Note: because the sequel is taking me so long to do I decided to do another short spinoff story that takes place between BodyGuard and the sequel. I hope this will tide you over until I get it finished. The only characters I own in this are the humans.


"So how does that thing even work?" Yume lifted her head and looked over at Cheetor. He was sitting on a rock close to the fallen log she was sitting on, looking at her curiously. "How does what work?" she asked.

He lifted a finger and pointed at something in her hands. 'That," he answered. "How does that work?"

Yume looked at her hands. She was holding onto the Cube. The Cube was what had brought her to this time a few months back. Sending her there had used up all of its power and only recently did it get fully charged. Though Yume could go home whenever she wanted she had chosen not to do so. The power was currently off. She currently had it in her possession to keep anyone from using it foolishly. She didn't want any of her new friends to wind up in her time by mistake. "I don't know," she replied. "You will have to ask Rhinox. He's the one who studied it. I only stumbled upon it by accident."

Cheetor got up and walked over her. He took the cube out of her hands and looked at it closely. "It doesn't really look like much," he told her, holding it up to his face. "It's hard to believe this was the reason you ended up here."

"Give that back," Yume said, reaching up to try to take that out of his hands. "That's not a toy."

He put a hand on her forehead and held her back. "Chill out," he said looking down at her. "I'll be careful."

"But I don't want you to accidently turn it on," she told him getting off the log and reaching for it. He held it out of reach. "Please!"

"Oh all right," he conceded, handing the cube over. "Really, Yume, I don't see why you had to get so upset. I know how to be careful."

"I know," she said, putting the cube into her backpack. "I was only being cautious."

"More like paranoid." he said.

She blushed, knowing he was right. "I was wasn't I?"

He grinned. "Maybe a little."

Just then a figure stepped around the trunk of a tree growing near the spot where the two stood. The two turned their heads and stared into two red optics narrowed in annoyance. "Have you two finished your childish antics yet?" the other transformer demanded in a raspy voice. "Because if you are I think it is about time we continued our mission."

The youths sighed. "We'll be right there, Dinobot," Cheetor said. He looked at Yume. "Let's go."

She nodded and put her backpack back on. "Yeah before he gets angry and yells at us."

"I would have a reason to be angry," Dinobot informed her, his red optics boring into her soft gray ones. "We did not come here to sit around talking like old fembots. We have a mission and we cannot complete it if we sit around and do nothing."

"I don't see why we had to bring Yume with us anyway," Cheetor retorted. "You as well as Optimus knows that she's a human and could get hurt. What if we run into Preds?"

On any other day Yume would have felt offended at that statement but she couldn't because she knew he was right. Why had Optimus insisted they take her along? The place they were going to wasn't exactly human friendly and Cheetor was right. What would they do if they did run into Predacons?

"I do not know," Dinobot replied, turning to go. "I did not agree with the descition either but he insisted and so she had to come. As for Predacons... We have not run into any so far, so maybe we will not have to worry about them."

Cheetor wasn't about to let that statement satisfy him. "Couldn't you have persuaded him to change his mind?" he pressed. "I mean Optimus always puts the life of organics first almost as much as Tigatron. Why did he insist we take her with us?"

"I do not know," Dinobot snapped, looking over his shoulder and glaring at the younger bot. "Why did you not ask him yourself?"

"Because I didn't know until after the fact," he shot back.

"Enough," Yume cut them off. She didn't like it when her two best friends got into arguments which they did pretty often. Ever since she decided to stay Dinobot and Cheetor had not gotten along very well anymore. The human girl was awre that she liked him but didn't see why he had to act so nasty to the former Predacon. Dinobot cared about her but not in the way Cheetor did."Just forget it. I know neither of you think this is a good idea and I agree with you but there's nothing we can do about it now so let's just get this over with so we can get out of here." she looked up at the sky. "It's already getting dark." she shivered, looking around herself at the long shadows being cast over a large rock formation ahead of them. "This place gives me the creeps."

But it wasn't just the shadows that were making her feel uneasy. The last time she'd been in this part of the forest floating monsters had kidnapped her and tried to send her back to her time against her will. Much as she had wanted to go home back then, she didn't want to be forced to do it. It was her choice. Not theirs. They had no right to try and change it. I just hope those monsters found some other place to hang out. She did not relish another encounter.

The three reached the place a short time later."Wow," Cheetor breathed, staring up at the building. "Ultra gear. I've never seen anything like this before..." he looked at Dinobot. "Can we go in?"

"That is why we are here," Dinobot replied, looking annoyed. "Optimus wanted us to look at the inside. Last time I was here I was too busy to get a good look."

Cheetor was silent. He knew that the last time Dinobot had been there was when Yume had accidently been sucked into the building by the aliens. The former Predacon wound up having to fight Megatron and saving the girl when part of the roof caved in on her. Once everyone was back at the base and safe Dinobot had told Optimus that Yume could read some of the writing on the door and could probably find the entrance again. So that's why Optimus said she had to come. He turned to ask Yume about it but saw she was already running her hand across the markings on the wall. She seemed to be in deep concentration. "Can you read them?" he asked curiously.

She shook her head. "The last time I was here I was only able to make out one word," she explained. "and that was only because it was different than the other symbols." she ran her hand over the wall again. "I just have to find that symbol again." she put her index finger in her mouth and nibbled on her nail, thoughtfully. "It should be just about... here!" she pointed at a symbol that looked out of place, dead center in the door.

Cheetor looked at the symbol. "What does it mean?" he asked.

"Power," Dinobot said before the girl could reply. When the younger transformer turned around he said."I know that because Yume told me the last time we were here."

"Is that what opens it?"

"I think so." Yume reached out and touched the symbol gently with her finger tip. Suddenly the door flew open and she had to step back to avoid being sucked into the chamber.

"Awesome!" Cheetor exclaimed, staring into the dark chamber.

"Do not just stand there," Dinobot said, putting a hand on his shouler and giving him a shove. "Move. We do not have time to stand here staring."

"Don't push me," Cheetor snapped but did get moving.

Dinobot was the last one to enter the room. He set a large stone in front of the door to make sure it wouldn't close then followed the other two inside. As the darkness swallowed him up a shadow darkened the open doorway.

"What is this place?" Cheetor asked, staring in awe at the interior of the strange stone structure. "and who built it?"

"Demons," Yume replied. The girl knew nothing about the Vok or the fact that they were aliens. To her they looked like demons from Hell.

The younger transformer stared at her. "Demons?" he had never heard of such things.

"She means the aliens," Dinobot spoke up before Yume was forced to explain to the younger transformer about fallen angels. 'The ones who built that flying island Tigatron spoke about and the standing stones we saw the day we arrived."

Understanding dawned on the young Maximal. He nodded. "Oh."

"Yeah," Yume replied, a little preoccupied. She was remembering the day it had happened. "They had some kind of strange chamber further down this passage," she explained, pointing. "It was lit by some kind of strange light and had weird machinary in it." she was silent for a moment, remembering more. "I think it was a time machine."

Cheetor looked at her with interest. "A time machine? Ultra gear!"

"Is that all you can say," Dinobot asked, grumpily. "I see nothing amusing about it. But maybe Optimus will be interested in that." he looked at Yume. "Show us where it was."

She nodded and headed down the hall. The two transformers followed.

A few minutes later the three stepped into the room Yume had described. As soon as they stepped inside, the human girl felt a shiver go up her spine. She remembered this room all to well, even though it was dark and she couldn't see much.

"Where's the machine?" Cheetor asked, looking around, squinting in the darkness. "It just looks like a big empty room."

"I don't know," she replied. She scanned the room with her eyes. It did indeed look empty, as of the aliens had taken everything with them when they stopped using the building. But of course half the room was in shadows so she couldn't be sure."It should be in the far back. They were all floating around it." She stepped away from the two transformers, reaching into her backpack. She pulled something out and flipped a switch. A beam of light cut across the room.

"What's that?" Cheetor asked, looking down at her hand. She seemed to be holding some kind of tube.

"It's a flashlight," she replied, moving the beam around. "I'd think a high advanced alien machine such as yourself would know that already."

"Well," he blushed. "I never really studied up on humans."

"It's okay." she took another step forward and lifted the light. The beam came to rest on a huge piece of machinery resting against the back wall. Her eyes widened with recognition. "That's it!"

Dinobot studied the machine. It looked similar to Cybertronian technology but different. 'This looks almost exactly like the machinery that we found in that tower on the flying island."

Yume looked back at him, curiously. "Flying island?"

"It is not important right now," Dinobot told her, walking passed her. He rested his hand on the machine, getting in the way of her flashlight beam and casting a shadow on the device. "Cheetor can tell you when we get back." he ran his hand over the machine. "First we must run a scan over this and see what makes it work. Then I think Rhinox might want us to bring back a piece so he can study it better."

"I'm afraid you're not going to be taking that anywhere, no."

Yume jumped then looked over her shoulder. By then Dinobot and Cheetor already had and had pulled out their weapons. She saw why. Megatron stood in the doorway, aiming his t-rex head at them and grinning that obnoxious grin of his. She felt a wave of fear wash over her. She was hoping to not see him again anytime soon because all he seemed to want to do was kill her, though she had no idea why.

"Megatron," Dinobot hissed.

"What is he doing here?" Yume asked, staring. "and how did he know what we were doing?"

"It was simple, my dear," Megatron said, turning his attention on the girl. '" picked up your energy signatures and decided to follow you." he noticed the machine. "and it seems that my impulse was a good idea, yes."

"Forget about it. Megajerk," Cheeetor cut him off. "You're not getting this machine. Not while we're standing here!"

The Predacon didn't look the least bit threatened as both Maximals brandished their weapons and stood in his way. "I was hoping this would be easy," he said, frowning. "I was hoping to avoid a confrontation for the human girl's sake."

"Why should you care about her?" Cheetor demanded.

Megatron shrugged. "I don't but I thought you'd be worried that a fight would get her hurt." he raised his arm. "I guess it can't be helped." and he fired.

The shot passed between the Maximals and hit Yume in the chest before she could get out of the way. The energy threw her back off her feet and into the wall. She hit the machine and went down, feeling as if her chest was on fire. The backpack and flashlight fell out of her hands, the former falling open and spilling.

"Yume!" Cheetor exclaimed, looking at her fallen body. He turned back to Megatron. "You'll pay for that! She doesn't even have a weapon! Why did you shoot her?"

"I can't help that she was in the way."

Cheetor raised his gun and started to squeeze the trigger. "You'll pay for that."

Dinobt put his hand on the younger mech's shoulder. "No," he said when Cheetor looked up at him. 'Take care of the girl. Make sure she is all right. I will take care of Megatron."

The Maximal almost argued with him but thought better of it. He nodded. "All right." and rushed over to where the girl had fallen. Dinobot faced Megatron. "You will regret doing that," he told him.

Megatron just grinned. "Bring it on, traitor."

"Are you all right?" Cheetor asked, kneeling down beside Yume and helping her sit up.

"I'm fine," she replied, rubbing her chest where she'd been hit. "I just feel like my chest was hit with a wrecking ball." she looked around and saw her flashlight on the floor a short distance away. She leaned over and grabbed it then grabbed her pack and stuffed what little had fallen out of it back inside.

"Megatron is going to pay for shooting you," Cheetor promised, helping her collect the items. "I hope Dinobot kicks his butt!"

"Dinobot." the girl looked up. He was standing in front of them shooting his eye lasers at the purple Predacon. I hope he'll be okay. Her hand absently went into her backpack.

Suddenly her eyes went wide. "Oh no!"

"What?" Cheetor asked.

She stuffed her head inside the pack. "It's gone!"


She looked up at him. "The cube. I think I dropped it!"

Cheetort's optics bugged out. "This is bad..." he looked around for the cube. "There it is!"

Yume turned her head. It was right near Dinobot's feet. "How'd it get over there?" she reached out ot grab it.

"Don't!" Cheetor exclaimed, grabbing her arm and pulling it back. "You might get hit. " she pulled her hand back, realizing he was right. "But maybe you should help Dinobot," she said. "I'm fine really."

"Well," he said uncertainly.

But before he could make up his mind an accurate shot from Megatron's T-Rex head hit Dinobot in the chest. He roared in pain and fell backward. He landed in front of the others, his foot accidently kicking the cube. It scittered halfway across the room then lit up when it came to a stop.

Megatron did not notice the glowing cube on the floor as he stepped toward the Maximals and their human companion. "Looks like I win this round, yes," he said, aiming the head at the trio. "Now all I have to do is get rid of the three of you and I'll have that alien technology all to myself."

"You won't get away with this," Cheetor exclaimed, glaring at the huge purple Predacon.

"And what are you going to do about it?"

He raised his gun. "This!" but before he could shoot Yume exclaimed. "Look!" and pointed at something on the floor.

All three transformers looked down at the floor. The cube was still lying on the floor where it had fallen but now it was glowing. As they watched the cube glowed brighter and brighter, lighting up their faces in a purple hue. "What is this?" Megatron asked, stepping back.

Yume started to answer but just as she opened her mouth the cube flashed a bright light and she was blinded.

Sometime later she became aware of the sound of birds singing. The human girl let out a moan and opened her eyes, only to be nearly blinded by sunlight shining through almost bear trees. She closed her eyes again and covered them with her arm... and only then realized she was not inside a dark building. She gasped and sat up right, instantly noticing the piles of leaves surrounding her body. Through the trees she could make out what looked like a swing set and a pair of monkey bars. Everything clicked and she knew exactly where she was.

I'm home... for a moment she let that thought sink in. Her feelings a mixture between happiness and a rising panic. I'm home? Her eyes grew wide in horror. Oh no! She climbed out of the leaves, her heart pounding. She stared at the pile of leaves she'd been lying in then plunged herself into them, groping around. I knew it. I knew this would happen! I never should have brought it with me! Now I'm back home but I'll never get a chance to say how much I cared about-

Suddenly the leaves started moving. She gasped and stepped back as two figures rose out of the pile of leaves, like two Halloween goblins. "What was that?" a voice she recognized instantly asked. The leaves fell away as the voices owner moved his head back and forth. "and where in the Pit are we?"

"Dinobot?!" Yume gasped, surprised and relieved to see him.

He looked over at her. "What are you staring at?" he demanded.

She raised a finger. "But how.. how did you two-"

"Whoa!" Cheetor exclaimed, climbing out of the leafy mess and dashing past her until he reached the end of the trees. He looked around himself, taking in the skyscrapers in the distance "Incredible! I can't believe what I'm seeing! This place is almost as big as Iacon!"

"Iacon? But we're-" Dinobot stopped and looked down at Yume. "You would not happen to know where we are would you not?"

She nodded. "Yes," she replied, looking a bit nervous. "Welcome to the outskirts of New York City."

"New York City?!" Cheetor exclaimed, looking back at her. He suddenly didn't look so excited, he looked horrified. "but how... how did we even get here?"

"The cube," Yume replied simply.

He stared at her. 'The cube?"

She turned from him and knelt down to search through the leaves for the item. "The cube is what brought me to your time all those months ago and you know it was at full power." she found the cube buried under the leaves and picked it up. "When Dinobot and Megatron got into that fight one of them must have activated it by accident and sent us to my time." she looked around. "But it was spring when I found it, now it looks like late October. I guess some time did go by in my future after all."

"We cannot stay here," Dinobot said, looking at the cube. "We must return to our own time."

"But how?" she asked, showing the cube to him. "It used up it's power and, if it still works, it will be just like before. It will take awhile for it to recharge again."

"So that means we are stuck here?" he asked, not liking that possibility.

She nodded. "It would seem so." she put the cube in her backpack. "Until then it looks like you'll just have to get used to it for a few days."

The raptor glared at her. It was clear that he didn't want to get used to it. He opened his mouth to tell her so. Suddenly they all heard a chirping sound.

"What is that?" Cheetor asked, looking around himself.

Yume looked at her backpack where the sound was coming from. "Ah," she said, reaching inside the pocket and pulling out something. "It's just my cellphone."

"Your cellphone?"

"Yeah,." she nodded. "It hasn't worked since I ended up in your time." she flipped it open and pressed the talk button. "Hello?" she listened for a moment then said. "Yeah I'm okay. I just got back. I don't know how long I'll be staying. No, you don't have to worry. I'm okay. I'll see you later. Bye." when she hung up she noticed Dinobot giving her a look. "What?"

"You do not know how long you will be staying in your own time?" he asked.

She met his eyes and held them. "What is it to you?" she asked. "My parents don't notice when I'm not there anyway, unless they can't get a baby sitter." a cold wind blew up and she shivered. "and speaking of home I think we should head there before the kids come home from school and see you." the three blond bully girls came to mind. The ones that were the reason she had wound up in prehistoric earth in the first place. She did not want to find out what they would do if they saw the Maximals. "I don't want anybody seeing you and I need to get a jacket anyway."

"We could go into beast mode," Cheetor suggested.

She shook her head. 'That would only make things worse."


"I'm not sure anybody would stay calm if they saw a cheetah and a raptor walking down the street," she explained. "It's best if you stay in robot mode and just pretend to be teenagers in costumes."

"Oh," he said. "I forgot."

"Okay then," she said, shoving the cube into her pack and heading out of the trees. "School will be out in ten minutes." she met their optics. "My house is only a few blocks from here. We should get there before anyone sees you. Let's go."

The two Maximals followed her out of the clump of trees and down the street. Cheetor looked over his shoulder when he heard the school bell ring. He saw a group of teenagers come out of the high school. Dinobot noticed and commented. "You will run into something walking like that." With that warning he looked forward again, deciding to find out more about the teenagers later.

A short time later the three reached a quiet neighborhood with houses built so close together there was barely enough room for garages to separate them. Cheetor saw two boys playing with a ball in a yard but when they spotted Yume and her two robot partners they stopped and stared. One pointed and said. "Hey! Those guys look like the characters from that one Japanese cartoon!"

"Awesome!" the other kid exclaimed. "I wonder where they got the costumes?"

Cheetor looked away from the kids. "This isn't a costume," he grumbled, folding his arms. "Don't humans know anything? It's almost as if they haven't seen a Cybertronian before."

"I believe it is best if they think that," Yume told him. "Imagine what they would do if they knew you were a real robot. They wouldn't leave you alone." when he looked back at them she said. "Let's just get to my house. We can talk more there.There's something important I just figured out and I don't want to discuss it out in the open."

As it turned out the only person who was home was Maggie the baby-sitter and Yume's little brother. The other girl didn't even look up when Yume and the two Maximals stepped into the front hall then headed up the stairs. The girl led them into her not too cluttered room and turned to them once they were both inside. "Okay," she said. "Let's get down to business."

Dinobot leaned against her bookshelf with his arms folded. Yume noticed his helmet's horns barely grazed the ceiling. Cheetor went into beast mode and hopped onto her bed, lying down and looking at her through slitted green eyes. "Well we know that the cube was what sent you to our time then it sent us here and we have to use it to go back," he said, staing the obvious.

"But the power is at zero right now," she added, beginning to pace.

"Maybe we could use some kind of power source to recharge it?" Cheetor suggested.

"Negative," Dinobot informed him. "If that was able to be done it would have worked when Rhinox had tried it."

"Dinobot's right," Yume agreed. 'That means we have to find another way but we have another problem."

"Yeah and what is that?"

"Well," she pulled out the chair at her homework desk and sat down. "as you know we were there when the cube activated and sent us here but you're forgetting something, something I realized earlier."


"The one other person that was in the room with us," she said. A strange tone crept into her voice, making her words less casual. Dinobot knew right away what was troubling her and wondered why it hadn't come to mind soon. It was so obvious. If they had wound up here so had-

"Megatron," he growled. "If we got sent here then he did probably did as well."

"What?!" Cheetor fell off the bed. "Are you saying that grape faced egomaniac might be here too?"

Yume nodded. "Which means that not only do we have to wait for the cube to reach full power to send us back to your time but," she stood up again and turned to her window. "We also have to find Megatron before he causes some kind of trouble." her worried gaze rested on the view of the city. "and in a city as big as New York this could take awhile."

Back at the park where Yume and the two Maximals had wound up a bunch of little kids from the elementary school ran across the well cared for grass toward the large sandbox. But they never got there. Halfway across the grounds the sandbox suddenly seemed to come to life. The children watched in awe and horror as the sand rose out of the box, higher and higher until something under it exploded, sending sand in all directions with a loud unearthly roar.

Megatron, his optics just clearing from the grit, glared around himself and settled his piecing gaze on the children, standing open mouthed before him. "What are you staring at?" he demanded.

The children gave no answer. When he put his hands on the wooden edges of the box and growled at them they all turned and fled, screaming. Megatron watched them run without reaction then looked around himself, taking in the city. Where in the Matrix am I?


Just another short story. I was wondering to myself what would happen if Yume did go home but wound up taking some transformers with her. I can't really explain why I have Cheetor there instead of somebody else, since I'm not too fond of Cheetor anyway, except that I uncoinsiously made him have a crush on the girl and is overprotective of her as well as jealous that she seems to care more for Dinobot than him.