Summary: Minerva wants to join the order of the Phoenix. How can she prove herself? ADMM.

Disclaimer: I have no rights to Harry Potter. This story is written merely for recreational purposes and no copyright infringement is intended. I apologize for any unintended mistakes. I have used the lexicon as a resource, particularly for the questions in the third test and order members, and I am grateful to it for helping me get my story straight. This is an ADMM story. If you do not like the pairing, do not bother with it. Also, parts of this are somewhat cliché. Ye be warned.

Initiation Tests

Albus Dumbledore stood looking at the ruined muggle dwelling and had to fight back tears. Once again, he could only arrive after the attack, to sort through the bodies and confirm the deaths. He hated it. The wind rustled through the trees that neatly lined the street, and he fought back tears.

He heard a footstep behind him and spun, raising his wand. When he recognized the witch, his eyes widened, but he didn't lower his wand. "Fancy meeting you here, Professor McGonagall." He said steadily.

"Fancy meeting you here, Headmaster Dumbledore." The woman replied dryly.

"How did you get here?" he asked her sternly, tightening the grip on his wand.

"I followed Macnair." She answered calmly. "I wasn't seen. I took my Animagus form and rushed in ahead of the Death Eaters." She gently rocked the bundle in her arms, and Dumbledore heard a baby's cry, high, sharp, and distressed. "I was too late to help the parents, but when the Death Eaters blew open the door, I took the child and apparated."

Albus looked at her for a few seconds, and then told her firmly, "You shouldn't have come, Minerva. It was dangerous and you were alone."

"I would not need to come alone," she told him tartly, "if you would let me help you."

"You are a teacher, Minerva. You should be in class."

"I am a teacher, headmaster." She snapped, "And I should be protecting my past, present, and future students, and their families. I will not stand by while people are killed. If you won't help me, I'll work by myself." Minerva turned away and walked down the street without looking back. When she reached the corner, she apparated away.

"Is that really what she said?" Moody asked Dumbledore later, in Order Headquarters. Albus nodded sullenly. "Then it seems she's a good candidate for membership."

"I say we test her" spoke Caradoc Dearborn. "If she passes she's in."

"Test her!" Albus stammered, "You can't. She's much too….too…Err..."

"Look, Albus, we all know you have a blind spot where Professor McGonagall is concerned, but we do not have time for it. We need more members." Gideon Prewett announced sternly. "What day are we testing her?"

"I'll send her a missive for Friday next." Moody answered. "that means everyone else needs to be here as well, so clear your calendars. Albus, you especially had better not try to get out of this."

She came, of course. From the moment she received the owl, she knew she would. So, she had canceled her Friday afternoon class (shocking the entire school in the process) and reported to the checkpoint in the forbidden forest.

The Prewett brothers had met her next to the fallen pine tree. Strange how everyone she met seemed to be former students. It was a peril, she supposed, of teaching several decades.

They took her wand, tied her hands, and marched her to the edge of the grounds, where all three apparated to headquarters. "Sorry Professor," one of them muttered as he blindfolded her, "Moody wasn't taking any chances, if you know what I mean."

"No matter, Mr. Prewett. I quite understand."

So that was how she same to be sitting in a hard wooden chair, in what she suspected was their headquarters, hands bound and blindfolded. Her legs were tied to the chair as well.

"Minerva McGonagall, is it your wish to join us in the fight against Voldemort?" She recognized Mad Eye Moody's voice.

"It is." She replied levelly.

"And do you have any objection," the voice continued, "to us using Veritaserum to check your story?"

"None whatsoever. Should I open my mouth so you can pour it in?"

There was a slight silence. Finally, Moody said. "That won't be necessary. Lupin, untie one of her hands, just one mind you."

She felt someone untie her left hand and heard Lupin ask, "You alright, professor."

"I'm fine, she answered, "Thank you, Remus."

"The potion is one percent Veritaserum by weight. Do you want us to cut it with something? Pumpkin juice, maybe. The taste is appalling." She heard someone say. Was that Albus, or… No, it had to be Aberforth. A bartender would think of that sort of thing.

"No thank you," she replied, "I'll just drink it straight."

"You're going to feel a shot glass in your hand, Professor" She heard Remus Lupin say. He closed her hand around it.

Minerva promptly downed the potion (ugh, it tasted worst then they claimed) and slammed the glass down on the arm of the chair for a little extra effect.

Some of the order members laughed. Minerva even heard someone cheer. "Way to go professor." She heard Pettigrew squeak.

"Get on with swearing her in." Growled Moody.

"Is your name Minerva McGonagall." She heard Elphais Doge ask.

"It is."

"Do you teach at Hogwarts?"


"Is it your intention to join this group, which is called the Order of the Phoenix, against Voldemort?"

"It is."

"Are you joining the Order to stop the atrocities committed by Voldemort, his followers, and other dark wizards and for no other reason?"

"I am."

"Do you realize that this may put you and any family you have in great danger of prolonged torture and/or horrific death, as well as diverse other risks."

"I do."

"Do you accept these risks?"

"I accept them for myself. I have no family."

"Do you understand that we will test you to see if you are strong enough for the Order and that if you fail or decide not to continue we will wipe your memory and send you away?"

"I understand."

"Do you realize that the testing and membership in our order will require you to divulge very personal information?"


"Do you realize that the testing may be extremely painful?"


"Do you agree to take the test anyway?"

"I agree."

"Will you betray the Order or give any information on this group to anyone outside of it, even people you trust."

"I will not."

"Do you understand that should you become a danger to the Order or if you appear to lean towards dark magic we will kill you before you can realize that threat?"

"I understand."

"Do you understand that if you commit a crime for reasons related to the Order, including the casting of unforgivable, that you and only you are responsible legally and morally for that crime?"

"I understand."

"Do you understand that you will have to pretend you know nothing about the Order every moment outside these walls, even with other members, and will you do this?"

"I understand, and I will."

"Do you understand that Voldemort may capture you and question you about our activities, with methods not limited to Cruciatus and other curses?"

"I understand."

"Will you give him any information under torture?"

"I will tell him nothing."

"Take off her blindfold," Moody instructed.

Before anyone could do anything, Minerva heard loud screams and smelled sulfur. She felt something heavy, about the size of a body, fall on her. Quickly, she took her free hand and ripped off her blindfold. She pushed the body (oh, Merlin, it was Albus') off her, only to hear Lucius Malfoy scream a curse at her.