When Yume's body fell limply to the pavement Maggie started screaming. "Yume!" she screeched, running toward the slightly younger girl and kneeling down beside her.

Dinobot, Cheetor, and even Megatron stopped shooting and looked at the fallen girl. The kid with the cell phone ran toward a pay phone further down the street shouting. "I'll call 911!" he shouted though nobody heard him.

Dinobot recovered before anyone else did and charged Megatron, roaring in a mixture of fear and anger. If the Predacon killed her he was going to make him wish he'd never been brought online. Megatron saw him coming and, seeing the killer look on his face, shot at him out of desperation. The ex-Predacon took the blast square in the chest and slammed into the asphalt on his back.

The Predacon took off.

Dinobot got up, tempted to go after him, but held back. Instead he joined Maggie and Cheetor by Yume. The brown haired girl was resting her fingers on the other girl's neck and screaming hysterically. "I can't find a pulse! Oh my God I can't find a pulse!"

No! Dinobot glared down at her, unwilling to believe that Yume had died. It wasn't true. It couldn't be true. "Move!" he yelled at Maggie, looking like he was about to push her away.

She looked at him and opened her mouth as if to say something but nothing came out. He shoved her aside and knelt over Yume. He cradled her head in his hand and put the other one her neck. He was a robot so he was unable to find a pulse even if he wanted to. "You are not going to die on me, you stupid girl," he growled into her face. "I will not allow it!"

"Dinobot," Cheetor began. "She's not-"

"Shut up!" the raptor roared in his face.

The younger robot stepped back. There was a strange light in Dinobot's optics. Something Cheetor had never seen before. He wasn't sure what to make of it. He fell silent.

Dinobot turned his face back to Yume. He lifted her toward him and rested his head on her chest. His audio receptors were ten times better at picking up sounds than human ears. He dimmed his optics and listened carefully.

He could just make out a very faint heartbeat.

The sound caused a wave of relief to wash over him. She was not dead after all. As he listened it got louder as the outside sounds faded out. Maggie had not found a pulse because she was out of her mind, not because it wasn't there. Yume was fine. She would not die.

His optics flared back on and he looked at Maggie. "She is alive." he said in a raspy voice. "He did not kill her."

The older girl's face loosened up as relief set in. She sighed then burst into tears.

Dinobot frowned. "There is no need for that," he scolded her. "Save your sentiment for when it really matters."

Maggie stared at him, her expression changing to annoyance. "Excuse me," she snapped. "I was crying because I thought she was dead and am happy that she's not."

Cheetor started to say something. "Forge-"

"No! I won't!" the older girl snapped. She glared at Dinobot. "You are nothing but an uncaring jerk! Whatever she sees in you is beyond me."

Dinobot bared his fangs, looking like he wanted to hit her. "I would have you-"

The rest of his sentence was cut off by the sound of police sirens. "Slag, now what?" he growled, turning around just as two police cars pulled up.

"Freeze!" one of the officers shouted, exiting his car. He pointed his gun at the robots. "Put down your weapons."

Dinobot glared at them. "You have got to be jesting."

"I don't think they are," Maggie said, her brown eyes widening.

Dinobot stood, Yume lying limply in his arms. "We do not have time for this," he growled. "We must go after Megatron."

"I don't think that will be possible now," Cheetor said already slowly placing his gun on the ground. "Why don't we just-"

The raptor shot him a sharp look. "You will not dare!" he snapped. Cheetor instantly straightened, his hand gripping the gun firmly. It was best not to tick the raptor off further. "Sorry," he mumbled.

The officer had been watching. "I said drop your weapons!" he commanded.

"Whoa!" Maggie exclaimed, stepping forward with her hands raised. "You've got the wrong guys."

"Ma-am if you don't get out of the way we will be forced to shoot you," the officer's partner replied.

Maggie froze. "An idea might be good right now, guys," she said out of the corner of her mouth.

Megatron was running away from all of the commotion as quickly as his legs could carry him. He was all-too-aware of several things now. One was that he wasn't alone in this place; some of the Maximals, along with their precious pet, had come to this time and place as well. He was also aware that the fight had caused quite a commotion. His battle with the guards outside that building, along with the fight with Dinobot, had drawn a lot of attention to himself.

He became even more aware of this fact when a sudden noise behind him caught his attention. There was a black-and-white vehicle coming in his direction, making a high-pierced, unending noise. There were red and blue lights atop its roof that flashed repeatedly.

Megatron quickly realized that the vehicle in question was in pursuit of him, especially when it was suddenly joined by another one just like it. Obviously these were the local authorities; the police. And they were now after him.

Slaggit! Don't these flesh bags have anything better to do?

One of the police cars came to a stop behind him while the second one pulled ahead of him, parking just in front of him. He was standing beside the sidewalk on the edge of the road, and in this position—even though he could easily make a dash to the left or to the right—he recognized that the humans in the vehicles were attempting to corner him.

"Stay out of my way, you pathetic fleshlings!" Megatron snarled. The weapon in his arm began to glow hotly, and he was prepared to blast both of the cars if it came to that. He honestly didn't want to. It would draw even more attention to himself, which he didn't want or need.

The doors on both of the police vehicles had already burst open. Two humans dressed in uniforms stepped out of each car, thus making a total of four humans, each one armed.

"Stay right where you are," the apparent human ring-leader ordered in a voice full of authority. "Put down your weapons!"

Megatron didn't bother to point out that he'd have to detach his arm in order to do that. He was in a bad mood and did not want to waste time on small talk. They should have listened, the Predacon thought, then slammed one arm down onto the hood of one vehicle, then swung around and blasted two shots of energy into the second car.

The first vehicle now had a large dent in the hood, and the second one promptly burst into flames. He heard exclamations coming from the humans. One of them was talking on a communication device while the others began to open fire. The bullets impacted his armor plating, leaving a few minor scratches and dents and running his paint job in places, but otherwise didn't do much harm.

"Filthy creatures!" Megatron growled angrily. The bullets felt to him like what bee stings might feel to a human, but he also knew that he couldn't stand there taking the metal pellets forever. If they managed to hit something sensitive or vital through the weaker points in his armor, that would mean trouble.

He used his arm to knock two of the humans away, sending them crashing into the pavement several yards away. Then he reached down and picked up the third one, staring into the fleshy creature's eyes. "Insignificant human," he growled. "Did you seriously think you could take me down with peashooters?" He watched as the gun slipped through the now-terrified human's fingers, and promptly stomped on it with his foot, crushing it with a metallic crunch.

The human officer who was talking into his radio stared in horror at what happened. He was still talking rapidly into the device, and Megatron's sensitive audios could make up bits and snatches of the conversation. The puny creature was reporting everything that was happening to others, and no doubt requesting backup.

Megatron snarled, raised his free arm—the one with his weapon attached to it—aimed carefully at that human's back, and fired.

Dinobot had no intention whatsoever of allowing Cheetor to disarm or to disarm himself. He was a warrior and he was used to being in tight situations, although he wasn't often in situations where there were innocents to protect as well.

The humans who threatened them now were still weak organic beings—at least in comparison to Cybertronians—although he assumed that their weapons could indeed do damage to his body if they all opened fire. He also had to think about Yume and Maggie. But he also knew that the humans would be no match for him in hand-to-hand combat if he began attacking them directly. And his sense of honor wouldn't allow him to attack an inferior foe, even if they currently had them all outnumbered.

"Hey, I got an idea," Cheetor said suddenly, causing Dinobot and Maggie to look at him. The Maximal had a serious expression on his face, yet there was definitely a fair amount of mischievousness there as well.

"What is it?" Dinobot growled, still holding Yume gently but securely in his arms.

"This is our last warning!" one of the humans called out. "Put down the girl or we will open fire."

"They'll never be able to hit the golden rocket!" Cheetor exclaimed. "Beast mode!"

The Maximal received a lot of gasps, pointing, and stunned stares as he transformed into a perfect cheetah. Then, without any hesitation, he sped off through the crowd, going right through the gathered formation of police officers.

A shot fired, but it hit nothing. There was a lot of confusion going about right now, as was Cheetor's intention. Dinobot took advantage of this to begin moving quickly in the opposite direction. Cheetor would be fine; right now his main concern was Yume. No one seemed to be paying quite as much attention to him now, as he moved.

"Hey wait for me!" Maggie half-shouted, hurrying to catch up with him.

It didn't take Megatron long to realize that he had sustained some damage after all. His beast mode components, which were made of more sensitive materials, had been punctured and torn by the flying bullets. There was no way he would be able to transform anytime soon, although he did not require his beast mode much here anyway. Other than that he seemed fine, except for some slight difficulty with his left knee joint.

He also realized that his map had been damaged beyond recognition during the brief battle with the humans; it was useless to him now.

The Predacon threw it aside. In all honestly it hadn't been helping him all that much anyway.

He had simply fled the scene after he finished dealing with the human police officers, not wanting to draw more attention to himself than necessary. The humans were inferior creatures, but he was alone on this world without any other Predacons to back him up. It was possible they had more powerful weapons somewhere, than simply those metal pellet shooters.

"Hmmm," he mused quietly, stroking his chin with his hand. "If they have more powerful weapons somewhere, perhaps I should try and find one, yess."

With this new objective in mind, he proceeded to move ever more swiftly.

"Dinobot, where are we going?" Maggie demanded, slightly breathless. Dinobot was taller than she was and had longer legs, so it was difficult to keep up with him. Especially when he was in a hurry.

They were both well away from the scene of commotion now, and thankfully they had managed to lose the few people who had tried to pursue them.

"There," Dinobot said suddenly, pointing. From the abruptness of the motion, Maggie figured he had just made the decision a split-second ago. The girl looked toward where he was pointing; it was an old, abandoned alleyway.

"Why are we going in there?" Maggie asked incredulously, but Dinobot was already moving and she had to follow in order to keep up.

"Because it is dark and out of sight," Dinobot growled in reply.

Once she stepped into the alley after Dinobot, Maggie had to admit to herself that it was an ideal place to hide and stay out of sight. This appeared to be a street that was mostly abandoned, and the dumpsters were conveniently placed so that it was easy to hide here.

She watched as Dinobot lowered himself into a half-crouched, half-seated position and placed Yume onto the ground. She raised her eyebrows as she watched him; somehow he seemed so gruff and grouchy most of the time, yet sometimes there seemed to be something underneath, at least toward Yume.

"I wonder where Cheetor is," Maggie said suddenly, glancing around. In her effort to keep up with Dinobot—mostly so she wouldn't lose sight of him, and to make sure Yume really was okay—she'd forgotten all about the cat.

"He can handle himself," Dinobot replied thoughtfully. His eyes were alert, maintaining a general awareness of his surroundings, yet also focusing on Yume's limp form.

"Is she okay?" Maggie then asked, taking a tentatively step closer.

"I do not know," he replied, not looking up at the older girl. "She is breathing and that is all that matters right now."

"But she could be seriously injured," Maggie protested. "We have to get her to a hospital!"

"No!" he snapped, lifting his head and glaring at her. "No hospitals."

"Then what are we going to do?" she demanded, putting her hands on her hips. "Sit here until she wakes up? For all you know she could be in a coma and can't wake up. If she dies it'll be your fault."

"She is not going to die," the raptor stated, ignoring her accusation. He did not want to think about the girl dying. If she did Dinobot knew that it would indeed be his fault. He should have been protecting her. "Not if I can help it."

"Are you a doctor?" the older girl wanted to know. "Because if you're not you don't know. You're just guessing and your guess could be wrong and then-"

"Shut up!" he roared, tired of her banter. "Just shut up already, you stupid girl!"

"Don't talk to me like that!" Maggie screamed hysterically. "I am not Yume! She might let you get away with that kind of stuff but I'm not going to! No man has ever told me what to do and you're not going to-"

He put a hand over her mouth, cutting off any further protest. "If you have any thinking cells in your processor you will do as I say, unless you want to tell the entire city where we are and just make things worse," he stated, baring his teeth in frustration. "I have a perfectly good reason for wanting you to be quiet and you will do it or you will leave right now and forget all about us."

She grabbed his hand and wrenched it away. "If I leave your hiding place will be compromised," she informed him looking him right in the eyes. "Because I will tell them where you are."

He glared at her. What was it about these human girls attitudes anyway? Was it something in the water? "You would not dare."

"Try me."

That was one thing he wasn't going to do. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a low moaning sound. Startled, he and Maggie looked over at Yume.

Cheetor was having the time of his life. It had been so long since he'd used his beast mode to just run that he was full of acceleration and was causing a little more commotion than he needed to. The police officers kept firing at him as the crowd that had gathered scattered in all directions to get away from the strange transforming animal.

"Come and get me!" the young Maximal yelled looking over his shoulder at the police officers chasing after him. "You'll never catch up with the fastest Cybertronian on four legs! Roar!" and he shot forward, putting more distance between himself and the peace keepers.

Two police officers continued to fire on him for a minute longer then gave up and got into their car instead. With lights flashing they gave chase, keeping the Maximal in their sights.

Uh oh. It looked like his plan backfired a little. He looked away from the pursuing car and dodged sideways to avoid being hit by an oncoming Corvette. The driver put on the breaks and blared on the horn. Cheetor saw the businessman inside staring at him with eyes as bit as saucers.

I wonder what he would have found stranger? the Maximal thought as he headed down the street. A cheetah in the middle of Time Square of a transformer?


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