"Don't do it Anakin. I have the high ground."

I wish and wish that he heard me, that he understood. It was a death sentence I was giving myself, by telling him in advance what I plan to do to him if he jumped.

It didn't matter what I said. If I had called him bantha-fool, he would have not heard it. He was too consumed by hate and aguish to listen properly.

Anakin glared at me with those unnatural yellow eyes. So full of anger, he spat out, "Shut up! Don't underestimate my power!"

All he needed to do was ask. Even if he didn't mean it- I wouldn't hesitate. Help me Obi-Wan. I would be willing to fight both the Council and the Sith to protect him. If only he would ask.

"Please," I begged him, choking back a sob. "Don't do this."

He jumped.

I swung my lightsaber upwards. I clenched my eyes as it made contact. The strangled cry that came afterward broke my heart.

Anakin fell, rolling downward towards the boiling river. He stopped only a couple of inches away from the edge, his severed legs kicking wildly.

Oh Force! I cried inside. I had to turn away. I could not watch my Padawan in such a state.

He seemed oblivious to the pain. Anakin clenched the ground, desperately trying to drag himself upwards. The unsettling of the rocks only helped him to slip down further. I had to resist the urge to go down and grab him.

I felt tears falling down my cheeks. As soon as they met the air, they evaporated. "I loved you Anakin!" I suddenly screamed. Grief and sorrow filled my heart and instead of letting it go into the Force, I said them out loud. "I loved you like a brother!"

Just ask me... Help me Obi-Wan. Please.

My prayers went unanswered. "I hate you!" He screamed, almost foaming at the mouth. "I hate you!"

The torn fabric of his trousers got too close to the river edge. In a instant, they caught on fire.

I made movement to slap the flames. Anakin swiped at me, snarling like a deranged animal. He did not notice the fire until it flickered up to the middle of his back. Only then did he begin to feel the pain.

The logical sense would be for me to put him out of his misery. But I could not bring myself to kill him. Not even to spare him the pain. He was not Anakin anymore. He is Vader.

I turned to walk away just as Vader began howling. I ignored the cries as best as I could. I had to focus on my next action. Go help Padme Amidala. I felt as if my heart was breaking in half.

I got to the top of the hill when Vader called out to me.


I took a sharp intake of breath, the smallest of hope springing up. I turned around, hoping, wishing, praying that Anakin was there with his arms up, wanting me to help him.


My eyes went wide at the sight of a large fiery stone sticking out of my chest. Anakin's hands were indeed up towards me, but the sneer on his burnt misshapen face did not match this affectionate action. I opened my mouth to say something and all came out was blood. I fell backwards.

Anakin, Vader, gave out a harsh triumphant giggle. There was sigh, then I felt him die.


Who was screaming? Was it me? Was it Anakin? Was it Amidala? I couldn't tell. Staring up at the red stricken sky, I felt my life force pooling out. It was getting harder and harder to see now. The edges of my vision slowly began turning black and I found I could not focus my thoughts anymore.

Qui-Gon… I mused softly. Anakin…I'm coming.

I closed my eyes.

The Force was screaming.