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Bella Pov:

Breathe Bella, just breath. I had to remind myself to breathe for the first time in 7 years and that made me nervous. I had just taken out my class list to see if I got any of my students from last year that I enjoyed or didn't enjoy in some cases, and then there it was.

Period 6:

Mackenzie Ahern
Elizabeth Alfonso
Michael Bringiarski
Jennifer Clark
Rupert Clark
Alice Cullen
Edward Cullen

That's when I stopped; I had been dreading having the twins Jennifer and Rupert before I noticed their names. Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen, but it couldn't be could it? It was not a name I had ever expected to see. 7 years ago was the last time I saw the two of them, Alice at school and Edward in the forest. God Edward, my heart felt like it still hadn't recovered. Fuck, this year was going to be hell.

Edward Pov:

"Edward?" Esme called my name with preoccupation. I didn't have the energy to answer her concern with a confirmation that I was fine, because I wasn't.

I looked at my school schedule and uttered one beautiful word that caused me so much pain, "Bella."

I never read my schedule for school until the first day, there is usually no point. However this time Esme had laid out our papers onto the piano while I was playing. She had to sign stuff before we got there and I happened to notice the schedule.

Edward Cullen 11th Grade Homeroom 220

Homeroom Room 220 J. Blake

1. US2 Room 110 M. Wexler

2. P. E. Room M.Gym W. Taylor

3. Advance Band Room 6-355 W. Lewinski

4. Calculus Room 205 C. Conti

5. Lunch N Café Arias

6. English 11 Room 311 I. Swan

7. Physics Room 111 T. Collins

8. Italian Room 208 M. Diorio

I. Swan, what was the possibility that it could be anyone but Bella. Oh god how can I go through with this if it was. How could I see her again after I had these feelings for her after 7 years? She definitely could not still have those feelings for me.

"Edward Sweetie, Bella? What made you say that?" Esme placed a hand on my cheek and looked at me in concern.

I turned to see everyone around me, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Rosalie, and Emmett. Alice ran over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, "She's my English teacher also."

Emmett's loud voice suddenly rang around the dining room. "Bella's a teacher? She can hardly stand in front us and speak clearly." He chuckled and shook is head, I can't wait to see her though, he thought.

I knew taking my family away from Bella had been painful on them but I didn't realize they still held these feelings still. "I can believe it, she loved reading why wouldn't she pursue it by helping others with what she loves."

"Hey at least she's not married," Emmett challenged.

I scowled, "How would you know that?"

"Because it says," he held up the schedule, "Bella Swan. Not some other blokes name."

I realized what he said was right, but was that good or bad. Everyone began to exit the room as I began to play Bella's lullaby contemplating the next day. I began to listen to my families thoughts to see their view on it.

Esme, 'Ah! I miss this song and Bella. I love Edward but I wish she would come home. Maybe they'll reconcile.'

Carlisle, 'Well my boy, this will be difficult but I have total faith you can get through this.'

Emmett, 'I miss her man she was like my little sister. She was fun to be around also, I hope Edward does the right thing.'

Rosalie, 'I need a new outfit for school I'll go ask Alice to come shopping that will keep her mind of … her!' I just rolled my eyes and continued to play.

Jasper 'I don't know what I think about all this but Bella would make Alice very happy. She was so depressed when we left.'

Alice, she made eye contact with me, 'Get her back Edward. Get my best friend back … please.'

I continued to play and thought about how this was all going to go tomorrow. What if it wasn't her? Hmm, this will be difficult.

Bella Pov:

Please answer, please answer. "Hello?" A hoarse voice answered on the other line.

"Jake?" my voice trembled and I knew he heard it.

"Bella, what's wrong? Is Maggie okay?"

I shook my head and then realized he wasn't able to see me, "Maggie is okay. She's asleep right now. It's just I was going over my class list and his name was on it."

I could picture him scrunching his face and furrowing his brow in confusion. That made me smile slightly and then he reminded me of why I called, "He Bella? He who? Im slightly confused here."

"Edward," was all I was able to say.

A growl was emitted from he other side of the phone, "Do you need me there Bella? I will be there in two seconds."

"No Jake, I'm fine I just needed to talk to you."

He chuckled, "I'm glad I am still your go to person even though you're all the way in Maryland."

"You will always be my best friend Jake. Love you Hun."

"I love you too Bella, and Maggie. Tell her I miss her and I will go up there as soon as I get a break here."

I smiled, "Bye babe."

I got my bags and got ready for the school day tomorrow and Jake. Mostly Jake, after Edward left I was a mess, 4 months later my dad said he couldn't take anymore. Some how I found myself at the Black's with two motorcycles. That began a friendship I never wish to break. We tried dating my senior year, I did love him. Eventually we realized we were better friends then lovers. Well that part didn't entirely suck, and plus he loved Maggie like his own. It hurt me to move away 4 years ago but too many reminders in Forks. Jacob hated Edward for leaving me and hurting me that much. I couldn't blame him though ...

The next day …

The morning went by swift enough I got some of my favorite students. I know as a teacher you shouldn't have favorites but when I get those few who understand and enjoy I can't help but enjoy teaching them. Then lunch came and I went to the back of my classroom to a small refrigerator to get my lunch.

I put my iPod on and began to jam a little when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see pixie Alice looking anxious. "Bella?" the fact that I seen her didn't make me a little worried it was the fact that she looked at me like she was … scared.

I jumped up from my seat and through my arms around her neck, "Alice! I missed you so much."

She seemed shock at first and then she wrapped her arms around my waist and spun me. "Bella oh my god, I missed you too. I didn't think you would still …" She trailed off looking wary.

"Alice how could I not want to see you, you're my best friend. Even after 7 years," I chuckled and squeezed her hand.

She smiled and hopped onto a desk in front of my desk. "I can't believe you're my teacher, how weird is that." She swung her legs back and forth with a smile, "So tell me what you have been through in the last couple of years?"

"This and that, we will get to that later Alice. Where should you be?" Okay so I was evading her question and what; I could also get into trouble if a teacher found her here.

"Lunch actually; I should be getting back they'll get worried. I will see you next period Ms. Swan." She gave me a quick hug and kissed my cheek before dancing over to the door and out.

"Great," I muttered to myself and then plugged my iPod back into my ears and tried to enjoy the rest of my lunch.

Edward Pov:

I walked into English with Alice. She had a hand on the bottom of my back guiding me and reassuring me. Bella was seated at the desk laughing and talking with a student.

"Rupert, are you really going to give me trouble this year?"

He chuckled; Damn Ms. Swan is mad fine. "Of course not Ms. Swan I never give you trouble. I'm a perfect angel right Jennifer."

Jennifer rolled her eyes, "Sure whatever you think little brother."

Bella laughed, "Little? Are you two not twins?"

"Yes but I was out first," Jennifer mused.

The bell rang and Bella stood up and went to shut the door. I sat in the back with Alice and stared at her. That Rupert boy was right she is hot, but I can't think of her like that it would hurt too much.

You can get through this Bella. Alice turned to me, so can you Edward.

"Okay Class settle down. Some of you I know from last year and some of you are new." She avoided all eye contact with me. "This is Junior English, so if you don't belong here raise your hand now." No one raised their hands so she continued, "Okay great. Listen this class is pretty basic if you pay attention and do your work. We will cover Pride and Prejudice in the first marking period, comparing it to great love stories such as Romeo and Juliet, Heathcliffe and Catherine." That was the first time she made eye contact with me and she was not pleased to see that I remembered just like she did that, that was our story. "Now we're going to go around and introduce yourselves. I want your name, favorite book, and why."

The class went around doing as they were told I could hear each of them contemplating whether they should lie and sound smart or tell the truth. Most just lied until it got to Alice, and she jumped up and beamed at Bella.

"The name is Alice Cullen, my favorite book is The Biography of Coco Channel she is a genius and I hope to study fashion when I'm older just like her." I noticed Bella smirk at the little joke Alice played into there as if she were getting older.

Then it was my turn I got up slowly and looked straight at her, "Um, my name is Edward Cullen, my favorite book is Wuthering Heights." I heard Bella gasp but when I looked up she was composed again I frowned and sat down.

"Excuse me Mr. Cullen but you didn't answer the last question."

I frowned, Mr. Cullen that was inexcusable, "What question Be—um Ms. Swan?"

"Why is Wuthering Heights your favorite book?"

"Oh it just means something to my past. It relates a lot to it, yah know." I stayed staring at her but she pointed for the next person to continue their introduction.

She had us fill out index cards with our information for the second half of the class. Suddenly the office buzzed in.

"Bella you have a class now?"

"Yeah Betty English 11, Why?"

"Maggie is in the office. The babysitter's dad had a heart attack and she had to leave."

"Okay, Um Listen just send her over to my classroom would you."
"Okay she's on her way."

That conversation confused me until a little girl walked into the class room no older then 5 or 6. She had brown curly hair and big brown eyes that reminded me of Bella's. She ran over to Bella and through herself into her lap.

"Mama why Jenny have to go?" Mama! Did she just say Mama, The brown hair and the eyes it all clicked but, Bella couldn't be a … mother?

Bella Pov:

Crap this wasn't exactly the way I planned to have Alice and Edward find out. Well what's done is done; I hope Jenny's dad is alright.

"Hi baby girl," I grabbed her and sat her onto my lap.

"No Mamma I want to sit like a student." She bounded into the front of my classroom beaming at everyone, "Hi! I'm Maggie." She scanned the room for an empty seat and then I realized the only empty one was next to Edward.

"Ms. Swan your daughter is absolutely adorable," cooed Jennifer. "I remembered my freshman year she was only 3."

I chuckled, "Yeah she was calmer back then." I shook my head and went back to watching Maggie speak with Edward.

"Hi I'm Maggie, what's your name?"

"Err," he chuckled and looked over to Alice.

"This is Edward and I'm Alice Sweetie." Alice leaned over Edwards's desk smiling at Maggie, "So what's Maggie short for?"

"Margaret Esme Swan," She mused. "I'm 5 years old, "She held up her 5 fingers to them.

Alice and Edward glanced at each other and then both looked over at me, I shrugged and looked back at the work I was doing. Edward was the next voice I heard and the question scared me, "Who's your dad sweetie?"

"Um," she averted her eyes from them and took a small locket out of under her neck and opened it showing them the picture.

I knew what the picture was; it was a picture of Mike Newton. That's when I knew they saw the small resemblance Mike had left on our daughter. "Mike?" Alice shrieked.

"Yes, my daddy died before I was born. Mamma said he would have loved me and been a great dad if he didn't get into that accident."

"Aw that's sweet," mused Alice while shooting Edward a worried look. His mouth and dropped and his eyes showed nothing but hurt.

Hurt? That made no sense he didn't want me. He said so himself the last time he saw me, he had more important … distractions. The bell rang and everyone rushed out of class, everyone except Alice and Edward.

"Alice and Edward I don't want you to be late for classes go on now."

"Bella?" Edward frowned at me.

"Ms. Swan," I corrected and then I looked at Maggie who looked confused. "Baby can you go see if Betty has any more index cards for me."

"Okay Mamma," She started to head to the door before she turned around and hugged Edward and Alice. "Nice to meet you both by the way."

"Nice to meet you too Sweetie," said Alice. Edward just nodded.

Once she was out Alice rounded on me, "So this is why you never told me what you have been up to."

I nodded, "Listen not that I owe him any explanations." I pointed my head towards Edward and looked back to Alice, "but I love you like a sister and I will explain it to you. After Edward left I had been in a slump," that was an understatement. "I found solace with a good friend from La Push. We dated for a while but it didn't really work out that way. After that I was invited to a graduation party and Mike's house. He was always a good friend but unfortunately that night I drank way too much with Jessica and Angela." I wiped my hand through my hair, "The next morning I found my self in Mike's bed. Calm down Edward," He had hissed at the mention of me in the bed. "He was drunk as well and we got carried away. I don't blame him okay, but 2 months later I found out I was pregnant. Four months later Mike went out to get me some much craved food I needed while Jake stayed with me while I puked my brains out in the bathroom. He skidded and crashed into an electrical pole." I sighed although Mike wasn't my ideal person to create a child with he had been so excited after the initial shock was over. He proposed but after talking we both knew that, that wouldn't make any of us happy.

Edward let out a frustrated sigh and went over to the window, "I don't get why you're so mad Edward? You left me remember, what does it matter if I had a kid or if I slept with Mike Newton." I sighed and walked over to my desk pulling out two pieces of paper and writing a quick not excusing Alice and Edward for being late. "Here so you won't get in trouble," I handed it to Alice and she looked at me sadness glazed over her eyes.

"Bella, I missed you a lot. I know what Edward did was wrong, but you can't throw our friendship away. Please can I come over later today or sometime this weekend, maybe you can come over I'm sure Esme would be thrilled to see you. Especially since you gave your child her name," she hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek. She leaned into my ear and whispered as quietly as she could, "Everything will turn out right … I promise."

I let go of the hug and looking at her with wary eyes, I knew her and I knew what she meant by that but arguing her would be pointless. "How about Saturday Maggie and I stop by, I have your address I'll be there around 10?"

Alice beamed at me and jumped up and down, "Of course that would be perfect." She looked over at Edward who was looking out the window still, "let's go Edward we don't want to have a bad impression on our next period teacher on the first day of class."

He nodded and crossed the room, "Oh by the way Edward I hope those distractions were worth it." His eyes widened and he opened his mouth but closed it thinking better of it.

"Goodbye Ms. Swan," and with that he left and Maggie came bounding back into the room with the index cards.

"I like them Mamma I can't wait to come back," she sat at a desk and started to draw.

"We'll see them Saturday baby. I use to know them when I lived in Forks and I wish to see their parents again and brothers and sisters. You'll love them!"

"She beamed, if there anything like Alice and Edward it will be awesome."

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