Title: Snackoos and You

Author: LateNiteSlacker

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine, don't Phoenix Wright me.

Summary: Only two things are constantly on Ema's mind: snackoos and the debonair rock star Klavier Gavin, but what will happen when she meets his brother, Kristoph? Will Klavier actually become… jealous?

Ema didn't always hate Klavier Gavin. Far from it.

When she first met the rock star prosecutor, things had been a little different.

It was her first day of work, and already she was running late.

"Why, why does this job start so early in the morning?" Ema moaned into a steaming cup of black coffee, wondering when the hot liquid would start doing its job of waking her up.

She glared at the black horizon, then at her wrist watch, debating how long it would be before the sun even came up. In her arms she had all of her necessary belongings: purse, coffee (still not working), instant ramen lunch, and a large box of forensics equipment.

Feeling a little like a mule, she picked up her belongings when the bus arrived at her stop and began a short .5 mile sprint down the street.

Ema tried to see around the large box in front of her, but somehow she missed the man in front of her, crashing into him at full speed.

As they both toppled over, Ema felt the world slow around her, watching all of her precious forensics supplies fly into the air around them.

He rescued her coffee before it landed. "A simple 'hello' would have been fine, fräulein." He smirked, not moving from below her as he murmured, "though I love your enthusiasm."

Embarrassed beyond belief, she felt her cheeks heat up. "I'm so sorry!" She stammered, scrambling off the man, scurrying to pick up her belongings. Most of her supplies were still intact, but her fingerprinting powder had fallen all over the ground. She nearly cried when she saw her cracked bottle of luminol, its contents spilled on the concrete.

"Small reaction," she noted, wondering why the luminol would detect blood on the pavement if she wasn't hurt. Then it hit her.

He must have been hurt.

"Oh my gosh!" Ema exclaimed, looking closer at the man for the first time.

He had blonde hair, twisted off to his left side, which fell over a stylishly long plum suit jacket. His black button down shirt was overshadowed by a strange metal symbol he hung around his neck via a metal chain. His black pants were also garnished with a similar chain belt.

On closer inspection, she noticed that his hand had been scraped, just a hint of blood pooling by the injury.

She took his hand, horrified as she examined the damage. "I… I'm so sorry… give me a sec, I might have a Band-Aid in my purse…"

Nonchalantly, he flipped his golden hair back, offering her coffee back to her. "It's ok, I had to rescue your coffee after all."

He had hurt himself over coffee? Shocked, Ema accepted her coffee back, then dug in her purse until she found a small band-aid for him.

"Why thank you," he said, placing the bandage over the cut. Afterwards, he held out his hand to her again.

"Is… is something else wrong?" She asked, grabbing his hand quickly and examining it once more.

"Such an adorable fräulein!" He smirked. "Nothing, just that I do not yet know your name."

"My… oh." Ema felt her cheeks flush again. Stupid stupid, so stupid. Awkwardly, she shook his hand. "I'm Ema Skye."

"Ema Skye, it is a pleasure to meet you," he said, bringing her hand to his lips.

"Is he going to…" Ema wondered, noticing now that he did seem to have a foreign accent, though she could swear that it sounded more German than French, but weren't French people the ones who…

He placed a soft kiss on her hand, smiling in that charming way again. "May we meet again soon, fräulein Skye."

It wasn't until after he waved goodbye, leaving her holding all her belongings alone in the street again that a thought occurred to her.

What was his name?