B-day/timestamp fic for chiarahhue, Sleepy puppy - How about a follow up to when they wake up?

AN: sorry luv, I really really really tried to do better. wanted to get 48Hours done... opened it about 20 times over the last month... got all of 1 phrase added that I'm pretty sure will go out again, if I can ever get my fool brain to see reason.. {{HUG}} hope you had a great b-day!!

Chapter 2

Waking up with his nose snuggled into a warm neck, with soft hair that smelled of Elizabeth's shampoo laying against his cheeks, John just about purred.

The woman cuddled tight against him from chest to knees shivered as he sighed on her soft skin, her body rippling ever so slightly, and his breath caught at the unconscious caress, grinning, even as he shuddered, adoring the knowledge that he affected her as strongly as she did him. Fully awake, even if he felt no urge to get himself out of bed, his mind spun with the knowledge that he hadn't dreamt the sudden, *good*, change in his life.

'I love you too'

His arms tightened around Elizabeth's midriff as the whisper came back to him, echoing softly. Neither the sound of both their breathing, nor that of his pulse hammering, could overshadow it. The woman sleeping in his arms was a reality-proving fact; so much more than he'd allowed himself to hope for all these years. A bit of affection, even being called 'puppy', had seemed the height of the possible yesterday.

"Good morning. Puppy."

Hearing the teasing lilt to the sleepy voice, John felt his grin widen, the movement making his lips slide over the skin of her neck, "Morning. Doctor."

His breath jammed again as she stretched, this time with obvious intent, rubbing against his crotch with a happy chuckle, "You know what they say about puppies, don't you colonel?"

One of his hands was sneaking down to her waist to tug her tighter against him, but Elizabeth caught it and slid it lower, rippling against him again.


John ignored the mock-concern, every sense focused on gently slipping into the tight space between fabric and.. skin. When she undid her zipper, easing his access, he released the breath he'd been unaware of holding in a rush. The only appropriate response to the giggles commenting on how easy he was to get to, was a proper puppy-lick from the nook of her neck where he'd been hiding, up to the rim of her ear.

Her few seconds of stillness gave his brain much-needed processing time and he finally recalled the most likely puppy saying. Stroking his fingers gently, he whispered, "If you pet them," he moaned as Elizabeth broke her paralysis and wriggled against him again, finishing in a growl, "They wag their tail."