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AN: Comicverse set just after Jewel the water shadow incident.

Talim looked up at the building in front of her. She felt nervous at the thought of starting a new school, but she was used to it by now. Her quarry was in this town, she could feel it. This time, the cursed sword would be destroyed, hopefully for good.

Will was less than happy. It really hurt when Matt had failed to acknowledge her. Admittedly she had torn into him pretty badly when she thought Mandy and him were a couple, but the fact that she was wrong didn't help her feel any better. If anything, it made her feel worse. At least she still had her friends. And she wasn't the only one who had experienced heartbreak either. Cornelia had broken up with the boy of her dreams, in her case literally.

The new computer science teacher, Raphael watched as pupils walked into the school. He was so close, he could almost feel it. The sword was almost his and with it he would save Amy.

"Good morning students. This is your principal speaking. I have an important announcement to make. For the next three weeks, we will be host to a group of foreign exchange students from Japan. I hope you will do your utmost to make them feel welcome. In the immortal words of our schools first principal, Mr Folder…" A sudden crackling noise came over the schools pa system, before it promptly exploded.

Talim smiled as she watched the schools PA system explode. Not an auspicious start for a new system. She only hoped that her own start was less problematic.

"A foreign exchange programme." Hay Lin exclaimed. "I wonder what they'll be like?"

Irma smiled and pointed towards a small, phillipino girl about their age, who was looking around at the school with a lost expression on her face.

"Probably a bit like her." She commented.

"How about we say hello?" suggested Will. "She looks like she could use a friend or two."

But before they could even say hello, Principal Knickerbocker charged out of her office and yelled.

"Gideon! You assured me that the new PA system would work perfectly!"

As Gideon tried to stutter out his apologies, she turned to face the students standing outside her office.

"And what are you students all still doing here?"

Without missing a beat and in a perfectly deadpan voice, Cornelia replied

"We're waiting to find out what Mr Folders immortal words were ma'am."

"Get to class! Those were his words!" she yelled at them.

"Um… Those words don't sound that immortal" Irma commented with a smile on her face.

"TO CLASS!" she bellowed. Laughing, the girls split up and headed to their respective classes. Talim was left standing alone as she tried to figure out where to go.

"And what are you doing here?" she asked Talim in an angry voice.

"I'm trying to find my way to class Mrs." Talim replied quietly. It was a constant source of annoyance to Talim that, despite the fact that she could face horrible monsters and deadly foes, her teachers still could scare her.

A few minutes later she walked into her history class. Sitting down in the only available seat, she pulled out her history textbook.

"Are you Miss Talim?" a voice asked. She looked up to see a tall, brown haired man with a mustache standing in front of her table. She nodded. "I am your history teacher, Mr Collins. I'll need you to take a short test to establish how much you know about what we're studying."

"OK" she murmured.

He gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about getting everything right, just do what you can, ok." He said in a friendly manner.

After class was over, she was met by a couple of girls, an Asian girl with long, loose black hair and a shorthaired brunette.

"Don't worry about Mr Collins. His bark is worse than his bite." The Asian girl said reassuringly.

"Yeah I think he enjoys freaking out the new kids," the brunette added. "I'm Irma and this is Hay Lin. Wanna join us for lunch?"

Talim thought about it for thirty seconds. "Sure, why not?" she replied cheerfully. It was always a good idea to make friends when you started anew. Of course she couldn't tell them about her extra curricular activities of course, that would put them at terrible risk.

Irma looked at the new girl Talim. It didn't hurt to befriend someone new. Telling her about the guardians was off limits of course, but that didn't mean they had to be unfriendly.