October 9 – Day 235

Time: 2:14 PM

Location: District Courtroom No. 3

Mental state: A little sick.

It was time to move on. This time for good.

Ema decided that never again would she dwell on Kristoph Gavin. His maniacal laughter echoed through the courtroom, his body a twisted figure on the witness stand. Kristoph was truly nothing like the man she had known. Or perhaps, he was completely like the man she had known, and she had never realized it.

"Such a disgusting way to go…" she murmured to nobody in particular. Really, she almost pitied him. Almost. It was tough to pity a man who had deceived and killed so many people, all due to selfishness and greed.

As bailiff Joe came to remove Kristoph from the courtroom, his murderous gaze swung away from the man whose name he had screamed in rage just minutes earlier, Phoenix Wright.

For an instant, barely a moment, Kristoph's eyes fell on her. Ema had never known disgust as she felt it then, revulsion so foul that it made her stomach churn.

And then he looked away, or rather, was dragged away while his sickening laughter continued to fill the room.

Ok, so maybe it would be difficult not to dwell, but she was definitely moving on.

Just as she came to that epiphanous decision, she felt a hand rest gently on her shoulder. "You ok, fräulein Skye?"

Ema turned and gave Klavier her best "I'm not really ok, but I'll pretend I am" smile.

"Lies don't become you, you know," Klavier chided, earning himself a scowl from her. He laughed, seeing her grimace, "Now there's the Ema Skye I know!"

"And what about you?" she asked, unable to completely fight off a small, almost unwilling, smirk tugging at the corner of her lips as she glanced up at the apparently jovial prosecutor. "You can't be happy about this either."

"Of course I'm not, but this has been a long time coming," Klavier shook his head, gazing at the retreating figure of his older brother. "I have had my suspicions about Kristoph for seven years now."

"Seven years?" Ema's eyes widened, and she placed a shocked hand to the side of her cheek.

"Yes, I always wondered how Kristoph knew what he knew, and he would never tell me anything more about that case after it happened," Klavier sighed, then turned his bright smile back to her, "but it is far better to live in this reality than in one of lies. Wouldn't you agree?"

Thinking back to her time with Kristoph, always knowing that something was not quite right, made Ema nod her head, returning his small sad smile.

"Why the sad looks? You're coming tonight, right?"

Ema turned around, startled to find Trucy Wright standing cheerfully behind her. "Going where tonight?"

"To the Wonderbar to celebrate Polly's victory, of course!" the young magician girl smiled, touching the brim of her blue silk hat proudly. "I'll be doing a magic trick performance dedicated to him!"

While Ema did have her reserves about going to a bar with at least one minor, she found that Trucy wasn't someone she could easily say no to. Her sad smile turned into a genuine grin as she gave in, "Oh, all right. I guess he deserves at least a pat on the back. Maybe I'll even share a snackoo or two with him."

"That's the spirit!" Trucy beamed at them, then looked expectantly at Klavier, "How about you?"

While Klavier did glance darkly out the door as the bailiffs (Joe couldn't do it alone) finally pulled Kristoph out of sight, he turned his usual Mr. Charming smile to Trucy. "I suppose I should congratulate him, even though his victory means my defeat. Herr Forehead doesn't get much love in his profession, does he fräulein?" Before Trucy had a chance to really think about that question, he flicked aside a lock of his honey-blonde hair, distracting her teenage brain with his prettiness.

Ema could swear that she saw bishie-sparkles fly from it. She secretly decided to find and hide his stash of glitter later.

"I suppose I'll have to come along. Someone has to keep an eye on fräulein Skye, after all," he winked at Trucy, making the young girl giggle while Ema swung her purse at his head (and missed, much to her annoyance.)

Despite her recently trying to deliver him a severe concussion, Klavier turned his bright smile to Ema, holding out his hand to her. "Well, Ema, shall we ride the wind?"

Knowing what that always meant, she sighed forlornly but took his hand anyway.

* * *

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: The Wonder Bar

Mental State: Ok

Ema was actually feeling ok right now. She lounged on one of the barstools next to Klavier, sipping a cranberry juice (it was far too early for anything else) and crunching a few snackoos thoughtfully.

The Wonder Bar had a nice atmosphere. It was tastefully decorated with photographs of various famous people who had performed there on the walls. Deep burgundy barstools lined the bar that where she sat, and the room was filled with high-top wooden tables that could easily be pushed together for large crowds.

They were the first to arrive (she had Klavier's erratic driving and deathcycle to thank for that.) She waited almost anxiously for the others to show up, as she stole a quick sidelong glance at Klavier.

He was still sitting in the same position as he was a minute ago, sipping whatever the hell he had ordered. The glimmerous fop had on his sunglasses (even though it wasn't sunny in the least inside) and swirled his drink in his hand, his silver rings clinking the glass occasionally as he did so. He seemed so relaxed, so self assured…

…so why did she have this horrible feeling that something was about to happen? Something ungodly awful?

"Fräulein Skye, you have that look again," Klavier grinned, dipping his sunglasses lower so that she could see his mischievous blue eyes beneath them. "Are you sure you're not constipated?"

"Ugh, no! What is your fixation with that?" She growled, placing her cranberry juice firmly on the bar table. "But going to the restroom to get away from you does seem like a good idea."

When she stood up to leave, he nodded knowingly and said, "ah, feminine problems."

"Shut up!" she grumbled, giving him a shove as she made her way to the restroom. He was wrong about his last assumption, but she supposed it didn't hurt to let him think he was right.

The bathroom was in the far back corner of the bar. Ema found herself squeezing awkwardly between chairs and people as she made her way to the back hallway. When she finally reached the deserted corridor, a flash of familiar bright blue jumped out to say hello. "Detective Skye! I'm so glad you came!"

Ema found herself being pulled backstage by none other than Trucy Wright. "Oh, hi Trucy, yeah me too."

"And you came with Klavier Gavin too!" It could have been Ema's imagination, but she thought that Trucy looked a little too happy with that statement.

"Unfortunately," she agreed, placing her hand on her hip and swaying to one side as she glared at the red velvet curtain. She couldn't see him through the thick fabric, but she knew that she was at least glaring in that fop's direction.

Trucy giggled, "It's ok detective Skye, you don't have to pretend so much!"

"Pretend?" Ema asked, genuinely wondering where the girl was going with her comment.

Ema could have sworn she heard a surprised dingle-chime as the magician girl seemed startled for a moment. But, Trucy quickly tilted her head to the side and thoughtfully placed an index finger on her chin. "That's strange… you really don't see it, do you?"

After her recent dealings with the young Wright girl, Ema decided that there would be things she would never understand about her. This would be one of them.

Ema smiled apologetically, "No, I'm afraid I really don't. Care to explain?"

Trucy touched the rim of her blue silk hat with a grin, "I guess daddy was right about you! I always thought he was just kidding..."

"Right about what?" Ema asked, beginning to feel exasperated and completely left out of the loop that she obviously should be in.

The young magician girl smiled friendlily and finally said, "You like him, and he likes you."

Ema blinked. "Who?"

Now it was Trucy's turn to sigh as she frantically gestured towards the very curtain that Ema had been glowering at earlier, "him!"

"The… curtain? Mr. Wright? …." The detective thought out loud for a moment before it finally dawned on her like a horrible tsunami cresting over the horizon. "K-KLAVIER???"

Ema's eyes widened and she quickly shut her mouth, realizing that she had just screamed his name for the whole bar to hear.

As if to mock her, she heard his reply, "still here, Fraulein Skye! Have you taken care of your… problems… yet? Do you need me to go buy you a… umm… tampon?"

"Shut up, glimmer-boy!" she yelled back before turning her attention back to Trucy. In a much more hushed voice, she continued, "What do you mean? Don't you see how he torments me all the time?! I couldn't possibly… he couldn't possibly…"

Ema felt dizzy. The world was beginning to move around her as she felt herself drawing in short and shallow breaths. Klavier? Why him?! Anyone else… Phoenix, Edgeworth, hell… even Kristoph… but Klavier???

Ema forced herself to steady her breathing and think about this like a rational human being. Trucy didn't even have to say anything. Everything was already beginning to fall into place. Sure, Klavier was a little bit childish about… well… about whatever she wanted to call it… but then again, so was she.

When Ema had met Klavier the first time, she had found him charmingly attractive. It wasn't until their half hour air guitar session that she had decided she hated him, and even after that, had he really done anything that merited her constant beratement?

"He did give you a self-autographed picture of himself. Two, actually," her mind told her. Ema nodded in agreement with herself, digging her hand through her purse and retrieving the offending pieces of glossy paper without thought.

Ema smiled. She had never looked too closely at the photographs, but now she could see that one was clearly different from the other. In the first photo, the one she assumed he gave his fans, Klavier was rocking out with the Gavinners, an all too glimmerous smile on his face as he winked to the crowd.

The second photograph was a close-up myspace shot. Though he still smiled, she could tell that it was his "oops, I really screwed that one up" smile. His autograph came along with his cell phone number just below that almost sad smile of his.

"Detective Skye, there's writing on the back of that one!" Trucy exclaimed in a hushed whisper.

It was true. As Ema flipped the apologetic picture over, she recognized Klavier's handwriting immediately. It was slightly neater than usual, as if he were really trying to say something. She read the message once, gasped, then read it again, more carefully this time.

Fräulein Skye,

I know you are upset about today. Believe me, I am too, but we did what was right for everyone… for Phoenix Wright, for both of us… my brother is better left a memory for the world.

You have my cell number now; call me anytime you like. Any time. I won't ask you any embarrassing questions, and I won't judge. I care about you, Ema, more than anyone.



"…more than anyone….?" The note was short and simple, but the impact of reading it alone made Ema's voice sound so small and far away. She quickly swallowed away the lump that was threatening to rise in her throat.

All this time, he had confessed this to her, and she had never known. How long had she held onto this paper, never bothering to look at it once? How long had Klavier been waiting for some sort of response?

Ema thought back to when he had given her the photograph. The day she broke up with Kristoph… the day she visited him in prison. Quickly, Ema did the math in her head. 166 days ago.

"My daddy said you'd be the last to know… that you would be too stubborn and make Klavier really wait," Trucy nodded knowingly, seeming surprisingly adult for her age.

"Your daddy is a very smart man. A man who pries far too much into other people's lives, but a smart man," Ema agreed.

"Why thank you, I wouldn't have it any other way," the all too familiar voice from behind her made Ema cringe as though she had just been caught.

"Of course you wouldn't, daddy, that's always how you are!" Trucy put her arms around him, hugging him tightly. "Mr. Edgeworth is always accusing you of…"

"Yes he is!" Phoenix agreed, hugging the girl back as Ema finally turned around to take a good look at him. Although he still wore the grey sweater and outrageous blue "papa" hat, Phoenix seemed different than he had the last few times she had seen him. Different, yet oddly familiar… the way he was smiling, laughing openly as if he didn't have a care in the world…

Ema smiled. It looked like the world was about to get the "old" Phoenix Wright back. With a few happy modifications, of course. "You must be really happy to have finished this case, Mr. Wright. I can't believe you've been waiting seven years!"

"Tell me about it," he concurred, letting Trucy go so that he could turn and have a better look at Ema. "And it seems you have been waiting quite some time too."

"A few months is hardly the same as a few years…" she began, already feeling a flush rising in her cheeks from the thought.

"Why the modesty, all of a sudden? Kristoph was quite awful to you, if I recall correctly," Phoenix pointed out.

"Damn right he was, and I'm glad that he's finally behind bars for good!" Ema snarled, folding her arms across her chest with disgruntlement.

Phoenix laughed, "Now there's the Ema Skye I know!"

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Ema wondered out loud to herself. It was the strangest thing.

Trucy laughed, "Oh daddy, you have such interesting friends! Well I still have a few things to get together for tonight's show!" With that, the young magician girl skipped away to another part of the backstage area happily.

After a few moments, Phoenix's expression softened a bit. "Ema, I think Trucy has already spoken to you about something important, hasn't she?"

Knowing immediately what he was talking about, Ema stared at the same part of the curtain she was staring at before. "Yes, she did say something…"

"Trucy is… unusually gifted, if you haven't already noticed. I would give some consideration to whatever she mentioned," he said, a knowing look on his face. He glanced down briefly and commented, "you're wrinkling that."

Ema's eyes widened as she glanced down to see that she was "wrinkling" the picture Klavier had given her. "Oh!" Hastily, she smoothed it out and stowed it back in her purse.

Before Ema could really respond to him, Trucy was back at their side saying, "didn't you hear me? I can't let you see all of my secrets!" With that, she urged them out of the backstage area.

Phoenix complied quickly, but as Ema was about to leave, Trucy held her back for a few moments. "Detective Skye, don't be afraid to follow your dreams. I know that he cares about you too."

"What?!" Ema tried to turn back around, surprised again by Trucy's forwardness.

"You know what to do! Now go!" She said happily, giving her an encouraging shove back into the hallway.

Ema emerged from the backstage area slightly frazzled but overall feeling good. The Wright family always seemed to have that effect on her. She made her way back to the main area and was glad when Klavier didn't make another annoying comment about… well, about anything.

Instead, she was surprised to find him sitting with prosecutor Edgeworth, discussing something with him in German. She frowned, slightly annoyed with her continued inability to understand the nonsense language. It bothered her less this time though, partially because it was Edgeworth talking to him, but also because Ema didn't know if she could deal with him just yet anyway.

Before she could even think about making her way over to their place at the bar, another friendly face greeted her. "Ema, I'm so glad that you're safe," Lana said, catching her in a tight embrace.

"Me too, sis!" She smiled, thoughts of Klavier shoved aside as she hugged her sister back, "You're here?"

"Of course I am. I was also at the courtroom today too," Lana released her and held her at arm's length. "You have no idea how worried I was about you."

"Oh Lana, don't be such a worrywart. I can take care of myself," Ema sighed, used to hearing this sort of thing. It wasn't as if anything would change though; Lana was Lana. She always was (and always would be) the closest person to a mother that she ever had.

"I know you can, but still, I'm glad you have such good friends," her older sister smiled, glancing around the room at a few of them. "Why don't you go say hello to some of them? That boy in the red helped you out a lot, and he seems a little puzzled."

She looked in the direction Lana had indicated and was shocked to find Apollo Justice looking around the bar with wide eyes. Her sister nodded, retreating back to a table where it looked like some people were waiting for her. "Why don't you take care of things? I'll be around."

Ema nodded, taking the opportunity to throw a snackoo at Apollo. He flinched, rubbing his forehead where it hit. "Detective Skye?"

"Long time no see," she smiled as he walked over to her, looking less nervous and out of place than before. "Congrats, you really saved the day!"

The young defense attorney scratched the back of his neck and laughed, "Thanks! But really Mr. Wright deserves the congratulations; he did most of the work." Then he went back to looking around the bar anxiously.

"Let me guess, you don't go to bars very often, do you?" Ema asked, not surprised that it wasn't really his scene. "Don't worry, you're with good company."

"I know, and I appreciate you saying so," Apollo said, looking genuinely grateful, "but I keep getting this weird feeling…"

As his voice trailed off, Ema noticed that he was rubbing a large golden bangle around his wrist curiously. "It's…" And then his eyes widened as he stared at her, making Ema feel suddenly exposed, as if he could see right through her. "It's you."

Ok, she was officially weirded out. But at the same time, she couldn't be, not when Apollo was looking at her with such concern in his eyes. Just when she thought she couldn't be more confused, she remembered one very important detail.

Apollo was just as good as Phoenix at reading people (possibly better.) It was odd that the two people Phoenix had somehow "adopted" were both so unusually gifted. Knowing what Trucy had already told her just minutes earlier, Ema sighed. "You're going to tell me to go for Klavier too, aren't you?"

Now it was Apollo's turn to look stunned. "I… wasn't going to say that, but by all means," he said, gesturing towards Klavier, who was still chatting with Edgeworth. "It seems like it would make sense."

"Of course it would, Polly!" Trucy appeared (literally) next to them, smiling jovially. "Don't you agree?"

"Trucy, you've got to stop doing that," Apollo turned to his assistant/friend/sister (Ema hadn't exactly decided what they were yet) with exasperation. "And besides, I made the comment in the first place, why wouldn't I agree with myself?!"

Ema stood by the two, feeling awkward for assuming everyone thought she should "go for Klavier." Of course she wasn't the center of the world, and Apollo and Trucy probably both had much bigger things on their minds right now anyway, right?

Trucy saw her just standing there and laughed, waving her away, "Go ahead and talk to him! But don't forget that my show starts in twenty minutes!"

Then again, maybe they didn't.

Ema decided to take her advice to heart though, and as she walked slowly in the direction of the two gibberish-speaking men across the room, Edgeworth's dark eyes caught her gaze for just a moment.

When Edgeworth noticed her approaching, he said a few more quick words to Klavier, then walked away, nodding politely to her as he passed by.

As he walked away, Ema felt as if a part of her past was becoming… well… the past. For far too long, she had dabbled in a present that included much of her childish naivety, being enamored with people who were unreachable, for various reasons. Edgeworth… Kristoph… she had known that neither of them were ever for her, but for some reason, she had always pined for them both.

Ema smiled as he walked away. Miles Edgeworth would always be her friend, a gentle reminder of the past she had once celebrated, but he would never be hers. For the first time in her life, she felt completely at peace with that.

She was a little relieved that he didn't wish her luck too; it didn't seem like his style, after all. Then again, it was Edgeworth. Maybe he knew something she didn't? And just what had he been talking about earlier anyway?

"We were discussing the finer qualities of a good port, if you were wondering," Klavier commented offhandedly.

"It goes well with dark chocolate, right?" Ema responded, reclaiming her seat by him with a sigh.

"Why, yes, it does," Klavier looked at her with surprise. "However did you know?"

"Well… he showed me that… Kristoph…" she shook her head, suddenly feeling that sense of dread filling her again. The air seemed heavier than it was before, almost as if it were harder to breathe.

Klavier noticed. "Would you like to step outside for a moment, fräulein Skye? I think a little fresh air might do us both some good."

She nodded and noticed that once again, he laid money on the bar to cover both of their tabs. After following him outside, where they sat on a bench underneath the leafy shade of a nearby palm tree, that awkwardness continued to fill the air between them again.

It was no wonder to her now why Klavier had seemed a little different from usual… why he had disappeared for a few days afterwards, not calling, not visiting. He was waiting for her to call. He was waiting for her to make the next move.

And all this time, she hadn't even realized it.

Klavier had literally thrown himself out there, and she had never said a word back to him about it. He probably had no idea that she had only just now read his heartfelt message.

There was so much she wanted to say to him. So many questions filled her brain that she finally just chose one. "Is there a reason you keep paying for me?"

That hadn't been the one she wanted to ask.

Klavier blinked at her. "As I told you before, because it seems like the polite thing to do. Why shouldn't I pay for a beautiful fräulein?"

"You… you've gotta be lying," Ema concluded, trying to take a page from Trucy and Apollo's book.

Apparently, she didn't follow their book very well. Klavier removed his sunglasses and continued to blink at her with the utmost innocence. His bright blue eyes looked a little strained, almost concerned as he asked, "this seems to have been bothering you for quite some time now. Tell me, is there a reason you keep asking me that question?"

"Umm… because…" Ema bit her lower lip, not wanting to tell him the reason but at the same time desiring to do so with all of her heart. Maybe he would finally be able to shed some light on that mysterious statement from so long ago, and who would be better to ask than the source? "Because Kristoph warned me the day I first met him not to let you pay for me."

Klavier's eyes widened for a moment before he covered them with his hand, shaking his head, "ugh. Really?"

"Yeah, he did," she replied, starting to get the sinking feeling that she had just trespassed into dangerous waters.

"And you believed him?" he asked, still not looking up at her.

"I did…" she began, then spoke a little quicker, a bit defensively, "I had just met him!"

"And I would have thought that after dating him for two months and going through all of this you would have realized that he's a Gott verdammet liar!!!" Klavier was upset. It didn't take a forensic genius to figure that out, but she did recognize something that she assumed most others would miss.

Klavier was not angry with her. As if to prove this point, he turned his gaze back to her, a foreign, weathered, look in his eyes. "I apologize if I startled you, but Kristoph has done this since… since I can ever recall."

"Done what? Lied?" Ema asked, beginning to think that this was only the surface of the problem.

He nodded, his blonde hair falling in a desirable mess around his face. "That, and for some reason… he always tried to hold me back in the strangest ways. He never wanted anyone to get too close to me. I thought that I could trust Daryan, but…" he laughed, a low and bitter laugh, "…well, you know how that ended."

Pieces of the puzzle continued to fall in place. Ema did her best not to let her horror show as all of those little insignificant details started to make sense.

She had always wondered why Kristoph would choose her. Why date a washed-out forensic detective that was so much younger? Why have her move in when the relationship was so new, and when she couldn't even cook more than instant noodles? It never made sense until now.

As she had always feared, Kristoph had never really cared about her. He only had one purpose in mind: to keep her away from Klavier.

Ema shook her head, "why… why would he do that?"

Klavier shrugged, "it's Kristoph." He practically spat the name out. "I wouldn't want to know about half the motivations running through his head."

Ema was inclined to agree. "He never cared for me."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," Klavier responded almost instantaneously. "The day he met you was probably one of the happiest days in his life."

She chuckled bitterly, "Somehow I find that hard to believe."

"Believe it," Klavier said, then proceeded to explain the awful truth that Ema had only suspected. "Kristoph knew that your personality and appearance would keep the fangirls… or Gott forbid fanboys… at bay. It's true, they haven't dared to try anything since you've started working with me."

For a moment, Ema forgot her melancholy. "This is them on their good behavior??"

"Ja… sadly it is," he agreed, then continued, "as I was saying, you kept them away, and he…"

"…kept me away." Ema finished, watching Klavier's expression, almost hoping that he would tell her it wasn't true. The only response she received was a simple nod.

The mood was somber, and Ema's outlook on life felt grim. How could she be so oblivious to so much? Wasn't she supposed to be a detective? Shouldn't this be the type of thing she could figure out in the blink of an eye?

Ema blinked, suddenly realizing just how stupid her thoughts were. Yes, all of it did make a strange sort of sense! Kristoph was gone now, wasn't he? And even if she couldn't reclaim the past few months, she still had the present.

"Look at us," she laughed, "even now we're letting him get his way. You were right, it is better that we put Kristoph behind bars for good. The world really is better off without him."

Klavier gave her a wary smile, "I beg your pardon?"

Oh. Right. He didn't know, did he?

Sheepishly, Ema dug into her never-ending purse, producing a certain pre-signed photo. "I finally read your note." She explained, "about ten minutes ago."

"Are you…" He was stunned, taking the note and turning it over once, a strange look overcoming his features. "I thought you just didn't care."

"I didn't," she said immediately, then winced, "I mean, I didn't because I didn't read the note, and I didn't…"

He said he cared about me the most…

It was one of those times. One of those times that it would be better not to talk. But she did anyway.

"I care about you, Klavier!" She blurted out suddenly, "and I may even… like…. you. A little."

For once, Klavier seemed speechless. Good. Maybe if he stayed this way, she could finally work up the nerve to…

They were softer than she had imagined they would be. Then again, Klavier probably wore lip-gloss 24-7 for his fans.

Later, when her brain actually functioned and could think about things deeper than beauty products, Ema would wonder who initiated the kiss and be frustrated when she couldn't remember, but in the present moment, she could care less.

This was what a genuine kiss felt like. This was what she had really been looking for all this time.

Who knew it would only take failing the most important test in her life, ending up a washed up detective in LA, dating his murderous brother, and braving a constant sea of fangirls to find him?

When the kiss finally broke, she looked into his eyes earnestly and said with the utmost truth, "this is a terrible idea. We can't even go a day without fighting about something, why should I…"

"Mein Gott, du bist schön," he smiled, cutting her off with his words and another warm kiss. It was nice, but…

"That reminds me, there's something I need to do," without further warning, Ema pulled back her hand and smacked Klavier across the face.

He reeled back, stunned again, holding a hand to his cheek, "what was that for?"

"For swearing at me all the time in German!" Ema reasoned, taking the opportunity to retrieve a bag of snackoos from her purse. Just as she was about to open the bag, she faltered, finding Klavier making the strangest face she had ever seen. "…are you going to throw up? Do it the other way, please."

And then, Klavier did the most unlikely of things. He threw his head back, and (as Ema began to shield herself from the puke) he laughed. "Swearing?! You thought I've been swearing at you?"

"…yes… why?" Ema asked, bringing her hands down from their protective position, a sinking feeling suddenly invading her system.

Klavier turned to her, his charming smile for once not repulsing her, his brilliant blue eyes twinkling mirthfully. "Ema, I do have something else to confess…"

"Go ahead," she said, bracing herself for what was certain to be a terrible truth. Well, she supposed now was the best time for him to say it. Bing it on! How could things be worse than they already are?

"All those times I spoke to you in German… I did remember what I said," his voice was melodiously teasing as he leaned closer to her, brushing his lips against her neck, then cheek. "From the day I met you, I was telling you how lovely you were."

Ema's face reddened, feeling embarrassed for guessing so wrongly this whole time. "You—you're lying!"

"Nein, it's the truth," he grinned, winding an arm around her back and pulling her close. "I wanted to tell you how beautiful you were, but you would have probably thought I was even more of 'a freak' than you already did."

It was true, she would have.

"So…" he blew out a deep breath, ruffling the golden hair in front of his face. "…I told you in German."

"That… actually makes a lot of sense," Ema reflected, piecing together all of those once aggravating phrases in her mind. "I suppose now would be the time I should tell you I wrote about you in my journal, but you already read about that."

"Nothing recent," he offered, letting go of her to shrug his shoulders and shake his head, laughing as she pushed him lightly.

Their conversation was interrupted as a young magician girl poked her head out of the doorway, "C'mon you two, you already kissed, so wrap this story up! My show's about to start!" Trucy smiled and disappeared back into the bar.

"I think we'd better listen to her," Klavier mused, standing up from the bench and holding his hand out to Ema. "I wouldn't want to know how she knows the things she does and what would happen if she was upset at us."

"For once, I think you're right." She took his hand, not forgetting her bag of snackoos as she stood, lacing their hands together as they walked towards the Wonderbar.

Despite their recent agreement, Klavier lingered by the doorway just a moment more, his eyes bright and his smile soft as he said, "Today has certainly been a long and trying day, and I cannot even guess what the future will be like. But… somehow I can't imagine ever needing anything else than what I have now. Ema Skye, mein fräulein… how about you?"

Ema grinned, pulling him close again. "What else do I need? I've got my snackoos, and I've got you."

LateNiteSlacker's Notes:

Well, we've finally reached it: The End!

While this is the end of this story arc, you'll probably find Ema and Klavier (post-Snackoos and You) in a few other things. I'll leave those as a surprise for now. =)

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