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To such a one that has been blind all her life, unable to see the colors surrounding her and unable to understand what color was at all, this wasn't something you could only appreciate the first time. No, this was something you could never forget.

The way Toph Bei-Fong saw for the first time was no where near normal.

The explosion was big enough for anyone to be blinded, or in the case of a blind person who recently received sight, to be blinded again. It was not a physical feeling, this explosion. Rather, it was a realization. The amount of knowledge that flooded into your eyes and up to your brain shattered your body to live among these new . . . what were they?

Where had the familiar darkness gone? Where was the solitude behind her blindness?

It had disappeared as abruptly as she had entered this world. So different was she than the others she had known. Now, with sight, she was still as different. These tones and shades of incomprehensible difference made no sense. What were they?

"Light and color." The Avatar's voice was everywhere. It embraced her senses. Sound, touch, smell, taste, and finally…sight. And although he was no where to be seen, she could feel him holding her hands.

He was melded with these…colors. So new were her eyes that she could not decipher the change between person and air. She winced, hoping to adjust her sight.

A flutter of excitement rushed through her each time she thought the new word.

Sight . . . sight . . . sight!!

"Where are we?" She asked herself. Upon the creation of her thought a chorus of voices spoke to her. Each was soft and inviting, welcoming her to this new experience.

"Spirit World . . . Spirit World . . . Spirit World . . ."

As the voices faded she exhaled in contentment. Her fingers twitched in Aang's hands and she could feel his grip tighten slightly.

Her eyes rose to the shape in front of her. With agonizing slowness a figure was becoming more defined. There was a head, a neck, a torso. Down to the arms, hands, fingers, and to the legs, feet, and toes. This was Aang, her Avatar.

"Twinkle-Toes." She whispered. The corners of his pale lips rose higher.

"Hey there." His voice was beautiful. As she looked at him for the first time she was hit with the awareness that something seemed to magnify him more than her other new discoveries. Translucent waves, like those coming off a fire, radiated off him. The rainbow of colors in the background swirled around him, dancing and chanting rituals to his name.

Toph took a step forward and wrapped her arms around his waste. She watched as his tunic creased against her skin as she pressed her face against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, helping her rejoice in her bliss.

The End

Author's Note: This idea came to me as I sat in English class and someone mentioned something about auras. So I thought, "You know I wonder what it would be like or what it would take for someone to see auras in Avatar?" I chose Toph, firstly because she's awesome, and also because she is unable to see in the series. So why not make a drabble about Toph being able to see and also being able to see more than normal people. So, there you have it.