I'm so sorry guys, I'm applying for college and writing those dumb admission essays so I have been a little overwelmed. Here is the final chapter of Realize.

Edward Pov:

I walked into my room to find Bella on my bed staring out the back window. She looked so peaceful, and so beautiful.

"Edward," of course she knew I was there, "I have to admit something."

I took an unneeded deep breath, "Go ahead Bella, you can tell me anything."

"I hope so," she shifted in the bed and looked up at me, "Well I might be an adult and everything but you see adults get stuck sometimes also. I mean, I am … well you see. I don't know what I'm doing. Maggie is so young, and is it really wise to be raised by a bunch of vampires. I'm worried about her Edward, what kind of mother would I be if I let that happened. But on the other hand I can't abandon her like that, send her to an orphanage where she never knows anything about her real parents."

I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her, "Bella love you can't send her away and she is more then safe here at casa de Cullen then anywhere else. Carlisle said it was time to move as soon as classes end next week. We will go to … Alaska. I know it's cold but Maggie will love the snow. Maybe we can even …"

She turned in my arms and looked up at me, "We could get married." She smiled, she always could read my mind better then I could read anyone else's. "You would have to ask Maggie, I don't want her to get mad at me for taking her Eddie away."

"Bella, do you actually want to marry? Do you still love me?"

She laughed, "Silly Edward I have never stopped loving you. As for the wedding part, I can see that happening I'm 25 and not getting any younger … or older." She laughed her beautiful laugh and we just sat there on my bed for hours.

"Mamma, Edward what are you guys doing? It's time for bed." We both got up slowly and took her to her room.

I tucked her in while Bella got the book, "Princess can I ask you something?"

She shrugged, "Yes but after you do can you sing me to bed, no story please."

I turned and Bella put the book back on the shelf, "Sure. Okay I was wondering if you wouldn't mind being a flower girl at an upcoming wedding."

"No problem, whose getting married. Rose and Emmett, Alice and Jasper, who!?" She sat up in bed excited.

"Um, me and your mother, I wanted to ask you for your permission first."

She looked at her mother angry at first and then she smiled. "You make momma happy and she needs to be happy now that Jake … well now that friends aren't here. Okay marry momma!"

I laughed, "Thanks sweetie." I started to hum her lullaby that I had written 2 weeks ago when she stopped me.

"Are you going to be my dad now?"

Oh crap! I looked over at Bella who was faced the other day, "That's up to you and your mother." She looked up at Bella with pleading eyes.

"Momma, Jake left, daddy died, and Edward is the right one. I mean think about it, you were meant for each other. I can tell," she winked at me.

Bella smiled came over to me wrapping her arms around my neck, "What do you think Papa bear you ready to be a dad?"

I picked Maggie up at sat her up on my lap, "Call me Dad."

Maggie wrinkled her nose, "Daddy sounds better." She laughed, "I finally have a family. Momma, Daddy, then Esme and Carlisle are my grandparent's right. And let's see Emmett and Jasper are my uncles and Alice and Rosalie are my aunts. I still have grandpa back home and the pack. I have a huge family," she jumped off my lap and went right to bed.

"Come," I took Bella's hand and led her out of the room. "So that's all were a family your indecisions are solved or were just humoring her."

She laughed, "I wouldn't lie to my daughter. Yes the fact that she wanted you as a father was all that was holding me back. We can get married right now if it wasn't for Alice."

"Alice?" Alice came running up the stairs with Jasper right behind her. She was bouncing at the spot and couldn't stay still.

"Thank you Bella, I can't wait!" I looked at her with confusion and she sighed, "Men. Bella is letting me plan the wedding!"

-End Pov-

And that is how life at the Cullen life went. Alice planned a small wedding perfect for Bella and Edward. Maggie was a gorgeous flower girl, and Alice was the maid of honor. Emmett performed the wedding and Carlisle walked Bella down the isle. Shortly after that they moved to Alaska because even though Bella had restraint with Maggie they thought that was purely love that kept her from Maggie. Life went on, as perfect as it could be…

To Be continued!

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