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A/N: Guess what, Writer's Block again :P I'm supposed to be working on Void but I don't have it thought out like Berlitz. So until my friend comes over to help me out, I decided to start this story. Ok, this story is a story I wrote cause my friend in real life wanted to, and what he had to say was pretty funny. This story basically makes fun of the video games, basically, things overlooked by the Game Creators so it won't be an epic adventure like my other stories in the works.

Ch. 1: HM 3: Surf

"Congratulations on your victory!"

Fantina said with a smile in her heavy accent, flourishing her hand to produce the Relic Badge. Winston observed the badge in his hand with a grin and spun around holding it up in the air with a wink. The badge shone in the little light the gym provided.

"I got the Relic Badge!"

He cried out much to the gym leader's amusement. He turned around to face her and pushed his glasses up onto his face, his bright green eyes looking on with anticipation. He was a little young to be a trainer but they came of all ages, depending on who the people responsible for handing out pokemon saw fit. She held out a disk gingerly between two fingers, no smaller than an Oran Berry.

"This is TM 65, it will teach your pokemon Shadow Claw, and because you have this badge, you're pokemon can now use Surf! Tre magnifique!"

Winston scratched his head, tossling his long sandy hair in the process.

"What's Surf?"

"Surf is the move that allows you to ride on your pokemon through the water. In battle, it can be quite devastating in the right situations."

He grinned and nodded, rushing out of the gym towards the platforms, seeing him run off, she felt a nagging feeling in the back of her head.

"Maybe I should have told him-?" she thought. "Non! Any trainer with the right amount of brains vould know better than to do that."

Satisfied she started to stroll out of the gym to go to the Hearthome Contest Arena.

Now back in Jubilife thanks to the Sinnoh Tram, Winston grinned and threw out his freshly caught pokemon.

"Go Shellos!"

A small pink pokemon with small stubby legs smiled at him. Large yellow lips on its face and a wrinkled neck which could have meant it was longer than it looked at first glance. Its skin grew harder as it went to the back of its body until it became a shell with spikes assorted on it. She paddled a little in the shallow water waiting for her trainer's command.

"Lets try Surf!"

As he shouted the command, he leaped off the dock without warning and onto the small pokemon's back. With wide eyes, she sank into the surf. When she hit the bottom, the still ignorant boy on her back, she grunted and stretched out her neck in an effort to move forward. This, however, turned out to be completely pointless as her trainer acted as an anchor, keeping her firmly in place. She panted a little. Didn't anyone tell him that this move was for larger pokemon?

Meanwhile, the boy realized that they were going nowhere when he felt the air in his lungs run out and he swam hastily back to the dock.

Shellos sighed, looking backwards, wondering if this trainer was indeed ready for pokemon training. She held a hand-crafted bridle in her mouth which was attached to a rope which was attached to a piece of wood the boy held in her hands. He stood on top of make-shift waterskis torn from the docks themselves. He yelled out once more,

"Lets try Surf again!"

Shellos shot forward, though a slow pokemon on land, her water locomotion, like many water-types, was astounding. Her long neck shooting forward propelled her body and as the trainer moved forward off the docks, the misjudgment in balance from the hastily made skis, caused him to fall flat on his face. But Shellos didn't feel this and kept going, and the boy still holding on to the wood was unfortunately pulled along.

John whistled, he loved to fish and even though he didn't always catch, as in with a pokeball, the pokemon he wanted, he loved the challenge of pulling the pokemon out of the water, battling it, then trying to catch it. To him it was a 3-in-1 challenge, 4-in-1 if you were looking for a pokemon in particular, and this happened to be one of those days.

"C'mon psyduck." He mumbled under his breath, "Time to meet your new master."

Suddenly a wave of water shot by, moving his bobber and splashing him. He sputtered and stood up, staring wide-eyed after it.

"What in the name of Arceus?"

He asked, noticing a piece of rope flailing after it.

Winston had let go for a long time and had been swimming for a while, when he spotted something floating in the water. He assumed that Shellos had noticed he let go and had decided to wait for him to catch up. He grabbed the bobber and sunk into the water, waiting to be pulled upright again.

John returned his attention to the line when the distraction had left, suddenly noticing that the top of the rod was bending forward in response to the line being pulled. He pulled hard, grunting at the weight, as Winston's head stuck out, the sandy hair came into view. Naturally making the fisherman assume he'd caught a,


He stopped for a moment, he'd heard about Psyducks, they could use their psychic abilities and send him flying off before he had reeled it halfway in, or, he could save himself the trouble and just throw the pokeball. He decided to go with the latter and threw the pokeball at the yellow surface. The ball slammed into it and bounced off as Winston floated onto his back with a large red lump on his forehead, staring up at the sky with wide-eyes.