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XIX. As It Is

It was a quite Saturday morning, with summer quickly approaching. Six months had gone through, and the news Bruce had been expecting came. One Vanleen Ivanov had been found and was now under the authorities' hands.

Of course, that brought him a little peace, the murder of the family had been discovered to be the same people trying to incriminate both Batman and Catwoman, and so, Batman's name had been partially cleared. People were still wondering where their dark defender had gone to. Of course, as Bruce had once stated, it wasn't the first time Batman disappeared for months. As for Catwoman's disappearance, Bruce had heard Selina had gone on a trip to Europe-according to the media, to get over her heartbreak.

Feeling as content as he could, he enjoyed the rare solitude he could gather at home, sitting at one of the balconies, enjoying the gentle, warm breeze as he ate breakfast. The process of Dick's adoption had gone smoothly, and by Christmas time he had been able to process the final paper work. The now almost nine-year old had been elated to know about it and together they had decided for his name to be Richard John Grayson-Wayne to honor his late parents.

All in all, Bruce was happy…was content…was lonely at night.

"Dad!" turning to look at the both rosy cheeked, sweaty boys, he gave them a smile.


"Can we go to the park?" Dave asked, bouncing a bit with excitement.

Bruce frowned slightly, turning to look at the enticing gardens surrounding their quaint home. "It's may not can, kid. Besides, you have a better, private park here." He told them, leaning back in his seat and taking one of the strawberries in the table. And safer. He added in his mind.

"It's not the same." Dick told him, slipping into his lap and taking one of the sugar coated fruits.

"Really?" Bruce asked trying to hide his mirth, just as he pulled his other son into his other lap.

"C'mon, Dad!" Dave whined. "There's no one to play with here! Take us to the park, please?"

He raised an eyebrow, looking from one pleading face to another. "What do you think, Alfred?" he asked as he noticed from the corner of his eye the man entering with an empty tray.

"It was once said the truth always comes from the mouth of the young and inebriated…though I very much doubt the last one." The man said as he took some of the half empty plates and removed the untouched pitches of juice or milk.

"Alright, you two, go get ready." Bruce nodded, sending them both away with a pat to their behinds as they cheered and rushed inside. "I'd have to talk to the one that designed this garden." He stated, though they both know the designer of most things in the mansion was Alfred himself. "According to the boys, the garden is quite….boring."

"You know, Master Bruce, most parents complain about their children reaching an age where they don't wish to be seen with their parents." Alfred told him as a matter of fact, ignoring the last comment.

"Hmm." Bruce commented only, taking the last sip of his latté and placing the cup down. "Then I better make good use of my time." he stated, leaving the smirking man by himself.


A couple of paparazzi were doing a very bad job of hiding themselves, Bruce mussed as he stood behind a set of swings where the boys were playing. He knew they had taken pictures of him while pushing both boys or while he had been buying them some ice-cream cones. He also knew they would have a feast when news came that he wasn't only having a day with his two boys, but that he was having a day with ONLY his two boys.

"Welcome to my life." he muttered under his breath.

"You shouldn't be whispering that to the air."

He turned to find the person he least expected there. "I should take consideration of that." He stated with a smirk.

"Selina!" Dick called, noticing the woman standing besides him. Getting off the swing with a very flourish jump, he ran towards the woman and hugged her middle, just as Dave tried to jump-not as gracefully- from his swing and ran towards her as well.

"We've missed you!" Dave said, taking her hand and leading her towards a bench, with Dick still stuck to her side. Bruce had no other option than to follow them.

For about ten minutes, both adults sat as both boys told the female in the group all that had happened in the months that had went through without them knowing about her. Finally, after having told her everything they could think about, including Dick's adoption, they both ran away on a game of tag.

"You've been busy." She stated after the awkward silence that transpired.

"Could say the same. Heard you went on vacations."

She smirked, offhandedly removing her hair from her shoulder. "Too much drama ensued for my taste." She told him with a smirk. "Never thought I would find you here." She said, her eyes on the boys.

"They've missed you, you know." He said, his eyes on them as well.

"Yes, well, I…" her voice trailed off, as she lowered her gaze and closed her eyes for a few second. "Me too." She finally admitted. "Though everything worked as planned, didn't it?"

"Indeed." Bruce stated, standing up suddenly. "we better head home…we've been here for a long time and it's getting chilly." He stated, calling both boys. "Selina…maybe…maybe you should go to the mansion one of these days…you know…the boys…"

"Maybe." She told him, standing up as well.

"You could always stay the night…it can be dangerous with a woman driving by herself all around and-"

"Bruce." Selina broke his rambling, which for a moment he was thankful. "My place will be fumigated tomorrow. I would detest having to go to a hotel."

"I'll tell Alfred to prepare your room." He stated with a widening smile just as both boys ran up to him.

"No…" Selina stated, circling her arm around his. "I'll just crash in yours."

And as Bruce Wayne drove himself and his boys home, he could only smile. He no longer had a son and a ward, he had two sons. A butler who was more than just his father…his guardian, advisor, and from time to time the devil's advocate. And now, a very sexy villainess to boot who was currently sitting at his passenger seat.

Yes, life was good for him.