Noa blinked. He saw, what exactly was he seeing? At first, all that entered his line of vision was striking brightness.

Where was he?

More importantly, where had he been? The young green-haired Kaiba struggled to remember what he had been doing beforehand.

Unfortunately, he had a crystal clear perception of what had ensued.

He recollected walking from his father's limo and getting killed, or a least that's what he thought had happened until now.

Slowly, actual shapes appeared. He knew by now that he was in a hospital room and a very high tech one at that.

Almost immediately a flustered blonde nurse noticed he was awake. "Oh my-" "Clarissa, come here, now, the Kaiba boy, he's-" she excitedly called another nurse.

Not long after, an older woman, apparently, Clarissa came in.

"My child", she looked at him with a look, was it pity?

"Janette, please leave." The younger nurse looked confused but didn't question the Clarissa, perhaps she was the senior nurse of the hospital.

Noa found his voice, "How long have I been..?" His voice sounded scratchy and pained from disuse.

"Shhh, you should rest a bit longer." The older woman bit her lip nervously. But what was there to be nervous about? He was alive, shouldn't she be calling his father and mother?

"In answer to your question, you've been in a coma for 4 years."

Noa blanched, that long?

He noticed her concerned look, so he asked the question he feared to ask, "Are my parents still, alive?"

Clarissa looked stunned. "Of course, my dear, in fact I'll go phone them right now." She smiled assuredly at Noa as she left the room.

Noa relaxed, now everything could be as before. The Kaiba family could once again be happy and whole, at least that's what Noa tried to convince himself.

When Clarissa left the room, her fake smile fell. But, true to her word, she went to phone the Kaibas. Of course his parents were still alive, however, they had grown impatient. Because their heir to Kaiba Corp had been in a near death state for so long, Gozaburo had gone to adopt a new one, a child smarter than his own, Seto Kaiba.

Clarissa dialed the number, she couldn't believe that a father had truly forgotten about his own son after a mere six months. For after this time had elapsed, he had adopted Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. From the an outsider's point of view in fact one couldn't tell the boys weren't his real sons.

"Hello," Gozaburo's sharp all business voice cut through the line like steel.

Clarissa nearly jumped it was so cold.

Her voice wavered a bit, "Your son is awake."

For once in his life, Gozaburo was speechless but only for about a minute, he recovered rapidly.

"I'll be there in 5."

"Dad," Seto gently pulled on Gozaburo's sleeve, "where are you going?"

"Nowhere special, we'll go together." Though his words were not rude, his tone of voice was nowhere near kind.

"Can Mokuba come?" Seto bent his head in an almost ashamed way.

Gozaburo looked distracted and mildly put out but he didn't allow his mood to reach his voice, "Yes." His dark charcoal colored eyes stared right at Seto, demanding he refrain from dawdling.

Seto briskly strode up to Mokuba's room.

"Big brother? What-" the younger boy rubbed his eyes a bit, as he was only 7 he had been napping.

Seto's irritation at Gozaburo's forgetting to mention Mokuba was temporarily forgotten, "Dad needs us to go with him somewhere, hurry up okay."

He flashed the younger boy a smile as the two walked down the stairs and out to the limo with their adoptive father.

As the two boys slipped into the back of the chauffeured vehicle, Mokuba opened his mouth to inquire of their destination.

Seto very nearly glared at his beloved brother; his gesture screamed for Mokuba to keep quiet as Gozaburo wasn't in the mood to talk of petty matters.

But, more importantly, Seto wasn't in the mood for his younger brother to be scolded.

Gozaburo was on a shorter fuse than normal today. Seto was sure of it and his sharp intellect led him to the conclusion that whatever was bothering him had something to do with this impromptu trip the three were taking. The businessman had said they were going nowhere special but Seto guessed the CEO was hiding something and he was dead-set on uncovering the secret, if there even was one, in due time.