Author note: So to anyone who thinks this sounds like the back story to Untold truths, it really is. Though I enjoyed my True/Tough Love series I have missed the series I have called my Un's. After Unbelievable fait I had long considered a story where we see what would have been if Severus found out Harry was his son when he was still little and not in his sixth year. If you have not read Untold truth or any of that series you don't need to, but for my readers who have, that is the similarities.

No one was sure why they were there. No one was certain why this combination had been called into the ministry office. What did Remus Lupin and Severus Snape possibly have in common? The only thing they had in common was Lily Potter and she was dead for nearly four years now.

The attorney spoke up. "I have had a request from a person who will remain unnamed for now to look into the wills of the Potters and of Sirius Black."

Remus' head snapped up. "The will of Sirius Black? Are you telling me that he has died?"

Though most people believed that the man had betrayed Lily and James and had led to their death before killing a number of muggles, Remus knew it wasn't true. He knew that his friend would never have done it and spent four years trying to prove it. He spent four years trying to free his last best friend.

Albus was also in the room. "Sirius is not dead and the amendment to the Potter will can only be read if he is dead. I don't see what this is about."

Remus shot a look at the man. "You knew there was an amendment to their will? I have been saying that there was and you have been denying it."

He had spoken to Lily and James a number of times after their son was born and they had sworn they had included him in the will. A werewolf could have custody of a child as long as they had been named by the parents. Since Sirius was alive even if a prisoner he had never had enough power to get their will read.

The attorney spoke. "Since Sirius is in prison for life the will can be read as he is declared incapable of running his own affairs. Some interesting things came up."

Severus stared at the man. "And what might that be?"

The man smiled. "Two things really. One that Remus Lupin and yourself are both named guardians, you by Lily Potter and Remus by James Pottter."

That of course shut Severus up for he had never in his entire life imagined that he would be named a guardian to James Potter's son. This was insane. He loved Lily but there was no way that her husband would have ever agreed to Severus being the guardian to his son.

Severus shook his head. "This can't be true. I mean there is no way that James Potter would have ever named me the guardian of his son."

Remus agreed with him. "He is my honorary godson and I should be granted custody. That will means I can have him."

The lawyer nodded and said that there definitely was grounds to have Harry removed from his relatives house but there was more to the will. What the man was about to say was that shocked everyone in the room.

He showed them papers. "Lily Potter claims that you Severus Snape are the biological father of her son Harry Potter. And provided blood proof."

Severus looked and saw a paternity test before some blood adoption. "This can't be. She would have told me. How could she not tell me she was...?"

The night before Lily had married James Severus had come to her. He had wanted out for some time. He had sworn to Lily that he was through with being a Death Eater and that he was going to go on the run. He had convinced her to go with him but one night Albus had appeared and threatened that if he did not agree to be a spy that he would face prison time. For the safety of the woman he loved he had left her and she had married James.

Remus looked at him. "I told her to go see you that night. I knew you were together but I had no idea he was your son. James and Lily never told me. This is insane."

Severus looked at the headmaster. "You. You took me from her. You forced me to become a spy. I have had a son all of this time and you took me from her."

Both Severus and Lucius had wanted out but for the safety of his wife and son Lucius had been forced to remain a Death Eater. The headmaster had been willing to allow Severus to become a spy and not turn him over to the ministry. He could not believe that he had lost out on this time with his son, with the woman he loved.

The attorney spoke. "I have papers here, an official pardon from the minister of magic. It seems someone brought forward proof of your spying work for our side."

Severus stared down at the papers. "I am a free man? You mean that I can stop spying and go and get my son?"

The man nodded and assured him that the ministry was willing to support he gaining custody of his son if he chose. They had a few Death Eaters who had come to their side before the end of the war and by swearing an oath on their mark they were able to free themselves of the Dark Lord's control. Severus did not need to think twice before he took the oath on his magic.

Remus looked at him. "I know he is your son but he is my godson. Sirius and James wanted me to have a part of his life."

Severus nodded. "And Lily would have wanted you to as well. I will be returning to my home, and there is a third bedroom. You can come and live."

The remark had been directed at Albus as much as Remus and the headmaster knew it was his potion's professor's way of quitting his job. The man had never really forgiven Albus for forcing him to spy and not helping him get a pardon. Now he knew Severus had his doubts that Albus had not known about his son.

Albus stopped him. "Harry is safer with his relatives. If you refuse to allow him to remain there then I must insist you return to school. He will be safer in the wards."

Severus smirked. "You can not insist on anything any more old man. You can no longer hold prison over my head. I will raise my son. Now get out of my way."

Albus looked at Remus. "I want you to take over teaching DADA at school. You both can teach and you can both raise Harry. You know it is safer at school for him."

While neither man wanted to admit it they knew he was right. They knew that Hogwarts was a far safer place for Harry then Spinner's End would be. Being offered a chance to teach at the school would also mean Remus would not have to live off the charity of Severus as he had done off James and Sirius in the past.

Severus finally nodded. "Fine. But you will not start training my son. Harry will not become some little pawn for you if this war starts again."

Albus smiled. "Of course not my boy. I loved Lily and James like a son and a daughter and I just want their son, your son to be safe."

Though he still refused to tell them who was the person who had hired him to look into the Potter wills or get a pardon for Severus, Severus had a sneaking suspicion that it was Lucius. He knew his old friend was one of the few people with such power and though he had never been able to turn spy, he was still close.


It took a week before they went to retrieve Harry. Remus had been living in Grimmauld and making money where he could which mainly was tutoring other children no one had wanted to teach. He had been left some money by James and from Sirius and had tried to make it last. Now he had a job and things were changing.

Remus looked around the dungeons. "You really don't mind having me down here? I mean I am sure the school has a number of spare apartments."

Severus sighed. "We have been over this for three days, no. I am going to need all the help I can get raising a five year old. I don't know the first thing."

That wasn't exactly true for really he had always been pretty hands on with his godson but taking Draco for days here and there was a different matter all together then raising one full time. They had a bedroom set up for the child but were planning on shopping when they picked him up and knew what he would need.

Remus nodded. "I just think that we better make sure we can keep away from each other's throats. The last thing Harry needs is us tearing each other a part."

Severus stopped him. "I think we can manage and if we can't then you can move into another one. It would be easier though if the child only had one home."

They had both agreed to it when the headmaster had said he was going to give them different apartments. Neither of them fully trusted the man around Harry for he had been the most vocal about not breaking the rules and not looking into the Potter wills. They only agreed to live here for they knew it was safer for Harry.

Remus walked with him to the door. "Harry need a stable and loving home. And I think we need to manage some kind of truce if not more for his sake."

Severus offered his hand. "For the sake of my son I think I can handle that. I have no idea how I will handle being a father to him but he deserves it."

They both knew that the boy looked like James and that would be so hard for Severus to handle. Severus had brewed a potion which if Harry took it, it would remove the blood adoption from his son so he looked like him but he would not force the boy. He just wanted his son home and safe here with him.

As they walked towards the gates Remus seemed to know his thoughts. "I have seen you with Draco. You do have the paternal instinct and Harry is still young."

That had of course occurred to Severus. "I assume it should be easier then if he was some bratty teen like some of my students. He might still want a dad figure now."

Having no idea how his relatives had been to him they really weren't even sure if Harry would want to leave. They both knew there was a chance that he had a decent up bringing which Albus had told them but they doubted it.

Remus knew Harry needed out of there. "I know Albus thinks those people will care for him but I remember all of Lily's stories about her sister and her husband."

Severus agreed. "I met Petunia many times and even that bastard of a husband of hers when they were dating. I doubt my son had any real care under their roof."

They both knew that Petunia had always hated magic and anything to do with it and her husband had always been even worse then she was. They were the kind of people who liked everything boring and normal. Everyone should act and think and dress and look like them in every possible way.

Apparating outside of the house their son was living in they looked at it. "Would have expected a place like this. A plain suburban home like all the rest on the street."

Severus smirked. "I bet the woman even has plastic on all of her furniture and her son is dressed in some kind of little sailor suit when we come to the door."

Taking a deep breath and taking out the forms that proved that they had a right to take the child, they walked up the front path. They intended to take Harry and take him shopping for some new clothes and toys before returning him to school. Severus had no intention of ever spoiling his son but he had nothing to offer a child and had reluctantly agreed with Remus that a shopping trip was likely needed. Even if only to stop the child from destroying his apartments.

Knocking on the door Remus held his breath when the door opened and Petunia appeared. "Hello Petunia, I don't know if you remember me. We met once."

The woman sneered at him. "I remember the two of you, both freakish friends of my damned sister. Now get off of our property before we call the police."

Severus shoved the papers at her. "Those are custody papers for your nephew. I am here to take my son home with me. Now move."

The woman reluctantly stepped back into the house as if only so that the neighbours would not see the spectacle going on but when they entered the living room they found her whale of a husband and her equally pudgy son but no sign of Harry any where. Vernon was no happier then his wife was.

He looked at the papers."So the spawn is your son and not her husband's? Lily was even more a freak then we thought. Good riddance with the damned little whelp?"

Remus had to restrain Severus from attacking the man. "Where is Harry? Where is our boy? We will take him and you will never have to deal with him again."

Neither of them seemed to be having any thing to do with it so Severus pulled out his wand and cast a locator spell and was shocked when the wand pointed at the door of a cupboard under the stairs where they saw there were locks on the door. He opened the locks and looked in shock at the sight before him.

He called to Remus. "Get over here now Moony. We need to get him out of here now."

Remus ran to his side and looked down into the cupboard which he realized with shock had been a bedroom, some over sized clothes, an old camp bed and one thin blanket and nothing else except a picture the boy had probably done in muggle preschool. It was the child himself who shocked them. He was much smaller then he should have been and in the bare light they could see bruises and welts all over him and his arm was at a dangerous angle.

Remus turned to his Uncle. "You will pay for what you did to that child. You will pay for what you did to your nephew. He is an innocent little child. How could you?"

Severus scooped his son up. "I want to tear them apart as well but right now he needs medical attention. We will send the aurors to deal with these two."

Looking into the cupboard and seeing that there was nothing much in there he grabbed the few things he knew could mean anything to the child and that was the small threadbare baby blanket that he knew Harry came in for he had given it to Lily, and his drawing.

Severus moved towards the door. "I will make sure you pay for what you did to our little boy. You will pay for ever laying a hand on him."

Vernon sneered. "We did nothing we weren't told to do. Now get the hell out of our house and take that stupid little bastard away from us once and for all."

His words shocked them and they wondered if there was truth to them for he already had his doubts about Albus and the will. They had no proof and the only thing that they could think of right now was getting their son back to school and making sure he was safe.


Poppy was startled when the two men came in and even more by the tiny form in their arms. When she learned that the little form who looked to be no more then three was actually Harry Potter who should be a few weeks short of his fifth birthday as it was mid July

She looked down at the boy. "His Uncle and Aunt did this to the poor boy? Oh my. I can't believe that the headmaster left him with them."

Severus looked down at his son. "Is there something you can do for my son? Please."

Nodding Poppy went to work and both men watched as she transformed what little clothes he had on into a hospital gown and went to work. They were not surprised when the door opened and the headmaster came in.

Severus rounded on the man. "I thought you said he was safe. I thought you said that Lily's son was safe and being taken care of."

Albus looked at the boy. "He was safe from the possible Death Eaters and he has not been killed. I am sorry but there was no way of knowing he..."

Both men looked ready to punch him. They could not believe that this man had never even considered that Harry was in danger from his relatives. They had always believed he would have checked in on the boy and Vernon's last words to them rung through his head.

Severus turned towards his son's bed. "My son has obviously been badly abused and you think he was safe? You will keep your distance from my son."

Albus shook his head. "You have him now and he will be living here at school. The teachers and I will help educate him and take care of him with you."

Laughing at the very thought Severus told him that he would never allow Albus to have a hand in raising his son. He had already spoken to some of the other teachers and Poppy had agreed to let the child during the school year stay with her up here in the infirmary as they did not want him left with only house elves.

Poppy looked up. "I have healed all the wounds but this boy has been abused for years. You are going to have quite the time trying to convince this little boy to trust anyone."

Severus sunk down onto the bed next to his son. "He was never sexually..."

She shook her head and swore there was no proof that his son had been the victim of any sexual abuse but he had a number of bones that never healed properly from being broken and had whip marks down his back from years of it. From the size of his body he had never been properly fed either. He had a concussion, two broken ribs and a broken wrist from the most recent attack and she had given him a sleeping draught with a nutrient and pain reliever.

Seeing the glares from both men and even Poppy Albus took his leave. "Send word if you or your son need me."

Poppy put a hand on his arm. "You have my support and many others in the school. I meant more then just care. I will help talk to him or anything."

They were left alone with Harry and they both looked down on him. Neither had been sure how to raise this little boy other then the fact that they loved him and wanted to give him a home but they had no idea how to deal with the abuse. He had dealt with tantrums or problems with Draco but nothing like this. They had thought they might need to take him shopping for some new things but they had no idea they would face this.

Severus kissed his son's head. "My little boy. I just found he is my son and now this? I don't understand how a monster could do this to a little boy, my little boy."

Remus squeezed his hand. "We will help him heal physically and then mentally. We will give him a home and show him he can trust people. Give him love."

He had not been sure he could be a proper father to this child when he found out Harry was his. He had agreed to get custody for he knew that his relatives would be bad and he owed it to the woman he had loved but now he had no idea how to help his little boy but just knew he had to.

He looked at his boy. "We will fill that room with proper books and toys, and he'll have a birthday. He will always know he is loved. I swear Lils, our son will."

Remus saw the pain in the man's eyes. "You're right we will make sure this little boy has all that. But you can't blame yourself for not knowing he was yours."

Sitting together at a bedside vigil both men knew that they were going to have a hell of a time convincing this child he was loved and safe. They were just grateful they had got to him now. They could only imagine what the child would have suffered and been like if he remained in that house for another ten years or more.