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Chapter 58: A New Age

Revan opened his eyes and found himself in a bed, the sun was shining on his face, and he noticed his clothes where gone and he was wearing a night shirt and pants, all black. He looked around and saw something…or rather someone that caught his eye. He saw a girl, about 14 or 15 years old, sitting beside his bed. She had black hair like Mark, but longer, strangely enough, he thought she was kind of attractive. 'Whoa whoa, slow down Revan, you're like 18 or something and she's like 14 or 15, major age difference there!' Revan told himself.

He also noticed she was holding a little infant male gold dragon, which looked at Revan and jumped on him. "Uh, who is this exactly?" Revan asked the girl. "That is your nephew Ryuu" Kira said. "And I'm Malefor's daughter Kira" she said. Revan looked at Ryuu as he curled up on his chest. 'So this is my brother's son' Revan thought. "He's a lot different than any other infant dragon king that's for sure" Kira said.

"I didn't know Malefor had any other children" Revan said. "He did, but we were separated, my brother Kurthnega went with my mom and I stayed with my dad. I never knew my mom, but Kurth said she was kind, nice, and caring." Kira said with some sadness. "Then we're the same" Revan said. "What?" Kira asked. "Me and my brother didn't know anything about our real parents, until Lucifer told me that is, he tricked me into betraying my hometown and nearly killing my brother, then when I found out, I fake betrayed everyone to find him, then I rejoined my brother then betrayed him again, when I found Lucifer, I lost the fight against him and was turned into Diablo Angelo." Revan told her.

"How awful, to be used like that…when Lucifer told everyone, no, the entire world about his plan, I was shocked. He used my dad as a tool and I didn't want anything to do with him anymore, so I left him and joined up with your brother and everyone. Strange, you look a lot different than the picture" Kira said. "Picture?" Revan asked. He realized that Yulie must've shown her the picture of when he came here. He sighed, "It's weird but back home I used to get tons of girls, when I came here however, they wanted me to be their boyfriends, it was disturbing." Revan said.

"Really?" Kira asked him. "Yeah, I told myself that would be the last time I try to get a girl and if I ever wanted one, it would be one that understands me" Revan said. "You sound like Mark when Yulie told me about him and you, but I think you're a pretty cool guy, I mean, you're a Dragon King, your brother is going be become the new king, and you're like, extremely handsome" Kira said.

Revan blushed at that last comment, "Well I'm handsome, but not that handsome" Revan said. "But you are a lot different from your brother, though still a lot more attractive" Kira blushed as well as Revan. "Uhh, if it's not too much trouble, are you free this weekend?" Revan asked. Kira looked at him surprised. "Y-Yes I am" Kira said. "Well, now that that's done, we have a coronation to attend." Revan said getting up.

He got some clothes and changed in the bathroom, when he got out; he was wearing a black coat with a gold shirt underneath it. He looked like DK Mark except he slicked his hair back. "Coming?" Revan asked Kira. She nodded and followed her new boyfriend out the door.


Spyro and the rest of the gang were in the Throne room of the Palace of the Golden Dragons, where DK Mark would be crowned the next king. The people from each race in the Realms, elf, dwarf, human, dragons, and surprisingly hobbits all attended. "My people, we have suffered many losses these years, but we also should think over about what has happened. Lucifer, the Dark God and Ungh-Agor's brother, had played us all, he had taken over Malefor, gave him a bad reputation and we banished him. But we also thought Revan had betrayed us too, which he did, but he did it because he knew about Lucifer's plan and tried to stop him. He failed, but Mark the dragon, son of Sedro and my cousin, along with Spyro and DL Mark and the rest of the group, killed Lucifer for good." Leon said.

Everyone cheered but Leon wasn't finished yet, "Yes I know, we should all be proud of my cousin for his actions, which is why I'm relinquishing my role as King" Leon said. The people were shocked at this announcement. "Why my lord? Why do you give up your role?" someone asked. "The reason I give up my rule, is that the old age of Dragons is over, and I was part of it. So I am giving my title over to someone who I know will rule this kingdom with pride. Someone who shall lead you all into the New Age. I'm talking about my cousin, Mark the Dragon King" Leon said.

Right as he finished saying this, DK Mark walked in. He was garbed in gold, his hair was combed, and all the scars he had were gone. Leon stepped aside and DK Mark took the stand. "Thank you, my people! You have all known me for these past 13 years since I came here. You all know of my tragic past, caused by Lucifer in his plan to reclaim his body. But you must also know that Malefor's son Demitri, is actually my half-brother." DK mark said.

The people began to mutter amongst themselves. "I know, you all probably saw Lucifer's announcement about his plans and know this already. But there is something you must know, while we fought against Lucifer in hell, we met some unlikely people. One was my grandparents Draco and his wife Lilith, another was Malefor himself, who was used by Lucifer for his plan" DK mark said as Draco, Lilith, and Malefor walked up.

"But there is someone else…" DK Mark paused. The people hushed, "…My brother Revan, who I thought had died, was alive in Hell, he has thrown away his ties with the darkness and decided to join us again, but this time for good." DK mark said as Revan walked up. The people began muttering with surprise and shock. "But now, Lucifer is dead, the men who slew my home are gone, and this dreaded war is finally over. The Dawn of the Dragon has begun!" DK Mark said.

The people cheered and chanted "Hail to King Mark!" Suddenly the doors to the throne opened and everything was bathed with light that everyone covered their eyes. They could see the shape of a dragon walk towards them, when the door closed, Ungh-Agor stood before DK Mark. "Agor, what are you doing here?" DK Mark asked. "Well I came here to see you crowned King and to give you your oaths" Agor said. "Oh right, forgot about those" DK Mark said. Agor told him and Yulie to kneel and he did, "Do you swear that you will protect your people and help them in times of need?" Agor asked. "I do" they both said.

After Agor finished asking them their vows he crowned them Dragon King and Queen. Spyro and the group bowed before him, "Rise, you are my friends, not my servants" DK Mark said. Spyro and the group rose as the people all bowed. "Now my people, the new age has begun!" DK Mark said. The people cheered loudly, "Now, let's celebrate!" DK Mark said. Everyone cheered and soon the festivities began. All over the world people where celebrating, Lucifer was gone, the old age was finished and a new, bright age had begun. In the skies, Mark's star was shining brightly, like the flames of the people, the great age of Mark the Dragon King had begun, and with it, the Dawn of the Dragon had begun as well.

The End...

The Tale of Mark the Dragon King, Volume 4 of the Dragon King series. Written by Mark the Dragon King himself. On the final page DK Mark wrote this:

'I'd like to thank everyone who's stayed behind me and my friends to the end. You've all been a big help in my life. Thank you, and may Ungh-Agor watch over you.'

- Mark the Dragon King, 2008 A.D.


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