the two.


In the Demon Realms, a black dragon stood before a large castle, the home of Mundus. "It's time for my plan to get into motion" the dragon said and entered. He walked past the large room, it was furnished in red metal and large black marble, he soon reached the throne room and broke it down. A large statue of a man with three eyes stood before him. "Demitri? What is the meaning of this?!" Mundus asked him. "I'm here to take over, now stand aside or die" Demitri said. The statue slowly began to rise up. "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" Mundus yelled. Demitri took his stance. "Come on, old man!" Demitri yelled.


Wow, this is getting intense, why is Demitri in the Demon Realms and want's the throne? And what's going to happen? Stay tuned!