Viktor watched in horror as Alastor Moody appeared in the graveyard. It was not the fact that he had arrived which scared him. It was who lay bleeding and unconscious in his arms. Viktor himself had been pinned to one of the tombstone and was unable to do anything to help his fiend. He watched as Harry was dumped on the ground next to some strange stone marker unlike any of the others there. But all of the attention of the masked Death Eaters were on it and on a giant cauldron which had been brought out as well. Viktor had been pinned in place by his own headmaster but he had been left. He had no idea what was going on but he knew that what ever it was would not be good for either him or Harry. He looked at the dead body of Cedric which was lying feet away from him and he wondered if he and Harry would also join him like that.

He could not think like that. He needed to find some way free. He needed to find some way of recuing Harry from what ever this was. He knew things were bad. But he had never been able to do wandless magic before. And he had no idea how he could get free from the bonds without it. He may have grown up more around the muggle world when most purebloods but while he learned survival things like a fire and driving a car recently, he had never mastered getting out of taps before.

His eyes scanned the area. He knew from his father that there were spies among the Death Eaters. But he knew both Lucius and Severus had been outed. Neither of them would be there among them. He had once believed that his headmaster was a spy but the man had obviously showed his true colors.

Viktor looked at Igor who was near him. "You have to let me go. You turned to our side. You know they will kill you eventually. You have to let me go."

The man sneered at him. "I don't have to do anything. You could have had such a place among us but like your blasted father you are too good for joining us."

Viktor spat at him. "After we lost my grandfather to Grindewald did you really think that any Krums would be stupid enough to join another Dark Lord?"

His grandfather had been one of the ones killed early during the rise of Grindewald. He had been a teacher at Durmstang. His only child, Viktor's father, had been a toddler when he had been killed. Viktor's parents had always been openly opposed to the dark magic ever since. His mother had lost family in both wars as well. They had taught their only son as well that he should never turn his back on the light. That it was better for him to die fighting the vile of the world with his head held high then bend his knee to a Dark Lord of any shape of form, in order to save his own neck. They knew many like Igor had only joined because they were scared for their own life. It was one of the reasons men like Igor had become a spy in the end for the only thing they cared about really was saving their own scrawny neck. He had proven it once again. Igor wanted to make sure he was seen as willing by Voldemort if he returned as the ma claimed he was about to.

He noticed as Harry was starting to stir that the man that they had thought was Moody was transforming. He had seen pictures in the papers. He knew many of the Death Eaters by face. He knew it was the son of Barty Crouch. He had believed that he was dead but he had been obviously wrong. Harry had come round to see the last of the transformation and he could see the shock and fear in Harry's eyes when he registered what had happened and saw where he was.

Before Harry could do anything he was being jerked to his feet and being lead over to the odd looking tombstone that Viktor had seen but Harry was not going down without a fight. He was struggling hard and it seemed none of the Death Eaters for some reason were using a wand on him at all.

They pointed at Viktor. "Unless you want your little friend there to die like the other one you will stop struggling and surrender to what we will be doing."

Harry caught sight of him and the body of Cedric lying on the ground. He was shocked when Harry called out. "Viktor get out of here."

He had no idea how to respond. He was still attached to the rock but suddenly the bonds were gone and he felt the portkey roll and hit him in the feet. Though he wanted to help Harry he had no wand and he knew that they needed back up badly. He grabbed the cup and the body of Cedric and before a hex hit him, he activated the portkey and was taken back to the school grounds. There was thunderous clapping and cheering and he realized they must have thought that he had won the cup. None of them realized that Cedric was dead and he was bleeding.

Severus had come to his side and noticed not only the dead body but knew his son was missing. "Viktor what happened? What happened to Cedric?"

Viktor sunk into the arms of his father who came to his side and told them what had happened, as Cedric's parents came for him. There was a ripple of shock which ran through everyone who was gathered there. Not only because of the death of Cedric but because of the news of the Death Eaters and of Harry. Only Harry's dad and uncles as well as George had noticed he was gone. Severus shared a look with his brother when they heard the description of the place he had been.

Lucius nodded. "That is the Riddle graveyard. We need to get there and soon or we might be too late. We need everyone who is willing to fight."

They were looking for Moody to lead them but they could not find him any where. Severus turned to Sirius as well as his fiancé. "We will just have to rely on you."

They knew they had to act fast. They reminded themselves Moody had been forced to retire and likely for a reason. But they would have still felt better. He had been one of the three bet aurors in the past hundred years if not more. Frank and Alice Longbottom the other two. He had put more Death Eaters away then anyone and had sacrificed much of his body to it. If anyone could have lead them into the graveyard to rescue Harry from this, it would have been Moody.

Tonks kissed her fiancé before they apparated to the edge of the graveyard. "We will get your son home safe and sound I promise. Even if I am not Moody."

Severus was anxious to get going with those that they had gathered. "We need to get going. He has already killed one student and I will not lose my son like this."

They prepared to leave. They knew that they could not just rush in there. It would just get them injured if not killed as well as Harry of course. Severus, Lucius and Harry's godfathers were thinking about his powers but they had no idea if he would be able to use them when he was facing danger like this. They were not sure he would even try when there was so much danger around him. It would be even more risky then revealing to the headmaster about his powers. Severus was a bit surprised the headmaster had not insisted on coming with them and he wondered what the man was playing at. Surely he did not want Voldemort to return.


Harry was relieved that it had worked. Viktor was gone with the body of Cedric. And none of them seemed to know how he had been able to escape. Harry had known he was taking a giant risk using his powers. But he had needed to ensure his friend was able to get to safety. And he knew if Viktor got back to school he could send for help. His father and Uncle Lucius would surely know where this place was. He knew they would come. He hoped they would come in time. He did not want to die yet. He was too young. His dad and Tonks were about to be married. He had a new baby brother. He had just fallen in love. There was some comfort in knowing if he died his dad would not be alone any more. He had been alone when Lily had died. But he had his fiancé and with time he would have other children. And even Sirius and the kids thanks to Remus would be there for him. But he waned to be there as well. He did not want to die without a chance to at least say goodbye to them all.

He shook his head. He did not want to die period. He was too young. And he had no intention of allowing Voldemort to come back. At least not without a fight. He would not let the man who had killed so many including his mother ad adoptive father return. He did not care how dangerous it was if he revealed his powers here, he knew he would have to try anything. Harry needed to make sure if he did fail and die that he at least did with the knowledge that he had done that entire he could.

Harry watched as the man who had once had his beloved godfather in prison for four years walked towards him. Peter had escaped during the mass break outs a few months ago. The man looked even more rat like then he had bee told. He remembered that Peter had saved him by helping him find the shed but he wondered if he had helped save Harry for he knew he would be needed down the line for what ever this was.

Peter showed him his missing hand. "The hand of the enemy and the bones of the father have been put in. We are just missing one final ingredient before we finish."

Harry looked at him. "You are making some kind of stew are you? Human bones and flesh are not on my diet. I will have to politely refuse a bowl."

Peter drew a dagger and had a cup in hand. "The blood of the enemy unwillingly given is the last ingredient and then our Lord and Master will return finally."

The words rung through his head. Harry was not sure why they did. There was something about the wording. Filius had always told him wording was important. In any charm or spell there was such need for precision. The miss pronunciation of a single word could screw up an entire charm. This was not a charm but some kind of potion but he knew the same went for potions as well. He knew that if an ingredient was put in wrong, whether the wrong amount or even the way that it had been diced, sliced or what ever, it could blow up the potion or have some other drastic affect on it.

He looked at the dagger and he knew. Unwilling. That was why he was bound. He could not give the blood as anything but unwilling. He was a prisoner and soon his arm would be sliced, his blood would flow and he would be helping to bring back the Dark Lord. He knew what needed to be done and he just prayed that it would work. He knew h had nothing rally to risk though. If this did not work then Voldemort would still be returning anyways. Harry could not let this happen without trying.

As Peter was close to him he directed his powers and pulled the knife towards his arm and though he gasped in pain as the knife sliced through the flesh of his arm Harry kept picturing everyone he loved including his dad and his boyfriend and he allowed the blood to flow into the cup. He could see Peter had not realized he had not done it himself and was triumphantly showing off the cup to the others.

Before Peter could add it to the cauldron though here was loud sounds every where and Bella shouted. "The wards, someone has come. The boy who escaped...."

Rodolphus turned to his men."The boy got word out. Keep everyone away. We just need a few moments and the spell will be complete. Keep them back for now."

Harry knew that Viktor had returned to school and some where near him his father and he was sure his godfather and Tonks likely were. He had known they would come but he had a feeling they would have been too late and he was right. He prayed as he watched Peter going over to the caldron that he would be correct. He watched as the blood was added and as some odd creature wrapped up in robe was brought towards the cauldron. He had no idea how he knew but he needed to get down. Even if there was no reaction from the cauldron he knew if this worked he would become a target to the Death Eaters. He concentrated on the bounds that were holding him in place and they fell away only moments before the strange creature was dropped in the pot.

He ducked for cover as suddenly there was a horrible hissing sound and there was an explosion. He had not bee fully covered and he was hit by the backlash of the explosion and flew several feet through the air and he slammed into one of the gravestones. His head cracked it and he started blacking out. Before he could black out though he noticed that the Death Eaters were filling around him and they seemed to be dead. He knew deep in his heat some how that his father and Lucius were fine.

Before he blacked out he saw the blurred and worried face of his dad above him and he managed to whisper. "Did I do it?"


They had just broken through into the main part of the graveyard when they had all been forced to duck for cover. None of them knew what had caused it but the cauldron being used in the ceremony had exploded. They had been prepared for anything but one by one all but those who had sworn an oath on their magic against Voldemort, who carried the mark, slumped dead to the ground all around them. Severus had watched in sickening slow motion as his son had been thrown across the graveyard and he rushed to his son's side. He left the bodies and all the other confusion to the others. He heard his son ask if he succeeded, before he blacked out.

Tonks had come to his side as he scooped up his son. "Your son has done it. He has saved the world from the Dark Lord once and for all. It is over."

Severus kissed her and his son. "He has. And hopefully for once he can have a normal life. But we both know that there are still too many risks out there."

The ministry had been summoned and soon word would spread through their world that Harry had saved them again. Severus took his son home to the school where he managed with charms to get him unseen into their rooms and Poppy to check on him. George and Draco were by his side. He reluctantly left his son with the boys to report with his fiancé and Harry's godfathers on what had happened in the graveyard.

Albus was relieved and smiling. "I knew that your son could do it Severus. We are free from the war once and for all. There will be great celebrations."

Severus was pale as he looked at the Krums who were there and thought of Cedric. "Tempered of course Albus by a memorial for the young man who was killed."

The headmaster showed little shame in forgetting that Cedric had been killed. There would be many who might do the same. The good news of the down fall of the Dark Lord would of course spread further and faster then the news of a death. But the students and teachers at the school could not forget. Cedric had lost his life as many before him in the war had. He had been far too young and should never have been killed like that.

Severus had been surprised to learn Moody had been locked in his trunk, located soon after they went for Harry. Viktor had told them about the fraud. Moody had been attacked outside of his own home and had lost well over a year of his life in the trunk. Severus was not surprised to know his son had been right. There had been something wrong about Moody all year long.

That night Severus bent down and kissed his sleeping son. "You have defeated Voldemort but we will still have to be careful. I still worry about the headmaster."

He knew that Albus had always been careful because of the war. He had needed harry to fight it. Burt he was worried what would happen now Voldemort was gone. If Albus thought he would have his blinders on now that Voldemort was gone, he was definitely mistaken. He would never allow the man to harm his son. Not again.

Author note: So I decided to end Undried tears here and start a sequel. Undried tears introduced the fear of Albus but I wanted to handle the Voldemort situation and war first. In a few days I will post the first chapter of the sequel, "Unwanted Advances" and it will focus on the creepy infatuation of Albus with Harry which will pick up now that the war is over. I will update here when the first chapter is up. Thanks to all my loyal readers, hope you enjoyed and hope you will come and read my newest story when it starts.