Hey Everybody, surferdude9817 here! So, listen… I'm writing my version of TDI Season 2, (I know not at all original), and I'm looking for characters. The first 30 people (20 of the 22 Campers, as well as 10 Camp Counselors) who respond will get to be featured as a character, so if you want to be in it, do it ASAP. Also... I'm going to be putting in a character much like Mr. Coconut from Season 1, so you can also submit your ideas for that innanimate character. :)

Fill out the following info…

Camper or Camp Counselor:

Name (Doesn't have to be your real name):









P.S: There will be 8 Couples in this story (6 dedicated to the original TDI Couples, GxT, CxD, BxG, HxL, LxT, and IxO, as well as 2 original couples, one dedicated to the implied NoahxCody couple, and one totally original. If you're okay with being paired up, let me know at the start. Then, after I've posted the cast characters, tell me which one you'd like to be paired with.

Keep in mind, that if you volunteer to be paired, you may not get to be with who you want.