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Ivy was driving dangerously fast as she rushed towards her destination. The wind blowing in her hair, she gave a shiver as the slipstream ran over her exposed legs. A white-almost transparent swimsuit was hardly ideal clothing for Heatherfield in Autumn, but Ivy prefers being prepared for a fight. And it shows off her legs nicely too, in her opinion.

There was a sudden crack of a pistol and her bike exploded. With an evil grin on his face, Cervantes stepped into the light, his old-fashioned flintlock pistol still smoking and one of his two swords in his hand.

"You should have been less fond of you machine daughter dearest," he said with a smirk. A long chain suddenly grabbed his gun and was suddenly pulled against his throat.

"That bike cost me a lot of money dear father," Ivy said angrily as she landed behind him. "I'll take out the value in your hide."

As her stranglehold tightened, Cervantes abruptly reversed his sword, and stabbed backwards, straight at her. Although he missed, it forced Ivy to lose her choke on him and spinning round he pulled out his other sword, sending Ivy's chain flying aside.

"Foolish spawn of mine, you will give me your soul!" he yelled angrily. Leaping forward, he swung both swords at her in a charge. Pulling her chain hard, it assembled itself into her sword and she swiftly parried the attack. Jumping backwards and landing on his feet, Cervantes glared at his wayward daughter. Ivy glared back. With an explosion of speed, the two of them leapt forward, Cervantes twin blades and Ivy's chain sword flashing in the dark.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

Setsuka twirled her umbrella as she examined the wreckage from Nightmare's rampage.

"Hmmm," she murmured to herself as she picked over the shards of glass and broken jewellery. "Soul Edge, or at least a part of it was definitely here."

"Hey, what are you doing here?" demanded a girls voice, one she knew very well.

"Xianghua, what are you doing here?" she demanded angrily as she grabbed the hilt of her blade buried inside her umbrella.

"The same reason you're here," Kilik said as he stepped into view twirling his staff. He gave her a long look. "You really shouldn't be here. Go back, this isn't your fight."

"Mitsurugi wants it. That makes it my fight," Setsuka growled and without warning she simultaneously unsheathed her sword and threw her umbrella at Kilik. Caught by surprise, he instinctively moved to parry the falling umbrella and Setsuka took advantage and slashed his arm. As she ran past him, she grabbed her umbrella and vanished into the night.

"That was impressive Kilik," Xianghua said with a laugh. "I'm sure we're safe from umbrellas with you around."

Kilik said nothing, his face red with embarrassment. Next time, he thought to himself, he would not allow himself to be caught off guard.

"What did I miss?" Maxi asked as he stepped out from behind a back alley swinging his nunchaku about in a casual manner. "Nightmare definitely didn't come through the back way."

Kilik here has been protecting us from the dangers of falling umbrellas," Xianghua said with a smirk. "He's very good at it."

Kilik simply twisted on his heel and turned away, his face still vividly red while Maxi looked at them with confusion.

"Hey Kilik, wait!" Xianghua called and he paused for a moment. Dashing up to him, she grabbed his faced and kissed him on the lips.

"Gods, get a room you guys!" Maxi exclaimed. They ignored him.

"Don't worry Kilik, I'm with you no matter what," she whispered to him.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

Talim crawled into bed when she reached her apartment. Within minutes, she was asleep. It was exhausting purifying people. The sooner she found and destroyed Soul Edge, the better.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

The tall lizard who Tony Vandom had encountered earlier lifted his head out of the dumpster he was digging around in and sniffed the air hopefully. Swallowing a bit of chicken, he grabbed his axe and shield and started walking towards the source of the new scent.

He was so close, he could practically taste it. Soul Edge was near!

Leaping out of the dumpster, he broke into a run, his eyes excited.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

Taki was leaping across the rooftops towards Ludmoore manor when she collided a flash of yellow caught her attention. She scanned the rooftops, seeking whoever or whatever she had seen, before shrugging her shoulders and continuing her journey.

A few minutes later, a garishly clad figure in gold and red emerged and leapt after her. Until one of Taki's feet shot out and slammed into him mid-jump and slammed him onto his back.

"How dare you follow me Yoshimitsu?" she hissed angrily as she put the edge of her knife against his throat. She put her face so close that they were almost touching and looked him in the eye.

Pulling her knife away, she punched him on the jaw and knocked him out cold for good measure. Then, with barely a backwards glance, she continued her journey.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

"Yun-Seong, what do you think you're doing?" Seong Mi-Na asked as he stopped to rest/

What does it LOOK like I'm doing?" he snapped back. "I'm finding the weapon that can reunite our divided nation and make it safe forever."

"You know what Soul Edge is! It is a pyrrhic victory to reunite Korea if it is united under the terrible tyranny of Soul Edge!" Seong Mi-Na practically shouted. "We can't do that to our people!"

"It would be different with me! I can avoid being corrupted by its power!" he protested. "I'm the toughest warrior in our school, I can control its power."

"You know full well that is impossible," Seong Mi-Na pointed out. "You know the history of the word. Nobody has ever been able to wield it without being corrupted. It's what Soul Edge does, it dominates and controls and possesses. It will take and take and take from you and demand and demand and demand."

"But I'm different! I can control it, make it obey my will!" Yun-Seong protested further. "How will we know if we never try?"

"Would you have me kill you cousin?" Seong Mi-Na countered. "Or would you kill me? Feed my soul to its darkness? The risks aren't worth it!"

"We are a broken nation, divided in two! Korea should not be divided so! United we could achieve extraordinary things!" he shouted excitedly. "We wouldn't have to rely on America, we could stand tall amongst nations and be proud! Surely that's worth the risk?"

"Korea has been divided since nineteen fifty-three. A few years longer will not change anything," Seong Mi-Na pointed out softly. "Please Yun, you don't need to do this. Help me destroy it instead."

"Destroy Soul Edge? Are you nuts, that sword is the ultimate weapon! It could take North Korea, keep China at bay. It could be the salvation of our people!" Yun-Seong protested and Seong Mi-Na rolled her eyes.

"At what cost? You don't believe that it's worth losing your soul, your very being over this," Seong Mi-Na paused and looked him in the eye. "It will kill and kill and kill until it is sated. You would kill the very people you seek to protect and drive a hole through the world of man."

"You're just jealous that I have the courage to try and you don't!" he shouted and ran off into the night.

"Sweet Buddha, he never listens, does he?" she murmured and with a grin, set off after him.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

Tom Lair's eyes fluttered open to see Irma looking at him expectantly.

"Irma? Where am I?" he asked as he felt the fog of whatever it was he was in, fade away.

"DAD!" Irma exclaimed as she happily grabbed him into a hug. "Dad, you're okay, you're okay, you're okay!"

"Of course I'm okay. Your old dad's tougher than that," he said with a smile, pretending not to be disturbed by the tears he saw on his daughters usually happy face.

The door opened and he saw four girls he knew very well, not least because it seemed that she was joined at the hip to these girls. Grabbing the blonde by the hands, Irma began wildly spinning the two of them around in a spinning motion.

"He's awake, he's awake, he's awake!" she practically shrieked in a manner more akin to that of her friend Hay Lin than her usual joker self.

"Perhaps we ought to call a nurse? To be sure that he's okay?" Taranee suggested and Irma hugged her as well.

"Yes, yes, of course!" she exclaimed and she pressed the call buzzer.

"Oh I'm sure he's okay," Hay Lin said with a smile. "I'm REALLY glad he's up and about."

"You should make sure of that," Cornelia said firmly. "We don't want him to get hurt because we missed something."

"What's happening?" a nurse asked as she charged in.

"He's awake, he's awake, he's awake!" Irma said excitedly. Within minutes, the doctors were busy examining him and the girls were quickly kicked out.

"What are you guys doing here anyway?" Irma asked curiously.

"Well I overheard Principal Knickerbocker telling you about what happened to your dad and well here we are," Hay Lin admitted.

"Thanks Hay-Hay. Thanks guys," she said as she hugged them. Then she frowned slightly.

"What is it?" Will asked and Irma looked at Hay Lin strangely.

"Hang on, isn't Principal Knickerbockers office on the-"

"-other side of the building? Yes it is. I used my powers okay, I was worried!" Hay Lin finished.

"Thanks Hay-Hay. Hey, isn't that the new computer science teacher?" Irma said and they all turned and looked.

"Hi Professor Raphael!" Hay Lin called out excitedly and Raphael gave them a wave and continued on his way.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

Ivy and Cervantes were abruptly forced to stop fighting as a giant lizard leapt out at them with a growl.

"Lizardman!" Cervantes hissed. He pointed his sword towards his daughter. "We will finish this another day daughter!"

And with that he ran. Ivy had little choice but to leave as well, although it hurt her pride doing so, she was not in a position to fight Lizardman if she could possibly avoid it.

W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C.. W.I.T.C..

Sitting n a darkened warehouse, Nightmare slid the shard of Soul Edge back into the blade and gave a sigh of happiness. It was almost his, he could taste it!