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The Son and The Ward

I. Past, Present, Future

A man drove along the streets, the streets of the city he could claim his. As his identity of Bruce Wayne he owned mostly everything in the city, being the richest man in the city, of course, thanks to the wealth his family had left him. And at night, around the shadows, when everyone slept, when, he was Batman, he owned this city, he cared about the city, his city, Gotham city.

A year ago he had returned after travelling around before taking charge of all that he owned, his faithful friend Alfred Pennyworth, who was more like a father to him than any other thing, had taken care of all this, in what way he could, which sometimes Bruce thought was better than what he himself was doing. After his parent's death, Alfred had been the one to take care of him, in every aspect known. Alfred was one of the few persons he trusted with his life, even though for everyone, Alfred was simply, the butler.

He smirked at this. What would his 'friends' say if they knew he loved the 'butler' as his 'father'? Well, so called friends he had. Reality was, he didn't have friends, and the ones he could call friends where less than 5. Alfred was one, then Leslie, or Dr. Leslie, as she was now.

While his thoughts went to all the people he knew, he came to think of a brunette he had come to know, in one of the so many countries he had been on. They both were tourists there; he remembered the Spanish beauty, Melissa. Her brown hair, which she always kept a little under her shoulders, straight and smooth, her brown eyes, matching her hair, which seemed to pierce into ones soul, her mouth, a mouth he could taste, which was perfectly formed. Not too big, not too small, just perfect. She was tall, but yet smaller than him, seemed frail, but in so many ways, stronger than him. It had been over a year now; he knew nothing of her since they parted ways. What had become of her?

She knew where to find him. She had asked him. But him, he had no idea how to search for her. He could barely even remember her last name, or last names. Melissa Raquel, it was the only thing he knew about her, she came from some province of Spain, her parents had died in a car accident months before they had met, and he had no live relatives. Well, that was a start. But what, he would find her and then what? Nothing, she had told him more than once, theirs was only a friendship…with some benefits of course. He had said the same more than once too.

Before departing different ways she had said they were water and oil, and would never be together again. She had insinuated he shouldn't search for her or try to contact him. He had agreed with it. But those few words had hurt, and then, she had said that they were two adventurers, and theirs had been an adventure, which would never be repeated. Those words had not only hurt, but had maid his blood boil in anger, and even after all this time, it still hurt.

He was so engulfed in his thoughts, he didn't noticed he had reached his destination. He was home now, in front of him, Wayne Manor.

Eight Years Later…

"Vamos hijo." (come on, son) a young brunette instructed her child amongst the busy streets of Gotham City.

"I still don't see why we are here." the kid half whined.

"I already told you. There is someone here I need to talk with."

"Couldn't you just do it by phone?" he half snapped half whined.

"David Jonathan Cortez! Basta!" (Enough)The woman exclaimed kneeling down in front of the youngster, "I already told you the matter I am going to treat with this…friend of mine is rather delicate. I can't call and tell this person what I need to. I know you didn't want to come along, but you know I don't trust anyone with your care."

"I know, mami (mommy), but we've been here for what, a month now? And you still haven't talked with mysterious guy yet."

"Why do you say it's a him? It could also be a her." she asked with a raised brow. As answer, her child just shrugged and turned to walk, not even knowing where he was going on the first place. She just stood, followed her child, grabbed his hand and started walking in the direction she had managed to get.


"Hi Alfred!" Richard Grayson, better known as Dick, greeted the older man standing by the door of his school.

He had become Gotham's Prince after becoming Bruce Wayne's ward. He was happy, no matter what. After the great loss of his parents at 6, he had come to live with them, Alfred and Bruce. It had now been almost 2 years, and he was used to all the revolutions that accompanied the crazy life of Bruce Wayne, though he still missed his mom and dad.

"Good afternoon, Master Dick." Alfred Pennyworth greeted his young charge, a smile in his face. "It seems to me, sir, that you had a very good day."

"Yeah, I did. Look!" he immediately lounged a paper to the old man's face, who calmly took the paper from him, and placed it at a rational distance from his face.

"My, my, it seems that Master Bruce did help you after all."

"Yes. I wanna show it to him. Is he getting home early today?"

"Master Dick, 'Want to', not 'wanna', and I'm afraid not. He called and said he would be arriving rather late today. It seems he has some business to attend to with Mr. Fox."

"Aww." Dick whined, crossing his arms and looking rather sad.

"But, I think Master Bruce would appreciate a visit." Dick's face lightened, and rushed to the car, Alfred right behind him.


A brunette and a child entered a huge building, and went straight to the elevator. After going to one of the almost last floors, they excited the elevator.

"Ok, mi amor (my love), I'm going to go to that desk over there, and then into the office. I want you to sit down here, and wait for me. No going around." The woman said with her Spanish accent and kneeling down in front of her son.

"Yeah, mom, I know, I know. Don't talk to strangers, don't move until you come, don't wander around, and…" he was suddenly cut by his mother grabbing his cheek and giving him a kiss.

"Maaaa! Not in public!" he hissed, suddenly going red.

"I know, I know. Sorry. Now, wait here." She said stroking an unruly lock of hair out of his face. With that, she stood and moved to what seemed a secretary. Who nodded, and told her to wait for a moment.


"…the economy graphics are clear. This project is sure going to be very benefiting for Wayne Enterprises, as every project is. The science of…" Lucious Fox continued, explaining to Bruce Wayne what the new project would have been.

Bruce was standing by the window, looking down to Gotham city.

It looked dim, and unruly. It was his city after all, in all ways possible, though he would never admit that, not even to himself. He just did what he could, both, as the Dark Knight, and as Bruce Wayne. And even if he owned mostly everything, he wasn't master of his nightmares, of all the dreams that haunted him during the few hours of sleep he got, or even the hours he was awake. Just some nights ago, he had been woken by her face. The face he hadn't thought for almost 4 years now. Why now? Why couldn't he just forget her face?

"So, Bruce, what do you think? Do we go for it?" Lucious asked, looking straight at him.

Bruce opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by his secretary, on the speaker phone.

"Excuse me Mr. Wayne, but there is a lady here to see you. She says it's urgent and personal."

Bruce frowned at this. Personal and urgent? He hadn't had many dates in this last year, with work and Dick he couldn't find time, and his 'mission' would make it even more impossible.

"What is her name?" Bruce asked. Maybe this would at least give a clue.

"She refuses to give such information, but says you will probably recognize her as soon as she sets foot on your office. Though she seems Hispanic."

This last statement arouse curiosity in the millionaire bachelor.

"Very well, let her in." Bruce said taking a sit on his chair in front of his desk.

"Yes, sir."

"Well, then Bruce, I shall depart. I still have much work to do, and as Alfred would say, 'a real gentlemen is always polite, and does not make a lady wait'."

"I can't recall Alfred say something like that."

Lucious just shrugged, smiled playfully, and walked out of the office.

Just as Lucious walked out of the office, another person entered. From what Bruce could observe, it was a woman. Even standing in the doorway, he could smell her perfume; it was strong, but at the same time sweet. He knew this scent. When? Not so long ago. Where? Just, where? That scent, brought him a turmoil of emotions.

Just as he lifted his gaze, his throat got dry, his eyes went wide, and the only reaction he could get was to slowly rise to his feet. She was there. She, who haunted his dreams, his memories, his past coming to the future.


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