Chapter 15

Goodbye My Almost Lover

*Three Months Later*

"I don't think I can go on, not after this," Gwen whispered through her tears.

Jack hugged her and then hugged Ianto, "We can, we all can. The end is where we start from," he said, tears still in his eyes.

Just then their attention was pulled to the bright light that flashed in the middle of the room, "Hiya! I'm back, told you it would only take five minutes," Aidan said, grinning.

"Aidan?" Jack asked in disbelief.

"Yeah…" she paused as she noticed the tears in everyone's eyes, "What's going on…I've only been gone five minutes right?" she asked.

Gwen bit back a sob, "It's been five months," she answered.

Aidan's eyes went wide, "No…it's only been five," she looked at her wrist wrap and swore, "I set it for five minutes!" she cried.

Jack just went over and took his daughter into his arms. She pulled away, "Dad…what the hell is going on?" she asked.

"I think you need to sit down," he answered.

Jack led Aidan over to a chair and sat her down; she looked up at her dad and Gwen, "What is it? Where's Tosh and Owen?" she asked.

"Their dead," Jack said softly.

Her face paled, "Wh-what?" she whispered.

"Oh my God Aidan, I'm so sorry," Jack said.

"They can't be dead!" she suddenly cried.

"Tosh was murdered by my brother, and in all technical terms Owen died three months ago. But I used a glove to bring him back just so everyone could say goodbye, but he didn't die after that. He couldn't die, and the Nuclear Power Plant was going into meltdown and he was in there when the room he was in was vented with radiation. He had no way of getting out," Jack explained.

Aidan let a tear fall, "But daddy…he can't be dead…I had so much to tell him," she said, full on crying now.

Gwen looked at Jack and Ianto as she wiped a stray tear from her face, "Leave us a minute, let me talk to her," she said.

The men nodded and left the room.

"Aidan…darling, what is it?" Gwen asked.

Aidan began to cry harder, "I can't do this on my own," she said.

"What is it love?"

"Right before I came home…here to Cardiff…I found out I'm going to have a baby," she said.

Gwen's eyes went wide, "Right…um, oh Aidan darling," she opened her arms and Aidan fell from her seat and into Gwen's arms.

The two women sat on the floor for what felt like an eternity as Aidan sobbed her heart out, "I shouldn't have ever left," she cried.

"Oh darling, you wouldn't have wanted to see what he became though. When he was shot…I mean it was understandable, he became darker once your dad brought him back. He didn't want to be living, I know he loved you but you two wouldn't have ever been able to be together…physically. He couldn't have sex or eat or drink or any of that," Gwen said, trying to comfort the girl.

"That wouldn't have mattered…I could still have been here to love him, he could have been here to love me," Aidan replied.

"If you had been here, I think the man who shot Tosh would have targeted you first and foremost," Gwen said softly.

"Who was it?" Aidan asked, looking up at Gwen despite how blurry her vision was due to all of the tears.

"Jack's brother, your uncle," Gwen answered.

"But why did he shoot Tosh? Why would he have come after me?"

"He never forgave your dad for letting go of his hand when they were boys. Grey as kidnapped by creatures and Jack searched for him for years but he never found your Uncle. When an old friend of your dad's, Captain John Hart found Grey and it turned out Grey had gone mad. He used John to blow up Cardiff, and countless other incidents. He wanted to cause your dad pain and he went as far as burying him alive. If he had learned of you Grey would have killed you," Gwen explained.

Aidan wiped her eyes and let out a deep shuddering sigh, "Dear God," she whispered. Then she looked up, "Wait…my dad knows John Hart?" she asked.

"Yeah…do you?"

"He's a rotten bastard if ever I met one," Aidan snapped.

"How come?"

"He tried to defend Matthew for his crimes."

"How did that go then?" Gwen inquired.

"They executed Matthew, apparently in the time I thought he was dead he committed countless unforgivable crimes," Aidan explained.

"Well all crimes I would assume are unforgivable," Gwen commented.

"Yes well, the fifty-first century is very different," Aidan said as she tried to stand up without crying again.

"So…a baby?" Gwen asked, unsure she had heard Aidan right the first time.

The girl nodded as more tears began to pour out of her eyes, "I was so excited to come home and tell him," she cried.

"I think we need to talk to your dad," Gwen said softly.

Aidan nodded again.

"Jack…can you come out here please?" Gwen called.

Jack came out of his office and walked over to the two women, "So um…it would turn out that you're going to be a grandfather," Gwen said.

Jack's eyes went wide, "What?" he breathed.

Aidan nodded and fell into her dad's arms, "It's Owen's," she said through her tears.

"Oh my God," Jack said as he held onto his daughter as tightly as possible, tears were coming from his eyes once more.

After what felt like an eternity, Aidan managed to stop crying, "I think…I need to go. I need to get out of the Hub," she said softly.

"Do you want someone to go with you?" Gwen asked gently.

"No…I'll be fine," Aidan answered.

She then turned around and slowly walked out of the Hub and as Jack watched his little girl leave he felt his heart breaking.


Aidan pulled out her cell phone once she was outside, she looked through the contacts…there was no one she could call then she thought…just for the hell of it, she'd try to see if Gina was still in town.

She pressed send and waited as it began to ring, a moment later her friends voice came over the line.

"Aidan?" she asked in disbelief.

"Hi Gina…are you in Cardiff?" Aidan inquired.

"Well I'm at the airport…my plane has been delayed," Gina answered.

"I'll be there in a minute," Aidan said.

She hung up, put in the coordinates and a moment later was outside the airport. She walked in and saw Gina sitting down in the waiting area.

Gina stood up and saw how red Aidan's eyes were from crying, "What's the matter?" she asked softly as Aidan walked over.

"While I was gone…Owen died," Aidan said as she sat down and Gina sat down beside her.

"Oh…oh I'm sorry," Gina said as she went to hug Aidan.

The girls hugged briefly and Aidan let out a shuddering sigh, the tears were not going to happen again, not here in an airport for everyone to see.

"And I'm pregnant," Aidan said even softer now.

Gina's eyes went wide, "Right…Owen's?" she asked.

Aidan nodded.

"I really don't know what to say Aidan," Gina answered.

"Well at least I got to see you before you left for the states," Aidan then said softly.

Just then a women's voice announced the next plane leaving for Boston, "That's me…" Gina said as the two stood up.

"Have a safe trip…thanks for everything you've done for me," Aidan said as they hugged.

"Stay in touch this time, alright?" Gina said with a smile.

"Yeah I will," Aidan said.

Gina then turned and went through security and then out to the plane.

After that Aidan left the airport, she wandered around Cardiff for a bit and wound up in the graveyard, at her mother's grave.

"Hi mum," she said softly.

Of course no answer came.

"I'm so confused about what to do…I guess now I know how dad felt when you died," she sighed, "I wish you were here…I need to know what to do."

After a few minutes Aidan hit some buttons on her wrist wrap and a moment later she was in Owen's apartment, it still had all of his furniture in it. She lay down on his sofa and cried herself to sleep.


"I'm really worried about Aidan," Gwen said to Jack that afternoon.

"I am too," Jack replied.

They made eye contact.

"I wonder if she went to Owen's flat," Gwen suddenly said out loud.

"That's probable," Jack said.

They hadn't exactly told Owen's landlord that he was dead. So Owen's things were still all in the apartment, they hadn't gotten to his flat or Tosh's yet to pack up all of her things to put into storage.


As Aidan slept on the sofa that was so familiar, she dreamed of Owen and of the last time she saw him, and she dreamed what her life would be like right now if he wasn't dead. She wound up waking up because she couldn't take the dreaming any longer. She half expected to see Owen in the kitchen or hear him mucking about in the bathroom, but she had never felt more alone before in her entire life.


*Nine Months Later*

"Mr Harkness? You can go in and see your daughter now."

Jack stood up and walked into the hospital room, Gwen smiled at her partner. In Aidan's arms was a small wrapped up bundle, Aidan was crying as she looked at the beautiful baby.

"Daddy…" she said when she saw Jack, "It's a boy."

Jack peered at the baby, "Looks like Owen," he said softly.

"I know…I've named him Owen Jack Harper," Aidan replied, looking up at her dad.

"He does however have your nose…which means he has his grandmother's nose," Jack said, smiling.

"I noticed that," Gwen commented.

"Thank you Gwen…for staying with me," Aidan said, looking at her friend now.

"Of course," Gwen said.

Aidan stared at her baby boy who's eyes opened at that moment and yet more tears fell, "Dad…do you want to hold him?" she asked.

Jack nodded and took his grandson.

Gwen smiled as Jack just stared at the little baby, so perfectly happy.

It was going to be a long hard haul to raise the baby, but Gwen and Jack were going to help Aidan. A day didn't go by when she didn't think of all that she had lost, but she had the hopes her baby would help her. Young Owen would keep her mind off of the pain, and she would raise her son to be as fantastic as his daddy had been…

The End


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